How to make an intro video for your website

Do you have an introduction video on your
website? Well if you’re at a personality-based business like a coach or a real estate agent,
it’s a great way to connect with your audience. I’m Brighton West and today on Subscriber
Nation, I’ll show you how to make an introduction video for your website.
First I’m going to start with some assumptions. I’m going to assume that you know how to
make a video. But don’t worry – if you don’t know, I’ve got a video for that!
I’m also going to assume that you already have a YouTube channel to upload your video
to. But guess what? I’ve got a video for that, too!
And I’m assuming that you know how to upload a video.
And lastly, I’m assuming that you know how to add a YouTube video to your website, and
I’ve got a video for that too. So when recording your video, I encourage
you to be the person that’s on camera. You can do kind of a screen capture or something
like that, but if you’re in a personality-based business, it’s you your customers are looking
to connect with. Start with a question that addresses your
customer’s pain point. For instance, “Do you want to lose 20 pounds
this week?” Then introduce yourself and tell a story, or provide some more information.
“I’m Brighton West, and last week I lost 20 pounds following this amazing diet!”
Then talk about the solution that you provide. “If you take this little pill, you’ll
lose 20 pounds too!” Finally, finish up with your call to action.
“I want you to put in your credit card information down below and I will send you a dozen of
these pills.” And try to keep it right around a minute.
Thanks for watching! Now I want you to click ‘Subscribe’ because I post videos like
this every single week, helping personality-based businesses connect with their potential customers,
showing you how to do that using online video.

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  1. Thank the gods I had already watched you other videos before looking at this one lol. Thanks again Brighton!

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