How to Make a Small Business Website in 10 minutes Step by Step WITHOUT Coding or WordPress

Hello! Today I am going to show you how to
setup and build a responsive website from start to finish, without needing to learn
any code or HTML whatsoever. Before we get started, I do want to say a couple things
about the video. I’m going to go through the entire process
and this can be a lot of information. So, feel free to pause the video or rewind it
if you need to. In fact, you can open a new browser tab and follow along so by the end
of the tutorial, you’ll have a full responsive website set up on your own domain! You only need two things to setup and build
your website. A website builder and a domain name. There are only 3 ways to build a website.
You can code it yourself, pay someone to build it for you, or use a website builder service.
We’re going to use a website builder today, because it’s inexpensive and really easy to
use We’ll also need to select a company to purchase
a domain from that’s both inexpensive and reputable. So here’s what we’re working with today: For our website builder we’re gonna use Duda is a website builder that lets you quickly
make a website without needing to know how to code.
The websites are responsive, and work on desktop, tablet, & mobile. And Duda has a cool feature that lets you
import content from other websites that you might own or your Facebook page. Duda has been around since 2009.
And they’ve been featured in TechCrunch, Website Magazine, and Top 10 Reviews.
And Duda also offers phone support, so Duda is definitely a great company to work with. For our domain we’re using GoDaddy is primarily a domain registrar. That
means you can register your domain name there. They also offer hosting, but we’re not going
to use that since we’ll be using Duda. GoDaddy is the world’s #1 domain registrar
With over 12 million customers and like Duda, GoDaddy also offers phone support So let’s get started with the our website
builder: First we’ll go to And when you land on Duda’s homepage, click
on the big button to create a new website that works on all devices. You’ll then see a number of pre-designed templates.
And they’re all really beautiful, take some time to pick a template that has a layout
similar to the site you want to build. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect, you can adjust
this later. I’m going to pick the Amelie Photography template. And now we can choose between creating a new
site from scratch or entering your current URL, to pull existing web content into the
template. This is a cool feature if you have an old site you want to get your pictures
and text from. Or if you have a business Facebook page. For this tutorial, I’m assuming that you don’t
already have a website, so let’s just click start with template. Duda will take a few seconds to build our
new website. So we’ve landed inside the editor, and we
want to see what Duda has given us to work with. As you can see, at the top we have a place
for a logo, a navigation menu, and looks pretty nice so far.
When we look at the tablet view, you can see the navigation has already been changed to
better suit the screen size. And as we move to mobile, you can see that
images have been optimized for the small screen and the layout has become vertical. We can even see what the site will look like
in different smartphone shells. So here we have our three screen preview,
and you can see all the devices side-by-side. It’s important to note these aren’t separate
websites, this is a single website that works on all devices. To show you how easy the editor is to use,
we’re going to change this title. Just double click to edit any element you see inside of
the website. I’ll enter some new text here. Pretty easy isn’t it? To add new content, click the Add Element
section on the left. Select a type of element, then drag and drop it into your site. You
can easily add images, text, image sliders, videos, and a whole lot more. This next feature is my personal favorite
with Duda. So, your Duda site is laid out into rows and columns. And you can add entire
rows with elements pre-configured to look nice. We can drag in some images with buttons underneath.
And look how nice that looks! We can then go and fill in with our content. Using this you can very quickly make a great
looking website. I’ll drag a few more in so you can see what I’m talking about. This just
makes building a website super fast! You can see there’s a lot of them, and they are all
fully responsive too. Very cool. Alright, there’s a lot more you can do here
in the editor, but I think those basics will get you started. I’ll let you play around
in here on your own. Spend a little bit of time adding your info to your site, and when
you’re done editing we’re gonna click publish, pick a plan and then purchase our website. If you just want to make a website for free,
you can choose the free option – but it will have a Duda banner that follows you down the
page, and you have to use a subdomain of – which is totally fine if this just a personal
website or for a club or something like that. If you want to remove the banner, use a custom
domain, or get the phone support the business plan is the way to go. At $7.50 a month it’s
a great deal. You can use the Business+ plan if you want,
it’s better for users who are more advanced or want more control over the site. You can
edit the content for desktop, tablet, and mobile per device, and you also have access
to a CSS editor. I’m going to choose the Business plan, but
the purchase process will be the same for each. Ok, so now we choose whether we want to do
a monthy or yearly plan. I recommend leaving this as annual because then you get the lowest
price. For the sake of this tutorial, I’m just going to choose the monthly plan. Now hold on a second while I fill out my information. Ok, now I’ve entered my payment information
and I’ll click submit. They will process my payment and success! Great, my site is now live at this address.
And I can start using this website right away, and you can see this is a fully functional
website. But, I want to use my own domain name with
this website, so let’s go over to and buy a domain! Just type the domain you want into the big
search box to see if it’s available. We’ll do, and great it’s available. Now GoDaddy will show us some options for
the domain. The first option is privacy protection. I
highly recommend spending a few extra bucks and getting this. Otherwise, anyone can do
a simple WHOIS lookup on your domain and get your address, email, and phone number. You
don’t need the business option, just the first one. We don’t need to worry about buying a website
builder or hosting since we already have a better website with DudaOne. If you want to use email with your domain,
you can select this option. It’s not important for me, so I’m going to say no. Now here is where you need to be careful.
GoDaddy will try to make you pre-pay for 5 years of domain registration up front. There’s
no need to do this, so we’re going to select 1 year from the drop down. And there we go. So to review, we have the
domain registration 1-year for $12.99 and the private registration, 1-year for 7.99,
so our total is $21.16 – this is pretty standard. Now we’re ready to buy, so I’ll click proceed
to checkout. I’m a new customer, so I’ll click continue
to create an account. Let me enter my personal information Ok, everything is entered, now we’ll click
continue We have one last chance to review our order,
everything still looks good so we’ll go ahead and buy. Our payment is being processed, and success!
Now I own the domain name. Let’s connect the new domain name with the site that we built
on Duda. Now when connecting your website to your domain,
there’s a couple things to keep in mind You have to connect your website to your domain,
and then you have to connect your domain to your website. I know it sounds confusing,
but I’ll walk you through it step by step. Also, keep in mind it can take 24-48 hours
for your website to appear online properly, so be patient. First, let’s go back and tell Duda about our
domain. Remember this screen? Just click “change site
address” Click to use a domain you already own, and
enter your domain here. When you’re done, click save. Duda will show you generic instructions, or
you can select GoDaddy from the list for specific instructions. I’m just going to show you how
to do it right now though. Let’s head back to GoDaddy. Go to the domains section, find your domain
and click launch. Click the DNS zone file tab. Click the Add record link at the top left. Select CNAME from the dropdown. Enter “WWW” as the host. And “” for the destination. Leave the TTL alone. Now click save. And, we’re halfway there. Next click the settings
tab. In the forwarding section, click “Manage”
under your domain. Click to add forwarding. type in, and leave the
rest of the settings alone be sure to type in the www then click “Add” Click save one last time, and you’re all set. Now you can type in your domain in a browser,
and see the beautiful site you created on Duda.
When you want to make changes to your site, just log back into duda and when you republish
your changes will go live on your domain automatically. And, that’s it! The links to Duda and GoDaddy
are in the description. I hope you found this video helpful. If you did, please click the
like button and be sure to share, bye bye!

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