How to make a website using Weebly for your Food business

– [Damian] Hey guys it’s Damian
from Marketing Food Online. And today I’m gonna show you
how to create your own website. When you start a food business
and you wanna get online, I know that there’s a
limited budget for creating the business from scratch,
I know how that works. But when it comes to creating a website you don’t have to pay a fortune to do one. And you can literally make one yourself. There’s two platforms that
I’ve actually worked with. That I created the two sites I have now. Weebly being one of them and Shopify. So I’ve actually done a
video on Shopify, recently. And then I did about I think two videos, if I’m not mistaken, on Weebly. Just to get the basics of understanding how easy it is to use Weebly. A little background on myself
as far as creating websites. I’ve utilized and tried GoDaddy,
I’ve worked with HostGator, Weebly, Shopify, so I’ve
tried a lot of them. The two that I like, that stuck the most, that really worked for me. Because of it’s simplicity,
is Weebly and Shopify. So, I have my candy company with Weebly. And I have my
store with Shopify. So, really quick. To show you some of the basics on how you can literally
create your own site. Weebly, this is the interface on Weebly. When you sign in and
you get onto your store, your gonna have the Build
feature, the Pages, a Theme. The store itself, which is what you access to get sales information,
visits and views, orders, and creating listings and such. Then you have Apps, these are apps that you could actually get
in addition to your site. And Apps will allow you to keep inventory, marketing tools, email
marketing, pretty much a variety of instruments that
would advance your store. While allow you to attract more customers, sell more products. These are add-on’s that you can get. And of course the Settings
and then the Help as well. This little icon is
showing you how it would be formatted for that specific device. Now, on the left side of Weebly, this is where it gets very simple. And like I mentioned before, you know, you could pay someone to have a website. But I’m gonna tell you right now, it’s gonna cost you thousands of dollars to have it done correctly. Or you can simply do it
yourself and it makes a lot, a lot easier for you to do that. The one thing about Weebly
and Shopify together is that they have been created to break down the process
very, very simplistically. Okay very, very simple. Very, very easy. So, let me show you really
quick on the left side here. So, I’m gonna create a product. So let me get over to our Stores and our Products page. Alright, here is what happens
when you hit the Store icon. It brings you up and allows you to do all of these different things here, okay? Now, when you wanna add
a product to Weebly. And as I mentioned
before, and not to sound redundant and repetitive
but, it is simplistic. It is so simple to do. And here is the Add. Once you hit that Add Product feature. It’s gonna bring you up to here. This is the page where you
wanna create your listing. Now, as I mentioned before,
when you create a listing for a food product, there’s
two super important aspects. More so than any other type of product that you’re gonna create. And that is using the right terminology to create the listing,
to entice the customer. Like I said before, in one of my videos, you almost wanna make them salivate. You almost make them wanna reach through the computer and grab your food product. When it comes to products
that are not edible, okay. They’re not food based at all. They’re USB cables, electronics, T-shirts. You could pretty much show a picture, explain to what it does,
the features, and that’s it. Now, if those features are what
the customer’s looking for. Then that customer’s
gonna make the purchase. It’s a little different
when it comes to food. Especially if you’ve got a unique product, if you’re a specialty food maker. Because of the fact that your
pictures need to help sell, that’s the second aspect
that’s really important. Really good selling pictures that can get the taste, the texture, the flavor. Get all of that acrost
with an image, okay? And then in your
descriptions, you wanna be really as descriptive as possible. So I’m gonna set you up a basic, I’m gonna show a listing
right here, an example. Okay, and I’m gonna do, I’m gonna create a listing
for cake balls, okay? So, the first thing I wanna do is start off with what exactly. The first couple of words of
any title needs to be precise. What exactly is it that
you’re selling, okay? These are cake balls. Then they could be, let’s
say, vanilla cream cake. And then you wanna say it’s a 12 pack. Okay? Give yourself a price. Alright?
