How To Make A WordPress Website 2019 | In 20 Simple Steps | WordPress Tutorial for Beginners

hey friends I’m Tim and in this video
I’m going to show you how to build a beautiful custom website using WordPress
this tutorial is step-by-step and you have no coding required in order to
build a website we’re going to use a platform name purpose and the page
builder called Elementor so all we really have to do is
a bunch of drag-and-drop and copy and paste you can simply follow all my
clicks and we’ll be able to build a beautiful website after this video
here you can also see some example pages that were created with the same
technique and methods I’m going to show you in this video they are absolutely
beautiful and everyone can create those sites no matter if you want to create a
blog maybe a business page or a person report for you you can create everything
you want and the pages are high converting and the best part they are
also responsive so no matter if you open them up on tablet or a mobile phone they
always adjust automatically which is really really important in today’s day
and age because over 80% of your users will be mobile here are also opened up
the element of HP devons just to show you how easy it is to build your website
with this page builder you can either just use drag-and-drop and then
customize the content and style to your liking or you could even use pre-made
blocks and layouts that were made by professional rep designers building
websites in 2019 is easier than ever before if you’re ready to build your
first website in just a few hours I’m ready to show you how let’s start you
probably ask yourself now how we can build a website without any coding and
the magical answer is WordPress you’ve probably heard of WordPress
before but I’m just going to give you some of the details before we start
WordPress is a content management system or CMS basically WordPress is a powerful
platform that allows you to create and customize a website with several
different themes and plugins so you can create virtually any website you can
think of without ever having to touch a line of code it makes making websites
easy and even added fun every fourth website on the Internet is
built with WordPress some of the companies and people that use WordPress
include ariana grande The Pixies Snoop Dogg Hugh st. Paul Channing Tatum the
Walt Disney Company Toyota Motors Brazil Bloomberg Kanno the Facebook newsroom
the New York Times Flickr quads and so on and so forth I
think you get the idea if you wanna save thousands of euros by making your own
site and not hiring a rap developer watch this video I’ll show you
everything step-by-step if you’re ready I’m ready let’s go
so now that we are ready to get soldered here’s our game plan first you’ll need a
domain URL which is simply the name of your website for example Facebook’s
domain as Google’s domain as Google comm and my domain is –
message spam net domain names are usually paid for annually and are pretty
cheap with around fifty bucks per year the second thing you’ll need to buy is
Reb hosting riches where you pay a company to use their servers so you can
store your website’s data online and have your website life on the internet
web hosting is advertised at a monthly price of about four to eight dollars but
usually is also paid for an annual installments so instead of paying web
hosting every single month you pay once for one year of web hosting the third
thing you’re going to need is a copy of WordPress which is totally free and
available for our pesto org now there’s a difference between repressed org and
repin we run rapid org because it offers the
open-source version of the WordPress platform that allows us to really
customize a website to our liking purpose to come a sort of light version
of purpose that is much more limited in functionality so remember just follow
along what I do in the tutorial and you will be good to go and that’s it just
these three things will get you a full custom website up and running in no time
now here’s the best part before you used to have to get all these things
separately and then connect them all together now in two thousand eighteen or
nineteen whenever you’re watching this the process is a lot more streamlined
and all you really have to do is just sign up for a posting and the rest will
be automatically included it doesn’t get any easier than this okay so now that we
did that we can really get into this step by step walkthrough from purchasing
repulsing to setting up WordPress and to customizing your own website if you need
help with any step along the way please feel free to comment any question you
may have and I’ll do my best to help you out
now let’s really get started with our first a harsher let’s say only step
getting repulsing in this tutorial I’m going to use sacra no calm and right
where do that there are a few reasons the first being that I personally use
cyclone for eight of my eleven on project and the second main reason that
we also can see on the official purpose of org website is that repressed
recommends a ground so that personally was also really strong factor for me
when I started in rap design I also chose a ground in this tutorial because
it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee that’s pretty great especially if you’re
just trying to get started because you can test everything and if you don’t
like it you simply cancel your plan and get your money back and in my experience
cyclone really has a great customer support so if you have any questions or
problems you can simply chat with them or call them anytime and they will
answer right away and help you so I recommend you use a crown for your
website but if you maybe already have a hosting account or maybe want to use
another rep hosting provider that’s no problem
you simply have to skip this part where sign up and install WordPress and have
to figure it out yourself but afterwards you can follow along this tutorial like
anyone else so that’s no problem at all because this video should have psi
chrome commercial but WordPress tutorial I try to keep this path short sometimes
in the future I will probably to a cyclone review or web hosting review
general so you can become a channel maybe it’s up by now but in case you
decided to try out cyclone for your own website you can just follow along here
and I will show you everything so an order to gets a crowned the first step
is to click the very first link in the video description now why do I want you
to click that link instead of just going to Sacramento com well there are two
great reasons the first being you get 60% of when visiting sac run over that
link and the second reason is net cyclones recognizes that I sent you and
in return for recommending psych round I get a little commission from them that
is no extra cross for you and don’t worry I don’t just recommend sacrum
because I get a commission from them I would actually get a higher
missions from other houses but a really believe in sacrum and I actually tested
and used them for my own projects so that’s why I recommend them I would
really appreciate if you use the link but if you don’t want to or use another
holster that’s completely fine too I’ll just
click on this link and we’re going to get redirected to this side so once we are here we have to choose
our plan there are three different plans available the gugak quebec and stella
plan in my opinion ego geek plan has read many features that we don’t
necessarily need in the very beginning so that really just leaves it between
the Quebec and the startup plan the biggest difference between the two is
that in this data plan you can host one website and then the Quebec plan you can
host multiple websites so that means as many domains as you want I personally
use the global plan because I have multiple websites on cyclones but if
you’re not quite sure yet or you know that you’re only going to have one
website I would recommend the startup plan you can also upgrade later on so
that’s no problem at all but like I said if you already know that you’re going to
have multiple websites I would definitely recommend getting the equal
big plan because I will only sign up now for this tutorial and cancel later on
I’m going to use this other plan but like I said choose one of the two and
click on get started here you have to register a new domain in case you
already have a domain and want to connect it with the host you have to
click on I already have a domain fill in your domain click on proceed and later
on change the name server settings where you will just set your domain so if you
bought your domain at GoDaddy for example you simply have to find out the
Cyclones name servers and fill them in on your GoDaddy account but you probably
don’t have a domain already so I click on register a new domain and here you
have to get a little creative because a lot of domains are already taken I would
also recommend getting the domain wherever you’re hosting your website
because it makes things a lot easier because you don’t have to care about
things like name service or something like that right now I refer a domain
name that is already taken just to show you what it looks like so two methods and right here on the right-hand side
you can choose a domain extension I would recommend using a popular one
because it looks more trustworthy so maybe the ComNet org dot co and maybe
