How to Make a WordPress Website (FOR BEGINNERS)

I want 2018 to be the year of you I want
to encourage you to build your first website I want to help you just take
that leap of faith and say you know what I’m gonna build a website for my new
business or I’m gonna build a website for an existing business either way I
want you to be able to take care of your own online success and I want you to be
able to promote your products and your services the way that you want to not
the way that somebody else wants you to in this masterclass video I’m going to
show you in simple step-by-step ways how you can build your own website for your
business in 2018 and this is not sponsored this is not something where
you know there’s any catches if you watch this video step by step by the end
of this video you will have a completed website now granted some of it is rough
draft and so by the time you get done you may have to put up your own logo you
may have to add your own images your own content your hours of operation things
like that but you’re gonna have a functional website right and it’s one of
those things where you know I just thank you so much for watching this video in
advance you know I truly want to help you I want to inspire you to you know
take that leap of faith you know maybe you’re thinking about starting your own
business you’re like well how are people are gonna find me now granted we have
social media and things like that but a lot of times a website is a is the new
business card right people say hey how do I get a hold of you Oh
visit my website right and so it’s one of those things where I want to help you
just grow the confidence and grow anything that you need you know I’m
giving you permission right you don’t need permission but maybe you feel like
you need permission well I’m giving you permission to build that website in 2018
okay so real quick so I’m not gonna ramble on my name is Chris hi topa and I
teach digital marketing to di wires so again this video is not sponsored and
you think that but what you’ll see is in the description of this video and I have
broke everything down into chapters so it’s easy to follow along so make sure
you like follow subscribe whatever you need to do to keep tabs on this video
and it’s one of those things where once you’re done with the chapter you can
just keep on watching them or if you want you can just you know come back at
your convenience and pick up where you’re left off right
and I got some really cool bonuses at the end so definitely stick around again
I’m here to help you succeed online so you know I got the coffee ready we’re
ready to rock and roll and no matter what I hope that you find success online
offline and in your life so let’s get started okay starting offers it’s good
to have an introduction right so I want to tell you a little bit who I am again
my name is Chris haidle ba and I made the decision in 2018 to teach people
about digital marketing and this kind of came just about because you know I’m a
man of faith okay so for me I just believe in being a good steward in life
you know just being kind of people and it’s one of those things where I believe
in the quotes of Zig Ziglar and people like that where you know you get to
where you want to be in life by helping other people get to where they want to
be in life right and there there’s nothing that brings me more joy than to
help somebody that’s truly my passion I enjoy people and computers and it’s one
of those things where in this video you’re gonna learn a lot about just web
design and things like that because I do web design so basically over the last 20
years I’ve built websites I’ve done search engine optimization social media
podcasting video ebooks eCourse –is email marketing things like that you
know it’s one of those things where I’m a ditch I own my own digital marketing
agency so every client has different needs different you know stuff they have
going on one client might need brand management another client might just
need a new website you know so over the years I picked up a lot of knowledge and
a lot of different things and always enjoy different areas okay
I know a lot of people say the riches are in the niches or Nicias kind of
thing and for me I just truly enjoy learning from different people I even
the kind of person enjoys asking questions you know and so I enjoy
working with a variety of different from you know mom vloggers and dad bloggers
to you know chimney companies and and a whole bunch of everybody in between you
know and there’s one of those things where you know I you know I’ve been very
blessed throughout my life and now I’m in the position where you know with
having my own agency I see so many things that go on I also teach college
classes here in Colorado my agency is here in Colorado
and it’s one of those things where you know I focus on helping small businesses
succeed online that’s that’s my kind of my area if I’m gonna be in one where
some agencies and stuff they focus on the big-ticket you know clients where
you know they bring in five thousand dollars a month kind of thing I’m more
of like hey let’s the two hundred and something dollars you know let’s let’s
get the mom and pop you know shops where you know maybe people kind of forgot
about them you know or the stay-at-home parent or the single family or the
whatever you know whatever demographic kind of thing kind of just a forgotten
you know I mean so these these videos are prepared to help you because I care
about you okay and that’s the thing and so when you
watch this video I’m not even let you get to the end of the video okay so the
the bone is some of the bonuses with this is you’ll be able to visit my
website and I have my phone number on there I have my email address on there
so if you find yourself needing help I’m here to help you okay you can send me an
email and say Chris this is where I’m stuck you know can you give me some tips
give me some advice you’ll have my phone number you can actually call me now
usually I’m available in the evenings more than during the day but I’m more
than happy to talk to you you’re right and it’s one of those things where you
can text me something really cool I try to do is on Saturday nights on YouTube I
have a live show so you can come on and ask me your questions we can actually
look at your website live and you can chat with me and we can you know look to
see how we can help your website improve because this video is just one step
right we’re getting you online but then the next thing we’re going to do is
we’re gonna have you know we’re gonna help you get found online right we’re
gonna make sure we have the right keywords the right phrases things like
that and then just growing your brand you know getting on social media and you
could take this as far as you want maybe one day you’re making videos yourself
right so the you you are your own digital marketing agency okay you don’t
need me you don’t need anybody else but that’s why I’m here to teach you this
stuff and so that you can have the confidence that you don’t need anybody
else you know you can just have fun grow your brand grow your blog your business
whatever you want on your own right you’re a digital di a wire now so you
got to just wear that nametag okay so anyways that’s just a little bit about
me and the introduction of Who I am just so you know that you know when I’m
talking to you is coming from this of the
from the stand of I help people do this on a daily basis I teach students I you
know work with clients from all over I mainly focus on small businesses okay so
people in the construction industry restaurants you know small businesses
usually 50 employees or less things like that and people that want to just you
know have a good web presence and just you know truly enjoy their business you
know again I’m my business is about family and faith and so for me I try to
just do things with the right you know ethics and integrity and things like
that in this just Who I am you know so that’s a little bit about me so instead
of me talking let’s go ahead and start building a website right so let’s get
started okay so starting our official course now
the first thing we need to talk about is purpose okay what is going to be the
purpose of your website is it going to be you know to showcase a product or a
bunch of products is it going to be a website to talk about a service you know
maybe you provide a some sort of service maybe you do
babysitting lawn care dog services whatever you do you provide some sort of
service maybe your painter you know different things like that okay whatever
service based industry you’re in so we need to figure out what is the purpose
of the website is it to be your new business card is it just to put
something on a business card so people can find out more about you is it
something you’re gonna put on the side of a truck is it something that you’re
gonna go at a conference and say hey you can find out about my products or
services at this website right so really kind of hone in on what the purpose is
of your website maybe take out a piece of paper
I really believe a lot in writing things down so maybe take out a piece of paper
or a pen and write out what do you want to why do you want a website you know
what is the purpose of the website is it to make money from your website okay are
you gonna sell products and stuff from your website is it just to show the
products that you do sell but you have to come into a location like a retail
location okay is it to again talk about your services maybe you do landscaping
and you want to show past projects maybe you build homes
maybe you I mean the sky’s the limit I mean maybe you do catering and you want
to show different things maybe your wedding planner and you want to show
weddings maybe you’re a photographer and you want to show some of the tree
via stuff you do okay this can go on and on and on but basically write down what
is the purpose of your website that’ll really kind of help you stay focused as
you’re choosing where you want your website to go okay so take out a piece
paper think of what your website is about you know what what what what you
know talk about what is the purpose of your website again to sell something
from your website or to educate somebody things like that okay because as we get
farther and into this we’re gonna talk about buyers intent and is it something
where they’re looking to get educated or they’re looking to buy something okay
and these are some things that we need to focus on on the purpose of our
website so again write out what your website is about and then I’ll meet you
to the next chapter okay so real quick before we get started
with this video I want to let you know like a small disclaimer or any kind of
whatever is although I’m not sponsored you know within you know I’m not
sponsored nobody’s giving me money to make this video I’m doing this because I
want to help you succeed I do put a few affiliate links in here okay so an
affiliate link is where if you choose to buy web hosting or a domain name or
WordPress theme or something like that something I talked about in this video
if you choose to purchase one I get a small commission okay and it’s one of
those things where you know I’m just doing this from the bottom of my heart
I’m not I have know whether or not you decide to do everything I use any
product against what I’m saying that’s completely fine because it doesn’t take
away from the message okay it’s just one of those things where to understand what
affiliate is is say you run a restaurant okay and you tell your friends so hey if
you send somebody to my restaurant on the slow night so that I have
if you send somebody to my restaurant I will give you a dollar for every single
person you sent to me just as a thank you because I’d rather
give you a dollar and how people find out about my business or my product or
service or whatever than to not have any of it right and that’s basically the
same kind of concept so you know it’s one of those things where it doesn’t
cost anything more to you I mean he’s actually you know the same price so it’s
one of those things where would you rather pay ten dollars for a nice meal
right that you just walked into a restaurant or pay $10 for the same meal
everything’s still the same but you know that one dollar goes to somebody who
who needs that are recommended you to it or whatever right it’s the same kind of
concept so that’s my affiliate disclaimer I guess is that on my website
and in the products I use and stuff in this video are related to this you know
but you can use whoever you want do you know use who every why it doesn’t matter
to me okay again it’s one of those things where it helps me it supports me
my family and it’s nice because it helps me create other videos for that like
this and so if you find value in this message then I appreciate your support
