How to Make Money from Own Website – Five Minute Profit Sites Program

How to Make Money from Own Website – Five Minute Profit Sites Program Congratulations, you qualified to watch this private video because of your location what you’re about to discover is highly confidential and shockingly Profitable do not share this private video with anyone. I’m deadly serious My name’s Sam Smith. And I’m a spokesperson for five-minute profit sites. I Guarantee, this will be the most important video you watch all year What if I told you that no matter what your skills or experience? No matter whether your age is 21 or 75? You can make consistent money every day from a secret industry estimated to be worth over twelve point three million dollars a year It’s a little goldmine hidden away from the public. It has nothing to do with gambling on whiskey bitcoin It has nothing to do with any kind of cryptocurrency It’s so simple to exploit this cash cow you can start today But only if you manage to get a free license to use our secret software a software Which builds you a done-for-you website in under five minutes and 17 clicks? That’s why we call it 5-minute profit sites It’s a point-and-click software app designed to make fast money from affiliate marketing this is 100% legal and ethical It’s also completely new and unseen I’m about to prove to you in a live demo that our software actually makes consistent money Then at the end of this short video, I’ll give you a free license to use our software. That’s right You’ll have the chance to use our software for free So keep on watching to the end of this short video or you’ll be 60 or stomache later Now you might think this sounds too good to be true So before we go any further, I want to prove to you that here at 5-minute profit sites We know how to make money from the internet Insane amounts of money. I need to warn you though what I’m about to show you will shock you Here’s one of our affiliate accounts the paychecks. I’m about to show you are all Commission money paid to us as affiliates Look here. You can see we’re on the page showing our paychecks We get paid almost every week into our bank account here You can see the date the money was sent to us and how much was deposited into our account? This shows that the payment has been processed This is how much we’re getting paid week after week all from affiliate marketing I’m not showing you this confidential information to brag But to prove to you that we know the secret to make consistent money week in week out. So You can trust us Look at this paycheck for just one week. Do you know anyone who makes money like this in one week? Imagine how amazing it would feel to get paid this much money for one week of work Again, i’m not showing you this private information to show off I’m sharing this live video proof with you to prove that we know the secret to make consistent money every week from the internet Here’s another monster paycheck. Most people don’t even make this in a year let alone a week I could carry on but I want to show you one of our other accounts. Give me a second while I log in Look here. This is how much money we’re making every week Look at how much money we make every day? It’s shockingly consistent money day-in day-out Take a look at how much money we make in a month You need to know insider secrets to pull in money like this every month I’m a hundred percent confident that you yes, you can make money, too You can make consistent money every day from the comfort of your own home. All you need is the right software something which actually works If you manage to get a free license to use our point-and-click software You can get started today in under five minutes and 17 clicks Now you might be wondering why are we doing this why are we giving away our most valuable money making software for free? Well, this isn’t charity. We’re doing this because we want you to partner with us as partners We’ll help you and you’ll help us With our partnership, we make a small Commission for every affiliate sale you make it’s a nice little income for us But don’t worry that money will never come out of your pocket. It’s a win-win for both of us We only make money when you make money That’s why we’ll do everything in our power to get you making consistent money day in day out Now here’s the thing. We need to partner with the right kind of person. Otherwise, we’re wasting our time To partner with us. You need to meet two conditions Condition one if you’re the kind of person who will claim a free license and never actually use the software Then click away from this video do it right now. This isn’t for you condition 2 if you’re already making $100,000 a year or more from the internet. This isn’t for you. Let someone else take your spot someone who really needs this This is a simple point-and-click software designed for beginners or for people who’ve tried to make money online before and failed so if you pass both of those conditions Congratulations you qualify for a free license. Make sure you keep on watching until the end of this short video Now you might be wondering how can you trust us with 100% confidence that this can make you consistent money every day After all the Internet’s full of scams and false promises So we decided to do something that proves beyond any doubt that our software 5-minute profit sites works exactly as we say it does So right now we’re going to do a live demo of the software. Do not miss this. The results will shock you, okay? So let me login to the software. If you’re lucky enough to claim a free license. You’ll get your own login Okay, we’re in look here. You click this button here to setup your own website You can build your own website in only three simple steps Before we do that. I want you to note the time look here right now. It’s 5:19 p.m. Make sure you note the time. I Guarantee that in less than 5 – our software can build you a brand-new done-for-you website. It’s crazy fast So let’s go back to the steps and let’s click build your site. The first part is so simple All you do is sign up for a free account with Clickbank Clickbank a huge corporation they’ve processed