your country specific extension so in my case it would be dot d right now I will
choose dotnet and click on proceed and as you can see here it is already taken
so cyclones has some recommendations for us but you were probably just have to
get a little creative so you could for example put something like that in here
and this will probably be free but I don’t want to register that so I’m just
going to choose another name for example test true sorry dotnet this should
probably be free yes it is ok so this is probably the easiest step here you have
to fill in your information so your email password you have to confirm your
password your country first name last name if you have a company or a vet you
can fill it in city street address zip code phone number here you have to fill
in your payment information so if you have a credit card you can fill it in
here so card number card expiration color name and CVV code in case you
don’t have a credit card you can also pay via PayPal in order to do that you
simply have to go up here click on help chat with them or somewhere down here is
probably also a chat window so you simply have to chat with them and ask if
you can pay via PayPal and then they will do it for you too so this was the
payment information and here are the hosting services so here you can choose
the plan again just make sure that it’s the right plan in this case it’s this
data plan so that’s right in case it’s wrong you click right here and you can
choose another one so startup plan this feature is pretty cool and I
haven’t seen that in too many OSIS here you can choose where your data
right now it’s set to Amsterdam because they know that I’m in Germany but you
could also choose another one so here you can click on change vacation and
then you can choose between Chicago if you’re in the USA Amsterdam if you and
Europe London if you in your work or maybe also Singapore if you’re in Asia
since I am in Germany and most of my customers would be in Germany too I
would choose Amsterdam since it’s the closest and here you can choose your
payment period so you can choose between a trial for one month which I would not
recommend because like I said in the beginning you have a 30 day money-back
guarantee so that means you can simply test it and if you don’t like it you can
say your plan so a trial would be pretty unnecessary so I would either choose 12
or maybe even 24 months in this case I am going to choose trev months but if
you already know that you’re going to have your website for a long time you
can also choose 36 or 24 months so in this case I’m going to choose trev
domain registration costs 15 euros that’s pretty much the same price
everywhere domain privacy you could use that but I don’t think that’s really
necessary and the SG sites can are can be helpful too so if you have a lot of
money and want to spend it you can it’s not a bad service but in my opinion it’s
not really necessary you can also skip that and make sure that your website is
safe with some WordPress plugins so you can use it but really don’t have to ok
I’m going to fill out the information above with my stuff but I don’t want you
to see that obviously and once we did that we can click on the check box right
here saying that we agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy which we
obviously read like we always do and then we can click on pay now
no sir grounders processing your data and creating your account once you see
this pop-up you can simply click on proceed to custom area
okay so there will probably be another pop-up in this case they’re going to
help me set up my website but I will show you everything so you can simply
click on don’t need help right now and here they will try to sell you some more
stuff but we don’t need that so make sure that’s unchecked
and here we have to click this checkbox once again and then click on complete
setup great now we are in the sacrum dashboard first of all congratulations
if you follow me so far you did the first and most important step and now we
can really get started and install WordPress and then you can build your
own beautiful website so let’s get started first of all we have to check
our email so we go in there okay as you can see we received three emails from
sacrum first the Said’s received which are will not open now because my payment
information is in there then we have a request for an email address
verification so I shall go in there and verify my email this is very important
because otherwise your domain won’t get registered so open your mail and then do
all these steps and the last one is some information about the hosting account so
that’s all username and the password is the run that we signed up with so that’s
great from sycron too so now we know how to log into the user area so I will
close this tab and get to the next step now we’re going to install WordPress in
order to do that we have to click on my accounts up here then click go to cPanel proceed go to
auto installers right here is WordPress so we click on WordPress
one important note right here before I continue in case you try to install
WordPress right after signing up for psych round and it doesn’t work don’t
worry that’s completely normal because your rep HOSA takes some time in most
cases about 3 to 6 or 12 hours in order to register your domain and to set up
everything it’s completely normal and you just have to take this into account
but sometimes it works right away so I just continue here but like I said if it
doesn’t work right away don’t worry ready for yours and try
again so here I click on the blue install button choose protocol this one
is very important like you see here it says HTTP but if you look up here it
says HTTPS this is because for example the SGC panel has an SSL certificate if
we would install WordPress with this protocol HTTP it would work but Google
will penalize your site because it wouldn’t be as secure as if we had an
SSL certificate so that’s one really important step so if it says HTTP up
here click here on the right side and choose HTTPS ok and yes that’s actually
perfect because I wanted to show you how to install an SSL certificate sometimes
an SSL certificate is automatically installed and sometimes it is not in
your case I will just try to choose HTTPS and if it works by the way and
this doesn’t pop up great you can install WordPress right away I will just
show you how to install an SSL certificate and then we’ll continue here
so I go back to my account go to cPanel proceed then
as grow down to security and here I go to let’s encrypt great domain test to
toreador net let’s encrypt SSL type let’s encrypt SSL and then I click on
install ok so sometimes it doesn’t work right away let’s encrypt is a free
service that lets you install SSL Certificates I would just refresh this
page and look no ok if it doesn’t work right away
simply install it once again refresh nope install ok refresh like I said
sometimes it takes some time and sometimes it works right away but I
would try to do is log out of psych round and lock in once again and then
he’ll do it again believe me sometimes it can take some
time I did it about 30 times now for some of my viewers – and okay so I’m
locked in again I’ll go to my account go to cPanel proceed and scroll down let’s
encrypt perfect and now that we locked out and locked in again let’s encrypt
was installed and we have an SSL certificate that works perfect now we
can continue installing WordPress my accounts go to cPanel proceed we’re present install and as you can see it
automatically chose HTTP so that’s perfect here you choose the domain that
you want to install WordPress on you leave the directory empty site name and
site description you can edit them now but you can also edit them later so
that’s not all that important but you can do that if you want to
that’s basically the name that’s up here so admin username that’s very important
because you will later on login to your website with this information so here
you have to choose an admin username I would recommend not using the name admin
itself because a lot of hackers will try that name so choose something that’s not
as easy to guess and then you also have to choose a safe password so it should
at least be strong admin email change this to your personal email so I’ll do
that right now choose language select language I will
choose English right now but you can choose any of these select plugins we
don’t need that and easy setup WordPress starter we also don’t need that so make
sure that this is unchecked and then we click on install this can take a few
minutes great the login information was just
sent to your admin email so and that’s one thing you should note especially in
case you loose your login details but what we can do now is your
administrative URL we can just open that in a new tab Congrats you’re logged in
to your WordPress dashboard this is WordPress if you ever want to
come back in here it’s pretty simple it’s basically your domain name slash WP
– admin that’s all there is to it as you can see here so I’ll just bookmark this
one ready okay perfect this is the WordPress dashboard I just
clean it up right here a little bit because all that stuff is unnecessary we
can also close this window right now we can even have a first look on our
website basically your website is up in life right now go hover over my block
and then click visit site this is just the default theme and it’s
