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100 thoughts on “How To Make A Logo in 5 Minutes – for Free

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  2. Thanks for making this video, the content is really useful. Why is this website providing free logos where every other sites are charging money (just out of curiosity)

  3. Hello there, your information is nice regarding logo. Can you please help me in making a picture youtube video for my office. Thanks

  4. you are a professional youtuber sir… i have not seen anybody who teach something that easily as you did

  5. Bro im your big fan. But bro need a help from your u. I don't have any pc and your website link works in phone but unable to type text so can you make simple logo for my will be a big help to me from you. Hope for your reply

  6. Another website of this kind which also provides such services is the Infidec is one of a kind as they basically focus on creating and designing new logos. They provide editable logos for any kind of a brand and you can easily create or modify your logo designs by using this site.

  7. Dear brother, I tried many times but i failed that is how can i change the background color while logo making. Background color is white by defaulf. When i choose my desired color from the BG COLOR option on top , but after saving the file i found the background color still white. Is there any solution??

  8. Thank You So Much! Appreciate Your Valuable Help! We know Nothing about making our own Logos! May Good God Blessed You & Your Team Always! 🌷♥️

  9. hi, thanks for your sharing,I heard that a dropshipping company called cjdropshipping can custom logos on the products with almost any materials and without moq requirements, do you think it is possible and real?

  10. the website wont load unless i let it put tracking cookies on my PC….. wtf so i open it up using Hyper V and get something done i like, i click the download and it requires my email. So i take a screenshot and past it into a new bitmap image, cut out what I want, and save to my flash drive. So thanks for the FREE logo.

  11. wordpress site ki theme file update nhi ho rhi h esa show ho rha h — Something went wrong. Your change may not have been saved. Please try again. There is also a chance that you may need to manually fix and upload the file over FTP. please help me

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