over a billion dollars in sales They’ll pay you any affiliate Commission you earn it’s like filling in any simple form you enter some basic personal information things like your name and your address Then you click on to the next step and enter your banking information You need to fill this in so you can get paid then finally you enter your account nickname and password I’ll use Sam Smith 78 – the account nickname you can use whatever nickname you want Enter a password and click create account and that’s it Then go back to the software and type your clickbank name into it. It’s easy Next it’s step 2 here you choose a name for your website. You don’t even have to think of one Just choose one of our expert recommendations from the list It’s so simple and finally you sign up to an email service I’ll explain why you do that in a second This link here takes you to a sign up page where you sign up to a free account with our bure We recommend them because they’re the best email service around once you’re signed up with them Your final step is to copy a piece of text. You’ll find it in your our bure account. You copy it into here Don’t worry about this. It’s so simple I bet even an 8 year old could do it we will queue through it on this video I’ll copy and paste some text from my own personal Alber account for now All I do is copy and paste that’s it. Ok, so we’re all done now Let’s leave the software working in the background and while it builds I’ve done for you website Let me explain exactly how this makes us money So as I mentioned earlier we make money from affiliate marketing Did you know that by 2020 the affiliate marketing industry is estimated to be worth? 6.8 billion dollars a year Retail giants like Amazon pay out millions every year to their affiliates as an affiliate Your job is to find people who want to buy a product And send them to a website which sells that product When those people buy you get paid commission, it’s that simple you don’t have to develop or supply the products That’s the job of the website you send people to Some websites will pay you 75 percent commission on the price of the product. That’s insanely high Okay, so you might have heard that making money online is easy. Maybe you could become a millionaire within a month Yeah, right. Anyone who promises you that is a shameless scammer the truth is that most people who try to make money online fail? We know what it feels like to fail. We know how much it hurts It’s not your fault to make consistent money. You need to have the right tools and you need the secret shortcuts After nine years of experience as affiliates, we have the tools which actually work and we know the secret shortcuts That’s how we make consistent money like this every single week If you’re a beginner you face three challenges Challenge one how do you build a website which can actually make you money? solution our software 5-minute profit sites will build you the website you need it’s so simple but proven to make money Challenge – how do you find websites? Which sell great products? Products which you can sell as an affiliate and make you the most Commission money Solution our software uses a secret algorithm to find the websites with the best products. It does all the hard work for you So you have an easy shortcut to the highest commission payout? Challenge 3 how do you find people to buy products from those websites? Lucien we will hold your hand and give you a proven step-by-step method to send thousands of people to those web sites Even a complete beginner can copy this proven step-by-step method to make fast and consistent money All you need is 23 minutes a day It’s so simple if I shared it with my grandpa who’s 78 years old and hates computers. I’m 100% confident that even he could make money with it Ok, so let’s go back to the software. Our website should be ready for us and there we go We’ve got a brand-new done-for-you affiliate website. It’s valued at 497 dollars, but if you own the FM PA software, it’s free. It’s fully hosted by us on our servers here You’ve got your own custom logo. Your website comes with a sales video presented by a professional actor It’s designed to convert visitors on your website to money in your bank account It does this by promising them a free money making system valued at one hundred and ninety seven dollars to download their free system They click this button and enter their email Then they land on this page here. They can download their free system at the same time your website will send them to a Clickbank product through your clickbank affiliate link just like this if They buy the Clickbank product you get paid up to seventy five percent commission for every sale With such incredibly high affiliate Commission the potential to make money is huge So how long did it take to build our website? Remember it was 5:19 p.m. When we started step 1 Look here. It’s now 524 p.m So it took only 5 minutes to build our done-for-you affiliate website exactly like I promised as You saw in the live demo to set up our website. All I did was click 17 times and fill in some basic information Some simple form filling and 17 clicks to build a done-for-you website. That’s it It’s a very simple looking website but its profit potential is huge Ok, so let me show you exactly how profitable this simple website can be I’ve set up a brand new clickbank affiliate account. Let me login to it. Give me a few seconds Okay, we’re in look here it’s not even earned a dollar yet because it’s a new account I’m going to stop this video now and come back to it next week. Remember the day today is Tuesday the 16th of January I’ll log in to this same account next week to show you how fast the software can make money in the mean time We’ll spend 23 minutes a day following the simple steps By following the simple steps. We can send massive numbers of people every day from our affiliate website to website selling products on Clickbank With the simple steps. It’s virtually impossible to fail. You don’t want to miss this. Bye for now Hello again, it’s Sam here And it’s been exactly six days since we set up our done-for-you affiliate website and