How To Make a WordPress Website with GoDaddy – UPDATED – 2019

Hey, what’s up guys? I’m Greg the founder of and in this video I want to show you how to make a website with GoDaddy well last year We made a website with a go to the domain name web hosting and wordpress and it went great We helped over a thousand people set up a website from scratch which was awesome But then GoDaddy decided to change the way everything looks The screens their registration pages and it confused a bunch of people and they complain So now we’re up to in the video And I’m super excited because it’s been a year a lot of the software’s have changed spins giving us a chance to just step back And realize what kind of a website we want to meet today all right? So enough chitchat get out those laptops bring yourself a cup of coffee. You got whatever it is you like to drink? Let’s hop over to my computer and see what we’re gonna make together Let’s do it So here’s the website that we’re gonna make today from start to finish and as you can see it turned out really beautifully it’s modern and clean and yet nothing fancy and When you use it as a designer. I think you’ll see that it’s simple easy to use and just plain works So I’m going to show you how to create this full screen image gallery slider That goes all the way to the bottom of the page You see these on a lot of websites these days and you can insert as many slides as you want So you get your headline and your sub headline and your call-to-action? Button which will go to a different page on the website we can click that in a second And then if we scroll down we get our featured boxes here So this is where you can write another headline, and then tell people about your business So if you’re a teacher trying to get more students for your course or your online course this could say it like Browse courses sign up and then download the materials and watch the videos and then learn Interact something like that or if you’re an investment firm trying to get new clients This could say like preliminary assessment, and then pick a fund and then invest with our guidance and then grow You get the picture this website is good for all different types of businesses and niches Scrolling down you get this awesome landing page So we’re gonna create a landing page where you can put anything from a picture of yourself or just A little welcome message like we did you can also insert videos here, or if you’re a musician set up your downloads like your Spotify profile or something or your SoundCloud and We’re gonna learn how to get these cute little icons because if other websites use them You know why shouldn’t you be able to and you get thousands and thousands of icons to choose from? So it’s really cool, and we’re also gonna do this sidebar over here So we got to put something in the sidebar in our case. We’ve just got Testimonials from celebrities this one may or may not be real But we also have ones from my youtube channel just from when I’m helping people out every morning over there So we don’t need to wait till the morning to help people on WordPress because WordPress never sleeps, and it’s fun We love helping people here on the channel so the websites gonna be Full of stuff that you could add on WordPress And we’re gonna learn how to add everything you see here without any coding or technology required by the way We’re gonna learn how to add this Facebook like box so people can interact with your Facebook posts right from their sidebar it’s really cool and just basic features like recent post social media buttons a search bar If we’re all the way at the bottom of the site We’re gonna see that. We’ll create a footer for you guys. We’re gonna learn how to insert a video Set up some more testimonials so that your website gets reviews and can gather reviews like Amazon or Ebay and then people see that and want to buy from you and We’re even gonna learn how to edit the copyright so some themes make you pay money to change the copyright which is ridiculous I’m gonna show you how to do that for free So that’s really cool. You can make this site all your own if we click on this button It’ll go to the top and then at the top you’re gonna learn how to insert your own logo here So you can choose a logo and put text or just an icon? This one is just cool because it shows the computer browser with a little clock and abstract clock with the coffee cup And we’re gonna do that without any Photoshop, or design skills required and for free as well Then we of course need a navigation menu So we’ll learn how to create one of those and people can click around and get to your sub pages Learn how to create as many different pages as you want or you can talk about your process What you do your mission statement and so on and so forth? Last but not least we’ll set up a blog page so that you get blog posts and can Talk about your products and your business and use the blog to attract more visitors to your site Because these posts are really good at ranking in Google and if you have just one post it goes viral it can bring a lot of visitors to your entire blog and operation and I’m not sure what comes after last, but not least maybe your lastest if you have any ideas happy to hear them We’re gonna create a Contact Us page where people can reach out to your business They can learn about where your operation is so they can visit you if you have a museum or a training fitness program They can come use your services and they can also send you a little note right here, so we’ll test this when we make it in the video, but it’s all really clean and professional as you can see I Like it, and I hope you do too, and we’re gonna learn how to make it all in just a second We should first talk about our three-step process that we use last year that went over really well with everyone So we’ll talk about the process that you can do and any beginner can follow it to make this website Just like a web designer would we’ve also tested the website in ScreenFlow, which is the mobile responsive test so that you know your website will look good no matter What device people are using it on? And when you make your website you can test it here too, you just need to choose from all the different phone sizes and Then go ahead and see what your content looks like of course we want to enable scrolling and then you can really do a Complete review of your site and make sure it looks good, so what do people have these days the six or seven So that’s pretty cool. I Still have a six, so I don’t know about all that other futuristic nonsense But we have every different kind of testing here And I’ve looked through all of them to make sure that people can access your website No matter what device they’re on no matter. What browser Even if they’re using like a massive Desktop screen that looks like a flat-screen TV Everything’s gonna look really nice, so I think it’s all going to be an amazing experience for you guys And what do we have up here? We have some inspiration So these are real WordPress websites that I looked at to get ideas like the full-screen image here with the call-to-action buttons from Tim We can see Katy Perry has this image slider, which is awesome. Just like ours you can set up as many big full screen high-definition images as you want like this one with the basketball interface and Then you can set up music and videos and merchandise as well. You can sell from this website You can basically set up any sort of layout you want when you use WordPress. It’s really cool So we also have WordPress beginner here, which shows us more notable names and brands that use WordPress We have Star Wars with these really cool layouts. They showcase like blog posts and videos And I’m showing you all these sites just so you know that you can create a website like these Once you use WordPress like we’re gonna Do you really are on a level playing field and this is what you can make there’s no stopping you Zoella has this beautiful site with these cool categories like pumpkin picking pancakes and then uses the full-screen image and Nothing stopping you from making this site because this is just a WordPress website It’s just that she’s an amazing person, but I know you’re an amazing person too and can do all this So whether you want to you know become a wordpress designer for a company like one of these once your skills are perfected Or if you want to use your website to create your own brand like these and make yourself famous like Beyonce Or if you just want to create an amazing website and be some mysterious blogger that no one knows about but runs a really cool Website and makes a ton of income from that site, then you can do that, too so here’s just a couple more examples like Mercedes got the image cider like ours and the search button and the navigation menu in the upper right and the tiny little logo saving space And the list goes on and on and on it’s really awesome, Walt Disney totally awesome and beautiful and like I said you can create any Websites like these if you want to learn how to break them down Or you know see what sort of layouts they’re using I’m happy to help And if you don’t believe me that they’re using WordPress try just putting that little slash Wp-admin after their domain name and you can be really crafty and Confirmed that they’re using WordPress with the WordPress login screen like you’ll get and you can log into every morning once you’re done with this tutorial So that’s really cool. I hope you enjoyed it I wasn’t going to sit here and tell you you’re gonna make the next Apple or Uber or Airbnb or something because those sites don’t use WordPress So I wanted to show you real examples of WordPress sites So you get real inspiration and can actually get down to work and make something just like them Alright, so that concludes our little tour Thanks a lot for joining me on it if that sounds like something that interests you this year I’d be honored to help and I’ll tell you right now that the process we’ll go through is the exact same process that a Professional web developer would do for you if you went out and hired them in your local town over They would charge you thousands upon thousands of dollars, but we’re going to do it for much less because we’re doing it ourselves That process is to one register your domain name that part we obviously need to do so you’ll learn how to start a website from scratch or Build a website if you bought it a minute before and you’re sitting there Then you can just skip ahead tutorial that domain name is an address on the web It’s all we like to look at it, which helps us think of step 2 Which is register web hosting in other words just get a plot of land to put the website on Once we have those two things a address and a plot of land which every website needs We can do step 3 which is to install WordPress on to the plot of land or press this the same software used by major brands a Beyonce Forbes Katy Perry Rolling Stones for Mercedes Walt Disney Bloomberg the list goes on and we’re gonna use WordPress to create your website, just like they do Alright, so to get started open up your web browsers here, and I’m using Google Chrome but if you’re using Firefox Internet Explorer Safari Opera, whatever it’ll work just fine and I like starting off at Google so we can type in G. Oh Dadd and hit enter because we’re gonna use GoDaddy of course This is a GoDaddy website tutorial and click on GoDaddy Alright so here. We are go daddy, and I did already buy the domain name We’re gonna use for our website today in advance Because I like having the perfect domain name for each tutorial and I didn’t want someone else to buy it If you’re like me and you already bought your domain name then open up those video notes below and in the time stamp section click to Step two I’m perceiving there, but we are gonna actually buy a domain name today Just so we actually buy something and so you see the exact buttons and you know all the links you need to click to get The entire process done, so I’ll walk you through really quickly my strategies for picking a domain name right now And then we can actually buy one The first thing I like to buy is my name Com because if you run any business online When someone visits your name com they should see information that you’ve put up about your business or at least Some kind of portfolio website or about main page you don’t want them to see something misleading or Not you So that’s a great place to start if you don’t have a domain name at all and it’s really good for a lot of different Kinds of websites like portfolio is branding wipes. It’s business websites blogs I’ve seen a lot of success with this strategy. You might also want to try just your brand calm So that’s also a good option if you’re selling something or if you’re making a business Or you know a musician or artist, but you definitely don’t want to pay the price of a premium premium domain name That’s probably the biggest number. I’ve ever seen on GoDaddy Or anywhere online of course you can get around it. You know about adding more words. That’s usually an option You just have to play with the domain name a little bit, which leads me to my next strategy which is if you can’t get your name or your brand calm you should try to get your name or brand plus a Keyword that describes what you’re doing like plumbing or finance Or you know tutorials and that’ll usually work Those are usually available the keywords are good because when people look up the stuff you do in Google Having this word physically in your domain name will Get you more traffic because people are going to want to toriel’s that way when people look up what you do They’re gonna be more likely to find your site Additionally if at all possible I recommend you try to buy the dot-com because two reasons it’s the most recognizable when people think of your brand like Facebook or YouTube or Netflix and want to find it they’re gonna type in Facebook or YouTube or Netflix com usually it won’t hurt your brand’s ranking in Google or any of those techie aspects if you get any of the other Extensions like org or dotnet, but you just want to consider how it looks to everyone and maybe avoid things like that online or Adop biz if you can because we’re still not that familiar with them Additionally the coms are by far the most valuable if you ever want to sell your website and still main name I want you to have the most valuable domain name and stand to make the largest profit not saying it’ll happen But it certainly does from time to time and I want you to be building your content on the most valuable domain Impossible of course just get one domain name for now you don’t need to protect your name with these domains It’s honestly just a way for GoDaddy to make more money so enough chitchat, let’s move forward and actually register a domain name that does it for domain name strategies But feel free to ask me more in the car now in the case of the real website. We make today I want to explain how to make a website in four minutes So I already bought the 4-minute website com it’s a real process and a real service and a real community What will make a website quickly and show all the steps and processes? involved To get that end product which is a website Of course it might be smart to get some of the related domain names Just in case someone tries to rip off RTL later on so just for the heck of it. I’m gonna buy six-minute website Calm but we’ll do all our building on 4-minute website Calm so once you’re happy with your domain name all you need to do is come over and click Add to Cart GoDaddy will verify its availability and then say added now just click continue to cart On this page make sure to select no, thanks We can always add those protection things later on but they’re really just additional costs, and we’re operating on a budget here and then make sure this says no, thanks and continue with these options Next we want to change our term period from five years to just one year I think that’ll be enough for now and it’ll definitely reduce the price make sure this protection thing is all Although it is totally up to you if you want to protect your domains privacy and pay the extra amount of money for it I just don’t typically do that great now I do a quick scroll down and make sure that all the additional services are gone and you’re just paying for your domain name Eight dollars and forty cents is a very reasonable price however I want to try to get it as low as possible for us, so let’s click. Have a promo code I believe in last year’s tutorial we entered in CJC FW 30 off so we’ll try that again and click apply Didn’t work because it’s a year old and usually they only let you use a coupon once So if you want to get that coupon lower try a coupon site like RetailMeNot Or if you get emails from GoDaddy you open up here at gmail inbox and look up GoDaddy. Sorry for the mess And beneath GoDaddy emails. It’ll show you a little coupon usually Where is it? Of course this one doesn’t have one? Let’s look up GoDaddy discount And you can scroll down Here we go so sometimes beneath GoDaddy emails. They’ll say use promo code Blah blah blah in your cart for a nice discount like 40% off would be great so you can even use this one I won’t use it today It’s FBF HPG 40 B. And then just try to pop it in and save some money lastly on the screen I will tell you that if you choose two years you’ll get a cheaper cost than you would in the second year because The cost of a domain name is a standard $15, and if you pay the one year price You’ll get the eight forty seven or whatever the discount is and the next year you’ll pay $15 however if you pay for two years upfront you might get that discount applied to both years if we tried Three years, it’s going to be even cheaper in the long run, so The decision you’ll have to make is probably just one versus two years So you can pay for two years up front at sixteen ninety four which is just eight forty seven x two Or you could pay for one year Which is eight forty seven and then in the second year you’ll most likely pay fifteen dollars price difference there it would be eight forty seven plus 15 Minus Sixteen Ninety four So it looks like at this point. You’d save about six dollars of 53 cents over the course of two years now I’m no math genius, but six dollars and 53 cents is not bad It’s all more money in your pocket so it’s something to consider But I’m fine with this one year registration for now So I’m just gonna move on if you haven’t set up a GoDaddy account yet, you’re gonna want to click or register Like so and then you can set up a new account you could also continue with Facebook Which is really fast and easy? After you go through this process then click create account and you’ll get to the next screen that we’re gonna See, I’m just gonna click sign in real quick So here we