ugly I would say so we can go back into our dashboard by hovering over that bar
and clicking dashboard so now that we installed WordPress we
can really go on and create a beautiful website but before we go into designing
your site rich a novice in the best part of it I will show you two things that
are really fundamental to understand an order to know WordPress so the first
thing as headings I will show you some settings that we have to make in the
beginning that are really important and afterwards I will show you the basics of
WordPress so for example to create pages blog posts or to install plugins and so
on and so forth this won’t take very long but after we
did that we can go on and create a beautiful website so are you ready I am
ready let’s start so every time you log into WordPress this is your dashboard in
this area there will be some news about WordPress and you don’t really need it
that much up here is the admin bar we also won’t need it a lot
only if we want to see your website we hover over name and click on wizard
website or sometimes if you want to take a shortcut and create a new site we can
click on you and here we can choose one of these four on the left hand side is
our main navigation here we will create posts pages work on our appearance so
design our website can saw some plugins manager users manager tools and so on
and so forth if we follow along this tutorial we will work through most of
them and you will realize what they are for if we take a closer look at all
domain you will see that it starts with your domain name
there’s not www dot and then our domain name in front of it in case you want to
have www dot infront of your domain which doesn’t have a really practical
sense anymore but can look more professional sometimes I will show you
how but this step is not necessary so you can do it if you want to but you
don’t have to in order to get www.and front of your
domain you have to have over settings and then go to general here you can also
change the site title and tagline that I left untouched in the WordPress
installation but in case you want to change it afterwards you can do it here
I would just for example fill in my name here in case you want to have www in
front of your website you will do it right here on the WordPress address and
site address now if you do it it’s very important that you do it right because
if you don’t it is possible that you crash your complete site what we have to
do is go in here and right after the second slash and before our domain we
have to right you changed nothing
else so nothing in the domain no upper cases no other letters or anything like
that simply tell you WWE and nothing else
and then we could save for changes in my case I don’t want to have that in front
of it so I will just delete that again but since I changed the site title and
tagline I will have to save my changes right here and perfect okay I will go
back to my dashboard let’s start with customizing the look of your website by
clicking themes from the appearance tab themes determine the overall look of
your website from layout to color scheme to phones and more WordPress does come
with some free default themes so if you click on the live preview you can see
how your website would look with each theme as you can probably see this does
not look great at all so I will ex out of it again and in order to install a
new theme we simply have to click on that new and then we can search through
all them there are thousands and thousands of
forest themes later on I will install a theme called ocean WP with you but right
now I will simply choose this one for example and in order to install the
theme you have to hover over it click on install you can also click on
preview to see how it would look I will click on install and then I click on
activate and now it’s active so we can have over name click on visit site and
this is what our site would look like if we would use the Unicorn light theme
right now I obviously don’t like that and later on we will create a website
with one of my favorite themes so I will go out of that again and in the next
step I will show you what plugins are in the navigation on the Left we hover over
plugins and then click on install plugins see the beauty of replaces that
not only you have thousands and thousands of opportunities when choosing
your theme there’s also millions of plugins plugins
are basically like apps they enhance your website because they are made by
professional programmers and there are plugins for virtually anything you want
many of them are free some may also have to be paid but in most cases you can
find plugin for almost everything so in order to install a new plugin we simply
have to click on add new here are some recommended plugins here you can find popular plugins he
recommended or favorites here you can also search for plugins right now there
are 55,000 plugins for example commerce allows you to build a complete online
shop contact form 7 allows you to build in contact forms on your website this is
very useful and as you can see it has more than 1 million active installations
there’s also yours SEO this plugin helps you rank higher on Google in this case I
want to install contact form 7 so I click on install now and then I click on
activate and here we have contact form 7 a lot of times there will be a new tab
on the left side after you install the plugin and sometimes they are a little
hidden in this case we have to click on contact on the left side and then click
contact form and here we have a simple contact form so we have this contact
form here that was created by default if I click on it we will see that it looks
pretty simple I will not show you how to build your contact form with contact
form 7 right now that may be a future tutorial but I will go back here and
just show you how to build in this contact form into your site so this
short code right here we copy that then we go to pages which is actually the
next step I wanted to show you how to create pages so we go to pages all pages
right now there’s no default page so I will click on that new call this one
test because we will not use it later on then I will go in here this basically
works like word or any other text editor you know you can write bold italic have
a bullet list or numbered list you can use block quotes you can link certain
things paragraph heading 1 heading 2 so that’s really basically like word okay
what I will do is call this contact form and then I will fill in the short code
that we just copied and click on publish by clicking publish the side that we
just created we made public we can visit this site by
looking at permalink and then opening this side and as you can see there’s a
contact form in here so that’s perfect it still doesn’t look good but that was
just to show you how you can build in short code into your sides and this is
actually the Rae sites were created in the past because people wrote texts and
pictures and food and short codes until the site looked okay but that was the
past in a few minutes I will show you how you can professionally build your
web sites with the page builder it’s ray simpler ray better its responsive so you
can look at it on mobile phones and is overall very better experience I would
go all of you again and I will go back into these settings so I would go to
dashboard no I don’t want to save that so I go perfect okay the next thing we
have to do is go to settings and permalinks and then we choose post name
not day in name post name that’s better for SEO then we click on Save Changes
perfect so now that we did that I will show you how you can create blog posts
for that you will have to go and post up here and click on that new or we can
also go on all posts as you can see here we have WordPress resources at psych
round which should also be yeah yeah WordPress resources at psych round here
we have a post this one was created by default but if we look here it is also
on our home page if we would add a new post which I can do by clicking on add
new tests test and publish and if i refresh this side test will be
up here in case you just want to have a blog and not a real homepage these
settings are actually right one important thing that you can also see
here is that my login data is published as the author we don’t want that because
echoes would realize this and the chances of you getting hacked when
you’re at Mandela’s public are way way higher so I will go back in the
dashboard go to users or users this is my profile so I click on edit and here I
will set a nickname Tim and then display name publicly as to update profile and
now it’s called them that’s ray-ray Bella I would really recommend that you
do this – perfect now I go back into the dashboard now I
know that this is a lot at once I rushed through here pretty much but we are not
done yet I will build a complete website with you and in the process of doing
that you will understand everything because like I said we will go through
almost all of these settings and I will show you the most important stuff
showing you all this and five minutes won’t work nobody can understand that I
didn’t for a few months actually so don’t worry this is still confusing just
follow along here do what I do and you will get it over time so don’t worry
okay what we’re going to do next is actually installing the theme we are
