How To Make Google My Homepage on Chrome,Firefox,IE and Safari

Hey Guys. This is Praveen for TechEmpty.
In this video I will be showing you how to make Google your Homepage on Chrome, Mozilla
Firefox, Internet Explorer and on Safari. I’m doing the process in Windows machine and
you can replicate these steps if you are using Mac Machine. Nothing will change except the
operating system. To set Google as Homepage, your PC must be
free from Adware or Spyware. If these unwanted registry changers installed on your PC, the
modifications that you will be doing will not reflect after saving them. So, make sure
to clean your PC by follow the tutorial explained here. This will hardly takes few minutes and
for sure it will remove all the wanted browser addons like NationZoom or qone8 redirect virus.
Hope your PC is now free from unwanted browser extensions, then follow these steps to know
How to make Google my Homepage on different web browsers.
First, Make Google my Homepage on Chrome Open your Google Chrome web browser and move
to options in the top right corner. Here select “Settings” and in “On Startup” category, select
“Open a specific page or set of pages” then select “Set pages”. Enter here
and save the settings. You have now successfully changed your chrome
homepage to Google. Second, know how to make Google your homepage
on Firefox Open your Firefox browser and move to options
in the right top corner. Here select “Options” and from the drop down options in “When Firefox
Starts” section, select “Show my Home page” and enter in the below text box.
Save the settings to reflect the changes. Congrats. You have now changed your Firefox
homepage to Google. Third one, Make Google my homepage on Internet
Explorer Open Internet Explorer and select the wrench
icon on top right corner. From the list of options select “Internet Options” and enter Save the settings by selecting “Apply and Ok”.
Last but not least, Make Google my Homepage on Safari browser
Open Safari browser and then open Now move to options located in the top right
corner then from the list of menu, select “Preferences”. In the Homepage section, select
“Set to Current page” then close the dialogue box.
Congratulations. You made Google as your Homepage on Safari browser.
That’s it. If you face any issues do comment below. Do share or thumb up this video if
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