in advance okay so now that we know what our website is about we’re ready to
start building our website okay now there’s a few things that you need first
obviously we know the purpose of our website but too now we need to know what
we’re gonna call our website now this is called a domain name okay now a domain
name is what you would tell somebody like visit my website is another word is
a easier way to say that visit my domain name at whatever okay so like my website
is Chris Heidelberg com for my personal just who I am and and for resources and
things like that okay and so you know your business you may want to call it
you know after your name okay maybe you’re just gonna be a solopreneur
maybe you do freelancing you you know you know that’s again that’s why we’re
going back to that purpose because is it gonna be just you in the business are
you gonna have employees things like that kind of really think about your
branding so at this point with domain names we’re really trying to talk about
is what kind of brand are we gonna have right so is it gonna be that you’re
gonna name your website after your business okay like my digital agencies
called Colorado web impressions because you never know if your first impression
might be a web impression well you know it works for me and also tell people
Mike hey I’m Chris with Colorado web impressions and I help Colorado small
businesses to succeed online and it’s one of those things where that’s kind of
a tagline and things like that now you might have a tagline yourself you might
be like hey my name’s so-and-so and I’m you know I’ve seen a variety of
different things online people call themselves and and you might have
something that you call yourself to you okay
you know or maybe provide an excellent service ok so again you know maybe you
provide long and you’re like hey I am the the lawn
guy doctor whatever fill-in-the-blank whatever and this is my this is my
website that’s what I do and and things like that maybe you do you’re gonna have
a blog okay so you can have a family blog maybe you’re gonna do vlogging with
a V so you’re gonna do video blogs instead of written blogs and you just
want the website to be a place to you know showcase more of your videos maybe
so t-shirts or affiliate stuff or whatever things like that okay so again
just to back up a little bit so we’re talking about what do you want to call
with your website okay so are you gonna name it after yourself again are you an
accountant are you a lawyer are you somebody who is just a solo person right
so do you want to name your website after yourself you ever plan to grow
right if you’re gonna plan to grow and be a business and you may want to decide
on that now this is a decision you’re going to make on your own right do you
want to be the brand or do you want to be a person who’s running a brand kind
of thing okay I know they can Ingram it you know go together and stuff but you
know do you want to be where somebody says hey visit my website at your name
com or do you want to be a visit my website at your company name calm and
that’s what we need to figure out okay so again with that piece of paper maybe
flip the page over and start thinking about some domain names what do you want
to call your domain name now do me a favor and at the end okay if you if you
have a column of paper next to it put calm okay as you start looking at domain
names you can get very stressed out and stuff because you see dotnet dot
whatever dot orgs dot different things now granted in other videos I talked
about the differences between dot-com net org things like that and to keep
this as simple as possible you can definitely check out some of that
content especially on my youtube channel kay I talked a lot about this stuff or
you can always send me an email okay I’m here for you okay so it’s one of those
things where trying to put the try to find the dot-com at least right now at
the filming of this video try to do dot-com first don’t worry about the rest
of them unless you are a business like a nonprofit Church something like that
then maybe try to go for the org but again when in doubt you can send me an
email no big deal so put comm behind whatever you choose now
you have different options that we have to find the domain name to see if it’s
even available now what I tell my students is I like to look at a domain
name like a piece of land okay so if you live in a neighborhood you might see a
piece of land and you’re like wow I sure like that piece of land I would love to
buy a whole like a you know build a house on that and from there you know
raise a family do whatever retire whatever you want to do okay a domain
name is like that piece of land okay so just like if there was only one piece of
land that anybody could come and purchase a domain name is the same way
once somebody by the buys that domain name you’re out of luck right so just
like if you have your own name if you ever plan to use your own name this is a
bonus tip right here okay so if you have kids or if you have you know as we are
online people google you peoples look you up if you can buy your own domain
name even if you’re not going to use it you can always use your own web a name
as a resume right so if you’re you know if you choose your and then
put your resume on that even if it’s just one page that’s gonna help you so
much in the future okay super bonus tip for you okay so think of the domain name
like a piece of land soon as somebody’s buys it you can’t buy it now and now
you’re stuck with getting the dotnet zorg’s Bisco dot whatever and it gets
weird after that okay so focus on calm if possible okay so on your piece of
paper write down names what do you wanna call yourself okay well maybe if you’re
in Colorado here you might be like I’m I want to be a Colorado painting calm well
maybe paintings taken so we need to have Colorado painters calm Colorado whatever
may be painters Colorado calm whatever keep on going down the list Kay just
create a good list of you know may even take 50 different names that you really
enjoy it maybe put star next to ones that you really like now once we have
our domain name ideas we need to see if they’re available now this is where the
fun plus the frustrating part comes okay because you might have a domain name
idea and every single one that you choose is taken and then you’re really
stuck then right because you’re really trying to add variables and different
things and makes it a lot harder okay so I’m going to show you something here
we’re going to actually I’m gonna show you here real quick if
you go to my website Chris Heidelberg calm now if you go over here to
resources this will be what you’ll use throughout this course here okay okay so
over here if you go down here you’ll see that I have a variety different
affiliates and people I work with these are people that trust and I use kay so
we can look at domain names there’s also web hosting wordpress blog
themes and wordpress themes for businesses they get more advanced where
you really want to be number one in your industry you can use some of these SEO
tools and if you want to create YouTube stuff you need graphic stuff things like
that okay but if you’re looking just for a domain name just to buy it now maybe
you’re not gonna build a website today you’re gonna buy a domain name now sit
on it for a couple years and then you might build a website later on or you
don’t want your competition to get it this is a good place to go so you can
click on GoDaddy with my affiliate link so once you’re here now you can go to we
can search those find your perfect domain name okay so we can just type in
whatever we want now for the sake of this video you know I teach digital
marketing to di wires okay so I’m gonna type in digital marketing for di wires
instead of two di wires just for fun okay so we can see it is available it is
a long domain name but that’s still okay so if digital marketing for di wires
calm and we purge it for $11.99 but the key is if you actually click on my my
link you can actually get it for $0.99 so it works out pretty good so anyways
after we you know look for our domain name we can see if it’s here but that’s
too easy because I’ve already kind of prepped that okay so we’re gonna let’s
just do this from scratch okay so let’s say that you’re gonna be a business
let’s say you are Texas plumbers dot-com now this might actually exist but let’s
you know that you can buy this domain name for four thousand six hundred and
ninety four dollars now well I like using GoDaddy because it lets you know
some of the alternatives we can get Texas plumbers org dot live dot USA and
again that’s why I’m like you can get so frustrated with all this is just stick
with the dot-coms okay so Texas plumbers are taken so let’s do
protects us plumber this one’s $19,000 a little bit out of
our price range right so let’s try Texas plumbing so this means that somebody has
already K we can get Texas plumbing net but again we truly want to try stick
with as much as possible so maybe you have you know you want to do
something else maybe it’s Texas you know plumbing LLC and you can buy it for 1199
now I’m not saying 100% that you want to use LLC but maybe it’s the only option
you have right maybe you’re in such a strong competitive industry that that’s
the only way that you can do anything and so it might be that you know this
options like that or maybe my Texas plumber and automatically does comm so
my Texas plumber is already taken and again I mean you could spend a lot of
time trying to just figure out a domain name right so if we do you know Texas
now people some people do the – okay so they’ll do like Texas
– plumber calm and it actually is for sale but I want to steer you far away as
possible for any type of – so – so Kay don’t even worry about a – go straight
for without it okay and I know I’ve been doing these with spaces but you can see
they put together okay so let’s do Texas okay so maybe Texas
too big let’s do Dallas Dallas plumbing which I guarantee is taken okay so
Dallas plumbers plumbing is taken okay but we can try LLC and that one’s
available now granted you have to make sure though I mean there’s there’s
different things are you gonna be sending all of your customers to Dallas
plumbing comm because people are not used to putting LLC you know so there’s
there’s different things that you can you know it’s just gonna take time to
figure out which one that you want to use so again back to my original digital
marketing for di wires okay so I can see it is available again with using my
coupon code here if you click on this you get it for like 99
answer dollar whatever it is at the time and you know every year you know I’m
looking at fifteen bucks is fine okay so even if I don’t use this right now I can
use this later on so let’s try a different one okay so maybe you’re in
Colorado like I am and let’s say you do salon stuff okay you’re a barber maybe
okay so barber Colorado barber we can see Colorado barber dot-com is available
okay and maybe that’s your business name I
know this is something that we’re just messing around with you could just type
in whatever you know what do you want to tell people your website is about right
and you know it’s one of those things where you know you can get some of these
other ones if you want you that way your competition don’t buy him up and that’s
content for a whole nother video you know you can definitely mail do a video
on that but we’re just trying to get you extoling first Kay so yes your domain is
available by before somebody else does and that’s how simple to his people can
buy these up so even if you say well Chris again I’m not gonna build a
website right now go ahead and get your domain name it’s extremely extremely
popular you know popular and just important okay because these once
they’re gone they’re gone right and there’s people to make a business of
buying these and sitting on them you know and then selling back to you for
like those ones we saw there to $3,000 apiece kind of thing okay so this is
just a step just to just play around and find one that’s available you don’t
necessarily have to buy one from here because we’re gonna use that in the next
step okay but we need to find out a domain name and this is a good way okay
and you know something that’s gonna really really help you now of course on
my youtube channel I talk about other ways that you can make this even further
because you may want social media profiles say like for Facebook or
Twitter Instagram snapchat whatever is popular you know it’s one of those
things where maybe you may want to get you know go all-in and you’re gonna get
social media profiles and things like that so you can also I have some videos
on this but you can now take you to a website real quick it’s called name chk
name chk com so for an example we’ll take that same thing so we’ll put