going to use in this tutorial like you just learned we go to
appearance themes then I click on that new search themes and I search for ocean
WP perfect then I click on install activate
great and as you can see here this theme recommends the following plugins
Elementor this is also the page builder that we’re going to use in this tutorial
to save some time we can simply click on begin installing plugins then we click
this check box this will check all of them book actions install apply if it
looks like that congratulations we were successful now that we did that
we can look at our website once again but around you it will still not look
great because we have to customize it yeah it’s basically completely blank but
as you can see here this is still in the block format we want the real home page
so what we have to do let’s go back into a dashboard as you can see here there’s
still in the block format so I will add some new pages in the dashboard and then
I will create a home page so let’s go back to the dashboard little quiz how do
we create a page right you go to pages and add new I will add a title in this
case this page is going to be my home page so I will call it home later on we
will go into these settings and then we will edit the page with Elemental but
right now I will click on publish and then I will create some more pages so I
will just go to add new this one could be an about Us page I will click publish
to save some time I will speed this video up right now but I will also
create a blog page and the contact page in the next step I will go into the
settings in order to set up our home page so I will go to settings and click
on reading your home page displays there we select a static page and on the home
page we will just choose the page that we want to have as a home page so my
case it’s called home post page in case you want to have a block the
repeat the page that you have to select right here so I will select block and
then I click on Save Changes perfect if we refresh this site you will see that
it looks different because this is blank right now that’s perfect that means that
you have an homepage I mean that’s a blank so we have to edit it later on but
the next thing that we actually have to do is create a menu because if you log
here you don’t have any navigation once you’re on the home page you can go to
any other sites this is what we’ll do next
so I go back into the dashboard go to appearance then click on menus I’ll give
my menu a name in this case header click on create menu and on the left side I
can choose the pages that I want to have for my navigation so I would choose home
about us blog and contact then I click Add to menu you can switch up the order
by simply dragging it and pulling it up like that and you can also select the
drop down menu so if you drag for example this contact page and put it on
the right this will be a drop down menu from block in my case I don’t want that
but I could to it we can also link posts or custom links so you here you have to
fill in the URL and then a link text I will not do that right now but just so
you know it and you can also put in categories of menu icon settings but in
most cases you just need pages posts and maybe custom links the next thing we
have to do is add the menu settings the display location should be main because
it is the main menu it is up here so I go in there click main and then I save
the menu if we refresh the page here’s our menu that’s perfect but in the
bottom there’s no menu yet so we could also add one there by clicking create a
new menu and then doing exactly the same so
colored footer create the menu choose which pages I want on there add them to
the menu and this time I would have to select futa and then click on save menu
I do not run this menu right now so I click on the deep menu and ok but
principally you could do it like that perfect I also want to show you how we
can edit our pages so I go into pages on the left side and then click on all
pages and as you can see here here’s the the test website that we created a few
minutes ago I don’t need that anymore so I can simply click on trash then go to
trash and delete it permanently perfect so you can always go in here create new
pages or manage old ones or edit them too so now that we did that we have a
menu we have a home page we don’t have a footer yet that will be done later on
and that’s basically all we have to do in these settings so now we can really
go on and create our beautiful website let’s go the first step is to go to
pages or pages and then click on home and now we can go into the ocean WP
settings content layout default there we choose 100% forward sidebar default
margins enable then we go to header on the left side display top bar in this
case I will click on enable and you will later on see what it is in case you
don’t want to use any of this you can always go to disable or click default
display header we also choose enable perfect then we go to title display page
title if we go to our site here you will see Nell it says home because the title
is sold I don’t run that on there because it doesn’t look very great in
case we want to have home on our page we will just put it in later on
but we don’t want it by default so I would choose disable perfect and then we
go to footer display footer average it’s area that we click on enable display
copyright area that we also click on the navel because this can probably be seen
here this is the copyright area and this overall is the footer area so in just a
few seconds we will also edit this and then we have to click on update if we go
to the side and refresh it you will see that this side pass gone and that’s the
way we want it now we can really start designing this page there’s basically
two areas that we want to design on our page the first area is the setter and
this footer area and the second area is everything in between the first area so
here and here will always stay the same no matter how many pages you create so
if we click on blog on contact or on about us the header and the footer will
always stay the same in order to design these two areas all we have to do is go
to our dashboard go to appearance and then click on customize in this right area we have a live
preview of all the changes we make and on the left side there are multiple
settings that we can play with especially for free theme there are
really a lot of them we don’t need to know all of them right now in this
tutorial I will show you the most important ones and later on if you want
to play a little bit with your website you can go in there and try them out
the first option I want to go into this general options and then general styling
here you can choose your pages call us if we go into primary color for example
we can click on there and you have two options to change the color you can
either go in here and drag it around so I could choose the screen for example
and I could also make it more transparent on this side but I will keep
it like that and the second option is to go in here and fill in a hex code so you
either have your own hex codes or you can use an external service and this is
what I do too so I will open a new tab and I will open
color dot this is a service from Adobe which is pretty cool because
you can choose your own colors and it will automatically show some other
options for you so for example if I want to have a light blue website on this
side I can choose what I want this is in German now but for example our wand
complimentary colors I can click on there and then I have these different
colors available so the stark blue light blue like to end these complementary
colors I could also choose monochromatic or shadows so there’s a lot of different
options and I really like this color picker because it’s a little better than
WordPress so maybe you can use it too it’s free so I will choose
this Lou for example and then choose complementary and I will put it in a new
tab so we can work on it right now okay so my primary color should be this dark
blue so I click on there copy the hex code and put it in here perfect
how about primary color this is just the color that will come if you hover over
there so I will choose right let me yeah that’s better so I would choose this
light blue copy it and put it in here main board our color is this one right
here so if I would make it red for example you will see it here I will just
keep it in the default color scheme so you can also always just go to default
and it will go back to the old settings so background-color should be in right –
we don’t run the background image yet and link call us so link color is on
this gray right now and I want yellow so I can copy that go to color and fill it
in here and as you can see if I hover over
it turns to this blue so I will also change that to just another true
attacker yellow – so color over and I will mark that perfect so it gets a
little darker these are the general styling options with colors you can just
play around with it a little bit and find the colors that you want to use in
this case yellow and everything might not look that great but I’m sure that if
you spend some time on finding the right colors you will find a great mixture one
very important step in the customizers that you click on publish every time
that you did some changes and that you want to save them so I click on publish
great and now I can go all up here again and I love each and every options
