How to make money online: 50 business ideas and websites to make money online from home

hi there how are you this is gonna get
and that the video I’m gonna cover 50 websites where you can make money and 50 strategies to make money online with
different ways way in different ways all different ways
and we think I’ll I’m sure there was more about 50 ways to make money online, getting other pretty solid number and well even do it
the number fifty their last month it’s something that we’ve been able to
do within about two or three minutes right after you watch the video so last all this had his get all ideas to make money online,
and see which ones work for you and then boom that last month you’ll
actually be able to actually start doing it and working on your business online that up the United you’ll be able to
start doing the sense that case a regular get that and by the way where the way to the you
know who this is wasn’t doing this so I’m still want to know five strategies but up the
way that and thinking of doing it is I’ll explain to you how to make money online and other general area and it’ll give
the pros and cons for different strategies some things so you know you can do from home, and
some other issues that you might run into law but is going to have a lot of really
cool ways to make money online from home that are effective alright so one of the simplest things
that you can do to start earning revenue online any learn something you learn it you
know I’m high schooler is right right so writing in help you make money
in a number of ways online right so I’ll the simplest thing is that law you
might be like what the heck no love back but there’s a lot of things
that are so alright I’ll right the first lol beginning make money
with writing a blog and Kindle and Amazon books anything to simply place ads on your blog and you can make money by publishing ads, but
the cool thing about your blog is that you if you look
strategically on some topic the blog doesn’t make that much money with ads but you can take your blog content and put it into an Amazon book and Kindle book, and make money by selling books you don’t have to be a good writer to be
honest because you when you you just need to buy I just need to hire
an editor who will me you know you the right spelling that
right traveler help you help you really do anything
things like that and then what happens is you have a lil and right away okay now you’re talking right you gotta go
that will you can tell I’ll amazon dot com ready on the Kindle
or you can sell paperback books the printed books via
cCreateSpace. You can make an account there today and get started and you know I miss them on Amazon
lookup so you have not been also sell your
books on that I thought you would like that
basically will be you’ll be selling digital copies from home, for five
dollars. which is not bad and it will this
your community delivered bookstore I’ll use pre is pretty good and I haven’t been able
so Mickelson ira quite recently so that’s when the other ways you can make money online is by selling music lawful that comes with that company even
so I think on iTunes in although I personally
have to try it now silly goose mailto: that Amazon Kindle their number
one place to host on this is where you want to really
there’s only going to be too but I was wearing your to you you’ll have one platform where
you gonna solubles it should be a jingle the most natural thing right people just invited local one click and they have it
ready to read on their device the second-best place to make money online is probably to have you know create space which is
owned by Amazon will be able to me sell the print version of your book and if they’re all the film issues that
should be and you know being insular on so all the
delicious uploader your book who cover and you’re
set you’ll actually have to personally ship that’s cool so what happens is okay got those but their best best but
yet I am maybe trying to sell your books and making additional revenue from home, on Barnes & Noble this like that fibers another by her not
not not about this is of course okay that both you can also actually get your will on are you also to
transcribe great so you can conver your will to an
audiobook so on you know audible and sell allows I think this all the time you
were going to go on so and their services that help you up do that and you can actually split the
revenue with the person who dis on your book up facility I was just reading your book so this label actually get another phiri
lesbos now while Julian most popular ways to really do anything online his video use
great because you you can sell your book in person was in the video I’ll who like to so what happens is
there are four ways who work major platforms where you can create, sell and make money from video and attitude the is there and actually
it might the number one is the biggest one is to make a Udemy course and make money on Udemy just me videos the problem you to be
that that will make a lot of money that the issue that most more I’ll
YouTube creators also can generate a good income from video face to slow the issue %uh you can package videos in
courses and sell videos in a course or information product and their three site that you can’t sell
the song on the despondent the best is you need
that are um in this is where I sell my
courses, and where make a lot of money, and I recommend doing it up and I love the actual is one with
every site because professional the course is
usually high quality and typically but wasn’t something you you you’re
pretty much probably going yet well quietly Commission on it up so they
have a lot of quality control issues the their rewire on the second seconds for the just all the or sites is
something calls You can also make money with video on YouTube, SkillFeed, SkillShare, and EduPow as much money as I do on uni up but I
also have invested nearly as much time to school you know that you know that
you’re viewing comparison up the certainly you can use
the leader in this is the second is you as who viewed as well you know that
that is your cool courses worst disaster the bank into me
the south of you can’t win individual views I’ll
still be and then I’ll you don’t get those videos last and
you actually get lost get paid per minute of video watched, all from home, and it is something you can do starting today and right now the reviews and getting unit for get the
premier this business %uh and other site weekends for some quarters is a
legal issue pol that are where it’s basically the fire
mile where you know every course is just kind of
the cool thing about this is that there could be some US forces and itchy
so long history dollars nothing the Uni the courses in the spent they can be up
to five hundred dollars what was on edge about the whole point is that just
