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♪ ♪ What’s up, beautiful people? It is your
homegirl, Ms. Shameless, all up in your building
with another Tech Talk. And in this video, I’m
going to break it down for you on how to create and make
your own website for beginners. I am working with Wix. This video is a
paid collaboration. And I’m going to show you
how to create your own website. I created two
websites using this service, so I’m going to show
you how I did my company — this is my office. I’m gonna show you how I did
the office website using Wix. So let’s just dive in to the
back end of Wix now, shall we? Welcome to my desktop. I cleaned my room
before you guys came over. It was such a hot mess. When I say room, I’m
referring to my computer. Now, just to show
you, this is a site that I did for my
boyfriend using Wix. OMGStrength.LA.
He’s a personal trainer. And I found it challenging,
so I do highly recommend before starting your website that
you know what you’re creating. Over here is a document of what
I intend to write on the site. So I have that document
all prepped up with the words. This is actually all the copy that I’m going to
have on the site. And then I also have a
Pinterest board on inspiration, and I love Pinterest. I actually just do this
mainly for internal use. I have a bunch of secret boards, and these are my
images that inspire me, whether it’s color, whether
it’s texture, graphic design. So I pin things that I like. Now, this is visual inspiration. In terms of an actual website,
I also do a lot of digging. I will be showing you how I edit my
production company’s website. I looked up a bunch of
other production companies, and PORTAL A had a good one,
and Tiny Horse had a good one. I mean, they were just kind of
straightforward, which I liked. This is Tiny Horse. And these are production
companies I’ve worked with. PORTAL A. What I love about
PORTAL A’s production company is the video that
loads right away. It tells the viewer, you are
on a production company site, and this is what we do. This is
a sample of what we’ve created. And what I like about Tiny
Horse is, it’s a one-pager. It just scrolls. So I’m going to
combine these two as my point of
reference and inspiration, as well as my visual inspiration
on colors here on Pinterest onto my Wix site. I do suggest you
do that beforehand. It will save you a
lot of time and headache. Let’s start here
on the dashboard. Create a new site. Here we are
looking at templates, and depending on
what kind of business or craft you’re
trying to promote, there are so many categories. Photography — I know I’ve got a lot of
photographers out there. Resumés. Oh my
goodness, resumé? Really? Actor’s resumé,
business CV. This is amazing. And you can also
repurpose sites. This one, I
believe, is the template that we used for the site. So this is what it
looked like first. It has this
banner here at the top, “Co-Working,”
yada, yada, yada. I don’t have a co-working space, but I do like
the layout of this. All you got to do is click on whatever it is
that you want to change. For now, let’s click
this background strip. I’m gonna put a video there, because I’m a video
production company. So let’s go with this
one. Change background. And we can play it to see
what that’s really about. And we can pause. I want to delete this, and I’m gonna delete that. And I’m going to move this. Because I want to find out
more about the company here. Let me change this text first. And here’s where
you can put the name of whatever it is
you’re trying to promote. I really like
this font, LuLu Clean. Yeah, she’s so clean. And you can stretch it out. I’m gonna go ahead and
type, “House of Shameless.” And then I can move it. And I also believe I wanna
change the text color to black, which you can’t
see because of this. And I want to change
the header to white. Now I’ve got my text here.
That got lost in the shuffle. So I’m gonna go ahead and
change that custom design and the text and the color. And I notice when it loaded,
it turned a burgundy color, so I’m going to go over
to “Hover” or “Clicked” and make sure
those colors are cool. Those are some cool colors. Now I’m gonna go ahead
and also change this here. Maybe I can add an image. Or I can change the color. When it comes to
editing, it really is a bunch of fiddling. It
is such a fiddle-fiddle. Ahh, that makes me
so calm right now. I can also change this. And this little paintbrush
is the design, custom design, and I’m going to
change that color to black. I’m also gonna change the font. Again, you guys, I
actually encourage you to not do all of this mess. Find a template
that fits your needs, and it’s just plug and play. But I’m gonna show you how
easy it is to customize things. “About Us.” Again, I’m
going to change the font. They have all these
different options for font. And here, “About Us.” I
have my thing over here that I can just copy and paste. Bam. And I can just
hit this “Zoom Out.” Ahhh. Ooh. And I’m noticing
here that I don’t like where that is positioned.