Colorado barber and we’re gonna search for it and what
you’re gonna see is like we just saw the dot-com this stuff is available
okay but we see the Facebook’s taken the Twitter’s taken but we can do YouTube
Instagram Google+ reddit a lot of them are available okay so it’s one of those
things where you know you can kind of weigh out how extensive you want to get
with this and I don’t want to stress you out with this I want this to be a very
simple step-by-step video but it would be unfair for me not to tell you some of
the consequences by not looking at some of the other stuff because again what if
you are going to be your name and then you realize that somebody else already
has your name on these other platforms or different things you might say well
Chris I I rather get a name that I can get Facebook and Twitter and Instagram
and snapchat or whatever else is popular for the day at the same time right so
that’s that’s why it’s kind of important to use a tool like this is free doesn’t
cost anything but again I don’t want to confuse you if you stick with the Go
Daddy and you just type in different you know variations of a domain name or what
you would like to be called it’ll really help you in the long run find one that
really works for you and again I know you think I’m kidding about maybe
possibly writing it down with 50 domain names but it might actually take that
mini to find one that you really like and
don’t get all like romantic about it either case so you might find one you’re
like oh that’s the one I’ve been searching 75 of them and that’s the only
one that’s available don’t fall in love with it right away let it kind of you
know wait about way to you know think about it a little bit maybe ask some
friends ask five friends say hey I’m thinking about building a website and
this guy Chris told me to ask five people about this domain name when you
hear this domain name what does it sound like to you people like well you know it
sounds like this or that maybe write it out on a piece of paper this is another
big tip Kay write out your domain name on a piece of paper whatever you want to
call your website write down a piece of paper and put all the words together no
spaces or anything and see if you can come up with any words in between it now
reason why I say that because historically there’s been some websites
that didn’t intend to be adult content or anything weird like that but
their domain name even though it sounded completely fine
when you when you smushed it all together the words together the letters
together it actually formed other words within a domain name so it kind of can
give that a weird thing so maybe write it out make sure sounds good make sure
you tell people you know save as five people say hey what do you think about
this domain name and again you can email me and say Chris what do you think about
this right so that’s how easy it is to pick a domain name even though it sounds
hard it is it is you know find a good domain name again you don’t have to buy
it from GoDaddy right away the reason why I bring up GoDaddy and stuff is
because you can check what’s available what’s not available and if you want to
buy it right now and then build your website and say six months at least you
have their domain name and then you can feel just a sense of confidence that hey
I have it nobody else going to take it and that works out good and if you find
a domain name right now and you’re like okay curse I already know my domain name
I know it’s available then we’ll use it on the next step when we get our web
hosting so I’ll see you over there okay so now we should have a domain name idea
okay so maybe you went to GoDaddy you looked
at some domain name ideas and you found some good ones
maybe you purchased one because you’re gonna say okay you know you’re gonna
come back in six months and build your website that’s great again please please
please think of this as real estate okay so as soon as your domain names gone
it’s gone okay so you have a domain name I did now we need to build our website
right and this is where the fun begins okay so we need web hosting now web
hosting is basically a company or place to have servers okay maybe a big
warehouse or whatever full servers computers okay so I have a bunch of
computers and they store all of your images your blog posts your logos your
contact information on servers okay so then when people go to your domain
name they give them that information that they have on their servers and
that’s why you need a web host okay so it’s very simple it’s very inexpensive
and so what I like about this whole video and this whole process is we’re
doing it for like super inexpensive okay so I mean because here’s an example what
if I told you that we could build this whole entire website for less than 70
bucks okay and that’s the whole key concept of this is because if you’re
getting quotes of like a thousand dollars I mean one of my clients I swear
to you one of my clients paid $13,000 for a website
and the reason why is because somebody swooped in and told them how they’re
great where they were and they’re in their industry and they’re gonna get him
all this money and ranked number one and it was all lies it was a scam
seriously okay so even if he spent $100 on this
I mean seriously a hundred bucks and you’re doing it yourself so when
something breaks you can fix it okay or if you want to change something you
don’t want the wait you know two days two weeks or whatever for your webmaster
somebody to help you out you’re taking care of this yourself and that’s why you
are a digital di wire right so we’re gonna build the website now okay so
we’re gonna head over to Chris Heidelberg calm my website we’re gonna
click on resources and again these are my feelings and I appreciate your
support here okay it’s all cost the same nothing’s different for you and so we’re
looking at is here is the web hosting okay now I chose Bluehost because
they’re inexpensive they have WordPress for free plus you get email accounts so
your business can look professional so step having like AOL or Gmail or Yahoo
or MSN or hotmail or whatever like that the people may use for their email it’s
gonna be whatever you want like your name at your website calm now that looks
professional and that’s gonna set you you know far above your competition
right so you can click on that Bluehost and I’ll meet you over there on their
website and basically this is where we sign up case we’re going to just click
on we get a free domain name so that’s why I was saying if you’re going to buy
you know you don’t have to buy the domain name with godaddy if you’re gonna
use it right away then it’s it’s it’s not a big deal okay you can just what
we’ll we’ll skip the you know the GoDaddy step and go right to Bluehost
okay but what I like about using with GoDaddy is you get the opportunity to
see what’s available what’s not available on things like that that way
you’re not wasting so much time okay so but on that note if it’s something where
you’re going to you know build a website 6 months 2 months 10 days from now go
ahead and buy the domain name now is completely fine okay but let’s just say
you went to go down you used it as a tool to see what’s available okay so you
said Chris I’m gonna build this website tonight you just started this video you
know we’re gonna build this website tonight you went to GoDaddy you saw the
domain name that you want is available okay you didn’t buy it we’re good
now we’re gonna buy it now when we get our web hosting okay so we’re gonna
click on get started now and we’re gonna choose the different
packages you can choose from again you can see how on how it’s so inexpensive
okay but just for the sake of this video I want to keep it cheap for you okay so
we’re gonna do the basic plan 295 we’re gonna click yes okay now this is we’re
gonna put in our domain name now granted if you’ve already done research on this
then again I know I’m beating I’m just I keep saying the same thing but domain
names are so important okay if you already have your domain name you
already know where you’re gonna put here okay and so say for example you have two
options you can buy a new domain name here or you can transfer a domain name
okay it’s very simple no big deal okay so it’s one of those things where with a
new domain name words gonna buy it with our web hosting with if you already have
a domain name it means that you already purchased one through GoDaddy or another
company and then you’re just gonna transfer it or point it over to a you
know your web host and I won’t confuse it it’s like DNS servers and things like
that so it’s nothing too too hectic or anything okay but we’re just gonna keep
it simple and we’re gonna go with a new domain name so I’m gonna choose my
digital marketing one digital marketing digital Mark goody for GI wires and I
grant it is a little bit long domain name but this is just for educational
purposes and stuff no big deal okay we’re gonna click Next and then from
there we just fill in our information okay and this is where you know just you
can put in your you know all of your information you need to put and now when
you get to here at the bottom you have a choice okay now you can really look at
some of the different options here okay so I kind of want to walk you through
these okay so basically you’re putting your contact information your account
information and then you’re going to choose your plan now the thing is you
can do you know twelve months you know 24 36 you know 60 months you know
however long do you want to go okay so if you want to do six months then we’re
looking at sixty-five dollars okay so again less than 70 bucks we’re you know
you can have a web site for an entire year right and you’re getting your
domain name too so I mean man it’s just it’s just it’s a win-win situation so
looking at some of the stuff we have domain name privacy
now domain name privacy is where you can read some of this information too but
basically your domain name is gonna say who the owner is so if you’re trying to
stay private you don’t want people to know who you are then you you may want
to choose that but for the most part I mean who’s gonna contact you okay might
be some a little bit spam here and there but for the most part it’s really
nothing crazy now if you’re doing something that you don’t want people to
know what your website’s about and granted that’s on you I mean if you have
an adult related website or if you have something that’s possibly not the most
legal thing or maybe you’re giving opinions that you don’t want people know
who you are maybe you have for an example you’re
gonna write novels and you want to use a fake name then you may want to use your
you know hide who owns the website too because people can put you know two and
two together kind of thing okay so site lock security this is just
things that again you know if you know you can read more information about you
know if you want to you know if you’re selling products if you’re doing
different things spam monitoring things like that okay um again there’s just if
there’s upsells you know that’s just what they are I just I usually don’t
even worry about I don’t worry about some of the stuff and sometimes they’ll
pop up something and say hey we’ll do something for free okay so we see that
after everything we just saved 42 dollars and 44 cents so our total today
would be sixty-five dollars and forty cents to get started right now granite
yours might be a little bit different based on whatever specials going on this
could be just a New Year special maybe you’re watching this later on and it
actually might be cheaper right the best deal of course if you do two three years
okay so if we do three years at 30 you know thirty six months we’re looking at
we’re saving a hundred and eighty one dollars right so for three years you
could have a website for a hundred $6.20 as of this video and that works out
excellent right so basically other than paying for your domain name you know
it’s one of those things where you’re set for the next three years right you
can do whatever you want so basically you can choose whatever plan do you want
whatever you feel comfortable with entering enter in your credit card
information hit submit and then I’ll see you on the other side so I mean we’re
we’re ready to build our website now right so you know says congratulations
you can get different things again just like with anything I mean
they’re you know they’re keeping their prices low they’re trying to give a few
upsells here and there just to try to have make a little bit extra money but
again we’re keeping it cheap we’re building this website for inexpensive
but it’s gonna bring you a lot return on investment is going to be through the
roof this way okay so you can simply click no thanks okay so we have our web
hosting we is congratulations we’re all welcome what will happen now is they’ll
