How To Make A Business Website In 2016 Step By Step

Hello and welcome to where I show small business owners just like you how to build your very own professional looking website in my easy to follow step by step video with no steps left out. In a matter of a couple of hours you will be able to build a professional-looking website that is
mobile friendly and responsive that we’ll stand out in 2016 and put your
business on the map, on the internet map that is. And, there is no need to spend two thousand or $3,000 to
have somebody design a website when you could do it yourself for the simple cost of
hosting, and I’ll show you where you get that for around $5 a month. there’s no coding knowledge required, no
coding background this is very simple to do just simply point, click, drag and drop, I will show you, and
let’s see what they look like. And here we have the modern looking website that
you’ll be learning how to design I have chosen to make a plumbing website in this
example I’ll show you how to basically customize it to your own business and
where you can get all these particular logos and how you can find ones that are
essential to your business up top here you see this revolving what
we call a slider in the web industry here. You can put your own pictures in there or as many as you want. I will teach you how to make a free logo it’s
very simple in a matter of a few minutes if you don’t already have a logo we can
come up with something really slick here sorry really slick and and that’s the
home page, again we have a services page and about us page. A very modern web
site that you’ll need in 2016 to stand out and fit right in and you’ll
be able to design all of this in just over an hour if you follow this website
instructions and my video instructions contact form just a matter of a couple
of clicks and adding your email you can have an easy contact form. And also very important now
that you have a mobile friendly responsive website so this website
also looks great if you looking at it on a mobile phone. Everything starts to stack
as you can see here. Click to call option on the mobile can have your customers
simply tap on that and they’re calling your business immediately. Drop down menu
we have the Services page as you can see all neatly stacked and the about us page
again does the same thing all the text is nicely fitting to the screen, so
no pinching or squeezing required for this and same with the contact form alright so I’m ready if you’re ready
simply click the button in the top right hand corner to get started or the Get
Started button just above us

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13 thoughts on “How To Make A Business Website In 2016 Step By Step

  1. I can see this being useful for people who don't have much time to learn to program, but it's pretty fun when you get used to it. The sense of accomplishment when you've finished.. you just learned how to make an entire website by hand! 🙂

  2. HELLO, I am interested in making my own website however, is there a way to see what others have created? i have a small party planning business and i want a site more 'cool' than professional, if you know what i mean. for instance background photos, and many colors. would i be able to do that?

  3. Hello, Thank you for this tutorial! I'm stuck! Inside the Sydney page, it doesn't give me the option to import the settings file. Help!!

  4. Not sure why you say the guy web designers hate. I'm a web designer and I love guys like you as you get rid of the clients I don't want. Those that don't have a budget or a brand they're serious about. Throwing a theme up on WordPress isn't web design.

  5. Tom , i am starting a new business, and my budget was maybe 500 dollars to get one off the ground. I had messed around a few years ago in Front Page with a web site, but have almost next to no Experience building one.. Anyway , work was slow this week , so i thought HEY, lets just make coffee, sit down, get domain registered, get it hosted, install Front page and figure all this stuff out again .. I was planning on a very frustrating few days, but then i found your video .. It bosts get a web site up step by step , so i gave it a shot and BAM .. 9 hours later (alot of pauses on your 2.5 hour video LOL) with lots of photo finding and editing going on . I have it up and it looks great . I learned alot along the way and i believe i can make some tweeks and changes from here. . very clean and professional . My grandmother could follow your simple and easy tutorial.. Thank you so much ! THANK YOU

  6. Thanks Tom, the Tutorial is a great, but I have a ? for you, I have installed Sydney Theme and I've followed your steps to go to Sydney info. and opened Documentation but I didn't have Settings file and also I didn't have "Types" tape I do not know this is happening, please I need your help, appreciated..Thanks alot

  7. Sorry Tom my mistake, but if you go to Sydney video, I have the same comment, also I need to ask you another question please, how can you adjust the slider padding at top margin please? Thanks,

  8. Great job Tom! Thanks so much for making this video. I appreciate the fact that you went through things so meticulously. This was really helpful for a WordPress neophyte.

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