How to Make a Small Business WordPress Website in 25 Minutes

Hey guys welcome the WPBeginner and
thanks for tuning in. In this video I wanna walk you through how to set up
small business website in less than an hour using a step-by-step process. So if
you’re ready, let’s get started. The first thing we need to do is we need to set up
our hosting plan so I’m gonna go to WPBeginner and I wanna go to deals, we’ll go to
hosting and all the way down we’re gonna use HostGator for this. WPBeginner has
a coupon that we’re going to use right here. So if you click on this it’ll copy that information and it’ll open up Hostgator for us so we can get started. Now from here you just want
to enter all the information and you can if you already have your domain you can
click on that and say you already own it enter your domain name here. If you don’t
you can register a new site and see if it’s available and if it’s not it will tell you it’s not available
but then it will come up with some alternatives that you can use and we’ve already chosen our hosting plan.
So now I’m just going to go through, pause the video while I go ahead and set this up
and I’ll be right back Right so now that we have our hosting
setup we need to go ahead and install WordPress. So we’ll scroll down and you’re looking for
something called like the Quick Install we’ll click on that and we’re looking for the
WordPress Quick Install and we’ll go ahead and say install WordPress for us. Pick the site, here they’re asking for a little
bit more information and you’ll just want to fill that in when you have it all filled out just click
install WordPress cancel out of that. Okay, now that we have our WordPress installed
let’s go ahead and login to the admin portion of our website so I’m gonna go to my
site /wp-admin and you’ll want to bookmark this because this is how you can access
the admin side admin portion of your site anytime you need to. Now that we have the hosting setup and
we have WordPress installed its time to get started in setting up our actual theme and our actual site so let’s go ahead and get started. Now that you have WordPress
setup I’m gonna take you to the site this is probably what yours will look
like depending on the theme that is there and
so what we want to do is find a theme and install that and go ahead and set it up.
So in order to do that let’s go back to the dashboard and I want to go and show
you under Appearance>Themes this is the area that drives your themes for
your site. These are the themes that are installed
by default yours might be a little bit different depending on when you’re
seeing this. I want to go in and find one that is particular to our business. For
the sake of this site I’m going to concentrate on creating a small business
website and we’re going to concentrate on say computer repair. This can work for
anything like massage therapist, landscaping, financial planner, any small
business where it’s pretty much like you’re the only person running your
business and you need to set it up so I’m gonna search for themes, I’m gonna click add new when you add new this brings in all the themes from the WordPress repository these are
all the themes that WordPress that they’ve looked through and verified that
they’re okay to use on your site and you see that they are broken up by a feature
that’s the latest ones yours will look different or by popular these are the most
popular downloads you can also look by the latest these are the most recent
ones that have been uploaded. You can also by feature filter if you
already know what kind of color set up you want you can choose that if you know what
type of layout you want or the type of features that you wanna see and what I want
to do is see what they have for small business. It’s a little generic but should bring back some decent
looking websites that will be particular for a small business and you can just scroll through
and see which one might look best for your site. I’m gonna look at the details of
this one so I’m gonna click on that and you’ll see what it does is it actually brings it up in the
customizer window and it gives you a preview of what your theme might look
like. So this is what mine might look like right now before I make any changes and if we want to close out of that we’ll exit there and you can either keep
looking or if that’s the one you’re happy with you can choose that one I’m going to choose this one so I just installed it and i also activate the
theme. And for that particular theme it looks like there are some extra things that
they recommend. These are plugins that they want me to install I’m gonna go ahead and say
yes so that you probably won’t see that I’ll show you how to do plugins later but for now I’ll
go ahead and activate these and install them we can go to your dashboard can also just
take a quick peek at our site to see what it did. Alright so it looks a little bit different and
now we can go in and customize it. Alright now that I have kind of the basics of my
theme installed you want to start, we want to start customizing it. Some of the
things we want to do right now if you don’t already have in this go ahead and
gather up things like your logo, your information about your business so you want
to write up some stuff we call that content. That will be you know for your About
page or your Contact Us page or where you’re located the services that you
offer things like that you want to go ahead and have that if you don’t have that which
some people they don’t have that yet they just want to set their site we
can import some dummy data which kind of fills up the site a little bit to give
you an idea of what it’s going to look like and then you can fill in the
information as you go along. To get the dummy data on my site for someone to go to my WPBeginner area de dummy data is found I’m gonna scroll down looking for the XML data