are on the GoDaddy order confirmation screen Just make sure you’re only paying for your domain name for the desired term period make sure there’s nothing extra sitting at the bottom of your cart here Then you’re gonna have to enter in your billing information Just like you would for any online purchase like it Apple eBay Amazon or something like that Already have my credit card in here though. So it’s really easy once you click complete purchase You’ll take your domain name off the market You’ll be the only person who owns it and everyone else can come and visit and see how great it is Big congratulations if it’s your first domain name ever and if you want to click complete purchase together Let’s do it on three two one click alright three two one click Alright they said thank you for your orders. It looks like it went through We don’t want to do this stuff though cuz I’m gonna show you how to make a website And Plus this isn’t like a real website It’s just like one of the tools that they give you so let’s just click skip and manage domains Alright so here. We are on our list of all your domains It’s looking pretty good If you just have one domain name, that’s really easy then Alright, so now is a good time to take a little tour of GoDaddy and talk about what we’re gonna use them for and what we’re not gonna use them for So we’re gonna use them for managing our domains with this nice list and every time you buy a new domain It will come in here In a little bit in the tutorial a little bit later We’re gonna click on these three dots to edit the settings of the domain name and that just helps you Point the domain to a certain place so when people visit it they go to wherever you want So gives you control over the domain You don’t want to click on use my domain though because that takes you down the road of using Go Daddy’s premade tools And then you end up having to store everything at go So if we go to the upper nab we can see we can buy and sell here DNS is just the same as this little three dots And there’s some nice settings Never click there though, and I’ve never actually clicked help either, but just so you know they’re there The main section comes when you click on your name So this is like the real meat and potatoes You can click my products Which will take you to a different Display of domains and this gives you the option to buy other things from GoDaddy So this is like everything from a you know larger view and then you can click manage all to get back to that list of just the domains If we click on our name again, we can also click account settings In this section you can change your name number currency address so on so forth You might have someone work on a website for you and need to give them your PIN so you could look at that here or change it and From this section you can also click on my products And you’ll get back to this screen Alright guys, so you just registered your domain name You’re super excited to build the website and I wanted to check in and say congrats and Introduce you to the next step alright so the tutorial is actually gonna step away from GoDaddy now And we’re gonna learn how to pick our own web host all right so wall It’s jump Lea right so while GoDaddy offers web hosting It’s advised but a lot of people to get your web hosting and your domain name at different places And I’ll leave you an article on why that’s important below in the comments I’m a big guy, but the gist of it is that you want to have more control You don’t want to just get your web posting at a place because you got your domain there Because you might get sick of it altogether and just feel like you’re stuck now in the last year’s tutorial I gave example of the pizza place, so let’s say everyone goes up for burgers but one person wants pizza and The burger place happens to have pizza on the menu like at Burger King or maybe it’s connected to a Pizza Hut or something You gotta ask yourself whether you’re gonna like that pizza that just happens to be on the menu in other words that? Hosting that just happens to be on GoDaddy’s menu If you’re gonna like that or if you’re gonna like the product more if you drive your car down the road to a good pizza joint and Get a fresh pie there You know which is gonna be the better result in the long run, and I have another analogy this year Which is that? You don’t want to live where you work so sometimes like when I lived in New York? I was just living there because I worked there and it just felt convenient It was like I didn’t have a choice in the matter. I was just like living close to work. You know I was just like hosting right where I had my domain name You don’t necessarily want to do that long term If you can you want to live somewhere like in the mountains or by the lake or out in the suburbs? someone relaxing where you can create your work and Set up a website and do it for a living and just walk outside and enjoy the environment That’s what it feels like to me to host a website Somewhere other than where I host my domain name. It’s just less hectic. There’s more Freedom and there’s less you know crazy stuff going on go down is a great place I’ve used their services for both like I’ve used Go Daddy’s hosting on client projects and it’s Pretty limited they just get the job done. I’m also use Hostgator the web posts We’re going to use today on many projects for you know several years and they offer a lot more They give you tons of free tools the layout is always really modern, and it’s easy to find stuff They in fact let you install WordPress in I think three different ways which are all Equally good and all install the same version of WordPress, it’s just a matter You know how you want to do it whereas GoDaddy just offers in one way So you really want to place the caters to your needs and lets you relax? Create your work in a nice peaceful setting and is away from all the madness of a domain name registrar And that’s why I want to help you pick your own web host also the prices for twelve months worth of web hosting are Marginally better at Hostgator than they are GoDaddy. It’s just a couple pennies Which not a big deal, but then again save up those pennies by bit come with them You can become a millionaire someday, so you never know overall I just want to give you the ability to choose a web host which is different from your domain name registrar So that you can choose the best place for your needs um I guess that just happens to be Hostgator, but if you go with it different web Host this step should be roughly the same, and I obviously still hope you can follow along just fine alright So that said let’s go ahead and let’s take that scary step and register, bypass – let’s do it Also if we visit the website we just registered in a new tab it’s gonna show up blank Aka the white site or maybe you’ll get an advertisement here Which is even worse if you don’t have hosting you’re gonna get the white site And if people see this like your friends and family see it. They might know that you’re building a website which is fine They’ll come back later, but if your customers and visitors from Google for example see this It’s very bad because they’re gonna think your site’s down Or you don’t know what you’re doing so no hosting equals white site equals bad What we need to do now is quickly set up our web hosting so we can put WordPress here And we’re gonna do that in the quickest and most affordable way possible so that we can get your most basic Information posted here online, and then eventually make it beautiful alright, so let’s do it and I have no clue where this estimated value column came from But that’s kinda cool So to get started with your web hosting and then setup WordPress or with no coding or anything like that Just bring your mouse up to the URL bar and type in Hostgator calm that’s Host:2 are calm and hit enter So why use Hostgator Hostgator is one of tons of different companies that focus on web hosting I just happen to use them for all my blogs and websites for clients personally use Etc etc and you really could use any number of different sites But Hostgator has some of the best prices and when it comes to support they have consistently the best live chat feature you can click live chat and upper right and Open up a little sort of aim like an updated aimed chat window and use red in your name They use your name your password and your type of hosting package And then they consistently get the quickest best and most friendly support It’s a little actually like login to your site for you and fix things. They’re outdated or broken or whatever you need to work on They also invest a ton of money in providing new web hosting tools like cloud hosting wordpress hosting VPS hosting dedicated hosting So that you know they’re a good place to start and a good place to grow up with In my case I started with the web hosting package and I still manage the blogs did I used to make a living? With this simple web hosting package so you know five six seven years later Haven’t even needed to upgrade okay, so let’s cut to the chase and set up our wordpress website You can either click get started now, or just click web hosting Now you’re gonna See the three most basic and cheapest plans at hostgator The cheapest one is the hatchling and this is great for one domain name The only difference between the hatchling and the baby is the baby lets you run multiple domain names like your parents website your friends website you know the pizza place down the street website and so on and so forth and The business plan is just too many features for us right now this would be if you’re on like a corporate budget But we don’t need a business right now So it’s between the hatchling and the baby and just cuz I went with hatchling when I first signed up for my first site Let’s choose hatchling this feels good right now, and I eventually upgraded to baby So you can of course do that at any time through of course the live chat? Do it for you if you want you can also click? How do we stack up against the competition and They’ll give you like a nice little pricing comparison and all the other features compared to other competitors and you know hosting is pretty competitive so They have to really throw down But for now let’s move forward and click sign up on hatchling All right now you’re in the hostgator order form you’re doing a great job And the first step is to enter in your domain name that we got from GoDaddy But just kidding we actually want to put that in I already own this domain and That way we will not register it with Hostgator because we don’t want to pay Hostgator for the domain name Tip all right Next make sure just the dot-com is checked all right. We don’t want to get sold on any other domain names right now And come on down to step 2 in step 2 it’s time to make sure you have the right package type So we want hatchling which is again the cheapest most basic plan to set up WordPress For billing cycle, I’m gonna bring it to 12 months however because 1 year is really enough time to try out the website and see if you can make some money from it and Then not have to think about renewal or anything. I like that 12 month cycle, but of course It’s up to you You will notice that discounts start at 12 months though, so I think it’s also a good place to start see that percentage off number Now just enter in a username of your choice And a security pin alright, so Make those nice and secure Come down and in step three you’re gonna want to enter in your billing info Just like you would for any online purchase like Amazon eBay you know Netflix anything like that and you can choose credit card or PayPal whatever you’re more comfortable with I Like going with credit card so I get the points Now scroll down and where it says add additional services it’s actually time to uh Nadd them so don’t use these additional services because you can add them later on through live chat and We’re on a budget speaking of budgets Let’s move to step five now where we can save a greater amount just by entering my coupon code in right here So that’s gonna be big bonus And once you enter it in you could enter it in with caps or not. It’s not case-sensitive This looks good though, and you can just click validate and watch that discount here go up the green discount number All right awesome so entering in big bonus will save you 50% Which is the biggest discount available now at hostgator? Hope that really helps you I’m gonna explain these numbers here in a moment, but just know that that coupon is my coupon so if you use this coupon I’ll earn a small credit from Hostgator at no cost to you Which really helps me keep making free videos and that way I don’t have to You know make people pay to take the videos as an online course, or I don’t have to put You know YouTube advertisements on top of them So pretty cool with that in there. We can look at step 6 which is review order details so we get the Support which is of course free Account activation which is free. I don’t know if that means it just means they set up your account for you Money-back guarantee, so you have 45 days if you don’t like this purchase Or if you don’t want to go forward with WordPress, just let them know and they’ll give you your money back and then hatchling plan 12 months perfect for 50% off That would originally be about you know whatever. This is like whatever 107 is divided by 12, but now it’s just 50 370 which comes out to under $5 a month, so like less than one lunch per month Or you know one lunch at the deli That you skip and instead you know make yourself a nice sandwich and soup and some chips at home instead Alright so subtotal. Yep. We don’t have to look at that because we have the discount and the amount due is the official total and There you go, so it’s pretty cool. I hope you enjoy this I know I mentioned the Hostgator has some of the best prices But I can’t think of any other web post it has better prices at the moment I’ve used a bunch of different ones for different web development projects so You have my confidence that this is the best price around and I hope you really like their services because I know I do too Alright, so I think everything is looking good Especially when you consider that if you hired a professional web developer in your local town to do this They would charge you hundreds upon hundreds of dollars and probably add this hosting cost in there and make you pay for it, too So when you think of that you really save a lot doing it yourself, and that’s all really awesome. All right So congrats on getting this far Let me know any questions or doubts you still have in the comments But I’m ready to move forward So I’m just gonna check this box saying I’ve read the Terms of blah blah blah, and we can do this part together Which we did it go daddy so on Three two one click will check out now ready three two one Congratulations and welcome to the Hostgator family when you see this screen it’s now time to check our inboxes and we can come play around in the hostgator customer portal later on Back in your email inbox you should see two new emails from Hostgator, which are very important And you never ever want to delete the one we want to open up first is from sales And when you open this email you should see two pieces of information called first name server and second name server That we’re going to use to connect your domain name to your hosting and it is absolutely necessary You need to write in your name servers from wherever you host your site in wherever you? Register your domain name to connect everything and make it work quickly and flawlessly so Let’s open up GoDaddy Now it’s time to click on our name like we talked about and then click manage domains You might need to log in again, that’s fine Now we’ll just choose the domain name We want to use so I want to use 4minute website this time even though we got 6-minute website Just because you know Four comes before six, and if you can do it in a shorter amount of time why not? This will be for a future tutorial a little foreshadowing so we’re just going to scroll down and Click on managed DNS right here and then in managed DNS you’re gonna see name servers, and you want to click Change and Then your should say default so you’re gonna want to switch it from default to custom and Then whatever it says in name server 1 right here you’re gonna Delete it and you’re gonna write in the first name server from Hostgator So I like writing it just so I know like exactly what it says It’s just NS 119 dot, and I know those were already in there. I’m just going through it so you get all the steps and Then the second one NS 120 Dot, so yours will be different numbers But it should take the form of It just might be a different number right here Make sure the first one is at the top and the second one is at the bottom And once you’re done, and you’ve made sure that they look, just like they should from your email then click Save All right now It’s gonna take a little bit of time for your domain name to connect to your hosting because propagation is going on during this time Servers are updating around the web and telling everyone hey You know Bill or Jane or Babur Sally made a new website, so we’re gonna You know show it up on their domain name, and it’s gonna go to Hostgator And this is what we got to do with it and that process can take up to 72 hours to fully complete It’s usually a lot less for me it only takes about 2 or 3 hours and it should be a short time period if you’re in a Busy city with servers that are updating quickly, but there’s good news. We’ve now successfully completed step 2.1 and connects to our domain name to our hosting and We have work to do which is step 3 install WordPress, and we can do that step right away, so let’s do it Come back to your email and to begin installing WordPress. We just need to log into our hostgator customer portal So let’s go Back and open up that billing email And you’re gonna get this nice link that’ll say something like hostgator billing portal or hostgator customer portal They’re the same thing and I still password so we’re gonna use this information to log in and install WordPress alright So let’s copy the password Remember your email address shouldn’t be too hard and click on this link right here Alright we’re logging into Hostgator here for the first time probably Click login All right those guys probably updated everything and made it nice and pretty for us So on this front page you can see your account summary and like all the packages you have a lot of different packages And we just want to click on hosting right here If you have any questions about the services or icons or what everything does just let me know I’ve tried out almost everything by now But right now we just want to move forward And we want to install WordPress so scroll down and just