started using it with a new Clickbank account Let’s log in and see if we made any Commission money. I’m so excited to show this to you. Let’s do this as You can see it’s currently Monday the 22nd of January Remember we set up our website on Tuesday the 16th of January in only three days. We made money. We made a whopping 662 dollars then as you can see over the next few days. We made more money than the previous day Today we’ve made over a thousand dollars each day. We’re making more money than the previous day in total so far We’ve made three thousand four hundred and five dollars affiliate Commission in only six days all from a brand new account Now do you believe how powerful the fnps software is? Here’s what our clickbank account look like before using the software Here’s what it looks like after using the software our software will find the best selling products for you It does all the hard work for you All you need to do to get started is follow three simple steps to set up a done-for-you website You watch me do that in less than five minutes and only 17 clicks. The earning potential from affiliate marketing is huge Earlier, you saw me log into one of our other affiliate accounts. This is the kind of paycheck we make in a week Most people don’t even make this in a year Here’s another of our accounts. This is how much money we’re making every week Look at how much money we make every day. It’s shockingly consistent money day in day out We’re not showing you this to brag. We’re sharing our personal information with you So you can trust us when we say we know how to make money and the u2 can make money with our free software Remember you’re getting our secret software for free You might be wondering. Why are we giving away our most valuable money making software for free? we’re doing this because we want you to partner with us as partners, we’ll help you and you’ll help us as Partners we make money every time you make money So it’s in our interest that you make as much money as possible with your new website Okay. Are you ready to get your own affiliate website and start making money? You must claim your done-for-you website right here right now on this page You’re one step away from securing a free license to use our new software the same tool we use to get paid every single day You’re so close to tasting a slice of a twelve point three million dollar pie But I need to be clear. We can’t keep the software open for too long at this point I don’t know then we’ll have to take this video down So our secret software doesn’t get too much exposure So don’t waste time follow the instructions on this video right away to get your done-for-you website You need to click the button below. I’m almost embarrassed by how simple this is and it gets even better You get a massive discount if you can claim your website today You can think of your dumb 4u website as 100% free. So we’re clear We’ll never charge you a single dime. You’ll get our most powerful money making software for free That’ll never change but because we’ll host your website on our powerful servers We need to charge some kind of fee to provide you with an elite service and cover our server costs Here’s the good news about the low price. We’re charging. We’ve decided to take a whopping discount of the price for you you’ll see a special price only for you below on top of this to make sure you’re completely Satisfied after you claim your free done-for-you website and you pay the small hosting charge You’ll get a 60 day risk-free trial if in the next 60 days you want your money back for any reason? You’ll get every last cent back Guaranteed we’re 100% confident that you can make money with this That’s why you can think of your done-for-you website as 100% free We’re not worried at all about losing money here because you’re definitely not going to want to refund We’ll bet all of our affiliate accounts that you can make a hell of a lot more money than you spend on your new website You’ll see why in a few minutes after you sign up this system works We would know because it’s the software we ourselves use to make money But we want to make you this ironclad guarantee So you too can be 100% confident that your software will work and you can make money Period no question. There’s nothing to lose by signing up right now Your next step is to click the button below and sign up one hundred percent risk-free Don’t wait on this if you don’t take advantage of this right now, you’re going to hate yourself. Later I say that because if you don’t sign up now someone else might take your spot and make money instead Don’t let someone else claim the done-for-you website you need Take action right now. We know that there’ll be high demand for the FMVs software So we can’t wait around for you to make a decision. You need to make the decision now to take action and get your website Remember, this is a completely risk-free investment. So why wait why even think about it? This is a no brainer Sign up right now and get the web site. You need to make money Don’t wait a minute longer. Don’t miss out on access by waiting too long. You might never see this website again It’s so easy to lock down your done-for-you 5-minute profits, like follow the instructions below this video to claim your discount It’s so simple follow the instructions below this video right now It only takes 60 seconds to sign up with absolutely no risk at your end. There’s no reason not to do it We want to help you sign up right now. You’ve got nothing to lose All you need to do is sign up below and get started But you need to act now the longer you wait the more money You’re not making but could be making to get him right now All you have to do is follow the simple instructions below this cash is just waiting for you to grab it But you’ve got to make the move first Click the button below and secure your spot. I have a Members Only message for you waiting on the other side Something you won’t want to miss So right now sign up before it’s too late Click that big sexy button below and download your software. I’ll see you on the other side

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