How to Make a Website for Your Business

How to Make a Website for Your Business. If you want to build your brand’s public presence,
consider making a website for your business. You will need Domain name Domain registrar
Web host and content. Step 1. Select a web address for your site, using
a domain registrar to find and purchase one that’s available. Make sure your web address is easy to spell
so potential users and search engines can find it easily. Step 2. Find a web host to manage your domain’s traffic
and server, which stores your site’s data. Investigate if your service offers technical
support outside of regular business hours, so you can address potential issues as they
arise. Check if your registrar also offers free web-hosting
services. Step 3. Set up your domain’s administrator information
so you can control access to your website. Create an e-mail address linked to the site
to use for professional communication, and to make it easy for site visitors to reach
you. Step 4. Build your site using templates from your
web host or an online service, or program it internally for complete control over your
design and presentation. Construct your site so it clearly directs
users from page to page. Step 5. Present your business’ mission and contact
information clearly on your homepage. Create pages where you can post a catalog
of your products or services and a client list to help instill consumer confidence in
your visitors. Make any links to relevant, positive information
about your company easy to spot. Step 6. Use search engine optimization, metadata,
and analytics to find terms and keywords to integrate in your copy and help your site
rise to the top of search results. Tailor your keywords to fit your business’
goals without taking away from your information’s clarity. Step 7. Update your site’s content regularly to ensure
visitors know you’re invested in your enterprise and dedicated to your business’ growth. Did you know During the 2009 holiday season,
consumers spent $27 billion online.

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