How to Make a Website for FREE! EASY Website Builder for Beginners! (2016/2017)

Hello guys, Steven here back with another video and today I’ve partnered with Wix to teach you guys how to create your own website for whatever reason maybe you want it for youtube channel you know just to show all your work maybe as a portfolio for your graphic design work for your video editing or you just want to learn how to make one the thing I like about Wix is the fact that they do provide all their services for free however you know there are premium plans that add extra benefits if you’re interested in that so extra bandwidth you know a custom domain and overall I just like what’s because it’s free and it’s easy to use anybody can use it beginners and even advanced people and the fact that you don’t have to code or anything it’s a website builder so it’s really easy to learn is really easy to get started and you don’t have to have any prior experience in developing a website development or anything like that so yeah today I’ll just be creating my own website and just show you guys around the whole website and how it works and yeah so hopefully you guys enjoy this video if you do hit that thumbs up button lets try to hit 500 likes with that being said let’s get into the video the first thing you want to do is go onto it will be in the description for anyone not knowing how to spell and right now you just wanna press start now and you’ll sign up with your email or google or facebook and yeah just log in and then you can get started but in case you guys want to see some premium plans and what those benefits are I’ll show you just some of it briefly and basically the big benefits of having a premium plan is the custom domain and online store that you can have so for me personally I need my portfolio and my store to be integrated together right now I don’t right now I have my portfolio on Carbonmade and I have my store on Sellfy and I don’t want that I want it all in one so that’s something I’d be looking forward to purchasing is the premium plan right there for e-commerce so yeah I’ll just get started right now and you want to login so I’m just going to login here and i’ll show you the dashboard and how it works and stuff like that ok so right now when you log in it he won’t look like this this is because the dashboard for my websites I haven’t published any of them have just looked around like the templates and just like the how it works and stuff like that actually made one about a year ago but I didn’t publish it you just want to press create a new site here and then this is probably what you guys are going to see you guys are gonna see about 12 categories and they basically ask you what is your website’s intention what are you planning on putting on your website for me I’m planning on selling stuff on my website online store would be good for things like, your selling music you’re selling an online good like graphics or stock photos or something like that if your business you list your out your services and basically these categories have different templates that go along with them different layouts because obviously a blog is layed out much differently than a photography page there’s more photos of our galleries with photography pages, there’s more texts with blogs and more articles and stuff like that so for me I’ll do online store if your business you can obviously list out your services and if I for example did something like MarzBar with where he has MarzMedia I can list out all the services that I provide like videography, photography, graphic design stuff like that, so there’s actually two different website builders here we have something called the ADI which is their artificial design intelligence, you know an editor and I find this a lot I guess faster while this is you have to edit every single detail they kind of make everything for you in this and this you have to go in depth you have to edit every single detail what I find this is good is if you just want to get a website out there like really fast and you really don’t have an idea of what you want but you know what you like so things like you like a clean website you can select that as a preference and then they’ll like select templates stuff like that but here you can select whatever template you like they don’t automatically select that for you, you also have to select your own fonts and stuff like that on the left side here they select a fonts for you still like that stuff obviously you’re able to edit it after but basically the whole website is made by just entering a couple of details your preferences and stuff while this is you actually have to physically edit everything and it takes a little bit longer but right now i’m gonna go with the Wix editor be because it’s more popular for the fact that you’re gonna change everything in your website and you gotta go like in detail with everything I find like this is better if you know what you’re gonna do and you have an idea of what website is going to look like and the layout so I’m just gonna go with Wix editor, I don’t want to go with ADI right now just because they do have a tutorial and it might be a little bit too long for this video, so right here these are just some templates and on the left there’s categories and you can like select what type of online store you have, mine’s electronics and home I guess it has to do something with that and you can view preview some like I guess templates in here can also see the mobile view which is very important as mobile is increasingly like getting more people on mobile obviously most of my day is spent on my device it’s more likely for me to be doing a website online on my Android device rather than on a PC so I have to take that in mind so me personally I like the look of this first one there’s obviously other ones I can look through them but I just want to get on this video done within just show you guys everything as as fast as I can so you can preview it by pressing view you can also see a description of it and what’s good for what they recommended for so online stores shops, outer gear, and it kinda gives a description of this so bold layout and stuff like that and I just like how it looks like so I’m just gonna edit here and then it should load up here and It’ll just take a couple of seconds the other ADI editor takes a lot longer to load because they’re kind of creating everything for you that’s it just loads up the template so on the left there is your menu so there’s background so it’s the background obviously you can change the background to image a video or a solid color and they have some default if you don’t really have any, me