I’m gonna pull it down here. And look at that line. It shows
me that it’s center of that, which is also very helpful. Zoom out to the bigger picture. I’ll change this. Copy. Paste. I actually don’t need
this gallery, so I deleted it. Instead, I will add an image. Here’s where we add images. I’m gonna go to
image, “My Images,” and I’m going to add this
pretty little thang right here. This is an
example of our audience. Then I can even add
text, which is what I’ll do. Perfect. Here. Bam. I’m gonna go
ahead and save this. “Tutorial”! It’s
not really, but just so I don’t get it
confused with my own stuff. I actually have another graphic
element that I want to add, so I’m going to go to my images. I have — bam.
Add to page. Perfect. You get the gist
of text, images, and I’m gonna fast-forward
to background color so this video
doesn’t take three days. I mean, that’s pretty.
Who doesn’t like some pink? Now, I actually
don’t need these images, so I’m gonna delete — actually, let’s go ahead
and rename these things. Instead of “Community,” that
really should say “Audience.” Instead of “Spaces,”
let’s call this “Services.” We need these
anchors so we can tell, when we hit these, where to go. It’s gonna go to the anchors. I want to add some graphics here to help make these
boring texts come to life. This is inspired by
this site membership. They have graphics here. It just helps so you’re
not overwhelmed with a word. I’m gonna go ahead
and add some images. To resize, all you do is click
on the anchor on the corner. Once resized, I
will put them here. I’m gonna zoom through
this. You get the idea. What I really am doing is
adjusting sizes using my eye to make sure
everything is evened out, and I’m gonna do the same
thing for the brands section, which is a
section of the clients that my production
company has worked with. It’s the same
principle, using visual cues to communicate information fast. Okay, now this is the
important stuff over here. The contact form. I’m gonna go ahead and
change this background strip. The other thing I
will add is a shape. Look at these! There’s so
many shapes. My goodness. Now, I’m gonna add this shape because I can’t
really make out the text. So I’ll move this right here, and I’m gonna hit
Command-X to cut it and Command-V to paste it
so it ends up back on top. Need more room over here. Aha! There we are. Let’s change the opacity here. Now, I like this, but “Subscribe
for updates and promotions” — I don’t really
have that service. But I do need a contact
form so people can email. So we’ll go under “Contact,” and
we’ll pick this box over here. And we just drop it in.
It is really that simple. You know what, I
actually am gonna move this. I’m gonna change this.
I’d prefer it to be white. Now, we can also edit this
contact form under Settings. Let me change this to
“House of Shameless.” So when you send an email,
that’s where it’s gonna go. Want to add a second
account so you can add two, you can add the name,
email, subject, message. That looks about good to me. I would like to
change the design of it. Here I go making a mess. I’m gonna go to custom design. I really don’t
like the black border. I wonder if I can — oh,
there. Zero. Problem solved. Let’s zoom out. Let’s see what we have here. We have the video
here, the “About Us” here, “Audience Engagement,”
“Services,” “Brands” — shablam. Now, the only
thing that we don’t have is this “Read
More,” the backstory. Kind of like the info.
And I wanted it to link here. So if I go here — let me
delete this, since it was — so this was the
template. It came with this. It’s under “Spaces,” and I don’t
even have a “Spaces” section. I’m gonna put
this under “About.” If we go to “About,”
that’s “About Us” — if we go to “Community,”
we need to rename this. It’s not
“Community.” It’s “Audience.” And it’s not
“Spaces,” it’s “Services.” Then we have “Contact,” and
we have this “Book Online.” I don’t need this, because I
don’t have a shared workspace. So I’m gonna go
ahead and delete that. Now, under “About,”
that’s where I want the info about the backstory. So I don’t really
need all this text. I don’t need these graphics. And under “Book Now,” I’m going
to actually change that to — or maybe “Previous Page.” I don’t like the “Go
Back.” Go back in life? And this
backstory’s basically me, and these images here
don’t represent that, so I’m gonna change
the page background. That’s kinda cute. Let’s
see if I have another image. Because
sometimes things look good until you plug it in, and
that’s when you can tell. I mean, that looks even cuter. Right? Am I
right, or am I right? “Previous Page”
— I have to link it to go back to the
homepage. So which page? That’s where I want it to
go, back to the homepage. So hit “Done.” Now, if I click on
“Pages,” home is here. Perfect. Now, this isn’t
“Events,” this is “Backstory.” So let’s rename that
and call it “Backstory.” Done. Perfect. We got our
“About” — “Read More.” Let’s make sure this
links over to page — “Backstory.” Done. Perfect. Besides that, this
is a one-page site. What I love about these sites
is, people don’t have time to be reading —
everyone’s on the go. Okay, so now when you
think everything is good to go, there’s the option on
how to view the website on mobile devices. So I’m gonna hit
“Edit Mobile View.” This is what it looks
like under Mobile View. Now, things are
a little jumbled. That’s not how I
want it to look. So I can go in and
make those changes. Right off the bat,
that needed to be changed. This is the video, and
it says “Read More” here, but it really should be here. It doesn’t allow me to
do shortcuts here — okay. I’ll just drag it over here. I just want to make sure
that’s centered. “Read More.” Now “Audience” —
this is the anchor point. We’ve got to make it go there. Now, this — we don’t really
need all the graphics, you know? So let me just get rid of that. And when you make edits
here, it doesn’t affect it on the desktop view. I guess what I
just did was hide it. I wonder if I can
crop this. Aha! I can. Now here, this is when
it gets a little jumbly. Wow. This is all over the place. See this thing, “Clients”? That’s not where “Clients”
is. “Clients” is over here. Let’s make all of these smaller.