bring your mouse to where it says launch quick install and click that Alright once you launch quick install its gonna Give you some options for site builders and CMS’s and we want to choose WordPress a customizable template based on solution Used by well, I can’t read, but it’s the free one This screen is really easy. It’s just gonna say the latest version of WordPress here So I’m probably backdating myself because yours will be a higher version which is awesome and all we need to do is just select domain for installation so click on this drop down and You’re gonna want to find your website, so we can see I’ve been quite the busy bee with making domains and websites over the years There we go Now just leave this directory box completely blank and click Next and we’re not gonna let it pro. Do it for us We’re not gonna fall for that because this is really easy and we’re gonna save these costs by doing it ourselves So just click Next on This screen it’s all so easy to just type in a blog title Which you can change later on? Admin user which you cannot change so make this something serious that you’re gonna want to like seeing every day like your first name Then write in your first name and your last name and your admin email All right, so this is information. That’s going to be set up at wordpress for us by hostgator You’re gonna be Greg or whatever you write in right here at WordPress Now just check this box to agree to Terms of Service and it’s time to do the first install of WordPress for a lot of us so we should definitely do this one together and Get ready because you’re gonna have to know a ton of code and techie stuff and like JavaScript, and all just kidding. You don’t have to know any of that. That’s what this buttons for it does it for us, so On three will do it ready three two one click three two one click Congratulations everyone installation complete meaning nothing broke and you’re gonna. Be really excited and want to click on this link but don’t do that yet because it’s gonna make this screen go away and What I need to tell you is it can take an hour or so for your wordpress files to settle into place So what I like doing is just going for a hike you know getting a snack Taking a little break right now and then coming back, so I’m gonna do that I’m gonna come back in an hour But first I want to click view my installs and change our password So let’s do that If you saw before the wordpress password was like long and really goofy So now we can just scroll to our site, and we’re gonna click reset password Now select yourself and enter in a new password, which works for you, and we’ll click update password Alright don’t hack my sites Great job also in the meanwhile. You should get an email from WordPress saying that your installation was complete at the Hostgator marketplace So that’s really cool congratulations again, and this is where I’m gonna leave you guys and go on my nice little hike here And then we’re gonna make a wordpress website and create a blog and set up a website with all sorts of amazing content So can’t wait. I’ll see you soon All right, I hope everyone had a good break. We’re now back and we’re done with step three because it says install complete So let’s check out WordPress and see if it was successfully installed onto our new domain and hosting And to do that we just need to click this admin URL right here All right, we’re press loaded just fine, and we have our login screen so we can use our username and the password that we created right before our break if you remember we changed our password and We’ll click remember me And we’ll also click bookmark in the upper right so that we don’t have to type in that WordPress login screen But if you do need to type it in it’s just your domain Forward slash and then you’d write it in like this. I’ll show you For a minute website is mine calm After the calm or whatever yours is right the forward slash, then I write WP admin So if you get logged out, and you need to get back to the dashboard to make changes That’s what you write when you click it it Takes to the login screen. That’s how we all do it all right, so let’s login Welcome to WordPress if this is your very first time and no we don’t need help, so you can click this link I’m pretty sure that just recommends like different themes to use But we’ve already picked out all that so follow me and I’ll teach you everything about WordPress and give you a little tour right now So first we just want to clean up the little promotions here, so like WordPress Help is a pretty big industry, and they want to help us, but they also want to charge us So we’re gonna close all this stuff Just close anything that I close And we’re gonna close this one And Great all right, so this is the welcome to WordPress message from WordPress themselves we’ll keep this one we can easily get around with the navigation links and You can drag and drop things on your dashboard if you want to read about WordPress news or you want to learn about plugins You can keep certain things here or if you want to like always know exactly how many post pages and comments you have this one’s a good one or you can write a quick draft of a Post if you just have a really great idea you want to get it on virtual paper and save draft That’s good, but honestly I don’t spend much time looking at this screen Where most of the fun goes on in WordPress and where they want you to go for most of the editing is? In appearance if you hover on appearance with me and click customize So nearly all themes and wordpress designers are putting everything in this section and Right here, you can change things like your logo Colors of your site And a lot of other great stuff too if you get something like a premium theme you might have theme options and those might be Over here somewhere with your own little like theme options logo from the theme developer But I think we could also see that there’s theme options Right here, so this is a really great place to do your work All right, let’s go back in X out That said if you want to look at the front end of your site How your readers will see it and how your audience sees it just click on your site title in the upper left? Or you can hover up here and click visit site. They’ll do the same thing So that takes you to the front end as we call it in WordPress land. This is how your site looks now to the world It’s wearing the standard WordPress 2017 theme made by WordPress And we know that based on the baby cactus and all the layout and all we’ve seen this theme a lot because all new wordpress installs this year come with it almost all of them and You can click that button again to go back to the dashboard and make some edits if you click on users on the lower left you’ll see yourself right here, and if you don’t have a picture you can open up your name and Then you’re gonna want to connect Gravatar, so it says you can change your profile picture on Gravatar, and then it’ll show up here So just click that link if you want a picture all the directions and we can also click plugins, so now you have access to Thousands upon thousands of free WordPress plugins you just need to click add new Really cool and Yet, you can just search them right here like Facebook like box and Go ahead, and add you know whatever you want to your site. I would recommend running it by Billy’s Google or running it by me before you add a plugin and There will always be a set of popular or best plug-ins for whatever you’re trying to do So pretty cool while we’re in plugins Let’s finish our tour and let’s just start actually building my site all right so follow me back to plugins And Our very first step is going to be deleting some of the pre-made plugins here, so we all start on the same page These are all free plugins and you can always get them back through that add new screen We’re just on alright, but they do take up space and we don’t want solve them right now, so Let’s go down the list we’re gonna activate back is met because that protects spam Next we are gonna deactivate Google Analytics because You just check an option here because I’m gonna show you how to set that up manually which is the better option? Alright and Hello, Dolly that one is already activated jetpack by Marketplace, so we’re gonna deactivate Optinmonster deactivate and w farms Lite deactivated Okay, so It’s nice that it comes with these plugins But we don’t need them now and like I said it takes up space on your site and with too many plugins things can load Slower so to officially get rid of them. We actually need to hit delete you can’t delete Okay, or better yet. We can just do a bulk delete, so let’s check this box in the upper left and remove back isn’t it cuz we want that one and Then just go to bulk actions delete Apply, and it was app although. I’m gonna click OK Good job now. Let’s click plugins to refresh the page, and we’re all on the same page with our one beautiful little spam protecting plugin Next let’s change the theme of your website, so like I said right now if we click to the front-end I Am like I said our site is running the WordPress 2017 theme, which is cool and works and runs well and all Pub has a lot of other sites use it, and we want our site to run great and standout So we’re gonna change it before we build too much content and rely on how everything is here, or gonna change the initial look So come back to the dashboard and click on appearance and When you do that. You’ll be taken to the themes library so our site has three themes Uploaded into it right now 2017 2015 and 2016 the super popular WordPress themes But we want to look unique, so we’ll click add new theme right here Alright, so now you have the power of WordPress themes at your fingertips feel free to try out any of these themes you can just Click to open them and Then you can click the blue button to install them Alright, so you might find some cool ideas We can exit right here and go back to the theme library, but in the interest of time I know of a really good theme for businesses and that’s what we’re creating we’re gonna make a business website with WordPress for any sort of online business you setup and So I know the name of it we can just search it, and it’s just called clean business And you don’t even need to hit anything it’ll just be found automatically through WordPress And of course WordPress is gonna tempt us with other themes that we don’t even know of yet. Look incredibly gorgeous But we’re gonna stick to the plan and we’re gonna go with clean business So we can just click the blue install button This theme is also made by catch themes who made the theme for our 2017 GoDaddy website tutorial so we know they’re really good and hit activate Catch themes really great folks alright, and now we can click this nice little visit site link And we’ll see that our site looks pretty different All right, it looks really simple And you know okay, but we have to actually setup the theme now So I want to show you how to setup the demo content so that your site has something up And it looks better, and then we’re gonna basically replace it with all of our own content Alright, so you might have guessed. We’re gonna go to customize now, which is our favorite little designing area so click customize Very good, and now we have more options than before because we just installed a new theme and First off. I want to come down to Featured slider right here And this part is really easy just click. I’m disabled to homepage front page Alright and just like that you have this beautiful stock image slider Click publish to save changes Very nice And you can scroll down and you get this preview so you can see what the site looks like while you’re editing it That’s one reason we love customize All right now. We can go back and you can click on featured content and click featured content options and Make that one instead of disabled make it homepage front page And now on a scroll down we get the featured content Alright, so that was pretty easy wasn’t it guys And we can just change it up if we want you can make it four columns keep it for and When we make our own stuff we’re going to change it to featured page content But for now we want to keep the demo featured content Just so it looks good right away All right very cool, we can publish that Now let’s go back back to the main level and let’s check Site identity, let’s see what’s there? So inside identity we can change our site title And we can change the tagline and you can choose what shows up all right, so if you change for minute website like My cool site that’ll change right here Of course I don’t want to change that but you might want you Already have the name right and then tagline will show up for some themes But this theme doesn’t use it because we’re keeping it clean And that’s good because we’re gonna actually use a logo here eventually And we won’t need any of this stuff all right now. We can go back and make sure to publish before you leave We can also click widgets now right here, and we can change what’s in your sidebar? So it usually looks like a standard old blog to have these default pieces of content in there, but if you click widgets Primary sidebar Then we can delete this default content So we want to remove Comments just click to open want to remove archives click to open remove Click to open categories remove because we don’t have this content yet if we had like a ton of comments we would show it off of course, but we don’t not quite yet and We’ll keep recent post there because we’re gonna make some blog post soon publish Very good, and so we’re all done in customized. I just want you to create a page now, so Let’s go back and X out and we are going to create a page which goes right here So that instead of your blog posts people will see a custom page with messages about your business You know whether you’re a fitness center, or a church or a bakery you want a welcome screen right here And that’s the most professional design these days And then we’re gonna put our blog in a different little corner of the website that people can visit and read if they want All right so to set up a new page, which can also be your home page Come up to the top navigation hover on new and click page Alright very nice now whatever we enter in the title box at the top will show up on our home page So we want to write something welcoming or descriptive about the site in my case I’m gonna go with descriptive and write your website checklist every step broken down and that’s because This website is gonna serve as a tutorial headquarters For people who want to make a website, that’s my product the websites It’s going to give you this little permalink here Which is the URL? You’ll share if you want to share your Post or your page with someone and now we can bring our mouse down to the main writing area And let’s just write a little welcome note And just sign it one little trick is if you want to put the line of text right beneath instead of having that big space just hit shift enter and publish Great job at the same time. I want to add one more new page, which is going to be our blog page So we’re gonna move our blog post to this page. It’ll make sense in a second. Just follow me and click add new Write in blog or my blog or whatever you want to call it and click publish All right now if we visit our site We won’t see any changes We still have the blog post here, and we want to put that custom page with a nice welcoming message right here So to change the home page layout so it shows a page you just need to go back to the dashboard Click on settings and then Click on reading and Change it from your home page displays your latest posts to a static page and then select home page the page We just made or whatever yours is called Sometimes people just call it front page whatever you want and then post page. We’re gonna change it to blog perfect If still doesn’t make sense it will in a second. Just Save Changes and What we did is told WordPress that on the home page, which is whatever people see when they visit your domain name it should show this page and The post page is this page so if we click back Well we’ve done is we put this custom page right here on our home page and all of the posts have now jumped over to this blog page we can get there in the upper navigation and we see our blog post now live here and Every new blog post you write will also live here pretty cool Great job so while we’re on the topic of our blog I figured why not write out a few blog posts Because I know that that first step you want to take on your new WordPress website slash blog because it really does start as a blog was just to get writing and to try to get some comments and likes and Chat with your blog post and put your thoughts down. It’s okay That’s what I want to do too when I started my first WordPress blog And I want to give you a few strategies so that you can structure your first three Let’s say blog posts for the best result possible in terms of traffic and interaction Alright, so to start writing. We want to either go to new post, but I can actually take you back to the dashboard And we’re just gonna click on posts right there, so we can see what we got Alright, so we just have this introductory post and it’s really cute, but we got to trash it Because we don’t want people to know that we’re like blatantly a wordpress blog We just want to Use WordPress to create an amazing website, okay, now. Let’s click add new Alright, and we have our blank post editor. It looks a lot like pages however the difference between the posts and the pages is that posts show up in different places usually in a list and The images can look a little bit different the featured images And they might have a few more settings down below posts are meant to be pieces of content that you update frequently and add to and create lots and lots of lots of While pages are meant to be static content where you create it once and it sort of lasts forever That’s just how WordPress designed it and If you look at it that way it kind of helps you rank posts and pages in Google and say the right sort of things I’m gonna give you three posts right now and in order to start the posts. We need an image to sort of picture No pun intended what we’re going to say in the post all right so to get our images We’re gonna download all of them right now for the tutorial I want you to open the read more link beneath the video on YouTube I Have an example right here. It’s just gonna look like sorry show more Show more I should know that by now click show more and then where it says download images. Just click on the link and then click Save Very good now. I’m gonna open up my finder, and we’re gonna see that we just downloaded this Images folder somewhere you’re probably on my hard drive there it is So website images dot zip is what you’ll get