personally if you are a photographer or videographer I would select my own background, you can also change fonts on the second tab here fonts, images, slideshows, buttons, very small details of social media links, you know menu bars this is basically everything else that’s not the background and kind of like the styles of stuff so strips so these are strips, so this is a background strip right here, and you can edit the background here as well so if I wanted to add a video, I could select maybe like free “Free from Wix” here and yea, I can select let’s just say, this right here that looks really cool, I can change the background and then it’s probably also moving, I’m not sure why it’s not moving there but it should move because it is a video and you also change the settings of the video so you can add overlay and right there, I like this diagonal one, you can also overlay a color on top of it, so in case when I like darker colors or something like that, you can also add a scroll effect and position the video or image in a different spot in case it looks better in a different spot and the play speed you wanted to play slower or faster depending on you know what looks better and you can play it in the loop as like a GIF or JIF or whatever you want to call it, so me right now I’m just going to try to create a portfolio kind of, and a store under this menu bar right here, but right now I just want to change it to whatever colors I personally like which is blue I mean which is red, what am I saying, so I’ll change this to a red image was actually trying to find a video that has something to do with red because I like how red looks like, so let’s just find one right here so I’d so, I’d say like this is kinda red but that’s like red-est thing I could find and in case I don’t like how not red it is I can just overlay a color onto it, so here, let’s go to settings, let’s select red and let’s just increase the opacity so there it looks a lot more red now, and now to fit my like site title or like what I’m trying to do I’d say “Steven Van” or like type in my name I accidently press ctrl S, but here just press capitals, “Steven Van” and now this could be my shop and then I can show my work right here so I can see like write this as my work, because it is a portfolio and every single time there’s like a text or something I can put like a button to my shop so that people can you know go to that directly that’s something I couldn’t do if I didn’t use Wix, I would have to link people to different websites, external pages and here let’s just pretend these are my clients, so I can like change each of them so you want to go and change images I would insert like a banner of mine that made for them, so for the first one, let me just type in one client that actually made it for, “SneakerTalk” let’s just done, so you can see it changes and I’m going to do two other ones that I’m very proud of actually, I actually made one for “WillPower” as well, this guy has almost like 2 million subs, but I made it for his like second channel so I’m pretty proud of that as well, just pretend these are banners, I would obviously import my own pictures but at the moment I don’t know where they are I can go on my Carbonmade, but that may take too long so here I would insert maybe a picture of my face, maybe like a layout of my banners and all the headers I’ve made and stuff like that, that’d be like, really cool, and here if I have a promotion, I can say like Christmas sale, Christmas sale so I can list everything as fifty percent off and if you click on these these are actually going to link you to the Wix store manager, the dashboard that you can actually edit the prices, discounts stuff like this, so this is a benefit of a premium plan, you can add SKU’s, you can add if it’s in stock, if it’s out of stock, how much stock is left you can add images, you can add descriptions, and stuff like that, so the price usually mine would be ten dollars, so the price would be let’s just say seven dollars, let’s just say it’s fifty percent off, okay it’s five dollars, and then you can put in the description, how much in stock and stuff like that so I’d save it you can also adding collections so basically categories, I have a bunch of different you know type of media, I make I make videos as well I can like sell videos, stock video, stock images, I can sell headers, templates, stuff like that let’s change it to, “Banner” and let’s save it and you can add it to a category like a collection called banners, but I’m not gonna do that maybe this was a specific type of banner I made, maybe a template or something like that, and here you can go to about us maybe your terms and conditions or in my case I probably just talk about my experience in graphic design, I’ve been doing it for two years, also my, you know experience in other topics in other fields of media, and here’s a contact form, I can edit that to, my you, you know, what I actually, like my information, so my email, I can click on here and change it, if you don’t like how it looks like, you can go into the app market and you can actually choose your own like, form so in this case you can have add like a, different forms and events and stuff like that so in case you need a reservation form for one day you can do that and there’s just a lot of apps that you can use and it’s good like it’s really useful in my opinion, you can also have livechat so and to increase the view of like good customer service on your website you can add that there’s also like an Instagram feed if you have like a giveaway going on you can add that like, you can add an Instagram feed of like all the hashtags and stuff like that, I find that very like, good and very, very, very helpful as me as a like a social-media influencer that might help me out a lot when I’m running you know sweepstakes and like events and stuff like that and also here if I upload my own images and videos I can do that easily by pressing this and that’s good if I’m like a videographer like I am I can put down all my videos laid out so people can see my work as that’s very important and that’s that like the whole use of this website is to show my portfolio and what type of videos and stuff make obviously it’s going to be different for you, you might be making this for just selling products I’m doing both kind of, you might do this to just show your videos just to promote your videos you might do this for a blog just to write about certain things just like because you enjoy writing about certain like new products that came out, or maybe you can link that to your YouTube just you drive some more traffic, there’s a lot of things you may use this for, I know