the next thing I want to edit is this top bar I click on top bar and we start
with the general settings so I click on general a neighbor top bar yes top up
for it we could choose this and as you can see it will go further apart
that’s just your preference I will not choose this right now under visibility
we can choose whether the stop bar should be seen on all devices or maybe
should be hidden on tablet on mobile or hidden on tablet or by our walnut shown
on all devices style left content right social we can switch it up or send our
content and social so everything’s in the middle I will choose left content
and right soldier background color can be in right that’s
ok border color right text color I will choose this blue for the link color are will choose this
blue and link hover color okay there are no
Ling said I will choose this blue no well that their link and here perfect
you can also play with the petting I could make this bigger by making 20 for
example and as you can see there’s more space in the top but I don’t think
that’s necessary so I will put it back to 8
and now I click on publish then we go to content content here we can fill in whatever we
want to have fun on top ah for example your phone number and your mail then we
can click on publish then I can go back and we can go to social enable social if
we want to have our social media linked in the top of our page we don’t need a
social eternity right now so shielding target we can either choose that if we
click on the icon that it will open in a new window or we can open it in the same
window so this page will close I will always choose new window because the
users will stay longer on your side fontsize let’s leave it at 14 social
links color and leave it in grey twitter okay i will just fill in some imaginary
links but you can fill in your user names so for example turtlecom
/ – message i don’t have a to talk but still then Facebook Google+ Pinterest or
Chrome Instagram or you can follow me on Instagram so I will just leave it at
this and as you can see they are gray right now and not that big so we could
also go into into the font size and make it a little bigger then we could also
choose another color so it stands out a little more for example blue yellow but
yellow is not so great on the right background so I would choose blue in
this example know that we did this social icons we can also click on
publish then we can go back and for example if you don’t want this top bar
you can simply go back okay so make sure that everything is published that you
wanted to have published go back in here go to pages or pages
home go to edit and then go to head our despair top bar and click on disable I
just did this one to show you right we can just refresh it and see here for
example if I go to Instagram them at loads okay this time it didn’t load
because it was the wrong link but in general it will open a new tab and then
load your social media which is pretty great but I don’t need a top bar right
now so I clicked on disable and then I click on update and if i refresh this
page you will see that the top bar has gone so like I said I just did this one
to show you how the top bar would look now I go back to appearance and
customize and then we can go back into the next setting go to header then go to
logo and in case you already have a logo you can select it here and then it will
appear here where your websites name is so I will just select a random logo in
case you already uploaded some media to repress you can also search it here on
the media library but if you didn’t upload your logo you can click on upload
files click on select files and then choose your logo so I would choose this
one for example and then I click on select and here you can click on skip
cropping and as you can see it appears here maybe that’s a little too big or
too high and then you can just play with width or with the height in this area so
I could make it a little smaller or a little bigger
perfect I like it that very and then I click on publish great know I can go out
of logo again then I can click on general your header site currently is
minimal we could also choose for a screen for example and as you can see
your menu disappeared but you have this little icon and if you
click on it it will be a full size menu I also like that variation but our X all
of this again and you can also choose one of these others to save some time I
will show every single option but you can just test everything out choose the
one you like and then go with it so I click on minimal again you can also
like previously play with the height so right now it’s set to 74 pixels but you
could also make it I are lower so I will just go back to 74
hello Fort Worth but as you can see there’s a lot of options you can play
with and you just have to find out what you like and what you don’t like
background colors right right now but I could also make it red which doesn’t
look good so I go to default here you can change the padding so you
can make some space on top on the right bottom or left and that’s everything I
wanted to show here so I click on no I don’t even I mean I click on publish
great ok I can go back out of general again we can also go into menu and we could for example Center the menu
or put it on the left but I think on the right is the best place for menu link
effects no effect you could also choose underline from left for example and if
we hover over it it will underline links these effects are pretty cool in my
opinion so you can play with it and choose one
of these I would just choose underline from left and as previously we can
choose another link color and that’s something I wanted to say once again
this is a free theme and a free page builder and looked on here I mean I
haven’t seen a singer theme or page builder before that allows so many
customization options that’s really really really great I can’t go into
every single option because as you can imagine this will take at least ten
hours and I can’t do it so either you just do the most simple
options and later on play around with it until you find something you like or you
google everything and learn everything from the start to finish but that’s a
little too much and I don’t think that’s really necessary so I would just go with
the basics and if you want to customize anything later on you can just cook it
there’s millions of Elementor and at least a few hundred thousand users of
ocean WP so you will always find an answer I will click on publish and then
I go back and that’s all I want to do in the header so I’ll go back in here and
we can go to the next step in the next step we want to edit a photo
so Bri go to footer widgets and footer widgets is this gray area between our
header and this lowest power here we can choose where this is shown again so I
don’t ablet either mobile or either on tablet and mobile I want this to be
shown on our devices then we have the option to have a fixed footer as you can
see here we don’t have any content between our header and or footer so the
footer went up if we click on fixed footer and it is on the footer is always
at the bottom I think that’s pretty great because the footer that goes up
looks pretty strange so I would advise you to choose the fixed footer select
template we don’t need that and columns right now it’s set to four columns for
example if I go to Amazon and scroll down you will see that this footer has
four columns you could also choose three columns or two columns
that’s up to you in a few seconds we will also fill in something into your
footer so that’s when your columns come in any I will just leave it at four
columns right now but you could choose another number we can also play with the
padding again to make some more space but I don’t think that’s necessary so
I’ll leave it at 30 right now but just so you know you can all do it here we
can also play with the background color text color border color link :
link hover color I won’t go into detail there once again but you know that you
can play with the colors so that’s great so I did everything I wanted to do here
and then I click on publish always remember always click on publish or
otherwise your work won’t be saved so I can go back out of this again and then
click on footer bottom this is this copyright area we can change the
visibility once again and the main thing that we want to do here is change the
copyright text right now it says copyright 2018 ocean WP theme by Nick
so I would just change it to my sites name
and don’t worry that there’s ocean WP date and here also on your life site
this changes to your current year here we can also play without heading once
again to make it a little bigger or to the smaller and we can also play with
the background color so we could for example make it in the same color as
this bar I will do it right now but like previously justly know you could okay I
published that and I go out of here again and now we can work on a footer to
fill in these columns and have something in there so I click all up here again
and then I go back to my dashboard by clicking on this X in this area is
really kinda hard to find so you have to go to appearance and then to rich it’s perfect and as you can see here we have
footer one fruit a two-footer three and footer for these are the columns that we
created just a few seconds ago and looked at at Amazon here on the left
