How to Make a Website in 5 mins with Godaddy

Hi guys I’m Shyam from Today I’m going to show you
how you can make this website using godaddy So this is a website
which we are going to make today So after watching this video You’ll be able to make websites like these Using just your browser Okay so let’s get started We are going to make our website
in just five steps The first step is to
‘Create an account in godaddy’ So to create account Just click the link
below this video And it’ll take you to this page Now to create your account just click start for free And then fill up these details So enter your email,
username and password And click create account Okay So now our account is created Now let’s go to step two Which is to
‘Choose the type of website you want’ So let’s say you want a photography
website Just type it here Now choose the category you want So I’m going to choose this And as soon as you selected You can see a preview of the site,
you’re going to get Now you can scroll down To see how the site looks Now to proceed with this site Just enter a name for your site And click continue And now you reach this editing section So this is the place
where we’re going to edit our website So let’s go to step three Where we ‘Start editing our website’ Now let’s say you want to change this text All you have to do is just click on it And then change the text here And it will be changed on the website Now you can change anything on this page Just by clicking on it And then change it from this area And next let’s say you want
to change this image Just click on it And click replace Now all you have to do is
drag and drop your image And the image will be changed So next let’s see how you can
remove items from your page So let’s say you don’t want this part You can remove it just by clicking here And then clicking delete section And it’ll be removed So this is how we can
remove items from your page So next let’s see how we can add
more content to your page To add more content Just click this plus icon And you’ll find different items
which you can add to your page So if we go to contact us You can see the
different types of contact sections You can add to your page So let’s say you want to
add a photo gallery Just click photo gallery And then choose the gallery you want to add I’m going to choose this one And as soon as you click it,
it will be added to your page So this is how you can change
any content on your page So next let’s see how you can change
the other pages on your site Now here you can see that
we have three pages on our site Now you can edit
all of these pages in the same way So just click on the page Select the item you want to edit And then change it from here So now you know how you can
edit any page of your website Next let’s see how we can
add a new page to your website To add a new page Just click pages And click add Now enter the name of the page
you want to create I’m going to enter ‘About’ And click create page And the new page
will be added to your website Now to add content to this page Just click add section Select the content you want And it’ll be added to your page So this is how you can
add new pages to your site Next let’s see how you can
change the design of your website So to change the design Just go to home And then go to theme And now you can pick
any design from here And it will be applied to your site So I’m just going to stick to this theme And then click done So once you’ve done all the changes We can go to the final step
which is to ‘Publish our site’ Now before we publish First let’s see how the site is going to look like So just click preview And you can see how the site
looks like on a computer And on a mobile Now to publish the site
all you have to do is click publish And then click view site And you can see that
our site is live on Internet Now anyone in the world can access the site By going to this address So this is how we can create a website Using the godaddy’s website builder Now here you can see that our sites
address ends with Now if you’d like to get
your own name for your site Like You can get your
own domain name from godaddy So to get your domain
all you have to do is Go to the video
which you’re watching right now And then click this link Now search for the name you want Click search And then get your domain from here So once you’ve got your domain Just go back to the preview area And then click use my domain And now you can choose the domain
which you have purchased from godaddy So just select it And then click publish And now if you click view site You can see that our website Appears on Now if you want to keep this site
live for the next one year Just go back to the preview area And then click view plans Now choose a plan from here To keep your site
live for the next one year So after you’ve got
your domain and this plan This website will be live
for the next one year So that’s it guys this is how we can
create a website in just a few minutes Okay Now to start creating your website Just click here And it will take you to the page
where you can create your website Next if you’ve got your domain and you want
to create a business email with that domain You can watch this video to
see how you can create a business email So thanks for watching
I’ll see you in the next video Ba-bye

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100 thoughts on “How to Make a Website in 5 mins with Godaddy

  1. Website is temporarily down due to file system failure. Recovery is in progress, please check back later. Sorry for inconveniences

    What happened my site showing this massage.

  2. Please create a video in which u can let us know how to install cloudflare CDN and ssl certificate…Appreciate your great work bro may God bless you

  3. Hi Sham
    How to create category in product like
    Product _ Brand _ Grams _Price
    Brand _Product _ Grams _Price
    For ecommerce site

  4. Sir if we are making any website as you created for other people how we transfer that website for that person plzzz sir tell me

  5. i have installed wp on my domain, but i want to list some products with zoom image option and description of products…also attributes of size in drop down list and send enquiry tab…how can i do that? its not in default there any plugin i need to install…plz help sir☺

  6. Sir me ne bhi Godaddy me site banae ha me adsense ka html kaha paste karo ? or link bhi kaha paste karo Thank you jaldi jawab de de

  7. Beautiful and very informative video. I have one doubt my WordPress blog is a free plan from but I did not connect with my Adsense account. So how I connect with this account. How much money can I spend for one year?

  8. Hosting karni ke jarurat nahi hai sir?
    1. First step purchase Domin
    2. Website builder
    Oor kuch kar ne ki jarurat hai sir

  9. Hi I am new to this.I need some guide.I bought a domain for 2 years.and nearly same amount I have to pay for website builder as per their starting scheme to continue viewing as it is.
    But the problem is their website builder has limited options like I can't add video clip directly,I have to depend on YouTube or vimeo etc.Secondly there is no suggestion page for animation website.
    If I don't buy website builder from them
    Is it possible some other companie design it ,then what should they charge for.Actually I don't know how these things work so I will be grateful if anyone guides.

  10. Once you choose the type of website (photography in your example) are you able to change types? Im not sure i picked the right one and want to explore the other options.

  11. Yоu саn gеt mоrе rеvіеws аbоut wеbsіtе buіldеrs оn "сlаsуwеbsіtеbuіldеrs"

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  15. Sir what is the difference between WordPress website and GoDaddy website ?? Little bit confuse can u help me ?????

  16. If I wanna sale my products in my territory only i.e, in my districts only.
    Website will show in my district only, then what r the settings ???is it possible????
    Plz reply

  17. Hi Sham, first of all thank you for your video. I am very new in the field of website making and I have no idea on it. Yesterday I rent a domain and hosting from GoDaddy for 1 year. Just 1 hour ago I saw this video. I want to make a very simple website for my restaurant from GoDaddy. Should I need hosting for it? Because in this video I saw, you make the website and rent a domain only. Please let me know. Thanks in advance.

  18. Kya aap website banwana chahte ho to main apki wordpress website only 2500 me bana kar donga aapko sirf 2500 pay karna package me main apko 3 month ki shared hosting,with domain donga
    Aur website ke liye jaruri pages like
    Privacy policy, disclaimer,about us ,contect us pages Bana kar donga
    Contect me only e-mail
    [email protected]

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