send you an email with like a welcome package kind of let you know a few
things about your account what we need to do first is create a password so
they’ll let you know right here create a password for your account
so you’ll create a password that way you can log in and everything like that kay
okay so now we’re going to create a password all you have to do is go in
here and simply you know add a password kay they might ask you to make it pretty
secure so maybe have to use specific characters or something you know maybe
uppercase lowercase things like that maybe a couple numbers and once you have
that you know you could read the Terms of Service whatever you want and click
Next okay so what’s so great about this working with Bluehost and again it’s
super cheap okay is that it automatically installs WordPress for you
okay so you’d have to worry about the technical stuff we’re just gonna get
right into this right away okay now they give you some free options some free
themes right away again you can go back to my web site
here and you can look at blog themes and WordPress themes as you get it advanced
okay but we’re going to keep this very simple we’re gonna keep this super
simple and what we’re going to look through okay is they have you know some
themes that can inspire you and you can look through some of the themes that you
kind of like but one of them that I use for a lot of clients is Astra okay so
write this down a Stra and if you don’t see it in this section go ahead and just
skip this and then come back to it okay but we’re going to you if you see this
option go ahead and get this one because it’s super top-notch okay and but if you
don’t see it go ahead and skip it okay so but senses here we’re gonna use this
theme this is nice setting up WordPress for
you and that’s how simple you don’t have to install anything you don’t to worry
about databases you don’t have to worry about sql’s and PHP admins and all these
things and I know that stuff probably doesn’t make any sense to you and that’s
fine because I don’t want you to know about that stuff I mean it it means good
to know granted but you don’t need to know the technical stuff
you just need to know how to get online right we’re trying to save you money
we’re trying to get you online you don’t need to know all the details about every
single little thing right and so once this is set up we’re gonna have a
nice-looking WordPress theme and what I like too about using this Astro theme is
it becomes it comes with demos and with the demos you can do an import of a demo
and you just fill in the blanks okay now you could build a website from
scratch but again I want you to be able to build a website in like 30 minutes
and be ready to start promoting it and get people calling your business you
know things like that okay so once it starts that theme it’s gonna install it
for us and again if you don’t see a theme or something don’t worry about you
you can’t break that okay we can always install a theme later on so even if you
don’t see that page or you know the skip you hit skip screen on accident or
whatever don’t worry about never a big deal okay so now this has all done and
we’re gonna start building okay so the little bar you saw at the top there just
let us know that you know when you sign up a new domain name it could take you
know an hour two hours or however long to get everything to work in line okay
so here we are we are on our WordPress website but because this chapter is just
about web hosting we know that everything is working we’re good to go
and so in the next chapter we’re gonna actually start building our website
stay tuned okay so real quick we’re gonna jump in
to make sure that we got a confirmation that our you know a credit card went
through and everything’s good so we’re gonna jump onto whatever email that you
use to sign up and we’re just gonna make sure that we have a welcome email from
Bluehost and sure enough I have a welcome to Bluehost email and lets me
know all my FTP information account information things like that things that
you’re going to need in the future okay and this helps you maybe save this may
be a bookmark it whatever you need to do to be able to go back to it later on
okay so here we are we’re ready to build our website now
okay so up to this point I think it’s been pretty simple I hope that you’ve
been following along everything’s been going pretty good hopefully I haven’t
been too distracting or too all over the place for you I would get really excited
about this stuff right and I’m excited to see you succeed I hope that you’ll
send me an email you know in a year and say Chris man you know your help has
made me where I could build my own website I saved two thousand dollars
because they have to pay somebody to build my own website it’s great right so
once we back on our website here we have a couple options and they they try to
help you being as easy DIY as possible okay and if you don’t need help again
most the stuff says I don’t need help and you know what you’re doing that’s
completely fine okay but maybe this is you know they’re gonna give you cues to
kind of help you okay is this website going to be for personal or business use
well we’re gonna use it for business right great well what’s our website
title name gonna be well it’s gonna be whatever you want it to be so mine’s
gonna be digital marketing for di wires okay and what’s the site description
like you know what is you know if I wasn’t else my what the description the
website is what would it be okay well I help its see I see I teach digital
marketing to DIY ears here we go and just bail
hey go so basically this is what you know like what’s your title gonna be of
your website and this stuff is really not that important but it still is at
the same time especially when you when you’re just starting out as you get into
optimizing your website you might change it’s quite a bit so so no big deal okay
this gets you started okay let’s launch digital marketing
4di wires yes I’m ready okay so some of this gets kind of crazy where it just
shows like you know do you want to put your blog post and things like this and
and you know we’re gonna we’re gonna skip some of the stuff we I want to get
into the meat and potatoes here okay so if it says connect to
don’t worry about any of this let’s just skip out of this we’re gonna get out of
all this for now okay we’re actually yet we’ll just close out
of it and then we’re good to go okay we’re gonna close out of this this
stuff I don’t want to be Ariel okay so now let’s go to we’re gonna go to our
app go to go to a pearance okay and click on themes and now we’re gonna look
to make sure that we have our WordPress theme installed and here it is Astra
okay so we can take a glimpse at it and again you’re like well Chris this is
what my want my website to be about no problem we’re gonna we’re gonna fix it
up I promise you okay so first thing we’re going to do is I want you to go
over to your plugins okay we’re gonna click on plugins and install plugins and
again some of the stuff I mean they just got stuff everywhere that’s the only
that’s the downside with staying a little cheap is again they’re trying to
make the money anywhere they can so what we’re going to look for is we’re gonna
click on add new okay so we can click on add new and now
we’re gonna search for something and I want you to type in this Astra a s TR a
and you could probably just click inter okay and we’re gonna see here and these
might be different based on the plugins whatever they put out k you’ll see this
one says Astra starter sites go ahead and click install now okay it’ll say
installed now we’re gonna click activate and now what’s gonna happen is it’s
gonna give you starter websites so again we’re just jumping the gun we’re just
we’re just we’re putting the cart before the horse
we really are I mean we’re we’re gonna have demo content ready for us and then
we just have to fill in the blanks that’s how simple is going to be and
again you can have a nice looking website that looks good and the thing is
it’s just gonna be super simple okay okay so now let’s go back over to
let’s do whatever we want to click on let’s go to plugins again and now let’s
go to our Astra starter sites and say click see library now this is going to
show you the available sites you have now one thing that comes up here is it
if this if this comes up for you sometimes it doesn’t is you have an
option here between beaver builder and Elementor ok now I’ve worked with both
of them and honestly I like Elementor now you can play around with them but if
you know if you trust me then I just go with element or King now what this gonna
happen is this is gonna let you know what you can choose from ok so as you
see we have you know a bunch of different websites here and some of
these are premium but a lot of them that are nice are also free ok so here’s the
thing here ok so obviously if you see like this probably this dark blue up top
you know it’s gonna be for you know if you’re going to you know purchase it
they’re probably gonna you know say that you know up here you know you have to
purchase it and you know probably cost $50 kind of thing ok
I don’t know exact pricing I guess we could find out just for fun let’s see
what it cost here drum roll so looking at ok so 60 bucks a year or so unless
you’re an agency you can get a better price okay so either way we’re not going
that route we’re staying free I’m trying to keep you underneath that $70 actually
we’re underneath sects $65 right now ok or what about $65 for 40 cents either
way good good good to go right so let me go back to that real quick ok let’s go
back to the library ok select our biller we’re going to Elementor ok ok so we
have different ones so I’m looking at this the ones that have the dark bold up
top is meaning that we need to have a premium plugin so with the or the
premium edition so at the pay for it okay so the free ones we’re looking at
the free ones ok so here’s and look at this with the open mind ok so here’s
like this first one’s a coach one okay so let’s let’s look at it and we can
demo it and see what it looks like so here’s an example
I could change my website to this okay I could be a picture of me it could be
like I help you with whatever you could change the stuff okay but maybe to maybe
you are a motivational speaker and you’re like hey this is my brand this is
Who I am right maybe it’s a business and maybe
you’re you know you’re just like hey I do I’m an accountant and here’s a
picture of you or here’s a picture of you and some of your you know your other
accountants with you okay it doesn’t have to think what this with an open
mind like what could you imagine there and you know if you go to other websites
you know what you like and what you don’t like right but what’s nice about
this is that it’s it’s super simple right you can you know these different
images it’s it’s it’s all changeable okay you can change any of this stuff
okay and you know I coach I speak I write
maybe you do maybe you say I coach I speak I do workshops you know and
different things like that there’s a whole bunch of cool stuff that you can
do here okay okay so there’s there’s one theme here’s another motive of
motivational speaker there’s a furniture store okay so let’s look at this one
this one again is one you have to purchase okay and but maybe you’re like
hey it’s worth the $60 right and you can fill in your content and we can look
here let’s look for let’s look for a good one here okay okay so we have us
look at this bold style setter one oops let’s go back real quick okay so this one’s for a barber now
again I was talking about that Colorado barber I mean this could be this could
be a big thing right so again you know here’s a barber shop we’re focused on
whatever a good call to action okay and we could talk I talk SEO and call to
actions user experience things like that and on some other channels again we’re
just trying to get you set up okay definitely follow me if you want to
like learn more about the stuff Kay but could be an image of you with your your
clients and this could be male or female this is not just based on one thing and
then we have just you know just imagine I mean you could fill in the blank with
whatever you want here okay I mean this could be a great looking website right
and it works out great we have you know we have a home decoration you know
you’re in review stuff again some of these are paid no big deal don’t don’t
don’t stress out about it but here’s a car repair 1k this one I acted this was
a great one you can change these colors so if you don’t like this color we can
change it to another one but maybe you do automotive repair you can set this up
to be a car it could be your crew it could be whatever I’ve actually used
this for other companies and I’ve changed whatever this stuff is to other