you Just need to double click it To unzip it and it’ll just say website images one for you I’ve just done it twice and then you double click and open it and now you get the images that are on the Website that we’re gonna make so what we saw in the introduction. These are all the images I can give you that will create that website, so we have some really cool stock images from that you can use for any sort of blog post they should apply across many industries Our slider images and everything is labeled of course alright so right now. We’re going to use our blog post images Again, I got these for free on if you want to get them too. Just go to pixabay It’ll take you to the home page and Just search for a keyword like bridge And you’ll get all sorts of really cool and water and futuristic images You just need to create a free account then you can do the free download and choose a big-sized So it looks good on your website Alright, so writing our first post is really easy We just need to start with that featured image because it lets us picture what we’re gonna say so in the lower right click set featured image Then click select files Now we’re going to open up the website images folder which is in our 3 TB hard drive Open that up and the first one is going to be the blog post one nicely labeled of the hot-air balloon So we’re gonna open it Now it’s on our site and click set featured image All right now. You won’t see that in the post it will just be above the post I’ll show you in a second once. We’re done writing the blog post So we need a title in mind and the first strategy. I like using on a new blog I start a lot of blogs is just to say Welcome to and then whatever your blog is called so the 4minute website and then something you know a little bit different, so we’re gonna say rising above the pack Because we are trying to provide better tutorials and better demos than the other guys I don’t know anyone who makes a tutorial every day for free just saying and Also, you know you’re rising above the pack by starting your blog. You know whatever niche You are and we want to inspire readers right away, and and let them know that we’re gonna do things better than everyone else We can brag because we’re all just here together right, but don’t tell our competitors about this all right now We need to write out an amazing blog post But we don’t exactly have time to do all that so I’m going to visit pantip some Where we can get some amazing? Demo texts you can choose whatever context you’re looking for Like compound words or common misspellings or coffee Which would be pretty appropriate so maybe you can choose both of them and then click generate ipsum And it’ll get us this nice demo text For free of course let me come back and Don’t hate me for not having enough time to write out every blog post because this actually takes me about six hours per post and That you see on my blog dear bloggers And I don’t think we have six hours here for anyone to sit through That said I will tell you that a good way of structuring a blog post is To start with a problem, so you address like you know what’s wrong in your niche your environment And then you make the problem seem really terrible that’s up to and then you provide a solution to the problem and Then you provide Some proof that you know talking about and the end you write in a call to action That’s called direct response copywriting. That’s what a lot of blogs that have gotten a lot of traffic and comments over the years use and I only know a few of you will listen to that so I Hope it helps you guys You can of course use the post editor to change everything you want here You can easily create links by clicking on this chain link and then typing in the link, or you can just copy paste it in Very cool, you can create headers easily as well just Separate your text click paragraph and choose heading to is how I like to do my headers And of course you can bold and italics whatever you want to do you can also create lists from your post And a lot of these tools are very similar to Microsoft Word Which I hope a lot of you have used to get the full set of tools click toggle tool bar to order bar Highlight your words and click on the bulleted or the numbered list really easy to create a quote Section off some text highlight the text and click on the code icons Now you’ll get a block quote with whatever style our theme has deemed necessary And last but not least you can add an image to a block of text just by Putting your cursor where you want the image like maybe right here at the start of colonization click add media Now just find the image you want so, maybe we’ll click upload files select files And we’ll get a nice image from our folder here So we can get the about one of me if we want When you upload an image directly into a post you can get the attachment display settings on the right So you can choose which way it floats like left or right? So in our case right is pretty good You can link this image to something like a custom URL. If you may be making a button or an Advertisement or something like that and you can choose the size the image usually come with large now click insert into post And what you want to do if it doesn’t look good. It doesn’t look good at all. It’s just click it and Drag it in like that and now you can size your image Perfectly you can also add a caption by clicking on it clicking the pencil icon and writing in a caption And click an update Alright so that is the basics behind making a new post it’s always good to click a category, too When you categorize your posts, it makes them more findable by Google as well as by your readers so we can make these updates as well as how to start a blog because that’s what we’re talking about maybe even also how to Make a website Add a new category, but you could write category It’s like nature or fitness or weight lifting tags on the other hand are more specific so if your categories are desserts your tags are Brownies cookies chocolate pumpkin pie you know you name it Once you’re happy with your post just click publish I hope that was a decent demo of the WordPress post editor and Finally you can click a view post to see what you created Alright, and you’ll see your beautiful content as It sits we already have comments enabled So that’s really cool. If you don’t see the featured images above your posts. We just need to click customize and now click theme options and then click layout options and change the single page post image layout to the clean business featured option 728 by 410 and click publish and now you’ll get your featured image right there And of course it follows along with our title we’re rising above the pack like hot-air balloons All right congrats on your first post let’s close out of here and let’s add two more posts to the blog so we have three like we promised we can just hover on new and click post and Like we started before click set featured image upload files select files the second one is blog post to Amsterdam at night, we’ll click open and I hope these images again are applicable to any niche that you choose There are some of my favorite images from pixabay set featured image and You should be good to go to write this new post I can just Use some demo content again remember what we talked about about direct response copywriting, but that’s the last time I’ll remind you because it’s a valuable piece of information Your post number 2 should be something controversial that shakes up your niche, and I really do mean this stuff I’m not just making these strategies up out of nowhere. They’ve worked well over time for me of course So this one is gonna be called Why writing at night with a good view produces better quality content cool Shaking it up Now we just need to choose the category. It’s like how to start a blog how to make a website maybe one more category of writing great content Very good click add new And now we’re all set to publish So now this post would rank in Google for things like writing at night or Quality content, maybe you get the picture. Let’s click add new one more time and make our third post which according to our strategies should be an ultimate guide, so this post is gonna be What will get the featured image first just to be consistent click set featured image upload files select files Now we’re gonna choose blog post three camera laptop. You can also double click it And click set featured image, and this post is going to be called the ultimate guide to taking Photos for Your blog Perfectly evergreen people are always gonna want to take photos for your blog And if you do a great job of this post and do a better job of other people that are writing about it this post Will rank in Google over time and bring your blog a ton of traffic and success We just need one more new category which could be Photography along with how to start a blog see you can see how blending categories really does describe your post accurately and Now we’ll just click publish Alright guys, so your blog is now looking great You have three new posts, and you know what types of posts to write if you click view post and then click blog We can see we have a nice little stack of blog post here for our writers to consume our readers to consume rather When they’re spending their afternoons reading your blog? All right, there’s one piece of the blog post that I don’t like I like almost everything But if we click on the links we can see that the URLs for your blog posts include this annoying little index.php And date and we only want the keyword because Google likes simple So what we want to do is go back to the dashboard And click on hover on settings and click on permalinks and Just choose post name super-easy so you can choose the other ones But they’re really out of style everyone pretty much uses postname and click Save Changes That’ll make your post google friendly from the start now go back And we can see that we have some blog posts here in recent posts I want to click them the links will look nice and clean and Google will love that great job Alright guys so our blog is done for now It’s looking good, but the majority of our business website here consists of pages we’re gonna put pages in the navigation menu up here if We click back to the home page by clicking on the logo We’re gonna put pages right here in these four featured boxes, and we already have our first page right here Pages even dictate what goes in the image slider, so let’s get back to creating all the pages our site needs All right, we can come to the dashboard That’s right Leroy we’re working away, and then we can click on pages All right and while we’re at it, let’s delete the sample page just click trash And now we can click add new And by the way if you ever stuck on what to call a page or the design or the text you can just visit 4minute website comm and you can use the designs that I’ve already set up here for us Alright, so the first page We want is this Welcome page, then we’re going to do our simple process contact us, and then these four pages right here alright Which could of course talk about your process? Maybe you’re collecting donations you want them to sign up and then call you and then donate or you’re having a recipe where they bake, and then you know cook and seasoned Like I said, I’m no chef But that’s where you include the process of your business and what you want people to go through like if it’s a Jim Investment firm you know you need steps to help your customers Alright, so let’s go back to a new page, and we’re just going to call this one welcome To the 4-minute website Alright I have some content stored in a Microsoft Word dr. We’re gonna drop in here but you probably have your own content to write in so we can skip that for now and Just go to set featured image this parts important because this will go in the featured image slider So click that button and now click upload files select And we’re gonna grab our handy-dandy little folder So that’s the website images Alright and for this one. We just want the first slider slider one color sides click open and Set featured image And you’ll notice that this is one of the demo images from the clean business catch theme originally Super cool for all sorts of niches like writing designing blogging marketing you name it okay now I need some text for this page and because we’re gonna use this page to create our featured image slider right here It’s important. How we organize the text because we wanted to say this and not like a ton of text Alright, so I’m just gonna copy the text from the demo site Come back and paste very good now. I’m gonna get some lorem ipsum here Just to show you how your other page text goes in there? Alright lorem ipsum Usually like getting this paragraph here sort of the standard for designers And now let’s come back and hit enter a couple times to make some spaces Actually, just one time is enough and then paste alright great now the last thing we need here is just a line break so put your mouse after the first sentence and Then click on this little button here that looks like a kind of robotic hamburger Great now you’re gonna get this little break what this dotted line says is on the home page It says cut the text off after that point and the dotted line is just like an imaginary separator cool, so let’s publish this page and Now let’s make another one because our slider has two pages and two images just two and you could do more So now we’re gonna make this page slash slider So let’s click add new And we’re gonna title this one over 5,000 websites created, I can’t believe it I’m very honored and humbled and thanks so much to you guys of course And we’re gonna do the text from this page. It’s just a little sub header Come and copy paste It in there hit line break Let’s grab some warm up some command copy and Command paste cool make sure to set featured image here Upload files select files and we’re gonna grab that slider too from the demo clean business theme Just double click it will open it and Now set featured image All right, so we can publish this page now, and what we’ve done is created two pages But we’ve also created two templates for our image slider so if we visit the home page It’s just gonna show the demo slider right here So the slider is not our slider. It’s what the theme came with although It looks very similar to create our own slider using those pages that we just created click on customize Featured slider and under select slider type change it from demo featured slider to featured page slider Publish All right, and it’s gonna understand that we want to use our own pages and that content that we just wrote But we also have to limit the pages on here otherwise It’s gonna try to get all of our pages what you might want You might want one two three four five six seven slides you can totally do that But in this case we just want to set featured page one to our welcome page and feature page two as The over 5,000 website is created. I know that might be a lot to Process because we’re learning it quickly but all we’re doing is assigning a page to the first slide right here and a page that we made to the second slide and Then it’s going to grab the content from those pages and put them in the slider All right, and we can also change this number to two And we can change the timing here give you a little more time to read our headlines and click publish now When we exit out go to the site our slider should be working perfectly if the content we wrote And takes a little bit longer so people can read the full message Next we need to put the pages we made in a real navigation menu at the top. This is not a real menu This is just WordPress guessing what pages we might want in our menu even though it works We want to make this menu look exactly how we want so let’s do it To create a menu come to the dashboard Didn’t hover on appearance and click menus Great job now. We just need to click create a new menu. Give your menu a name Simple is always best and click create menu Now we just need to add some page tabs from the left into the menu structure on the right All right, so we can do that. We can add blog welcome and Over 5,000 and click Add to menu and they’ll come in all on the right we also want to create a home page link which is a custom link to do that click custom links and Then just open up your website with the right click open link in new tab And we’re gonna get the domain name of the home page Copy that come back in and just paste that in over the URL here and For link text right at the home and click admin we can drag that to the first position and We can also easily retitle these menu tabs so that they don’t say so much. It’s like a lot of text up here right now So we just want to limit what that says and make it simple So we can change over 5,000 to our process And close that one and change welcome blah blah blah to just welcome Close that and blog looks fine. I wanna drag welcome up to if you want to create a drop-down menu That’s really easy just indent these items And then they’ll fall under the Welcome tab once your menu looks perfect just choose the display location here And we can just choose primary menu That’s our only option and click Save menu and by doing that you will have created your first menu when you refresh your homepage It’s gonna look different and a lot cleaner in the top Of course it works too great job We’re gonna quickly add a contact page to that menu just by hovering on new page Caps-lock publish it And Now if we refresh the menus page, it’ll pick up our new page. You can just choose. It add to menu and save menu I Want to view the site you can see how easy it is to add new page tabs to the menu So we have a menu that helps people navigate the site now We have two image sliders with messages that welcome people and tell them a little bit about us and they can click read more and find out more and Going down we want to set up this featured content area to really get people into your services. Whatever it is You’re selling or offering people this is the place to tell them about that and we’re doing this in a top-to-bottom flow so that you can sort of control the experience that your visitors have what they see first second third so forth All right, just a typical web designer sort of flow so to set up your feature boxes area here. You might have guessed it We’re just going to create even more pages, and they’re gonna replace these demo pages Those aren’t even real pages they just look pretty, okay, so let’s go back to the dashboard and pages Add new And we’re gonna create these pages right here that will tell people about the process that they should go through to to use your products or Join your brand in whatever way you want them to alright, and I’m just gonna open up one of these demo pages We made to show you how the page