that we have as a download here’s the file I’m gonna right click and save that, now I’m gonna
go back to my site I wanna go under Tools>Import and I want the WordPress import to be able to import I need to install this little importer. I want to activate and run it I gotta find that file that I just downloaded and I wanna upload file and import. Here it’s just saying there’s an author associated with that who do you want to give it to I’m gonna say me. same with all of these authors we’re
gonna sign all those authors to me and we want to go ahead and download and
import the file attachments that way we can also see images of the dummy content submit that. Alright now it says that all of that’s been done so just to show you what I’m talking about I’ll go to my site
refresh the page and now you see all these pages and the menu because they are now
all these new pages instead of just hello world we have all these new posts
so it gives the site a little bit more feel, look and feel so you can would look like
as you fill it up with your content. So now that that’s done we can move on. I want to show you a couple of great free
or inexpensive things if you don’t have a logo but if you want one these are logo generators and the first
one is called the hipster logo generator. Now it just kinda takes you through
step by step on creating a logo. So you want to spend some time doing that. we
said we’re gonna do a computer repair shop so I’m just gonna do a real quick run
through on this I’m gonna click that, go next and I’m just playing with this you just want to spend
some time playing with it. Do that and click next gonna click, for me I’m gonna click double line, it’ll show the text here you can change the font and the location. Clicking on these also show you the logo fonts you want to use we’ll just do that. Great PC repair we’ll use that, we’ll click
next like I said spend some time working on
yours and you can add some color here if you want. Do some background color like that. This means transparent I’m happy with it and then here you can download it. You can download a
small item if you like it and you want a bigger item that you can, you can go ahead an pay a little bit extra. So I’m gonna add this to my folder that I’m working, that I’m using and we have a logo. So you can use hipster logo if you
want if you already have a logo great if you have somebody else that you’re
using perfect. There’s also something else called the Squarespace logo if you
want to create a logo there you can use that one. So now that I have a logo let’s go
in and continue to customize our site. To customize it we’re gonna go under appearance and click customize. Each theme will have slightly different area for this
because each theme has different settings to worry about so I’m gonna click on the logo and this is name it you see it changes it up here. Now everything I’m doing over here you’re getting to
see it a preview of it here but you don’t
actually it’s not actually changing the website until we finish and click Save
and Publish so you can mess with all this all you want and then when you’re
faced with all your setting changes go ahead and click save and publish. We just created that
logo so we can actually put that up here the recommended dimensions are 300 by
100 on this theme since I have my logo down here I can actually drag that. So I’m gonna do drag
and drop and I’m gonna use that as a logo and you say because my theme my logo is fairly large
it’s using the whole thing there so you’ll want to make sure that it’s set at the 300 by 100 or
whatever the dimensions are that your theme is working on. So I’m gonna remove that when I do it’ll
bring back my PC repair so that’s okay. But we can use that site icon and
what that is is the little thing up here You see it’s showing you that’s what it would
be and now you see that my little icon as that. So I have done all my customizing on that so I’m gonna
click back and keep going. Alright so far the colors you can choose a background
color right now it’s white you can go any of these colors that you want. Content we’re gonna we’ll keep that as that it’s if you notice that changed it to blue so that makes all of my content words and such that color and we don’t want that so we’re gonna go back and click on default like that color it’s easy on the eyes and you may come across
a theme where it’s basically a lite version so if you wanted more colors you would want to update that to pro. So moving along I don’t have
a background image but you could do a background image on here, say show them that you
are a unicorn and that’s what it would look like. You can change the tile, repeat it, what have you. I’m going to remove that and for the menu this theme has all of these menus right here and
under menu location the top navigation and the primary. I’m not sure that those are
so we’re gonna go ahead and select let’s try all pages and see were the top navigation is. Yeah, top navigation is way up here what you probably want for that would be maybe social primary navigation is that one, that’s probably the we would use for let’s try short and see what that looks like. That looks better that’s for the menu
location if you don’t have any menus just click add menu you or if you want
specific ones. Typical menu would be like this is the menu that we’re working
on and it has the home, the blog, about which also has these submenus so when I hover you see all these submenus and this page. From here you can reorder them by clicking and dragging them or you can also add one and you can either
add a post or a page if you have a category like tips on how to fix PC
repair you could add that has a menu item as well. But I’m happy with the short menu so we’re going to go with that. clicking back and moving on, the widgets.