industries and stuff I mean it works out great because I really like the the
forms to be able to call people it works out great okay so then we got see we’ve
got residential and commercial cleaning let’s check this one out okay so that
again maybe you don’t do commercial clean but maybe you do something that
you really like the colors of this you’re like man I really like this one
right again you can change the stuff to make it fit your your needs your website
whatever and these have other pages to say it’s not just a home page right and
we could you know make this however you want to look okay this is I mean we have
pet services I mean here’s here’s a great one here okay gardening and
landscaping okay I can you can switch this up you can put your own image here
maybe you do something you know mowing you want to have a picture of a mower
here and you know you have nice stuff here and what’s great about this this
stuff is you know it’s is mobile responsive so it’s gonna your website’s
gonna look good not only on smartphones but on tablets
and and you know laptop computers and desktops but also fast the reason why
and I’m telling you this stuff is because this theme for an example this
Astra theme is super lightweight okay you can even go to their website you can
research them whatever it’s super lightweight which means the faster
website loads the faster people are gonna find you okay oops I want you far
yep okay let me go back up here okay so we looked at the landscaping
construction okay so we’re getting to some more of the free ones here so we
have restaurant weddings fitness trainer hmm check out this one here so this is a
lawyer website okay and has lawyer stuff okay but you know what this looks kind
of familiar you know I mean I kind of I kind of see this before you know it’s
because oh that’s right because I’m using that theme and it’s one of those
things I believe in teaching people like teaching what I preach kind of thing is
I took a lawyer’s website and I built it into a digital marketing website okay
and that’s the thing is that people visit my website and they for the most
part have no idea that this website was ever a lawyer’s website and that’s how
simple it is okay you you don’t you can make this into whatever you want to do
with it okay it just depends on how much you you want to you know add to it right
okay so we got that and it was just we have dental okay we have plumbing this
is one of my favorite ones here and it’s because it’s you know the stuff rolls in
is for electricians but this could be construction okay this could be any kind
of service that you want it can be you know this stuff right I mean this this
this works super good so just for the sake of this we’re gonna do this one
okay let’s just say that you are an electrician and you want to build a
company website as an electrician right we’re gonna go ahead and use this one so
when you find a theme that you like through these demo ones and they’re
always adding new ones kay you simply go here to install plugins okay and you’ll
see this contact form and is installing Elementor
okay now once once it’s complete it’ll say import this site now what’s gonna
happen is it’s going to change our entire website so we’re gonna go from
being nothing to actually having this as our website but just so that you know
what we’re working with just real quick I’m gonna show you what we have right
now okay so this is our website now right as blah it’s plain it’s nothing
right and you know one the other thing is when I watched some other videos of
people showing people how to build a website and things like that this is
kind of where people brought them to write like this is a page and we’re
gonna just add some content and we we want a website right we we want this to
get going we you know time is money and we we got to get this going right so
we’re gonna go back to that theme okay so since we already imported the plugins
again I just want to show you what we’re working with just so you know that I’m
not making something up here or something guy we’re simply gonna click
on import the site it’ll let you know that it’s going to overwrite anything
you have so if you already have content if you already have stuff on your
website so if you already have an existing website and now you’re trying
to do this is going to replace most of your stuff if not all of it okay
you probably keep pages and stuff is gonna look a little different so you’re
going to fix some stuff but if it’s a brand new website nothing to worry about
click OK and now you’ll see that down here the little spinning icon is working
and now we just wait till it’s completed so once this is done then in the next
chapter we’re gonna actually start working on building the our new website
okay so we are all done so we see that once it’s completed I’ll say done view
site okay so let’s do that let’s see what our website looks like and here we
are so this is our official brand new our own website right and I mean we can
change anything on this page okay we can make it ourselves but here’s the whole
catch is we just we just jumped way ahead okay I mean
somebody could charge you like a thousand dollars just to do this right
here and you just did it for free or just don’t even worry about the web
hosting Kay the web hosting is like you know some Starbucks and stuff you know
here and there for like a month or two or whatever you know it’s one of those
things we’re for a nice dinner out okay you just have a website ready okay and
you’re putting in the time you’re putting the sweat you’re putting in
whatever right and so now we’re gonna try to customize this some okay now
again this is a rough draft you can make it whatever you want to make it okay so
the thing that’s nice about it is with using element or element or makes it
where it’s like a page builder they call it okay so page builder is the page that
we’re on right here so if I notice up here says edit with element or so if I
click on this now we are going to get this uh you know box to show up and we
can see all of our different aspects okay now this Kaseem very overwhelming
at first but i’m gonna give you a safety net real quick right up front okay if
for some reason you click on something and it gets all haywire okay or you move
a box you know in the wrong position and you’re like oh man what just happened
okay you go down here to a little history thing and you can simply click
you know to one the last things you did and it puts it back for you okay and as
a double safety net if you make changes and the whole thing crashes or does
something weird just simply like exit out of it okay or just don’t save it
whatever you just don’t save it as long as you don’t save it it’s not gonna save
it for you okay so you can simply just like I just well I just want out of here
and just start backing out or whatever you need to do just exit the dashboard
okay great you know I’m not saving anything I’m back to where I need to be
okay so let’s go back to the home page and again we can start working on this
page by page okay so starting with the home page if we click on edit with
element or okay we start seeing that these boxes okay now if you notice up
here we don’t have boxes because is a different control than what’s on
the page what we see in the top this is called our header okay okay so then if
we go down to the bottom here we have our footer where we can add you know
information and stuff like that and so this is what they consider global
content so global thinking of wide right so with global you’re looking at your
entire website not just per page okay so as you can see when I hover over the
stuff you can see the bars change things change but this is more of an on page
builder case we’re changing the stuff on page where the logo and the menu items
and stuff these things typically stay the same throughout every page so those
are again they’re considered global and we’ll change those in a different place
okay so to break these down basically how you use these if you hover over they
tell you what they are okay so I hope over the first one says edit section and
it says duplicate section says add section save section and remove section
okay so just to be fair kind of show you how this works again okay so say I
accidentally clicked remove section oh it just fell apart
my website looks horrible now right all you have to do is go back to the history
go back click it and now it’s back up okay so again as long as you’re not
saving anything you’re doing okay but now I feel confident I could save this
and I’d be good okay so let’s start working on some of this okay so for an
example the first thing would be a call to action so somebody lands on your
website you want to tell them right away within the first seven seconds what is
my website about what do you sell what do you you know preach about what do you
consult about what you whatever you do was your business about that’s what you
want to tell people you want to hook them right and give them some sort of
call to action so a call to action is we have two of them on this first page here
okay we have a contact form where people can sign up and then we also have a no
more button where people can you know get to know you more whatever and you
can change the stuff okay so it’s not like a set in stone and that’s what’s
nice about using a demo is you can find the colors and things that you like and
most of the works already done you’ve got to fill in the blanks okay so for an
example so let’s go to this one and if we you
know we can if we just let the mouse stay on it will see it says edit widget
duplicate widget or remove widget and we’re just gonna edit widget so we’re
gonna click on that and now this box on the left hand side pops open okay
so from this spot here what we’re looking at is when it comes to it lets
us change whatever is in this area here now you can also click on it kay and you
can click on but I like kind of going over to the box here so when it comes to
reliability we are the one you we are the one you need and we put you know
let’s just change this up put on let’s see Colorado’s number one electrical
electrician electrician company so what we did there is we change the title or
we change the color thing to Colorado’s number one electrician company ok and it
might sound weird so we can put you know we’ll change it up we’ll put electrical
company and again I can we can change over here to okay help suffice about correctly there we go
there you go so again that’s what’s kind of nice but use a separate stuff it has
autocorrect and you can kind of tell what’s going wrong right
okay so we have Colorado’s number one electrical company but maybe I don’t
like how it looks there okay so we can take it and you know we can we can go
and we can put a space another space and now we have Colorado’s number one
electrical company we’re like wow I just don’t know if I like that well over here
you can look at other stuff okay we can have weak accentuate Theriot Colorado’s
number one electrical company okay that looks pretty good and you can do even
more with this okay you can go to style and you can go to type typography for an
example and now you can change the sizes right you can I mean you can make this
you know what you know it’s very simple to use very easy and after you your kind
of your feet wet you’ll see that this is the way to go I mean you can build your
own website you can play around with things you can change the colors you can
you know do whatever you want to do okay so I like
that one okay that works pretty good so then maybe we want to put something
about us so we go down to the next box we can check now again you notice that
this little light blue line goes around the boxes that we can change okay the
grey boxes does columns okay so edit columns and then these are just a
content or widgets inside of the columns okay so we have Colorado’s number one
electrical company and we go down to here and they just put demo text here
but we can change the case we’re gonna click on this and again we can click on
this or we can just click on the box case so if I click on that box it pulls
up click on this box it pulls that up ok so from here maybe put something else
maybe put serving Colorado Springs Denver Parker and surrounding areas
great and again if we want we can think that lined in the center and then we
have our button here ok so no more okay well we want we want people to know more
about us so we can click on this button if you want and it pops up over here and
this allows us to give a link so we might want to put like four slash
contact will be our page ok and then we want to put whatever the words this we
see type we can put you know different options here but you know defaults
usually good because we want to stay the same we go to text so instead of no more