is set up And then we can quickly create all of them and set them up on the home page Let’s click Edit Page All right, and we have our step 1 register a great domain name, which you’ve already done We have a tutorial inside a tutorial here, and when we click the visual tab, but we can see the text we wrote Alright so we can just copy all this stuff. We just need a title command copy Command paste and we need the text While we’re at it. Why don’t we close some of these links up top make it easier for us? Alright and some demo text Although this is actually a real text that the website will include once it’s being used to make four-minute websites, and we’re gonna do the Little line break here and Then just grab the other text easy to copy and easy to paste in Could see our mouse is right here on the line break so it enter and paste Alright, and you can see my strategy is to tell people what to do here, and then a quick link to follow And then we’re gonna include full written steps coming soon, and this is just the warm-up something okay So even if you’re not completely done with your site You could make it look professional enough that people will follow your step So you want them to and you know not be offended or confused by it looking like a mess Alright, now click set featured image Upload files select files from our website images to folder and just choose the thumbnail for a register amazing domain name double click and click set featured image That should be good. We can leave all the other settings the same just click publish All right so I’m gonna speed the video up to save you guys time and just create the other 4 featured boxes here using this same strategy a Title with the number in it then some guidelines for what people should do a link to click and then the coming soon text alright So I’m going to speed that up right now You OK, we’ve now set up four pages to be used in our feature boxes and of course these pages tell people about a brand about Our process what we’re all about and what they should do using our website all right, so I hope that helps you Build your own user experience for now we just need to go back To the home page that we need to replace this demo content because now we’re armed with our own featured content To do that you can just click on customize And featured content now Let’s bring our preview area down so you can see what we’re doing then click featured content options And we’re gonna change it from demo featured content to feature page content Suite so it’s gonna try to grab all of our pages But now we just need to tell it to only choose the pages we want Change this number if it’s not 4 to 4 and then publish it you just have to do that to get that featured page number 4 to show up you might need to refresh as well and Go back to featured content featured content options Perfect now we have four pages, and you just need to hit the drop-down and choose It’s really easy with those numbers at the front of the title Just choose your four featured pages Which will guide people through the user experience on your website? And exactly what they should do with your site With that done, we’ll see our boxes are now perfectly inserted And it shows the right amount of text because we use that read more line break in the pages Because we put in this little more line. That’s how the front page knows to stop the text right here I think someone is interior decorating in the apartment right above me apologies for that and we’re gonna just do a Couple more things here because we need to change the headline text. It goes above it and We can actually just write that in with own content So that’ll be Let’s get started you might want to write a lot here, and you can but keep in mind that People’s attention spans are shorter than ever these days, and you want to just get them going with a simple message Perfect now publish and when we exit We can see that we’re all done with our featured boxes great work excellent job Everyone all right next to insert social media buttons on your website like Twitter Facebook YouTube, LinkedIn Etc etc you can do that. Just by clicking customize And we’re gonna put those social media buttons in the sidebar so We could just go to Social links are here and just fill in your links, and then they’ll come in right here in the sidebar right above recent posts so it’s really easy if you know the links you could type them out and This will connect your website to social media so we have our dear blogger page where we offer more free wordpress and blogging help I Think Twitter has that s in it And it might take a little time so I recommend the copy/paste method, and then if we publish a couple of those then Looks like we need to actually insert that widget in the sidebar So we’ll do that after we get our links in here, so maybe we also want YouTube of course And I’ll get my Instagram I don’t post a ton on Instagram, but I know a lot of you guys. Do you food bloggers and fashion bloggers? Can really get website traffic through Instagram Paste that and one more just so it goes across the sidebar five is a really good number So I’ll get Google+ All right that really long number that became my custom plus grade 9 link And there we go Make sure to publish Now we can go back and click widgets Primary sidebar add a widget, and we’ll just choose our CT social icons that catch theme set up for us You can give it a title Connect with us on social media you might of course have something more clever, but it’s a good start and Publish and now when we scroll down we have our nice social buttons right here And you can easily drag them up higher if you want people to see them now they can click and we can test them out So it says we need to save and publish So sometimes you might X out unintentionally, and then you have to just go back and Reposition something or redo the change it’s not a good idea generally to hit the back button in WordPress Because it gets a little bit confused So now people can click your links And they’ll automatically open in a new tab take people to your social pages and they can like and comment and get to know you Get to know your brand, so that’s all really cool All right next up. I just want to add the Facebook page plug-in on our site Also known as a like box or a page banner. There are a million different kinds of social media You could put it on your site This is just a good start, and you can ask in the comments below And we’ll help you add any other sorts of like widgets or banners that you see So just Google Facebook page plug-in so it’s called And click the first link it’s something we do in every tutorial It just gets the the like box, and you know all the little faces who like you in front of your audience so you just need to put in your page URL or create a page if you haven’t it’s all free and easy you can just Google create Facebook page and follow the steps And now just copy the link and by the way you can you know like change? How it looks so you don’t have to actually do the coding But the default settings are really good And actually you don’t copy that link sorry you just want to click get code when you’re ready And now we could just grab the second piece of code right here Copy that and come back to our say customized Widgets primary sidebar Add a widget and because we’re pasting in some custom HTML from Facebook click on the custom. HTML box and Then we’ll just paste it in you don’t have to write anything. Would you paste it? And let’s say join our Facebook community It’ll automatically capitalize that text So we’re just doing that we’ll give you this little link which is pretty bad. We want the full box So let’s publish it and now we have to do one more step back in our dashboard, so let’s X out And click to the dashboard And now click plugins Add new and look up Insert headers and footers Which is by a really cool guy named wpbeginner cite bulky really great. Dude. You should check out his work Just install insert headers and footers and the idea here is we’re gonna use this plug-in to paste in some Facebook code Click activate so we don’t need to actually know the code or know anything about it We just put it in here, and then it works on our site, so Now hover on settings and your site got a little more powerful because we have this little new tab insert headers and footers click that And subscription header scripts and footer, so this is where you’ll paste in code from Google Analytics from Facebook You know other sites, too you have to get the right code, which is this part that says div ID equals root div? so click once copy And back on the site just paste it in google, fonts go up here to and I can walk you through all that if you want just ask and save and So now when we view the site Facebook will communicate with your site and with WordPress, and I’ll say L will show that nice little Page plug-in and people get like your posts right from there in line with your content without leaving your website Okey doke so now. I think it’s time to get you a logo for your site So we can replace this text with a pretty icon some colors maybe some more text whatever you want and in the process we’ll learn how to get the Icons that are on our homepage They can really explain your brand, and you know add that little extra bit of pop to your pages Alright, so I can’t give you these logos in the images file because they come from a specific site But the good news is they are free and the icons and logos come from the same site Which is logo maker com so visit with me ello geo Mak are calm without the e just logo maker All right and once you’re here, just click away, although you could also have them help you do it And we’re just gonna start by searching over 1 million graphics So I know that I wanted a computer With coffee in it and you can do like multiple keyword searches They really do have millions upon millions of icons you’re gonna. Have a lot of fun I’d love to you know give you some ideas or talk about which icons are best with you Super cool like this is like 90s, and then you have these like futuristic Mouse’s color But I know I want this iMac with a coffee cup cuz that’s totally me. That’s actually the exact position of my desk right now Alright, so I just click the icon to bring it onto the canvas And now you can click and drag it you can of course click and resize it Alright don’t go too big though. Although. It should readjust and stay high-quality no matter. How big you want it? So something like maybe a width of 250 Perfect to change the color just make sure you’ve selected it and then drag the color wheel around Perfect to add text you can click on the T and then just literally start typing and Then you can click and drag and it will line up perfectly or to a different part of the image Using those helpful little guideline sticks You can change the font category at the top like Handwriting and then also change the font itself So that gives you a ton of options to meet any sort of business website You’re gonna create in virtually any niche to make the text match the color of the icon or vice versa Just find the right color you want like maybe it’s an orange Like a dark orange, then just double click down here and copy the color hex and then you can select the item you want to change the color on and just double click and Paste in that new color hex and you hit enter if it doesn’t work usually it works right away You can also find the colored hexes of virtually any sort of color or logo or image you see on the web if you take a screenshot of a logo So if for example say you’re in Google Images looking up You know abstract logos? Getting some inspiration here from Google Images and And maybe you see like a really cool pattern you want to use like You know this one or something? if you want to know the exact color For example of this like purple you could just Screenshot this and then upload it to a site like, which we won’t use now But we’ve done it in the past you could upload it to Pixlr, and then just use the eyedropper For example just to determine any exact color Let’s get rid of this text too because we’re not making do your blogger and let’s just make this white because that’ll look really good on our slider images so I’m just gonna make it white and when you’re ready to take it click crop in the lower right and now click Save in the upper, right All right now we’re usually going with option two however You could buy the logo outright if you have a budget Or if you’re doing this you know for a client that might be best, but I like what I like doing is just clicking on paste this code and It’ll copy the credits, and then you can just click download and agree to give credit So what you have to do is Click on the social media buttons below to share so just you know click around on these buttons to share it and then You have to paste in this code on your site, which we’ll do We’re just gonna download. It first so we don’t forget about it And call it logo Coffee calm version one and save it all right, so after you share it on social media then come back to your site and Just quick quickly create a new page new page and just call this something like credits and paste in the credits in the text tab just so you remember and that way it’s on your site, and you can publish this page later to give credit, but I like just publishing it Now in fact because then it’s live and we are technically giving credit And then you know now we haven’t put it in the menu yet But it’s still alive and we can link it in the footer later on to upload the logo to your site come back to customize And now we’re gonna click site identity and Now you have a logo that you can select so brand-new logo didn’t even need to use Fiverr or hire designer or pay anything click upload select files Grab the logo of our choosing Alright and then select it I Like skipping the copping because we don’t want to lose any of the image, and it’s gonna be like Really big right away unfortunately, but I’m gonna show you how to shrink it Just before you do that make sure we get rid of the site title and tagline uncheck that box Just the logo Cool now publish it now go back and Come down and let’s click on additional CSS for the first time And when you’re here we can write out custom CSS which will make the site look differently it’s good for changing colors borders widths locations of things What have you so? I’m gonna show you how to write potential your first CSS ever, and it’s really easy just I’ll zoom in so you can see it and just follow along and we’re gonna shrink the logo with some custom CSS so start with a pound sign and then write site – logo which will select the logo so now we’re targeting this area and Don’t worry. If you don’t know CSS yet, because I didn’t know it for a while, and I just picked it up by Needing to use it like this, and I learned a lot of it later, right the open alligator bracket, and then hit enter Gives us the closing bracket already, and now just right Width : 30% Semicolon and you can see we shrunk the logo right away So once you get the code right like this you can just change the number if you want to make it bigger smaller But I know that 30% will look good because it lines up with our navigation bar and then is published and so this is a way to shrink the logo without losing the file quality and Without having it be blurry so we kind of got around that little problem right there. If you just shrunk it I’m using a different website, then it might come out blurry, but now we know it looks good We can X out Perfect we got a great logo All right, so we’re gonna download some more icons so that again we can create that awesome Awesome little landing page with the Plane and the www and so on and so forth and I can show you how to do that right now on? Pixlr, but we already kind of covered how to do a logo and it’s the same process So I’ll just show you how to get another icon It would X out and then I like just visiting the site again, so it clears our canvas Click away, and then just do a search for airplane And we can find our little guy here or girl and choose them and now we’re just gonna go with the simple like primary secondary color scheme green a little bit darker Perfect click drop and lower right now click Save make sure that Click this link to get the credits code, and if you keep this page open on your site then you can easily click Edit and just drop in their credits, and it’s really easy to You know give credit properly, and then you’ll be copyright compliant I usually like making a little note for myself like a Plain man, and then this one was You know coffee Comp you get the picture and update Download and will title this guy Save it And now we could just bring that over to our homepage and what I’m gonna do with you guys is just start designing this landing page Which is gonna go right here so that it looks really? Nice like this and of course. I’ve already written the text You just need to learn how to get an icon in the page or get a logo in the page All right, so to create a nice landing page like this for your home page Or you can explain What your business is all about and you? Know the steps people need to take in written form or just introduce yourself or talk about your mission statement Whatever you want to do. We just need to go to the page itself So we’re just gonna go to the home page, and you can click Edit page because this will get us to that section down below We can see it says welcome to our new website. Hope you like it under construction now and That is in fact our home page all right, so we’re going to edit this section right here So back to edit page Alright now so the first thing we need is some text, and I’ve already written that out I like just being as personable as you want and you know briefly describing your experience and The problems you’re trying to answer with your business and then get into like what people can get out of it And how you give value That’s really what people are on your site for is to get something? And if you can give that to them as quick as possible you will be more successful than others in your niche So just copy it Oops, that’s the wrong page, and we’re just gonna write over this demo text Alright You can see we’re in the text tab here as opposed to visual so visual looks a lot like Microsoft Word whereas Text is just the raw HTML. They call it it’s just all this one font, and it’s literally just like symbols and letters and stuff like that whatever you prefer editing in I think visual probably better for us, so So that’s good now. We can click Add media to get our image Just make sure your mouse is where you want the image to go Add media and We have uploaded the picture of ourselves And change the size, but we’re actually just gonna drag it to be smaller so any size is good I like large and let’s