And if you’re gonna offer it as a sale price. Now here is something
that’s, this is a unique, this is a new feature
to Weebly by the way. This format that you’re looking at is actually relatively new. They’ve kinda upgraded
some of their features. $24.99, let’s say you have
a sale price of $21.99. So you have three dollars off. If you want to, to entice
a customer even more so. Is to increase the
price a little bit above what you would traditionally charge and keep your sale price low. Because it gives the impression
that the product’s on sale. You could also, as part
of the description, create a sense of urgency. Saying, hey, you know what,
the sale’s going to end soon. Get them for your party,
get ’em for a wedding. Whatever it may be. So let’s get a picture of some food. Of some cake balls, let’s see cake balls. Here we go. Alright, fantastic. Now what you wanna do when
you create the listing. As many pictures as possible. I highly recommend you take
pictures of every angle. Cut open a cake ball even. I actually don’t, I just got done deleting a bunch of images, but I
don’t have one of it cut open. But when you can, if you have a cake ball, or you have a cake, or you have a loaf, or a bunt cake, or something, brownies. Cut them open so the
customer could see inside. They could see the texture and they could see the color, they can see how it looks. Because that’s gonna be a huge seller when it comes to selling your product. Now here’s a bunch of different
cake ball platter pictures. From different angles
and different packaging. So you can add another one. So the idea is, on Weebly,
you could add multiple images. As many as you like and I believe it max, I’m not sure if there’s a max out or not. I only used about three of four, on Weebly.
When it comes to Amazon, Etsy, or Ebay,
I definitely utilize as many pictures as they allow
on each of those platforms. And there’s a reason because,
the more you actually add on to it the better for
the search engine optimization. And finding the product when you have as much information as
possible, even including images. It’s gonna help you get
found much, much better. So, let me scroll down here and show you. So this is a Physical
Good, the Product Type. Now some of the really
cool thing about Weebly is they introducing the
Digital Good or Service. So these are products that you could do without having like a shipping setting. Because you’re obviously not
gonna ship a Digital product. It’s instantly downloaded. The Service, maybe you’re
offering consulting or maybe you’re offering something that’s just one-on-one
with somebody or a client. You can hit that, then again you won’t have to determine shipping. You won’t have to determine
any of that stuff. Because once it’s purchased, then it’s up to you to fulfill the order. If you’re obviously, you
know, doing consulting, you would speak with the client and such. So this is a Physical Good, okay? So anything that you’re shipping, like cookies, cakes, or
whatever your food product. Obviously your shipping. You use Physical products. So here’s your description. So really quick, you can also
hover over the question mark. If you would like to
add even more content, like videos or special instructions more. You can customize your page, okay? And then you could basically,
excuse me, add that to it. Okay? So let’s start typing notes. So, these are a handmade, delicious addition to your wedding party. We make all items fresh to order. Each decadent cake ball is made to make you. Let’s go back here, let’s
try something really quick. Try, if you need more than 12 cake balls, we also offer bulk pricing. And this is something I
wanna show you really quick. As you begin to make your
listing for a product, if you’re the one making
the product, okay? And you have the capacity to make them, obviously, in larger quantities. Every listing that you
put on your Weebly site. When you make your
Weebly website yourself. And of course, like I said before, saving yourself a fortune. Once you do this, offer them
and let the customer know that you can make more than just
that specific listing states. And what I mean by that
is like, just what I put. If I’m selling 12 of these at
a time and you have a wedding. Let’s say a lady has a wedding coming up and she wants you to make
a thousand cake balls. She would probably look at this listing, if she was interested in ’em, she wouldn’t know that you offer them. A lot of customers honestly do not ask, hey do you make, can you do a thousand or do 800 for my wedding? So once you put this idea in their head, they’re like, you know what. Wow, Suzie or Jane or Bill or Ted, he makes these cake balls. They look amazing but he can
do like a thousand to 800. This is fantastic. So they’ll contact you and say
look, I saw on your listing. Because when you put it in the listing, that idea is right in their
head and it’s fantastic. I’ve done this on my Etsy pages. I’ve done this on Ebay
and it works very well. And you get larger events. So, basically putting
in a description here. Each cake ball will melt in your mouth with a soft center and chocolate coating. We offer dozens of flavors to choose from. So, this is another aspect of
the listing I wanna get into. Is if you make a variety
of flavors also put that in the listing of each and every
single one that you’re making. Okay? And you could do that
on your own Weebly site. That’s the great thing
about having your site. Of course you can offer this on Etsy or you can offer it on Ebay. Or Amazon even if you have a listing on Amazon with different flavors. Let the customer know that
there’s a variety to choose from. Because that is another
idea that you’re putting in their head because you want
them to buy more from you. Again, if that person came to you and said hey I have a wedding. Well they could do 800 but
I only see this listing says vanilla cake but I really
want chocolate cake center. You know what I’m saying?