maybe get quote okay great over here we have request a callback and this is
where we can start you know changing some of this information please complete
the form maybe we don’t want request callback we want request or actually
it’s let’s do schedule service great you know so I mean we can work on something
like that works out excellent and these are things that we can these will be on
the back end so this is a contact form so you see here’s this contact form
seven so it will work on some of this on the back end no problem
again you just go one by one maybe you don’t like you know
obviously you won’t change the text maybe you don’t like where its location
is okay so find a one so we can see that this this dotted line is the main box
this little lines inside of it okay so if we take this we can actually drag it
by just holding our mouse down you know unlight and left-click I’m not leaving
you know I’m left clicking and pulling it up okay and we can move it wherever
we want to move it okay so over here we have some more text but say we want to
have some more text like this okay we can take this where we have edit widget
we can talk we can change whatever we’re putting here but say for an example we
want to duplicate it so we duplicate it you know what it’ll say duplicate widget
now we take this okay grab the side of it work and then roll down I see how
that blue bar lines up it allows you to move it okay but we can see right here
we have a space so they automatically give us a space so what we can do is so
that we’re even we can duplicate that space and now move it down so we have an
equal amount okay and again there’s a lot of document document ation and of
course you can always ask me questions – no big deal so you might say well Chris
some of these things have pictures that I don’t want I mean I don’t want to be
this guy I want to be somebody different great you simply go up here – you know
again you can roll over everything with this you can see what it does
edit widget so go here you can delete it but if we click on it we can go to
upload file so you can upload your own image of your own workers or whatever
you want you do media library we go to select file and you can change whatever
you want you know okay so from here you can upload your own images of yourself
your workers whatever you want a media library you can you know look through
your own whatever you may have already open you know upload it or whatever okay
you can put that you know you know any image in here that you want things like
that okay as we go down things get a little bit more complicated as we see
here the image in the background here is farther back okay and so we can’t click
on that but if we here to the corner we can see edit
column okay so from this point we we can look at style and now we see our image
so we take our image here we can switch it out with something else
okay so let’s click on a different image insert media and now grant this is the
same image as this one but we can see that how easy it is it’s on the
background there so when we hover over it we see it changes okay go down here
same kind of concept we click on an image we can change the image maybe we
want to put something a little bit different great we put that okay we
could change our titles you know so if you don’t you know you click on
something if you don’t want to say this but it’s a different service you offer
you can put it there but what if you only have three services and you don’t
want this other stuff just simply go here and click remove put 2x and you’re
good and again you could this stuff is so DIY friendly just go in there maybe
you don’t want why choose us maybe just click on it and put y us or the question
mark there you go maybe some of these little images you don’t like you can
remove them just simply you know hover over it and then click remove which
it’ll let you know if you notice there what it says remove widget duplicate
widget and edit widget ok and then again we have more contact forms and going
here and you can change your information you can if you don’t want people to call
you you can remove your phone number if you don’t want them to email you don’t
want to visit your location perfect and then again down here you can add some
footer information such as you know you know any kind of social media links you
can change this one you can change the logo okay you can add helpful links you
can even embed a map so that’s very simple to start editing pages with this
simple setup so once you make your changes what we’re
going to do is where I simply go down here to update or if you click on the
side here you can say save draft or save template so say you want to say this is
a draft so meaning that you know you want to save this currently but you
don’t want to be live right you don’t want to be your live website you’re just
saving the draft of it okay and then we can save as a template now the template
makes it where say you’re going to use the same kind of concept or design on a
bunch of other pages or even one other pages you know you can go ahead and save
this as a template and then so if we click save as a template you can name
this whatever so we can put a home page sample maybe homepage sample click Save
and now you’ll be able to use it for other pages later on if you want to okay
okay so basically once we have our website our page saver is simply going
to click update and now it’s saving and the changes will be live so now we’re
just gonna go back to the dashboard so we’re gonna click on our little icons
here and click on exit to the dashboard ok so once we’re here again it’s very
basic because we’re using a page builder so with the page builder we don’t really
have a lot of backend stuff now this is where if this is back to WordPress
editor if we click this we can actually see some of this information but when
you’re using the page builder it’s a lot easier just to go ahead and use the page
builder because this makes everything easier to work with okay so that is how
we get started with this demo content and in the next section we’re going to
get a little bit more advanced with some of the pages
okay so what we have here is we’re back on our dashboard and again this is just
for WordPress this is how we kind of navigate through our website okay so if
we click up here we’ll see our little house here you don’t click on the W or
at each other things B click on the little house we can click visit ciders
to click on it you’ll see that this is actual our website okay so we can see
our changes Colorado’s number one electrical company and this is what we
what we’d be working with right so each one of these takes us to a page this is
our navigation okay right now it says contact us but we can switch it to say
something else okay so basically you know we have our about Us page okay we
have services frequently asked questions contact and we have our phone number
okay and again you can add some of this you can take some away whatever you want
to do it’s it’s really just really up to you okay so to go back to our dashboard
we’re simply just like we came in we’re going to click on digital marketing for
di wires or whatever your name is we’re gonna click on that and go back okay so
once we’re here let me show you a little bit of what we’re working with you okay
so this is some of our Bluehost you know account stuff jetpack is just
you know plug in you don’t really have to worry about that right now we have
our post so this is our blog post this is our media is our images pages
comments of you get any kind of comments any kind of contact forms so like the
contact form we’re using on the home page that’s their appearance we can set
some of our different options here any plugins any users that including ourself
that it’s going to be using our website any tools such as import/export stuff
like that any settings our element tour and then some more
Bluehost things okay so basically to look at post real quick
King so a post is your blog post so if you’re gonna start a blog for your
company this is what it could look like basically it’s very simple it just says
you can just start writing and and everything looks good so let’s click on
edit with Elementor again just so we can see what we’re working with case we want
to match our website so again as we started with now we actually have some
branding it looks pretty good and this is where you can just simply you know
you could start talking right and you can start talking about whatever you
want to talk about everything looks good but the things nice about this is you
can you know make it look nice too so we can add a section you know or a template
now if we add a section for example we could click on so if you look at these
we have columns so these are two columns three four or five you know whatever you
want to put in in between them okay so we have this here now if we click on our
plus in the middle here we can add widgets now which is basically what
fills up pages and websites and things like that
and we can do columns inside of our widget so if we want to break it up okay
we can do headings we can do images text editors videos buttons you know we can
embed a map I mean you know there’s a lot of great things here okay so say we
want to do an image so let’s bring that image over now let’s choose your image
okay so we’re gonna go back over here on the left and we’re going to choose our
image and let’s just say it’s the picture of this one right here insert
media okay now it doesn’t look really cool because we’re at the bottom here we
can we can grab our comma we can pull it to the side okay now we have you know a
little bit more of area here but maybe we don’t like that either we can take it
and we’ll bring it back down here real quick and you know you can see I come in
it’s just I messed it up it doesn’t look good
what’s happening here no problem just go back to our corner here and we could
just click on whichever one we want to go back to and we want to do that one
okay so I’m trying to do is move the whole thing so we’re gonna move that up
where I made the mistake was as I clicked on this darker bar here because
it’s editing the column and we want the whole thing okay so we’re this is a
column or you know we want the whole you know area here okay so we’re taking
that and we’re gonna move that to the top okay great so you can have like your
your topic so whatever you’re going to talk about here they could have like an
image and you talk about your product or service okay so I mean obviously you can
tell that works out very simple okay so we can click update then we’re good
we want to go ahead and change the page style here instead of hello world we
want changes something else okay so let’s go ahead and click on our bars
up here and we’re going to go back to exit to dashboard and right here we see
where it says that hello where’s world so we’re gonna change it from hello
world to easy wiring okay and now over here we have the options to
save okay it’s published already and that’s fine and now we’re gonna click
update and now right now we’re on temporary domain but if we click on this
we can see what it looks like easy wiring so we just changed instead of
hello world we have our image and of course then we would have our content
here then people leave a comment whatever and it works out great
so one of the common things you see here is you know how simple it is is really
kind of you know easy going and how it’s just it’s super simple right super just
easy okay so now since we looked at the
dashboard let’s go ahead and look at some of the other options here so we
kind of looked a little bit about the post so post are like blog posts and
things like that and and you might not be even worried about blog post right
now you just want to worry about pages which is completely fine so we have
media here so with media if you click on media this keeps all the images for your
website so this is where the demo images are currently but if you click on add
new then you have the option to upload files from your computer so this could
be your logo this could be images of your products this could be whatever
images that you have of your you know your technicians yourself anything you
want that’s where you would add this stuff here okay then we have pages and
pages this is where our demo pages are okay so let’s click on the about Us for
example and again it seems very bare but the reason why is because we’re using a
page builder now if you’re doing this all from scratch or using something else
you wouldn’t have this option you would actually see content here okay every
WordPress theme is typically a little bit different okay so once it’s loads
okay so again this is the about Us page and as you see I mean again how easy
this is I’m just scrolling over I can see the stuff so if you click on it you
can start editing it directly okay but sometimes I really like editing it over