align it to the left And insert Alright, so this is way too big people don’t need to see that much of us so we can just click in the corners and Drag it in just like we did on logo maker Alright super cool, you can also move the alignment just by clicking these squares so You know a little bit a little bit of trial and error well It’ll have you beating a pro and WordPress in no time and you will make a website that really stands out to Add a caption just click on the image and click Edit pencil straight in the caption I like being you know explanatory in brief, but if you have a clever Joke, then by all means captions are good for jokes and update all Right cool, we can also make that italics two codes a location Boom all right, so let’s get our demo text for the second portion Which goes all the way from background to explaining step one two three and four of how to make a wordpress website in four minutes Copy that and when you come back and hit enter and then paste So it’s gonna grab the logos if you just copy it like I did from a Web page and you might want them, and you might not so Assuming you don’t want them gonna, delete them and Show you how to add your own in alright so let’s bring our mouse over to the left of the s on step one and click Add media and Upload and select and we’re gonna select that unique little icon that we just got from Logo maker or you can use the airplane man or woman and all the other ones too Alright once it uploads just keep the alignment on left link to none, or you could link it to like a different part of your site if you want it to be clickable and Size largest get and inserting the page All right, so let’s click it and drag it down Now we can see our landing page is really coming to life now And now let’s get another one for step two, and I’ll show you how to make them. You know line up perfectly So for this one. We just need the a Little WWAN so just another way to get images is you can also right-click and save image as on the web and Then you can you know quickly get an exact image just make sure you give credit where credit is due? Save it And we’re good Now back on our site. Let’s upload the second icon So leave that mouse by step to add media upload files select files And while bringing domain name in once again insert into page and dream in alright so Pretty easy to repeat this process, but if you want your images to line up perfectly I’ll show you one trick You can go to the text tab because we see there’s like a little bit more of the domain name person than the plain right here So go to the text tab And now you just need to find the HTML for the image, which is actually already highlighted right now And then you can edit the images width or a type so in our case I can change the width to an even 150 and That’ll change the airplane man. I’ll go back to visual Click on domain name person go to text and it’ll be highlighted that we can just change the width there to Just make sure you keep those quotation marks in there and don’t change anything you don’t mean to Then go back to visual and now they’ll be lined up perfectly So what I’m gonna Do now is just copy the entire landing page from our demo site and paste it in here Just to save us all some time and speed up the tutorial So let’s go to our demo site And get to the dashboard And that’s just another way to get to the dashboard if you want you can write in WP admin if you’re logged in pages Front page Click text, and I’m gonna do a command a command C Come back to our site and go to the text tab and do a little command a command V. So that’s a great way to Copy or transfer content from one site to the other if you copy it from the text tab to the text tab You’ll get everything exactly as it was on the other page Visual sometimes the fonts are the little symbols, don’t copy that’s I like doing the text app and update alright, so Don’t need to do that work twice when we view page We have a nice looking little landing page alright the site’s really coming together great job Alright guys and gals at this point. We really only have three steps left to finish our site We have to create the contact us page and then add some testimonials to your sidebar And then we have to design the footer and then just do a couple little design things and then we’re all done You can get rid of me, and you don’t have to listen to me babble on anymore To create our Contact Us page. Let’s first just click it and see what we have there Alright so just a blank page with that header image, so that’s pretty cool if you want to get rid of the header image, just go to customize And now click header image And you can add a new image here, or just hide it all together you can also Do multiple header images and then randomize them so like it’ll show up differently each time you visit this page, or you know Clicking randomize will remove that image, and then you just need to click add new image Choose an image and you can click select and crop, and then I’ll give you this nice little header portion So you can choose exactly what to show cop it? And yeah, and then you can click Add you image again and do it again And that’s how you can randomize these different images All right buddy in our case We want to just disable this box so people can see our Crucial information above the fold in the top 50% of the website and not some random image So let’s click disabled And publish And exit All right now. We can just edit the contact us page and I’m gonna show you how easy it is to use the power of the web to create an amazing page When you create a website And you really don’t have to do much work at all if you know where to go to get your resources All right, so let’s start out with our page. Let’s click visual And let’s just write out the basic information for a contact page Like email Phone and address All right, so email is Just my email guy get to your blogger org You can insert your phone number right here and then address, and I’m just gonna go to Google and I’m gonna get the Chelsea Market address cuz that’s where he Used to work. I think they still kept my office space there, although. I should probably go check on that And I’m just gonna grab the address from Google All right find me there sometimes I post on Twitter come they Pasted it great now. Let’s just add some styling. I’m hitting command beat to bold it and We can just hit shift enter to tighten up those spaces shift enter Now full enter and now we want a map all right So let’s go back to Google and let’s click on the map that automatically shows up To embed a Google map on your new website just click share and embed Cool and it’s gonna give you this nice little iframe at the top So we just want to copy this entire piece of iframe Google code right click copy Back on our page we can try to just paste it in But it’s not gonna like it because it’s a piece of code, so we have to go to the text tab and then This is just a blank space. That’s what nbsp means are there And I’ll just paste over that blank space and now only active go back to visual now. We have a map how he’s used that And we can hit enter again And we’re gonna put it in a contact form lastly Alright, so we need to get a plug in for the contact form let’s update our page for now save our work and While we’re at it. I’m also just giving close like all these tabs because it’s way too much going on Keep it simple Great sure do that before I sorry about that now click plugins And we’re just adding plugins as we need them which is pretty much. How most bloggers or web designers do it click add new and Look up contact form 7 which is by far the most popular contact form it’s this one with the little mountain and install now and Activate Now it’s super-easy literally all you need to do is click settings and you can just copy this shortcode They set you up with one demo contact form Which works great? Just go back to pages Contact us Go to the text tab and just paste in I don’t know how to keep making this little nbsp space but just paste in that shortcode and Give it some space Perfect alright lastly to link our email so when someone clicks your email then it opens up in their email client like Gmail just highlight the text for the email and click link and WordPress knows it’s a mail to link So you’re all set just click Add link perfect and update all Right now let’s see what we made In our you see we have this nice little professional contact page with the most important information at the top And then the map so someone can stop by and visit your studio, or you know attend one of your seminars? Collaborate with you on a project by one of your piece equipment, whatever it is you want them to do. It’s really easy and They can zoom and interact with it. Just like a Google map and Beneath that we have this perfect looking contact form with the colors of our website from contact form 7 when someone enters in their name email In a subject And when someone clicks send It’ll say. Thank you for message has been sent, and then you’ll just Open up your email in the morning, and you’ll see that nice message. Hopefully So here it is Perfect there’s the message and if it’s in spam just make sure to tell your audience that they should check their spam folders too and also whitelist Emails from your email to do that they would just click settings Settings Filters and blocked addresses and then create a new filter, and then in the front list someone could just enter in your domain name Just like that then click create filter with this search and Say when a message arrives matches the search you could do star it and or never send it to spam or You know get more specific if you want and then create filters, so that’s how to whitelist email addresses from your domain name All right super cool, so you can of course take your contact page any direction you want you can make it fancy or simple Whatever you want to do. I’m happy to help All right next up. I want to show you guys how to insert reviews or testimonials? onto your site so that you can build a website that gets social proof and gets a lot of fan appreciation, and you can show that off in your sidebar on pages in your footer and Also, how to set up a nice little forum just like the contact form where people can enter in reviews and testimonials while you’re away from the site and Publish them to you alright, so it’s really cool We’re gonna use a new plugin, and it’s one of the newest hottest plugins I’ve ever found so let’s check it out just come back to your dashboard and Hover it on plugins and click add new And do a search for strong testimonials And it’s gonna be this one with the purple quotes, but chrissteele and big, thanks to Chris just click install now And activate it. This is really cool your site’s gonna get reviews. Just like Amazon eBay Casper dot-com any of these sites that offer new products rely on customer reviews And I want your business website to take power of reviews, too So we can read about strong testimonials on this landing page if you want It’s really cool, but I’ll just show you how to use it right out of the box now all you need to do to set up your own testimonials is just go to all testimonials and We’re gonna see a list of four of them. I made previously I was actually filming this part, and then the recording died on me and got lost which Never happens, but I figured I would just keep them cuz they’re good these are just comments from my youtube channel so just comments like right here and You’ll see your comment in here. Maybe um. I hope you guys don’t yell at me I really appreciate these comments, and you know love all of them. I just chose three of my favorite ones right here So we’re gonna use these ones but to create a new one from one of your customers. You just click add new and Next up you’ll just write in the person’s name up here like who said it It’s like Jane Doe, and then you can write what they said Next in client details you just want to put in their name again And an email if you have it and then a company name and a link so you can link to that person’s company And it’s also a good way to feature another blogger and give them a little link in a little credit If another blogger said something good about your site And if you don’t have reviews try and ask your colleagues and friends in your personal network Especially if they work for cool names like Forbes or vogue, and they say something about your site Then it’ll look really good on your own website alright, the next step is just to create a new category and that category could be where the reviewer came from like social media or It could be the product they were reviewing so maybe they were reviewing your Seven-week Fitness plan for example and you can gather all the reviews about that one specific product add new Now just set a featured image And you can put up like a pretty picture from that person if you have it We could just use our demo model here typing out in nature and set featured image All right, now. You just need to publish it. Just like a post or page And click back to all testimonials and so once you get a few of these and gather them here Then it’s time to insert them on your website to do that we need to click on views now so on the left click on views And I’m actually gonna delete all these to show you how to make them from scratch Because yours will be empty We’ll just set them up again real quick Alright so click add new And I’m not sure why they call it views views are just like a way of displaying Testimonials alright, so you just need a name like sidebar view because we can put these testimonials on the sidebar Sidebar and we’re gonna leave this one on display and scroll down and keep the default settings Although they’re all really intuitive and helpful like you can change what fields show up or Change the style to something cool like modern Which we’ll do in a second, and you can also change how the images and your testimonials are displayed I? Really like the basic settings though, so I’m just gonna save it Next just click on the shortcode and copy that whole thing and We’re gonna put this in our sidebar, so we got to go back to widgets hover on appearance and click widgets And we can just choose the custom HTML because we’re gonna be inserting some code it’s open that up choose primary sidebar add to Widgit and We gives paste in that little piece of shortcode and call this one Product reviews and click Save Alright and now when we view this site We’ll have our first little view of The testimonials that your site has gathered and of course you can choose only to show certain testimonials or you know more or less whatever you want, and as we saw in that view space you can change how the text looks and how the borders and styles and the image and all that looks as well you get the title of the person that said your review, then you get their featured image And you get the review itself you get their name, and you get their company with the link really cool, but that’s not all To insert the form where people can write in their own testimonials on their own even when you’re not on the website Just go back to the dashboard click On testimonials and click views Add new and now we’re gonna want to use the form option That’s the most important form we can call this one like Enter Reviews form Now you can scroll down, and I think if you don’t choose a category it will just Let people choose their own category You can change the style and the background, but again the default styles are really stylish Save Changes Now click the shortcode copy it and let’s drop this in a new page, so let’s click on pages Add new Now we can just title this something like we love your business are headed super clever, and then just paste that shortcode in the text tab and Once you’ve done this then it’ll display you just need to click publish and you’re done And when we view page we can see we get this beautiful little form that inherits the styles of our website No sirree that was not meant for you and You can go ahead and have people write in reviews when you’re not on the site They can even upload their own photos and then click add testimonial and Then it’ll get published and you’ll see that new testimonial sitting in your dashboard for you to approve or edit or review When you log back in in the morning Alright, so really fun But that’s still not it we can actually set up our reviews in one more way before we’re done which is in the footer so come back to the dashboard and click on testimonials and one more time views and Add new and we’re gonna set up this final option the slideshow All right so we can do these three options and single template would just be to include one review or one testimonial on a page and For name we’re just gonna call this footer view because this is going in the footer and Now we can come down and make a couple modifications So maybe we want to show these For less time and have people see a lot of them You know you scroll down and Maybe we want the style to be modern and the background of this little slider to be a single color We just choose white which always looks good so choose your color or go with one of the gradients or presets and click Save Changes And I know going a little bit faster here But I want to just give you a brief overview of all this amazing plugins features And then you can play around of course on your own and ask us in the comments what you’re working on Alright, so finally we can hover on appearance and click widgets Where our footer lives we’re gonna put this in a little space we have in footer – Alright, and we can do so using the Handy strong testimonials view widget. We now have So click footer to add widget All right and now in views We just need to change it to footer view so it’s really easy to display testimonials on your site once you set them up and enter them in and Save it Now let’s check out the site Scroll down and our footer will have this awesome little social proofing testimonial area And if we wait a second, then it’ll show us another testimonial And by the way Leo wasn’t someone who visited my YouTube channel unfortunately But he did make appearances in our previous tutorials. We’ve used Leo before Alright, so you can keep the full-width testimonial here like stretching across the whole screen or we can edit our footer and add some content to the left and the right of the testimonials so that This will be condensed in a nice little box in the middle Alright, so that’s a good transition. Let’s go ahead and build our footer Let’s go back to the dashboard And let’s hover on appearance and click widgets And we’re gonna put stuff in the footer 1 and the floor 3 First thing I want to put in is a menu to help people navigate your site So where is it? You can never find menu one you want it there? It is navigation menu click menu put it area one add widget