The widgets are these little areas like over here this sidebar area this is a whole
widget area. So that’s probably the primary sidebar for this theme. Each theme has its
own widget area and as you can see these are all the items in my widget area. If you
don’t like something on the side bar you can click on the down arrow and remove it, the same thing with categories that just seems really long so I’ll remove that. I’m happy with that widget area. For this theme we have these other widget areas a call to action I’m going to add a text field, it’s working on adding it and I’ll show you where that goes so for this one it’s up here so you can change that make that a little bit better looking but
basically that’s a great call to action for especially for a small business or a
local businesses who want something like that For me I’m good with the widgets so I’m going to click back off of that. Static front page right now we’re just pulling in all of our blog posts on
the front page says we’re setting up a small business site I want a static front
page for that and it’ll likely be like for my PC repair maybe I want to show
them all of the services that I offer what have you. This is where we’ll want to go in and
create our actual pages of our services that we offer or our products that we sell
for right now we’ll use the front page template and since we have that as our
static front page I also want to get the blog that is the blog page that all of my
blog posts will show on so when somebody clicks on this it’ll go to my blog posts. Alright so now we have a static front page which we want for our small business and we have a blog page setup. Those are all the customizations that we can do with the customizer I’m pretty happy with it so I’m gonna click Save and Publish. When I exit out of that it will take me back to the dashboard area. Now when I just got to my site do a quick refresh and show you what it looks
like now and you see for me it’s looking pretty good. Like I said before we want
to add our own information here we want to add our own posts here but this gives you a good
idea of what everything looks like and for page it’s because we are logged in that we see that our visitors won’t see
that so that’s ok. Alright the next thing we want to work on is installing a
plugin that will help with SEO. So we’re gonna go to plugins add new and we’re looking for Yoast SEO and this is the one we want so we’ll install that now and we’ll activate it. It comes up with a
tour notification so you can do that if you want. We’re gonna go right into it
and do some quick setups This is actually a great reminder if you don’t have your website set up to show your post names then this you will see this information
and you actually do want to fix that you can either have them you can have them
take you to fix it or anytime you need to you can also go down into general
settings and permalinks to fix it yourself right now since it’s a brand
new website my site is showing with some numbers after it and you always want to
change that to something a little bit more detail oriented or easier for
search engines like a sample post. Post name is actually the one I usually use and we’ll click save changes now that that’s done we can go back into SEO general and we’ll go from there. There’s a lot of information on here but there’s just some specific things that you’ll want to
work on this is the website name that you want to put in, this is usually your
business name and you can show them whether you’re a company or a person
we’re gonna say company name and then if you had a logo like we talked about you can upload that there. I’m gonna click save changes. Now after you go under general you just want to
make sure that you have titles and metas set up. By default, title separator that’s
this information right here and right now we have a dash some people like to have the
pipe or any of these other characters you can choose from. On the home page, the
home page you can just a edit on the page itself or on the blog page itself we’ll
do that right now. So I’m gonna click on that link it will take me to the front page
which is my homepage and they’re just saying to go down all the way down here
and set up this information. This is the snippet so you can change that here. Now you, when you’re dealing with
local search engine you always wanna add your city and state that usually helps
out with these search engines as well. Since we made some changes to that I’m gonna
update that and just a couple more things that we want to do under social, under
Social>Yoast SEO you can add all of your Facebook, Twitter username, all your
URLs here and that just kind of helps Google know all of the profiles that are
associated with your business so you want to just add all of those in here like that and you want to fill all the others out. You can save changes and you can actually click on this, this is for when
you post things to Facebook sometimes Facebook’s images don’t come over very
well so you can actually upload a default image for that so you could do that
there. Twitter you can just show how you want it to look either just a summary or with a large image on Twitter let’s save changes so those are the basic set-ups for Yoast SEO
the power of them comes in the actual creating posts or pages and we’ll go into
that right now because the next thing we want to do is go ahead and set up since we are a local business I wanna go ahead and show you how to set up pages
by setting up our services page for our site. This shows you how to do a page and I’ll also
show you how to handle adding media or adding images to your site with this one. So we’re going to add that I’m gonna go ahead and add my service information here. A lot of it’s just placement to show you what I’m
talking about. So this is our service site I also want to add an image so you
and to click Add Media. If you ever want to add images and if you installed the dummy data
you’ll see all of these images or we’re gonna actually upload a file that is
specific to our services and that just helps with the information. You can either have it on its own with no
alignment or if you want to have words coming around it you can click there and you see the words will wrapped around the image. You also see this, this area is now this is actually
coming from Yoast and that’s our current SEO score. When you scroll down to the
bottom any of your page and any of your post you actually wanna go through here to
set up your SEO and from here you want to add in the focus keyword that you’re looking
for maybe PC repair in Austin Texas and then Yoast starts giving you a yellow green
or red light and so you wanna fill in all this information that helps increase your
rankings for that keyword. So you see we’re getting some green and that’s good
we just need to go ahead and follow along with some of these other things.
You see from here they’re saying that focus keyword doesn’t appear on the title so
we want to change that. And this information pools from your title page up here you can either change it down there or you can change it up here so let’s do that, and once you’re finished with doing all of your changes to the page you can go ahead and click
Publish and since this is a new page we need to go ahead and update our menu. Go
to appearance menus and since there are so many on there I’m actually just going to
delete this menu and I’m gonna start fresh. So I’m gonna create a new menu, call it main, create the menu I’m gonna click on all the pages that I wanna have there and I’m gonna do front page because that’s actually my homepage. So now they’re over here and I can drag them however I want and from here I’m actually going to label this home and now that will be home. I’m actually going to label this services, this is
only changing what it shows up in my menu. I’ll click Save menu. Now that we created the main menu we also need to update the location of that. So the primary was short
now we’re gonna make the primary main save, and now when I refresh we’ll see home
services and now when we click on the services that’s our newly created page and when you click home, that’s the homepage. So now
you have the basics of a small business website set up and you’re ready to move
forward in showing off your new website. If you like this video click on the like button and go ahead and leave us a comment there, we’d love to hear from you. And subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the latest videos.

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