side you have all your available widgets so everything you can fill in these
columns for example you can fill in your Flickr or MailChimp account some social
icons a video or your Instagram account there’s really a lot of opportunities
here the main thing you are probably going to use is text so I will just go
to text down here click on this and just drag and rub it to fruta one here you
can fill in the title for example about us then you can fill in a text in this
case I would link our story for example in case you have such a page and then we
can make a link out of it so I’ll market and then I click on the
symbol insert edit link and I have to film adding in this case I will just
link but you obviously have to fill in your real link then I click
on apply now we could also fill in a second link or third link so I just
click enter and then I could add another page for example
found us then I mark it again click on insert link and fill in
again click on apply and maybe a third link so for example employees I can
market once again fit in a link and once again I with in then I can
apply and I could also edit some other things so I could maybe highlight
employees by making it bold and italic or just pulled something like that so
that really works like words or Google Docs just like any other editor you know
and then I click on save great now if I go to my page and refresh it you will
see that we have about us here and then we have our story and if I click on it
it opens that’s perfect so if you happy with your first footer you
can click on this arrow once again and then we can go to footer too so maybe I
want to do the same thing with footer 2 so I can click on text once again scroll
down and drag and drop it in here and now I can edit this so for example legal
then I call this one privacy policy market insert link and obviously you
would have to fill in the link of your privacy policy but I just have some
example links and I can put in another one so this time maybe Terms of Service
and so link Huebner come and then I have to click on safe once
again it’s saved and now I can refresh this page once again and you see about
us legal and Terms of Service and you have
YouTube once again perfect that works to save some time I’m
not going to do this for footer 3 and footer for but it’s the same thing every
setting your time and if you don’t just want to use text but maybe some of these
other widgets you can just use them test them out and if you like it keep it if
you don’t like it delete it again you can just click on delete so that’s a
really easy way to create your footers and in the next step we’re going to edit
everything in between the future and the header so I can go back into the
dashboard we already did the most important steps now it’s really just up
to designing some of the aspects of our website this is the best and most fun
part because now you can really live out your creativity let’s go to start
designing our page we have to hover over page then go to all pages and now we
have to choose the page that we want to edit in my case I want to edit the home
page so I’ll go to home and click on edit and now you have to click on edit
with elemental this button might appear somewhere in here but in my case it’s
appear so I click on that this is the elemental page builder it’s
built up kind of similar to the customizer on your right side you have a
live preview of all your changes and on the left side we have a lot of richards
that we can edit in here but before that we have to do some things in the
elemental page pillar click on these three bars in the top left first here we
have default colors we can click on that and as you can see this color palette is
a little different through our color palette you can either
leave it like that or you could also choose one of these but in my case I
will go back to Adobe and choose my color palette so I would just copy the
hex code go to the primary color and fill it in here then secondary color
I’ll take this light blue copy the hex code then go here to speed it up I will
do it with all these colors but as you can see you could also choose another
color scheme for example equalities which can look pretty great too so I
just choose one of these since this is just an example page and then I click on
apply this is very important if you don’t click on apply your changes won’t
be saved so I click on apply to get back into the widgets area we have to click
on these dots now before we go into all of these there’s a few more things I
want to show you so the first thing I want to show you is preview changes if
we click on here it will open a preview page now there’s nothing in there
because we haven’t done any work but if you ever want to see what your page
would look like simply click on this eye and you will see it right here then we
have responsive mode this is really important we can click on this and then
we can decide enrich mode we want to see our previous so either desktop or tablet
and then forget a little smaller or also mobile this is very important because
with this you can see whether some of your areas are for
example too big or too small and if it’s responsive most users today are mobile
or at least on the tablet so as you can imagine it’s really really
important that your page is responsive for example the menu automatically gets
responsive here but in case something is too big I will later on show you how we
can do it too but just remember going to the responsive mode and then you can see
some previews I will go back to desktop and the next thing I want to show you is
history so on this little arrow you either have actions or revisions so if
you ever make a mistake in your page builder and want to do something about
it simply go on this arrow go to revisions
and then you can go back to your old stage of this page that’s also really
really great navigator isn’t useful and we have some settings so title home that
was published and featured images but we really don’t need that you could also go
into this style but that’s something we can go into later on except if you want
to use some custom CSS but for that you would have to have Pro which by the way
I don’t think it’s necessary but if you sometimes in the future might need some
extra things that you don’t have yet maybe you want to upgrade I mean it’s
not that expensive but right now I don’t think you really need it so let’s click
back on these dots and we are in here Elemento is pulled up pretty easily
there’s three ways you can build your website with Elementor I’m going to
start explaining the first ray just because it contains all the basics that
you’ll need for the other two the first step is always to click on this plus and
here we can add a new section we can choose between a single structure or an
area that is split into three for one-third and two-thirds and all of
these other structures in my case I occurred for example choose
the single one and as you can see here we have this area as we added this area
the left side changed and on the left side we can always edit these boxes or
the widgets so the first thing we can do with this area is hover over edit
section click it and then we can drag and robert somewhere else in case you
already have multiple sections added you could change the order this way now if
we want to edit this area we have to click on this icon and then we can edit
it here the first thing is the layout here as for example content rip right
now it’s set to boxed got it so right now it’s set to boxed that means it
doesn’t range from left to right but is slightly cut off we could for example
choose forward and as you can see it now goes from side to side we could also
edit the column scape so no gap and also be hide for fit to screen for example
now what else could we do and by the way I just show you some examples you don’t
have to do all of these it’s just to show you most of the functions we could
go and to style up here here we have background this is set on normal we
could also choose hover but our with choose normal right now and then we can
choose a different background type so we have classic gradient and background
video so we could add a background video or color that is gradient but in my case
I would choose classic and then an image you could also just choose a color for
example green but in my case I clear that again click on background color
classic now once again and then I choose an image I already uploaded an image so
I can click on that and click on insert media pod as you know you could also go
and upload files and then select a file from your computer I click on insert
media and as you can see this is way too big
so position should be Center Center and it’s still a little through big so we
can also go into size and click on cover and now it fits ray-ray Bella we could
also add in background overlay so for example gradient type color green and
this pink and then we could make it a little more transparent so that the
gradient isn’t too strong and we could also change the location so it moves a
little bit now does this look good I don’t know I think it looks ok and here
are some more settings but I can’t go into detail of everything in here just
so you know you can play around with it a little bit and figure out the things
that you like you could also add a border or shape divider but that all
isn’t really that necessary and we could also go on advanced and here we could