I Would call this one? navigate Select menu main menu and Save it so you can obviously create more menus If you go to appearance menus, and then set up like a help menu Or a feedback menu, or maybe you have like an affiliate program Or donate whatever sort of links your business needs you can set them up and as many menus Using as many different menus as you like Alright, and for footer 3. I want to show you how to add a video So if you want to make a website with videos in the footer or in anywhere on the website It’s really easy you just need to get the video from a place like YouTube So we can go back to YouTube and we can look up like 2017 And grab our tutorial here should be number 1 maybe someday And to get a video just find the video you want click share Click embed this little embed link and now we need to copy/paste this iframe code so click it to highlight right click copy and then come back to our site and Choose the custom HTML widget perfect for inserting code from Facebook YouTube wherever Google choose footer area 3 add widget and We can just paste it I can call this one featured video tutorial and Save it great job now when we close this and view the site our Footer should be coming together nicely Alright very good and our footer looks so good that we’re gonna. Call it done right there because keeping it. Simple is key We have the navigation menu of the testimonials and the video And I think that looks great The only edit I can think of is when the testimonials slide it might change the height of your footer But to keep a consistent height in your footer and for your testimonials. Just go back to the dashboard click On testimonials Views Click on the footer view to edit it and now we’re just gonna want to change Adjust height for each slide to set height to match tallest slide and save it Great job Now our footer is looking perfect and the height of the whole footer will stay the same Alright guys and gals very good. We are so close to being done We just need to do a few minor design changes And then your sites will be ready to go live and it wouldn’t be a complete WordPress website tutorial without a little chat with Hostgator so I’m having them look over our site now and make sure that it’s up and running for the world and have a question about the footer because I made a lot some some big changes to the code in appearance editor and Now it’s like semi broken, so I’m just having them look at it there. You’re looking at our domain name and logging into the backend So it’s really nice knowing we have that safety net right now So I’ll be talking with them over the next few minutes And they’re gonna purge our cache a like refresh the whole thing which is awesome it means that anything That’s stuck in the internet gets flushed basically, and you’ll probably hear that term purging a cachet more and more in the future So we’re gonna change up the design things right now and get you ready for launch first thing I want to look at is this read more button Because I think I wanted to say you learn more Yeah, just like our slider text right here learn more to change your slider button text click customize And then click theme options and Then excerpt options, and now we can just replace read more dot dot dot with learn more Very good, we’ll publish those changes Next weekend X out at the top, and we’re gonna change the Tagline because I realized that that shows up in the upper left corner up here on our browser tab It says just another WordPress site, and we do not want that So let’s go to the dashboard and now we can hover on settings and click general And we’re just going to delete this WordPress tagline and then right in there. It’s your time to Make a Website So I think there’s a pun in there somewhere, I thought there was and we’ll save it cool And now I’ll go back to the site We’ll get that new tagline in the browser tab Very cool and while we were editing our tagline and our learn more button Hostgator fixed our footer So it’s back to normal. Just like the default footer should look on your clean business theme, so thank you Hostgator support and Mark especially And now let’s see if we can edit the footer to say our own words, so you might like this But we could also make it you know say your business or whatever you want to say to people down here So let’s try to do that. This is pretty tricky. It’s usually the toughest part of our tutorials even though It’s really minor in detail form but we’re gonna try to do it together, so let’s click back to the dashboard and Let’s hover on appearance and click editor And if you get a little message that says don’t edit this code just say like I understand or okay? it’s gonna be fine because you have me and all of us here as your guide and Now in last year’s GoDaddy website tutorial from 2017 we needed to go into the ink folder So let’s click ink And we need to go into core So I think we could save ourselves some time and go there again I think they built this theme like they built last year’s theme, so let’s click core Alright and now we want to make a backup of this file before we edit it, so let’s hit the ctrl a ctrl Copy or I’m on a Mac so it’s command a command copy Now open up a new text file New document And we can see I use text files a lot You just want to paste the entire piece of code in and then call it something like Cor dot PHP backup and then the date to? 1217 and hit enter and now if anything goes wrong we can just copy paste this back into the wordpress site Now when you’re on the WordPress file itself when your mouse is over here Don’t make any changes yet just hit command find birth control find And you’ll get the search bar, and I want you to do a search for generator and hit enter And it’s gonna show you this one little piece of code that starts with generator, and this is exactly what we want to edit So now all you need to do in this section here is Modify what you see in between the alligator brackets? here and here and Then the ones below it, too I’m gonna highlight it for you, so we can see exactly what to change So what I’ve highlighted here in these quote marks including the dollar sign content left is The WordPress code equivalent of this left-hand text right here So the way the theme is built this generates this I’m left and this part as you might have guessed within the quotes of course generates this So every part of WordPress on the front end can be found in the backend if you look hard enough And I think in this case the theme developers want us to buy the pro theme because the pro version has a Specific footer section to edit and well I do recommend buying the pro theme Especially if you use this website for your own business which is making a profit It’s always a good idea to have a pro aka premium theme because you get better support and a lot more features Well, I do recommend that option. I’m also a fan of doing things for free when we can And also learning how the code works, so this is kind of like a double plus So what I want you to do is literally delete Exactly what I’ve highlighted here, and I’ll zoom in for you And then you can just write in your own copy right so I’m gonna write copyright In Tutorials 2017 And I’m gonna get the copyright symbol from Wikipedia to copyright from Google command copy and Command paste and then we’ll write a bar all rights reserved Cool that’s awesome to set up a link here You can just do a little bit of HTML in line here this means Which means I get to teach you even more so I’m excited just Create a link by entering open alligator bracket a space atria equals quotation mark quotation mark close alligator bracket and Then where you want the text that the link is it’s called anchor text to end Just put open alligator /a closed alligator that will close the link and Then in this little section between the quotation marks you put your link so in our case. I’m gonna put My youtube link which is just the channel Pretty cool. I can just grab the channel link itself Alright, and you should all subscribe of course you can join our amazing community It’s a lot of fun, and we all make better blogs and push each other and we wake up every morning super excited I don’t know if it’s the coffee or the sheer Dominance of our blogs and websites, but it could be a combination of both so right now I just want you to paste in that link in between the quotation marks Just like that keep those quotes, and if you want to open this in a new browser tab when someone clicks it right target equals Quotation mark underscore blank, just like I did Awesome job. Now. We can change the one on the right delete exactly what I’ve highlighted and let’s write in WordPress theme by catch Theme so we’re still gonna give them credit. We just want to do it our own way Now we’re gonna write in simple business Just kidding clean business Nice, and now we’ll update file Assuming you didn’t break anything. It’ll say file edit is successfully and now we can just check out our site Let’s scroll down And if you don’t see your changes right now it might be because we need to refresh the cachet on our end So up in the top where it says caching try just clicking purge this page All right So once you hit the purge all or the purge this page button then you can scroll down And you should see your changes so we see our new footer, which is customized with whatever we wanted to say We can of course click the link Works great, so let me know if any of this didn’t work for you Or if it takes longer to show the right footer Because sometimes those caches can be feisty and take a few tries alright, so we can click this button and scroll the top and We’re on our final steps here guys the finish line is well in sight I just want to show you a couple plugins that’ll make your website run faster now so let’s go back to the dashboard and Plugins Add new So we should only have about 4 plugins now and Adding a couple more is a good idea. We’ve definitely Vetted them, so we know they work the first one is just called WP Smosh it It’s this plug-in called Smosh image compression and optimization by wpm you Devam company. I often link to articles by them So we’ll click install now and activate all Right welcome to smush winner of torque plug-in madness good for them So we’re just gonna click Automatically smush my images on upload. We’ll leave that one unchecked not sure what that is Resize my full images. We’ll leave that one unchecked as well, so this will make your images Slightly smaller which will make your pages load faster. It’s recommended by Google, and it’ll still preserve the quality, so let’s click get started It says Gregg do you have 20 attachments that needs mushing let’s do a bulk smush all right Then it says did you know WP Smosh delivers two times better compression that’s really cool I recommend trying it out, but I’ve also had really good results just with the free version So while this is? Crunching our images and saving a space we can install the second plug-in. I want to give you guys So let’s open up a new tab Plugins add new and now just look up WP super cache. Eh Alright and should come up right away. This is one of the biggest WordPress plugins out there over a middle installations W Super cache it so Install Now And if I automatic the creators of WordPress so you know it’s good activate And we don’t need to do a ton with this plug-in if you get this warning in fact We can dismiss it because it says if you just installed though if you see brick I shaved for the first time you can dismiss it That’s pretty cool. Otherwise follow this instructions right here, but we don’t need to now Alright, so dismiss now For this plugin all we need to do is click on its settings Okay so with this plug-in you want to turn caching on when you’re done editing your site And you’re ready to launch and you want to just leave it alone What that’ll do is then it remembers? How your pages look so when someone’s on your site? It’ll load the home page once and then when they go back to welcome or something it a little welcome but going back to home will be quicker and every time someone sees a page the web will remember what it looks like and It’ll remember. What blog posts look like to so that people can surf around and that every time someone clicks to eye page They’ve been to before it doesn’t have to load it all over again It’s kind of like if you ran a museum with a bunch of cool paintings And you spent all this time painting them and setting them up and making them look good Every time you have visitors come to a museum. You don’t want to have to set all of that up again You want to just be there, so it’s good to leave it on and update the status Also, if you run like seven or eight or nine or ten WordPress sites on the same server it’s good cashing on Because while you’re working on like one site you might want the other sites to just be running really fast and caching on Should make them run faster, however if you’re making edits to your site. It’s good to have caching off and update status This also gives you a more powerful cached two-litre so if you’re not seeing your changes turn it off update status, and then click delete cache I Just want to call it cache a and then you can click. Delete expired and delete cache a So you now have a more powerful delete button right here All right looks like smush is done running all images are smashing up-to-date awesome Feel free to play around here a little bit more But we don’t need to and with that done our site will now run more quickly And images still look just as good the final step I want to do is just add your site to Google Analytics and to Google itself So that you can track data and collect traffic data And then eventually get a ton of it over time because you’re doing the right things Alright, so this is a three step process and we can do it pretty quickly we have a video on it as well But I think I mentioned we’d do it, so let’s just Stay true to our word So the first link you want to visit is just submit my website to Google You’re gonna get this little browser feature right here, and all you need to do is just copy you to my name and Put it in there and submit All right, so we don’t with that, and if you don’t get this submitted message here. You can also click submit URL Which is the older way of doing it? Here in the search console just paste in URL not a robot submit and Your request has been received so that’s all we can do as far as this tool right now So Google is now aware of your site And you know some little elf off in the Google forest just got a notification Saying that hey we made this new website on YouTube. Let’s check it out and let’s help these people Alright, so that’s pretty cool. Now. We can also go to Anna lytx for step two Just look up analytics click to Google Analytics You can Sign up for free. It’s free and easy and if you already signed up like me it should just log you in like this and Then all you’re gonna need to do is click to the admin area It might take you here automatically if you just sign up for the first time And now we can just click our drop down here create new account Looks like we get a hundred google analytics accounts, so let’s give ourselves a name 4-minute website Website URL, that’s easy to paste it in Alright, I think we can actually get rid of that HTTP part so I can industry so or education That’s not an option. I’ll be amazed Jobs in education because I want you to make websites and blogging your job like me And now we’ll just click get tracking ID Alright and I accept Now all you need to do is click on this code right here to highlight it right click Copy it, and we’ll put it into our site, and then we’ll be tracking with Google Analytics So come back to our dashboard Hover on settings and click insert headers and footers and Now we’re going to drop this code into our header area right beneath the code from Facebook Just give it a couple spaces and paste her in there Scroll down and save alright settings save successful and Nothing else will show up on your site now but you will now be able to start tracking data in Google Analytics within about 24 hours or less and you can see that all if you click on home and Then I like going to behavior and then site content all pages Which shows you the most popular pages on your site at any given time? All right now lastly. We just need to go to your google search console Also called the webmasters dashboard So if your google search console you’ll find this link and You just need to click add a property and paste in your URL All right, so just drop that bad boy in there and click continue And it’s gonna ask you to do the verification here, so you verify ownership It’ll say recommended or alternate methods, but good thing for us is we already did the recommended method Which is to put that code from Google Analytics in there so as long as you’ve waited a couple minutes you should be able to click verify And success always love seeing this little green checkmark Great job alright so our website 4-minute website comm is now verified. We can use Google services and click back to the search console Alright, so just more data more analytics more ways to help your website get traffic and hopefully make a lot of money someday online Alright guys and gals now that we’ve hooked up Google Analytics to your website’s we’re officially done, and this is where the tutorial ends I’m really sad, but the good thing is you now learned how to make a business website in WordPress? And I’ll always be here with you in the future for more questions I know that there’s always a way to take your website to the next Level and I want you to know that you’re not alone in WordPress you’ll always have a friend here in the blogging world Aside from that if you learn anything Please make sure to go down to the comments below and let us know with the comment or any feedback Concerns requests for the next video and please also make sure to hit that like button It takes like two seconds and make sure to hit subscribe if you want to hear any more from me in our community That’d be like the best birthday Christmas present ever this year And even if you didn’t want to get me a present who cares it’s free, and it’s fun clicking things alright guys and gals That’s really cool. I hope you enjoyed learning how to create a business website with the blog I hope you enjoyed saving money because we didn’t have to go out in our local to get a web developer And I hope you enjoy these new skills you can now show off to your friends Alright guys make sure to go check out the comments below and see what kind of chatter is going on if you want to answer Someone else’s question. I’ll love you forever, but you don’t have to I can do that too I just want to make sure that I get to see you there alright. Thanks so much for watching guys I’ll talk to you soon alright bye for now

