How to make a website for your Small Business | WordPress Web Design Tutorial [ BB #01 ]

if you need a great easy to build and
versatile website this tutorial series is going to show
you exactly how to build one this is an introduction to web site building s
perfect for anyone who’s never built a website before or for anyone who’s never
used to be the Builder plugin and Beaver builder thing before you’ll find a
complete list of all the videos in the series in description below so you can
skip to just the parts that you need to work on I’m team from Real website hints
dot com and this is my mission to help you find the best and easiest ways of
building high-quality websites I know how difficult frustrating it can be
figuring out how to start building your website I’ve been there I’ve struggled
through it and I decided to create real website hints dot com and these video
tutorials to help anyone find the easiest ways to create great websites so
if you’re ready to get started and learn how to build an amazing website let’s do
it in this tutorial series we look at making websites in line with current
design trends and here’s some examples on the beaver builder web page in Beaver
builder theme and plugin is what we’re going to use to build a website in this
tutorial series you can see we’ve got some great looking designs here and these
designs are definataly in line with the current design trends so we look at like
Apple’s website with a stake nice clean look to their website if you want more
dynamic there’s the Airbnb website and you can definitely do something very
similar to this using the beaver builder theme and Beaver builder plugin
if you have a business we’ll talk more about the benefits of your business and what
it can offer to customers something like in this is definitely the kind
of look that is achievable with the beaver builder theme and Beaver builder plugin Of course you’re not limited to his looks these are just some
examples. This is the exact website that we’re gonna make in this tutorial series
right here. You know a great-looking website a little bit of a darker themed
website just kind of fun to do. you can see you can get some really great design
looks like the darker look of course you know the design is up to you here’s another example that I made with
beaver builder theme and Beaver builder plugin of Light hotel example website and in this transparent
background this isn’t actually something that’s part of the favorability natively
something that I actually got some help from the support team at Beaver builder
to do show you how to do that in this tutorial series so here’s an example on
the site that we’re gonna build of the clear clear head over there was really
great about using beaver builder with WordPress they are able to use the
flexibility and expandability of WordPress to a add just about any kind of
functionality you need from an online store to more tailored functions are
specific for your website and what I really like about your builder is it
easy to use a lot of other paid better websites you know this is the this is
where you edit your website is here on the back end of a WordPress theme and
it’s easy to use and I do like them a lot of great benefits to building your
website with a backend builder like this but I find it takes a lot of time
you know if you’re working on website like this you’re designing it you’re adding
your functions are moving things around for example and then if you want to see
it you get a quick update here and then click on View page and then your page loads the changes that you make show up to so let’s go and see what are you edit it with beaver builder. Beaver Builder simply click on it and click on the page
builder button ups here and there were editing our website here live. So if I
want to change the text here just simply click on this and drag this little
window around and I can change this text and then click Save and then to complete
my transaction and really view you exactly what it looking up front end you just click
Done then publish changes. you can see how much quicker it is to work on your website when you can
see the changes as you’re making them and not have to go back and forth from the
back end of your website to the front of your website and back again the beaver builder plugin and theme also have a really good
code I know and a lot of people ask me about what does it look like if you
deactivate the plugin another page builder this is the Avada example here
so this is the this is the front end of the website then you deactivate the team
this is what it winds up looking like she did all this sort of code here not
really a usable page if you have to de- activate the theme for some reason and
then with beaver builder that same page that I made this page here is what it
looks like when you deactivate the plugin to its still a usable page to me
I don’t really think it’s that big of a deal because I think that either way
this is still not the page that I wanted to make but it’s definitely still a
usable pages gifted deactivated for some reason you’re users aren’t going to be totally out you know but definately you can see sort of the clean code of
the beaver builder theme and plugin another great thing about beaver builder is that it reduces your
frustration they’ve got a great support team and I was able to experience using
their support team when I was building and testing this out I found that
they’re able to get back to you within a matter of just a few hours which was a
really great and really helpful in trying to just get something done have support team that’s that responsive
so this is that the response time is normally within a few hours and
definitely within a day so I found that that was really useful, really helpful
in helping me get my website built and done in support is in a part of what you
get when you pay the money for this premium Theme Builder is a premium
WordPress theme and plugin it does cost more money than other WordPress themes
and plugins I feel that if you want to make a wordpress website and you want to
save yourself time and frustration it’s well worth the additional cost it’s easy
to use and intuitive and you can see that the front end page builder will
absolutely save you some time to the final thing on the cover is that the
plugin alone will work with just about any WordPress theme but in my experience
testing this plugin with other themes is that you can’t really take full
advantage of the design capabilities unless you use their theme and plugin
together to keep yourself from frustration and make your building a
website as easy as possible that you go ahead and get both the theme and plugin
together these tools are right for you to build your website I’m gonna show you
exactly them step-by-step in this tutorial series if
you find this tutorial series helpful and you want to support this channel and these
tutorials either go to my YouTube channel to support this channel button
or you can use the sponsored links in description below links that I talked
about in this video does just three things that you need to do to get
started number one subscribe to my YouTube
channels you can come back and find these videos easily never to have WordPress setup
your company you haven’t done that yet you can use the video next to me or
you can look at the description below for the video about how to setup
WordPress and hosting I’ve got a great recommendation on a hosting company show
you exactly how to make sure that WordPress is configured properly and the third thing you need to
do is to buy the Beaver Builder theme and Beaver builder plugin that a link in description below
to Beaver Builder can also find a link to Beaver Builder by going to
you need to get the Pro package. So if you’re ready to get started I’m excited to help you and I’m
excited to show you how to build a website so go ahead next video to get started

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One thought on “How to make a website for your Small Business | WordPress Web Design Tutorial [ BB #01 ]

  1. so if i had Avada, X or Jupiter theme it wont be as good as using the actual B Theme? so that means i need to pay $200 for it?

    Can you still me what other plug in you use even after having these Beaver theme? i heard dont use more than 10 plug in or it will start slow down you website. Please share your complete plug in that you use as i am new to these and want to know from those that had done it before

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