also for example at at the margin so there’s a little bit more space between
the header and the background picture and you could also go into the petting
so that there’s more space in here these are some advanced settings that you
probably don’t even have to touch in the beginning but you could if you wanted to
I can go back to layout once again and since I really don’t have to edit
anything else in here I can click on this icon once again and as I said I
can’t go into every single option in here but you will find the most
important ones because it’s pretty self explaining so content width columns gap
if you know a little bit of English which you probably do because you watch
an English video you can find out most of these things and the great thing too
is that elemental is used by millions of websites so if you have any questions
you can simply google elemental section pala and you will have probably 20 blog
posts showing you how to edit your border so we can click on this icon
again and now we can put in some of these Richard’s in my case I will put an
end heading so in order to do that you simply have to hover over a widget that
you want to use click on it and then drag and drop it into the area that we
just created so it’s in here your a heading text and because we just put it
in here we can edit it on the left side immediately so in case this doesn’t open
right away you can simply click on the thing that you want to edit and then it
will open so at your heading text for example rid of skateboarding this is
simply the title and the content we could also make it a link so we won’t
have to fill in a link in here I would just keep calm for example size default
we could also make it XXL HTML tag make it h1 because it’s our first tag and
then we can edit the alignment so Center right left I will put it into Center
and then I can also click on style to go more into detail of this style text
color here you can choose another color and my case I want to choose black then type of graphi here we can choose
another font so for example Ariel which I personally like and then we can go to
this size so I will make it a little bigger like that for example rate is set
on default we could also make it bold transform style decoration we really
don’t need that but it’s also pretty self explaining letter spacing we could
make it a little bigger like that okay great as you can see here in size
there’s a little desktop item we can also click on that and then we can
choose the size on tablet or on mobile so I can also click on tablet then the
editor will change into the tablet mode and here we can see whether the letters
would be too big on your tablet in this case it works but let’s just say it
would be too big you could also go in here then and find the size you like for
example like that so it’s just in one column we can also do that on mobile and
as you can see here it’s ready to bake so I will make that smaller just like
that for example and that’s also the way you can make your page responsive simply
go into the responsive mode go to tablet for example and always check if
something is too big or doesn’t look great in case you find something click
on it and then you can edit it so in this case we would have to go to
typography click on this edit and then we are
automatically in the tablet mode and we could change everything that we don’t
like or that isn’t responsive so that’s the way you make your page responsive
which like I said is really really really essential so after you did some
changes just check your site and see if everything looks fine on the mobile
version Advanced tab we don’t need that but it’s
always the same basically background for Responsive and oh yeah and in the
advanced step you can also go onto responsive so we have had on desktop I
don’t habit or hide on mobile in case you don’t want to have this area on
mobile for example because I think this didn’t look very great on mobile the
cursor wasn’t really big you can go in here and say it should be hidden and
then it won’t be shown right now it’s shown because it isn’t life but in the
life version you wouldn’t see it on your mobile version so that’s also a great
way to hide some things that you simply can’t do responsive great now I click on
update which is also an really important step because otherwise you will lose the
work you previously did and then we have two choices we can either add a new
Richard in here for example I could also add a button so I click on this drag it
in here and I want to have it under the title so I have our under the title and
let it fall in here and as you can see here it’s in there
the button settings are already opened and now we have type default for example
info text start now link we can fill in a link in here so for example alignment I can Center it size large select icon we can also add
an icon in here so for example we want an anchor I can position after I can
spacing let’s make it a little bigger yeah then we can go into the style once
again background color is set on blue right now I want it in black for example text color is set on right I like it
that way and now we can edit a cool effect for example here at set on normal
if we go on hover there are no colors yet so what we could do is add a text
color Rich’s leg and a background color which is right and if we hover over this
button right now it changes I think that’s a pretty cool effect we can also
go into the padding once again but I don’t think that’s really necessary and
we can also go into the advanced and add margin or padding background and all
that stuff I think you slowly get the idea of this editor it’s basically
always left its content there style and there’s advanced and you simply have to
test out some of these settings I mean I really can’t show you every single
setting because the tutorials already long enough and most of these settings
are not that useful and you don’t need them so I would suggest that you simply
test out some of the things that you need
if you need help like I said elemental super millions of pages simply Google
for example elemental composition button and you’ll find a ton of results helping
you so that’s no problem that’s also the way that I really learned to use
WordPress now we can also go back in here and now we could add a new section
so I click on this button again and this time I want to so I click on here and we
have one here and one here this section should be forward so I let
it that way and I simply click on here and fill in a new widget in this case I
want a counter for example so I click on counter hover it in here and drop it in
there here we have the content once again starting number should be five
ending number 150 animation duration here we can decide how long it should
work I think two thousand is good thousand
separates our show or not show so if we have it is a comma maybe you’re in
Europe or you in America so it is a point or comma so if it doesn’t work for
you you you can simply hide thousand separator and you can change the title for example
employees that would be a pretty big company okay then we could also go into
the style text color we run it in black great title text color we also want it
in black but a little more transparent great then we could also go into the
typography click on this pencil and choose Arial this is also a little
advice for me don’t use more than two fonts and one website because otherwise
it won’t look that great so decide on one or two phones we could also change
the size the rate to bold for example and there’s a lot of different settings
we could edit in here have a look on the version on the tablet
and the mobile version but it still looks good except for the button but
since we hide this whole area on mobile it doesn’t matter anyway but in case you
would have to edit it simply click on here and then you can make it responsive
so this counter looks great we could also go into advanced look at it from a
desktop point of view once again and maybe I want to have some spacing
between this background image and 1500 so I could add a margin of a hundred
great now I click on update just to save my settings and then I can click on this
area once again and maybe we want to have a second counter on the right side
so what we can do hover over this widget to right-click and then we can click on
copy go in here and click on paste now reserve some time because we don’t have
to design both we simply have to edit the content so I click on here and then
I can start in number for example this one ending number is 10 and the title is
company’s perfect now we have to count us we could also go in to decide but we
don’t need to edit anything because it already copied the style of the left run
this is also something I would suggest you do in case you have widgets that you
are going to use multiple times do it once and make sure that you like the
style and the design and later on you can simply copy this Richard and fill it
in and use it on other areas of your website because then you only have to
change the content and not this tire it can be a real pain in the ass to make
sure that these diets are always in the same so I click on update so maybe I want to have a second button
so I click on plus once again and this time I select one and then I can simply
right click on here click on copy and paste it in here and then click on it