a lot of people use this for music so they might go sell music on here they might try to promote their SoundCloud stuff like that just to get their work out their website is very useful for that if you go up here on side on the menu you can see you can connect your own domain, you can publish the sites if you have not published the site yet, you cannot view it, so publishing the site is very important as the whole world will see it, like if you don’t you’ll just be saved as a project instead of a actual finished website so if I publish it right here, I can list like what the website URL’s going to be and I can view the site so here it’s live now so you guys can be checking this out right now, however if I didn’t do that you wouldn’t be able to see it and if I typed in the URL it will be nothing you can also go to your dashboard and if you go on tools, you can actually see you like these like guidelines and stuff you can remove that, you can remove the toolbar if you don’t find that helpful, I personally find that helpful for aligning text and aligning images, just so it looks more professional you can also copy, increase the size of stuff like just look at the dimensions, there’s also snap to objects, so this is very important for me personally because I don’t know where the center is but look here if I just move in here, you see where the center is, you see that purple line, if I were to like move images and stuff, it’s a lot harder if it doesn’t automatically snap to place, so that’s really important for me as it just helpes save time and it helps like easier align like things, you can also get help, so these things are like shortcuts and they actually give advice so, if you need help optimizing your content and getting out in the search actually press on here and It’ll give you some advice and some pointers and stuff like that, Wix has a great community so there’s actually a lot of people on their forums that actually help out, so let me just customize this to my liking again so I’ll just like change this obviously to “Steven Van” and you can also change the font and stuff in the size, in the color, it doesn’t have to fit the theme, the theme’s just there as a layout more than anything and if you want to contact, there’s different forms obviously you can manage the menu like the order the menu, you can also set if it’s a actual menu like part of the menu, or if it’s a sub-menu, so here what I mean by this is if you move this out it appears as its own menu, but if you were to put it under under shop here, it would be a submenu so you can actually hover over it and it would you list as a submenu, in case you want to hide a certain page just so it doesn’t interfere with what you’re working on, you can press that as well you can delete the page, duplicate it if you want to have the same layout on both pages, you can also change buttons so in this case if we press on shop now that’s a button you can press change text and you can link it to another page so you can do this to external page, an email, a web address, but in this case we’re doing to a page, as there’s gonna be a shop page, so if I were to publish this right now it would link me to my store page so let me just load here and then just press shop now and should link me to my shop as you can see and you can edit all this you can edit the layout the products obviously you’re not going to sell all this so you would have to delete all the products you can also see how it is like a preview of it on mobile view so as you can see actually looks really good on mobile view I’m actually impressed of how clean it is and how true-to-life it is compared to the desktop version as like most editors like this actually look like, the mobile version looks way worse than the desktop version, this probably will be like the iPhone 9 or something like look how long that is, I can go to this promote section, so as you can see they basically help you promote your I guess website so through like email marketing and different things like that and if you upgrade to the premium plans, you can actually remove any Wix like, placement, product placement so here it would say “Created by Wix” you can edit that, so right here this is how your email will look like, and you can kind of edit it and then you can preview and test it, so if I preview and test it, I can click on this and then it’ll link to my website, so that’s great for promotions and like whenever you have I guess a promotion for a certain holiday, a certain event, that’s great, now that I’ve shown you the Wix editor I’m going to show you the ADI I believe, ya the ADI, I’m gonna start with the ADI because I know some of you probably were interested in that so here’s how it looks like, it’s a lot different, you kind of type in information and it kind of creates one for you so for mine I’m going to graphic, graphic design portfolio, kind of like that, but I also want to sell stuff on it obviously, but I’m just going to write that as like, what my main purposes for it name of your business mines, “Steven Van” I wish it was like something cooler like “VanMedia” or something that, I do not have a business location as this is online and it’s like, it’s not a physical business and here I would take my business email and then it’s just going to load and then it’s going to give you some options to choose from to get a better understanding of what you want in a website, so that’s great it’s kind of like smart robot who’s making a website for you, so just imagine you have a smart friend who’s kind of setting it up for you and they ask you what you want in a website this is basically like that guy so right now I’d like a minimal website I just like how it looks like either minimal or clean, that’s like my preference um I’ll do minimal and here it’s just going to tell you some information like hold, hold on it’s gonna start creating so imagine your friend is now doing some random stuff that’s basically what this guys doing for you and now you want to continue because he’s done and here’s how it’s going to look like so right here the kind of going to give you a tutorial on how it works and they’re going to select some options for you based off what you wrote down, and what your preferences were, I find this a lot faster a lot more efficient but obviously if you don’t know want this you want to edit it all yourself you can do that after it’s done but that’s basically the end of the video I don’t want you guys to wait and see what they do, hopefully you guys did enjoy it if you get 500 likes on this video that’d be great my name is Steven and I’ll see you in the next one

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