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    Here is my website,, if you wanna have a look and maybe give me some advices!! I have just made it for few days so there are still a lot of things not that completed. There are some small things i would like to ask, for example how to make the sentence look better in the home page of the first image and how to change the image right next to the dinosaur – right next to the domain. 🙂
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    Just thinking what's included when you buy hosting and domain.

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  36. 100s of people come to me each year with a cool new GoDaddy domain name and need to create a website on it. So I made this updated video to help you! It's exactly how I make a website at GoDaddy for clients, family, my cat, whoever whenever! …Enjoy!

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    I have to say from someone who is for the most part technologically illiterate and scared of the though of making my own site. You really took a lot of the fear of failure and made me feel like I might be able to do this. I can now actually breath and not have a panic attack at the idea of building my website. I did want to ask if you have any thoughts on a template as I am in a niche industry, Paintball and Airsoft and didn't really see any themes that line up with that. I looked on the web and found a few but those had a cost associated with them and they were for paintball fields, I have a retail location and its a different look. Any feedback or thoughts on the matter are greatly appreciated. And if you were still in NYC I'd tell you to stop by and if you were interested in playing I'd get you setup.

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  48. Hey Greg, I already have a domain name and used GoDaddy's website builder to build my site. I am having issues because I sell CBD Oil and have to attach a merchant that is considered high-risk. CBD is considered medical marijuana, which is still on the schedule 1 drug list federally (even though it is legal in my state). The GoCentral's website builder only offers square, stripe, and PayPal as a merchant, so to attach a third-party merchant of my choice, I have to build a site in word press. I called to have GoDaddy's design team help me with this and they want $3,000. OUCH! I think I can do this myself with your tutorials, but I am having a bit of an issue understanding Pan Ipsum for my blog page. Do you have a tutorial on how to use this app? Or any advice that might be helpful? By the way, my website is (which is my very first site and not doing very well).

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  53. Hi Greg. I have been looking all over, but I can't find the answer. I have a featured slider page and I really like this aspect. However, I only want a certain amount of words on the featured slider page and I will put the rest on the actual page. Is there a way to limit the amount of words shown on the featured slider?

  54. Greg, this is an amazing tutorial. I can't believe how far I've gotten with my website. It's looking amazing and I'm learning so much from you. I have one query. Has wordpress changed the formatting of their create page/edit page interface? I've managed to work around the problem so far but I've now hit a brick wall. At 1:50:39 the user interface is completely different for me and there is no add media button to insert my pictures. I've tried to cut and paste media in and tried to arrange it using a different block but to no avail? Is there anything obvious I'm missing here? Thank you.

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  56. Hey Greg … Really nice job on the video. It took me about 10 hours to get through it, but have a somewhat finished site . I really love the format here where I can take notes of key features with a time stamp, so that if I need review I can quickly find something generally (or even specifically) about what I need to do.

    Is there a decent wp forum where you can answer simple questions of the wp community?

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  58. Can I set up my website with one domain name, and then change the domain name once it's done? I built a site on go central at GoDaddy and I'm needing to convert it to a WordPress site, but I don't want to disable the go central site until the new one is done. Once it's done I want to transfer the main domain site to the new site.

  59. Greg. Your video is a great. I'm on a time crunch and this has helped so much.I used your code at hostgator so you can get your fee. I knew nothing before finding you.I have a question. How do I add the SSL. On mu HostGator page. I assume it's the SSL. I have the following : Not Secure |

  60. Just finished going through Greg's tutorial. I'm going to recreate our website and follow his lead. I know that this has helped us rethink how we will strategically begin to have a better "store front" to our business. I've liked and subscribed and will let Greg be our go to guy from this point forward. I'm looking forward to our customers having a better experience! Thanks, Greg! Nice job.

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    @39:58 Why my portal is different from you, and unlike yours for free it's also showing hosting options with wordpress for$5.95/month.

    Please help me to move forward here.

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    Tkx u.

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