So I’m trying to give you the examples that offering varieties of flavors and varieties in sizes. Is where you’re gonna make
a good amount of money. So, I’ll leave that right there. Let me scroll down. So, we have here Visible. You want the obviously the product, your product is ready
to sell online, okay? If you want it Hidden. Maybe you’re gonna edit it later or maybe, you know, you have some other things. You can hide it temporarily. Fulfillment, Shipping or Pickup, or Both. Now, this is great, here’s why. In some states, if you have
a cottage food business, if you have a home based food business. Some states allow you to actually
transact online now, okay. There’s a very few states that do this. But they will allow you
to create a website. You could actually sell a product. And they could come and pick it up. Again, you have to have
it, you have to transact it between the customer who’s buying it. And if they wanna pick it up at your home, that’s perfectly fine
if you’re comfortable with that, obviously. And then you have that feature there. So this is great because
if it was to be Pickup. Again, you don’t have to
determine the shipping. You don’t have all that stuff. It totally changes the listing. Another great feature of Weebly. And again, making a site yourself is gonna save you a fortune. Additional Information. So if you have SKU, if you
have a SKU, a product number. And you wanna keep inventory, track it. That’s perfect as well. Now, scrolling down. You wanna enter it into a category. Once you’ve created Categories. So I’m gonna choose a category. This is what my categories
are and it pops up. And you simply scroll down and say hey. Where is cake ball? It goes to the cake balls, okay? Then you hit Save. And then your Product Options. You can add additional options, okay? This is great because you can also choose how you want it to show up on the listing. So here’s the thing. Color Tiles or Text Box, you get choices. Details, for instance the size. You could say a 12 count, 12 count, 24 count, etcetera, right? So you could determine
the size that you want. And that way your customer
can simply choose from that. Okay? And the Layout. You can have this menu
once you create this. It could drop down. So once the customer takes their
cursor and they go over it, the dropdown menu will
show 12 count, 24 count. Or you could leave it
and say customizable. And then that again will
lead you to more sales. Because the customer could say,
wow they can customize this. So, I have the big
corporate event coming up. I could do with like three
thousand of these I need. So that is a great feature to have. And, all of this again, all
this is stuff you’re doin’. You guys are doin’
yourself when you do this. So the Search Engine Optimization. The SEO is basically,
when you wanna optimize. You wanna make sure a listing
is as optimized as possible. Utilizing the right keywords,
images, descriptions. All of this data is what goes into Google to help you get ranked. So SEO, for your food product,
needs to be maxed out. Okay? And you might even wanna do a little bit of research on your product. So let’s say you do
chocolate pretzel rods. You can go to Google and type
in chocolate pretzel rods and you could find how many
Google actually keyword tools. Keyword, Google keyword
tools (laughing), sorry. And what that is is that is
a feature that Google offers. That you could find out all of the different search terms
for chocolate pretzels, right? So that information you’d wanna put down in your description. An optimized title. And if you have a Permalink, you can definitely put it in here. Okay, like a product title. So that is it. All of this information,
which is very simple. It’s literally like about
six different items here. You’re done and you hit Save
and your product is live. Of course I’m not gonna do
that with this as example. But, that is how you create a listing. And it’s super simple. That’s it and once you
have that up and running and it’s optimized, you
guys are ready to roll. And your whole entire website
could be put together. I actually, literally
created my Weebly site, just the basics of it,
the background of it. I think it was about two to
three days I spent on it. And then of course to spend a few years as I keep adding more products and taking stuff away, you
always wanna maintain it. But setting up the basics on a Weebly site can take you only about a couple of days. So I’m gonna do some other videos later about these other features, okay? But for right now, I’m gonna wrap it up. If this was helpful and it got you excited about the possibility of
you making your own site, do give me a big thumbs up and let me know that this was helpful. I do appreciate the feedback. And as always if you’re not subscribed to my channel check out
my channel, subscribe. I have hundreds of videos to help you get your food business up and running. And we also have our podcasts. Take a listen up for some
of our podcasts as well. And I’ll see you guys on the next video. Thank you guys.

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  1. When starting a food business your budget is small I know what your going through!! BUT you can make your own site and Weebly makes it EASY for you to do this …

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