on the side but you can do whatever you want okay so instead about us maybe it’s
about me great maybe our company instead of a company
profile it’s about company you know information you talk about your stuff
maybe you’ve never won an award you like well Chris I’ve never won an award great
so let’s just say we want to add an image instead so instead of having these
here let’s just click on this widget and again all these are little widgets
inside of stuff K and the widgets again are it says search for a widget here but
these are all widgets so one could be an image widget one could be a text widget
one it could be a button things like that okay so we’re going to click on
this we’re going to simply remove the widget and now let’s add an image and we
drag it over you can see with the dark space where it’s gonna fit okay so we’re
going to put it underneath this and now we’re going to add our image
and for our image again we can choose something very simple no big deal we’ll
just click an immature okay and so instead of alkaloids we can put you know
family first business whatever you want to put you talked about your you know
you can this is a tab here okay so this means I have somebody clicks on mission
they can read your mission vision would be your vision values and again when
this stuff opens up it opens up on on the side here so you can actually go in
here and if you click on it you can change the values again it’s super
simple okay so you have a quick contact form have more images and again if
you’re like well Chris I don’t want this here okay great just click on it and you
can either remove the whole section great now it’s gone no problem very
simple okay then once you’re done working on a page make sure you go ahead
and update the page and then we’re good okay let’s click are let’s go back to
the dashboard and now let’s go ahead and click on our website I’m going to show
you where those changes were so again here’s our main website and we go to
about us and we can see we have about me family first business we have our
different tabs simple easy we move that one again very very just user friendly
in this video I want to show you just quickly how you build a page so if you
click on page you’ll see add pages or all pages and add new okay so if you
look at all of our pages we can see you know we have you know our variety of
different pages care so maybe for example we have a service page so again
we’ll click on edit with element or it’ll take us to our services page or
whatever page you have on your website say for example this way it looks like
okay but here’s a here’s a big tip maybe you don’t want to keep creating this
every single time if you go down here again to save options and save as
template we can save this as let’s put a services page great so we’ll save that
and again we can change all the stuff make it whatever we want okay so let’s
go ahead and we’ll exit back out of this and now let’s go to up here we can go to
pages and add new page okay so now we’re start from scratch okay so maybe we put
detail will put detailing great okay and of course it’s a blank page we have
nothing going on so let’s go ahead and click what edit with Elementor and what
we’re going to do is we’re going to see that is basically a blank page this is
where this comes up where it says add new section or add templates we’re gonna
click add template and we have some paid versions and stuff here okay we’re gonna
go to my templates and now we’re gonna go to the one we just built service
services page insert and now we have the same thing now so we can go in here we
can change this from services to detailing and then start entering in our
information again we can change our pictures make it and this is how easy it
is to kind of build out multiple pages in a lot quicker time so very simple and
very easy make sure you click publish when you’re done and then we can have a
look at it as pages or pages live and this is what our live detailing page
would look like again super simple very easy
but one of the biggest things you’re probably wondering like well Chris I
don’t want this is not my logo I don’t want that they’re great no problem go
ahead and click on customize up here ok you can also reach that if you go to
appearance and then customize ok once this happens you’ll get this box that
pops up and we have a few things you notice right here you see like a house
edit this element ok this is where we can change the logo so instead of that
logo we want to change it to something else so there you go you see that how
simple it was to change logo then we want to click publish to make the
changes very easy very just simple we click X to exit out of it and it’s gonna
refresh our website so lets go click on our website again and now our logo has
changed ok so the problem is down here though you notice that this one was
because it was part of the page that you have to make sure you change this on
every page but you can just tell that again that’s all simple it is ok
another common thing is the menu up here but before we get to that I want to show
you something here if you notice over here we have a few options okay so if we
click on this we can actually change the phone number okay we can change the
phone number too to be your phone number whatever you want to put okay so if you
see this as one 800 whatever you could put your phone number there okay and
then we have site identity okay so that’s where we change our stuff and
again we have our site title you might want to change something else okay the
site icon sometimes if you notice like our Bluehost here you see there’s a
little dots for me see picture me that’s where that information is for the site
icon okay then we have layouts you can change you know how wide you want your
website to be the primary header do you want the logo to be on the side you want
to be in the center so we changed that now it’s going to be on top of it okay
things like that we have our blog okay what kind of content do we want for blog
do we want to switch stuff do we want to have comments no comments things like
that we have our sidebar okay we have right sidebar left sidebar no sidebar
and that’s where when we saw our posts we had that that bar information on the
side okay and of course we have our footer now the footer widget is disabled
so if we add the footer let’s scroll down and we’ll see a pop-up and there we
go these are different footers so we want to add different information we can
also change our copyright information and powered by whatever information or
remove this and put affiliate stuff whatever you want to put here okay and
again that’s all simple now granted we already have this kind of footer here so
maybe it’s just you want to put something else it’s really up to you
maybe a subscribe button whatever you want okay and then once you’re done make
sure you always clicks published or if you don’t want to have it just click X
so the change will be lost is letting you know that hey is going to be lost if
we don’t change this great no problem let’s scroll back down you see that that
information is gone again okay no problem so that’s how simple it is to
kind of work with your logo changing the logo and working with some of the
customizing themes with this specific wordpress website okay so
here we are again and this video here we’re gonna talk about the contact forms
okay so comments or base yogas comments and you can just see their spam or prove
them not approve them things like that I honestly turn a lot of comments off just
because it there you do get so much spam but if we click on contact now granted
we’re using a plugin so the contact forms we can see you know our settings
that we have okay so we have our hero section and we have a footer section
okay and we can tell by the contact form ID so if we go back to our website and
we can see that this is a contact form okay and this is our other contact form
so if we go to edit with element or again and again it just makes it so much
easier for you guys okay so if we click on this just click somewhere in the box
here somewhere see okay so we see we click here okay okay so if we just click
somewhere here in the boxes we can see that our interests into our short cord
and this is our shortcode and we could tell that it says ID 133 and that’s how
we know that hero section inquiry formed that’s how we know that this is what it
says okay so let’s go back now and we’re gonna go back to contact form or contact
here and we’re gonna find that one here so here it is now this is our settings
okay now what we want to do is we want to click on mail ok this is super very
vital so you make sure you get all of your stuff kay is to make sure you go to
here and you actually enter in your email information okay so you put in
your information here sometimes if you put from it’ll tell you to validate and
sometimes it wants where your website comes from to be on the same domain so
it might be you put you know webmaster at your website calm but it says to you
know your like sales at your website calm or whatever and then for the
subject line we can put you know quote supposed to help Sofia quote for
services works out good and then what I always do too is in the message body you
know this for email has been sent from the contact form on you know and I put a
header or homepage that way you kind of know
where people are going within your website okay okay so then you know one
of the things you’ll notice that it has like an error so I have like you know
you need to have your from so should be send your email does not belong to the
site domain so we’re sending this to ourself is coming from our own website
so needs to be saying our domain name but because our website is uploading
okay that’s why you know this is like box five to whatever it is temp domains
it’s not our real website so once it’s done this will go away I mean what I
always like to try to do is change the subject to something like quote for
service or quote for something or you know inquiry and then you know if you
can put this email sent from a contact form this will kind of help you kind of
get started with all that stuff too so very simple if you have any questions
don’t hesitate to reach out to me you know this stuff is not really you know
difficult it’s just something where sometimes getting first started takes a
little bit of time okay so the next thing we’re gonna look at we’re going to
look at the menus okay so if we go to appearance then go to menus this is of
course a big thing for anybody’s website is what is your menus gonna look like
right so we have home about as services frequently asked questions in contact
and how you see that is on our website up here that’s what we’re seeing that
out okay so let’s go back and you can kind of sometimes have a quick menu
where if you hover over this you’ll see menus okay but again to make this simple
we’ll just click on our website and we’ll go to appearance and then go to
menus now what’s nice here is so say we built website pages so under pages here
in the knees are posts okay is very self-explanatory custom links so if
you’re gonna send somebody somewhere and categories for like your blog post and
things like that so for pages say you built a page and we could search for it
okay we can view all of our pages so say for example our blog we click on blog
and we put add to menu it’ll drop it over down to here now from here maybe
don’t we want our contact form to be last so we just you see like our little
icon here we just take it and hold our left button you know hold our mouse left
and this mood up and down okay one of the things you notice if you hold
it and you go to the side you’ll actually make it underneath so it makes
it a sub menu item so that means if you click on this you’ll also see this
okay and some people like that and some people don’t it really depends on you
know what you want to do and have you pulled back over you’ll see it
disappears okay so say for an example if under services we have frequently asked
questions and blog and then we go up to here to save menu now we’ll go back and
we’ll show that you know how this works here so if you see Services has a little
icon now and has this information so for an example if you had you know a bunch
of services this was where – technically you could add your variety of services
and people could get a hold of you you know or you know find out your services
underneath that one okay so it really depends on what you want to use so we
can pull this back and we’ll keep it like it is okay but what if we don’t
want frequently asked questions okay you can simply you know click the little
arrow and you can rename it okay so you might put just questions okay or it
could be answers or whatever you want to put okay but we don’t want it so we want
to remove it we click simply click remove click Save and now we’re good