Maybe that will help us. And here’s the
final mobile view. Clean. To the point. Organized.
Simple, yet impactful. Next, I’m gonna make my
way over to the site manager by clicking
“Manage Site” over here for all the geeky
information like… SEO. This is where you wanna
optimize your search engines with meta tags,
all of that stuff. This is the geek
stuff over here. “Connect your domain.” That’s
when you can connect your .com. Connect a domain you already
own, or you can buy one. You can also buy a domain
through Wix or another service. I use GoDaddy, but now that
I know here that they have it, I wonder how much it is. The other option I wanted
to show you when it comes to editing your site
is [laughing] — load! We have options
under the App Market. Now, I didn’t have any plugins
that I needed for my site, and that’s the
cool thing about this. There’s so many
plugins. You can sell tickets. You can add that option to
your site. You can add the app. Your Instagram feed — you
can go ahead and add that. That’s a really good feature. Blogging. Listen — don’t blog if you’re not gonna blog
daily or weekly or something, because I go to people’s sites and they have blogs that haven’t
been updated for months, and that’s just the worst. In terms of services,
let’s head over to the plans. You can get Wix for free. The only thing that happens that
sucks when the service is free is this. It says,
“Create a Wix site,” on the top and on the bottom. And it’s really
big on mobile view. So if you’re really strapped
for cash, then get it for free. However, you can also — I
don’t even know what this is — skip over to the $10 option to remove Wix ads
at the very least. Those things are hideous.
[laughing] But if you’re on a
budget, I totally get it. Save you that $10 a month. This apparently is the
most popular one, the $14. I do have the $25/month plan.
This is not even negotiable. If you are earning
money, then spend some money. Twenty-five bucks a month —
that’s like one t-shirt a month. That’s something that’s
going towards an investment to earn you more money. I
do think websites are key. They clutch! And that is pretty much it. Lies! That’s pretty
much it for this video. I don’t want this
video to last three days, which is how long it
takes me to design a site. So go ahead and have some fun. Now, this is a huge and
drastic change from this. Oh, man! She got a face lift. Are you even the
same person anymore? I encourage you
guys to pick templates that are pretty much
bang-on to what you want. I went to the extreme to
show you how much you can tweak and customize your site. If you’re entry
level, if you’re new, don’t complicate your
life like I just did. But it does show you
the flexibility of it, because how many of
us have a happy hour? Do we need a martini glass? And that’s that. When you’re working on something
that is expressing who you are and putting that into the world, I do suggest that
you take time with it and just kind of let
it marinate and tweak it. Don’t sit on it forever,
but definitely give it time. If you want to see the
final, final finale of that, make sure you guys
head over to my website,, so you can see the
website in action. I would love to see how
you guys create your websites. Make sure you tag me or
@ me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, even. I want you to show
me what you guys create when you use this platform. There’s so many out
there. I’ve only used this one. So let me know
also in the comments what platform you guys use, and what are some tips and
tricks for web design, okay? Make sure you guys
subscribe to my channel. Turn the notifications on. And that’s me outlining the
bell for the notifications. Like this video if you
found this video helpful. And until next time,
remember to do you, be you, stay true, boo. Be shameless. Make sure you
guys check out my shop here in the info box below, and you can get yourself some
inspiring posters, pins, hats, and more inspiring
products coming at ya.

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