and change the content so text is subscribe link perfect and now we could
also change the anchor search for Facebook
we could also go into this tile and just change the background color to a blue
and not received some time then I click on update and perfect we just edited
this button in like 30 seconds and we didn’t have to create a new one and then
I can click on this once again but slowly starts to take form now I would
love to edit more sections in here and show you every single Richard because
you can really do some great things with all these widgets and be really really
creative I mean you have Google Maps you have a divider you have patterns you can
edit the video icons a star rating account aha
toggle social icons you can edit your cell or maybe you’re a rapper or
something there’s really endless opportunities with these widgets and the
best part is it’s free I honestly haven’t seen a singer page builder that
is free with these many options so make the best use of it I obviously can show
you every single Richard in here and I also obviously can show you every single
section we can edit now if you want some special things or if you maybe want to
check out the Google Maps widget you can I borrow straight out most of these
widgets are pretty self explaining and are easy to learn and if you then have
any problems simply Google Elementor page builder Google Maps and boom you
have like three videos ten blog posts and everything’s explained in detail
like I said I can show you everything in this tutorial will probably be about 15
hours then and most of it isn’t of any use for you anyway so like I said just
google it and you’ll find everything out great so I just leave this page like
that make sure you click on update and this was already the first ray you can
create your pages using Elementor now I’ll show you the second and the third
way and I will do the second way on another page so I go back to my
dashboard by clicking on this I and then clicking exit to dashboard but
before you do that remember click on update click on all pages then I want to edit the about Us page
for example so I click on edit and remember first we have to do this ocean
WP settings so content layout unperson for rip then we go to header click on
disable display header enable header style doesn’t matter title display page
title disable and footer enable and enable perfect that’s all we need to do
then we click on update we can view all page ones so it looks like that that’s
great and then we can click on edit with elemental the second option we can use
in order to build our websites with elemental up blocks this time we don’t
have to click on this plus but on this icon right next to it so at template and
here we have two options pages and blocks the third way to build your pages
with elemental is using pages but right now I will show you blocks so you have
to click on blocks until you have hundreds of layouts for your page as you
can see there’s really a lot of them and most of them are for their friends uses
so some are grades as a header some are great in the future area some you can
use to collect emails some you can use to have an contact form some to display
pages and whatever so I can scroll up for example and here I can choose the
category this page is going to be an about Us page
I hope yeah I think it was about us so I could for example sucia go to let’s say
for example about and here we really have some options that we can choose
from so simply choose one that you think could look great in this case our just
choose this one for example click on it once and then we see a bigger option of
it and if you like it you can click on insert
and as you can see it automatically inserted in here and then we can edit it
like I showed you just a few minutes ago so I want to edit this text I can see B
click on it and edit the text then I can edit a link for example going to this
tire once again go to the advanced steps or maybe I want to change this text so I
can go in here change the text change this text change
this text so as you can see you can edit all of this and in case you don’t like
it maybe it doesn’t fit to your website or look better rendered or smaller you
can simply click on this X delete the section go in here once again go to
blocks and change another one so we can go on about once again and choose this
one for example then I click on insert and this one was added and now we can
edit it once again so I can click on this text edited go to style go to
advanced and so on and so forth we could now add another one so I click on edit
template again go to blocks and this time I want to show some clients of us
so I go to clients and the last block was black so this time I will choose
right so I go on here go to insert and now this showcases some clients and we
can go into every single box in here change the image I’ll go in here and
change the text so you can really use these blocks as a layout and later on
change the text or the styling a little bit so it fits into your profile and
into your company that’s an easy way to save some time because these blocks are
created by web design specialists and rush when you use this resource if it is
given saves a lot of time headaches and you can see customers a
lot of it so maybe I want to add another block so I go two blocks once again and
this time I want to edit FAQ maybe I want this one so I go in here and click
on insert and this even has drop-down menus so that looks pretty good and then
we can go in here and simply edit it so I personally love blocks because they
save me a ton of time in the past and you can really create a lot of beautiful
pages in no time with that then I click on update and now I’ll show you the
third way you can put your website so I go back into my dashboard go to all
pages and this time I go to contact click on edit once again concert layouts 100% forward
header disable enable title disable and footer enable and enabled then I click
on update and now I click on edit with elemental ok
the third way as you’ve already seen is using pre-made pages so you can click on
a template once again and now we have pages here a ton of free layouts but
some also have to be paid if you have the pro version of Elemental you can
also use these but here we could search and contact page so I simply click on
contact and here we have some options once for free for example this one’s for
free this one’s for free this this half of them are only available in the
Elementor pro version maybe I like this one I think that looks
pretty cool and then I can click on insert and now we have a Contact Us page this
is basically a complete Contact Us page and we don’t need anything more you
could also add a new blog in here by clicking on blog or edit a single
Richard in here so you can also combine the three Ray’s with which you can put
your elemental page maybe in here I want to edit some things so I can simply
click on edit section or click in here and then change the address to Wall
Street New York for example and it will automatically find your area maybe you
are in a smaller town and want to have it a little more precise so you can go
to zoom and zoom in a little bit or a little bit out great you can also change
the height and like always go into mobile or the tablet mode just to see
what your page four o’clock black no I know this isn’t really responsive
because the logo is a little bit too big and for example this text isn’t a lot
row but we could go in here for example then go to style typography size and
this time make it a little right like that then I can click on update go back
into the desktop mode and maybe I want to have this area under the map so I can
also go in here and drag and drop it under here perfect I mean that’s and
this doesn’t really look good but you get the idea I will pull it back awesome
and also maybe you don’t need this one so you can simply click on X and that’s
it these are the three ways you can edit your pages with Elementor I’ve shown you
all the basics you will need and now you’re really
ready to build your first website you know how to set up hosting how to
install WordPress how to do the most important settings in WordPress how to
use the customizer and now how to use the elemental page builder you can make
your pages responsive you can edit them by using widgets you can use blogs and
you can use whole pages if you’ve understood all these concepts you’re
completely ready to build your first website and even if you didn’t
understand everything every fourth website on the internet uses WordPress
there’s millions of users of Elementor and there’s also at least a few hundred
thousand users of ocean WP so if you have any questions simply go into google
use some of these keywords in here and you will find an answer to all of your
questions and if you have another question just pop it in the comments and
I will do my absolute best to help you out I read every single comment and I
answer to everybody so I hope you liked this video and in case you did please
consider leaving a like so YouTube also knows that this video isn’t bullshit and
this way you will help this channel grow thanks a lot for that in case you
decided on cyclones remember my link thanks for watching me I’m glad that we
made it this far have a great day I wish you every bit of luck and success for
your website bye

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