okay now one of the big things that you see on here it has primary menu or
footer menu or automatically add new top-level pages to the menu and so
sometimes I mean you know basically these settings are completely leaving
like the our primary menu that’s where this is on that main page and sometimes
if you change a page so say for example let’s go back to pages and we’re says
about us let’s go let’s go change this to about Chris and we’re gonna update it
because this is the page title okay so now we go back to menu what happens is
is also changes our page on here okay so sometimes you may have to go in here and
put you know change it back to about us and this will override it but it doesn’t
change our page okay so we’ll go back to our page I’ll show you here it still
says about us but if you click on it will go back to will click on edit page
here you’ll see it actually still says about Chris so that’s how simple it is
to work with your menus and have them look nice for your new WordPress website
okay so on this video we’re gonna talk about the settings the backend settings
now there’s one super really important setting I want you to make sure you take
care of okay so under your settings if you notice your settings down here you
can see it’ll say like you know site title tagline
these are things that you’ll change but basically see your site title like mines
digital marketing for di wires that’s what this is up here okay so this stuff
with time as you do SEO and you optimize your website you’ll probably change this
stuff or it or it won’t even matter okay so no big deal
and then our WordPress addresses will definitely change you know to once we
have our domain name set up now granted we’re doing this live as I’m doing it so
this is this is exactly the same thing you’re gonna go through okay you’re
gonna have a temporary website until everything is set up for you but make
sure you go in and change your email address so you know if you go to
settings you know click on your email and go ahead and check change your email
address so that way in case you forget your password or something you can still
log back in and then down here Bluehost adds a few things you can turn them on
or off if you want update managers to automatically change stuff and also they
have a coming soon page okay make sure you click Save Changes but one the most
important you know and thing you know just one of the biggest things I want
you to really focus on is down here in permalinks okay a lot of times a
wordpress theme will come automatically with plain okay and this is for your URL
structure so if you think of your website com4 slash you know services or
forward slash about four slash contact that’s way easier than question mark p
equals one two three or whatever right that’s extremely hard just like day name
and and mont the name and stuff like that it’s it’s definitely definitely you
know difficult so what i want you to do is go ahead and click on custom name now
if you want to do custom structure you can add categories and things if you
want to do that that’s fine but with post name it’ll make it we’re at some
point it’ll be your domain comm four slash post name so it’ll look like this
right here okay so it’ll for for me for example it could be digital marketing
for di wires comm 4/10 ways to grow your business online through SEO and that’s
what that would look like okay just like it would be you know digital marketing
for di wires com4 slash contact so show you a better example of
this if I go to my website you’ll see four resources for example is Chris
Heidelberg calm for /resources okay and that’s how you can see how it’s so much
easier than you know P one two three question mark P one two or three is
definitely hard so make sure you click on post name Save Changes and that’s
going to help you a lot okay so as we kind of finish some of
this up I want to show you a very important plugin okay
so we’ve been following along we’ve been using this electrician theme and maybe
you’re just like I just don’t like this Chris I I want something different
that’s completely fine I’m gonna show you something that you can do here okay
simply go to plugins and now we’re gonna look for add new and now we’re gonna
show we’re gonna do reset WP and we’re gonna click on this
one here reset WP has like 30 thousand downloads whatever Install Now and then
we’re gonna activate it now what this is gonna do is we’re going to go back to
our default website okay so if you said Chris I downloaded this and I just
simply don’t like it I can’t work with it alright the whole thing just is
horrible right I want to start from scratch no problem that’s what that
plug-in does okay so we’re gonna go and usually it’s found underneath your tools
go to reset WP now it wants us to verify because this is a huge thing we’re
resetting our entire website there’s no coming back from this guy we typed in
what they tell us to typed I reset again are you sure you want do this we can’t
go back yes we’re resetting okay if we go back to our website we see that it’s
brand-new with the demo website that we have okay so if we’re starting from
scratch now we can say okay I want a different WordPress theme well you’re
more than happy to go to Chris Heidelberg comm and if you click on like
blog themes or business themes you can check out some of the ones that that I
truly trust and use for all my clients and students but again you can go back
to appearance and themes and just say you want to go back to this one let’s
activate it again and now if our plugins still here let’s see if it is okay we’ll
activate our plugin okay now let’s go back and look at our library and now
this time we’ll change and we’ll do something different okay so this time
let’s go ahead and do the car repair okay we do we do car
websites and that’s what we’re gonna do okay so now we’re going to install
plugins it’s installing our plugins we’re gonna import this website same
thing it’s going to take a second it’s going to import this and again to salt
demo content so this gives us some kind of like you know connect the dots fill
in the blanks it makes it so much easier for us and it saves us thousands and
thousands of dollars worth of you know web design stuff and again I do this
stuff for a living so I know the industry out there and this is the thing
it’s going to make it so much easier for you guys and so once it’s done we’re
gonna view website and now we’re ready to rock and roll all over again with the
different colors different everything we can click on edit with Elementor you
know we can change the the car we can change the text so we can you know we
care about your car well that’s great so instead of we care about your car
you know most trusted car company you know maybe you sell cars you can do
whatever and then just make sure you update and save and then you’re good to
go that’s how simple it is to reset your website just to and again it’s very
important that this is this wipes out everything okay so if you have content
and stuff it may not be there once your once you do this so this is where you’re
like okay I just want to start from scratch and and start new that’s what
that reset plug-in does so there you go that’s how simple it is
to build a website in 2018 for your business now again this was granted a
very stripped down version because it’s very rough right at the end of the day
it’s your website you’re gonna build it however you want so I can show you how
to build a Barbara website a plumbing website a landscaping website a
restaurant website all these different things but in today your website’s going
to be different right and so I just hope that Dee’s kind of helped you kind of
get an overview of what it takes to build a website in 2018 now granted
again there’s so many variables okay because you know you might want a
specific kind of colors maybe you need a logo created there’s a lot of different
things so I definitely invite you over to my youtube channel you know you can
watch some of the videos I create and also now you know what my website is you
can email me say hey I need help with this or something and I would be honored
to help you so I mean again I’m here to help you okay
and again if you would do me a favor and if you do you know use one of the
references I show you on my resources page any of the web hosting and things
like that I definitely would appreciate it really does help me you know support
what I do here and I really appreciate it so again talking about you know
building a website in 2018 is very simple okay with this video you’ve gone
from not even having a website to having a purpose for your website now you have
you what you want your website to be about to having a domain name to now
having web hosting and now having a website that you can work on you can
make it your own even if you start with your homepage and you start building it
out from there right you can make it whatever you want it to be it’s very
simple very easy and I hope that this video has brought you value and I
definitely appreciate you watching this and no matter what I hope that you find
success online offline and in your life take care you okay so that is the video and I want to
give you a special bonus clip here real quick okay
so I mentioned that I in the beginning of this video that I wanted to give away
two bonuses and one of them is the fact that you can email me you can call me
text me whatever on my website and let me know so Chris I need help with this
or give me some feedback say hey I need help setting up a page or can you give
me some tips on SEO or whatever I’m definitely here for you okay so you’re
not alone don’t ever think that the second thing is is I want to build more
websites and I want to you know give them away I don’t I don’t need to have
50 different websites right and maybe we start out we do one website give away a
month or something like that but I need you know ideas of types of
websites to build and you know I like to work with somebody so I think I’ll do
this on YouTube okay so if you go over to YouTube subscribe to my channel say
Chris you know you know if you find this video for how to build a website in 2018
say Chris I would really like to win a website you know you don’t forget all
crazy and so say some kind of you know your whole life store a new thing but
you know maybe let me know what kind of industry you’re in and you know I’ve
worked with a lot of different ones I’d like to try some challenging ones and
and maybe we just for some reason something clicks and you know I’m
looking to give away these are not sponsored this is completely out of my
pocket it’s nothing crazy this is just me saying hey I like to give away some
websites so maybe you’re like I’m gonna build my own website but I know somebody
who you know is on a shoestring budget maybe they’re a single parent maybe
their grandparent maybe they’re whatever it would be a blessing to them if you
could help them so you know I’m gonna throw in web hosting I need help with
the domain name so obviously you might have a domain name that you that you
know but that’s my you know gift to you so definitely head over to my youtube
channel please subscribe even if you are not interested in winning a domain or
you know a website but you find value in what I do I definitely appreciate so
until next time thank you again so much for watching this video please give me a
thumbs up like follow subscribe whatever you need to do I really appreciate and
thank you and be blessed

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  1. Are you ready to win a website? Post the special Hashtag in the comments below to be entered, then tell me the niche, and why you want a website.

  2. To be honest I was going to ask if you could maybe make a video on davinci resolution because when I edit the video it ends up with some crackling noise in the background. Yet after watching 15 minutes of this video I actually started thinking about what you were saying here. If I was to make a website it would be to help the homeless ( because I was homeless many times in my life). That's another reason why I made my channel because in the future when I start earning money from YouTube I would use it to help the homeless. This video reminded me of why I started my channel thank you for that. (Also going to finish watching this video keep up the good work and have a grand weekend)

  3. Hi Chris. Really enjoyed your course on Udemy. Def 5 stars! Starting a new site in personal development niche, and have someone 'building' it albeit not really in the way I'd hoped. They appear to be a less skilled than I'd thought. Tinkered with Astra/Elementor but using Thrive as I felt it offered more options. Not sure if that disqualifies me from a free website or not LOL. Happy to hear your thoughts.

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