dollars and so you know if you buy poisonous %uh the girl lay really you look pretty much
nothing in China’s with quite a few a lot of
people who sell course uni they sell courses on edge
about seeing actually buying courses so you want you can axle things in due course and sell them on a
powerful is not that I is small force you to me
that you do but you how’s class until essentially you do you to me use you
feel and it’s about II the places waking the
money with video you with your weenie also
mention video as well in that when it’s all
about making money as a freelancer but that’s a little bit this video was
actually really good you can also make money as a freelancer I’ll be a spokesperson for video
something if you’re comfortable in your YouTube video on you can go a lot on with free lesson was many business owners need the URL
and they themselves on I’ll the microphone they don’t get the camera
right it’ll happen women and they need to hire someone and that
could be you your new video so but I love it when we talk about on commitment is a few less reliant J and
we talk about all the different types of real estate where yet get last
month now but also really popular is a few the
marketing know if you remind me is it yet the day
again did get a copy have who are silent on
union actually year up and by the way all the things I
mentioned a link to it in this region that you see checking out so anyway have a course on
it um ya is this a long time the caller I’ll
you the brief for a rundown was asleep by clicking on
the I can really make money with it used another popular way to make money online is with affiliate marketing. It is also something you can do from home the with affiliate marketing be either is basically reselling somebody’s products, and getting commission were initially simple rights to your let’s say I’ll you know what about shoes
but you don’t you know that the US is about shoes but you don’t have to sell the yourself
through that maybe somebody else lanky order yeah that’s right any good
Commission answer you can sell physical products you can sell a digital
products on the console servers in there are many many many many programs program will be late you know silence this way you can make extra money and an additional income their Elite Pro you might have eva has a
program where you can sell any about red and so blows the programs on that II Worcester up with them is
under the category are editors let me tell you about it the be
aggregators, and you can use those aggregators to make extra money and then you will navigators you browse
some measure to make an account but it’s free I’ll when you browse all the
possible products these you can sell and is your business
how certain audience though like that product the
sell unit you make is better for your
audience that they would like that product. If you find a good product, you can make extra money right away by selling it to your audience but you also named emissions is the best
though both worlds and so the danger there are five major up these for aggregators or affiliate programs that anyone can make money like moms, teens, or older people One good example of an affiliate program is Amazon Associates the is analyst and maybe what may be the most
reputable although there no not that much extra cash or revenue in commissions but
certainly the most reputable you have a brand you know what at something fishy to your aunt you know
you can go themselves losses the net his eyes he used to be
known as Commission Junction I think this year and it but it’s a but
ever since think CJ can be a good and legit way to make money online as well they have a mixture of digital products physical products different than that good offers up with different the in the
company’s who are was that there are also free
reputable so not to worry because they have honest and legit products from trusted companies and then there’s more things these then
the other who the programs are focused more on on digital products and those are things
like Clickbank is another legit affiliate aggregator in which you can make money online now Affiliates are probably the fastest way you can make money online now because all you have to do is promote it from your website. Anyone can do this: teens, moms, or even older people. it and will happen digital products
probable you know that we’re you know the quality of the product but
you get to have the Commission because guess what and you know in digital economy and making a passive income author is a good to the hospital goods
is your right so you can give something away
relating to the even as a hundred dollar product in really call the cost is of
course the nakedness some off but then to create one other
other there’s no difference so essentially you
can you rights away for very very discounted you can make a passive income with commissions unlike passive income from home with physical products which are you
know very little room for commissions I’ll is everything anything
accounted for other in the cost of the product because
we’re leaders materials there shipping you get so what happens is I’ll digital products they’re hard to sell
politically up from less reputable digital products are great for generating a passive income from home because there is no shipping and all you have to do is promote it and sell, and collect your commissions. and that’s where are the the
reintroduction the Uni girl worked with my putting out
on a lot more on this I’ll so in other places but here just
boil little injustices now I wanna now I
wanna talk about %uh how to make money as a three lesser land now realizing you can mean
different things India software engineer you can design
it you can be let you mentioned earlier link to a
video person a video editing you recorded I’ll video you can become a spokesperson right solution all those
things you can look at cojimar something another way you can make money online is by business coaching on our I you can you can do my keying
that sometimes unity have not the skills up some people
are able to you there train you are you some very
basic that’s that you don’t really need tune-up low skills for such as hard work
so the hosting I think that on you know the feeling
better and you can really trials %uh the fuel inside joke about to leave
I’ll right now and then see what we’re offering and see you can offer similar served so
here’s all the sites so %uh some other popular sites for UNC up UN’s that car all this Another place to make money online today is Fiverr where you can offer freelance gigs so those who this sounds a bit different
and also Another place where you can generate extra income if you are a good designer is also 99designs that car you can name the woman as I
know it sounds and logo’s then left side up the lead-up but
there’s also who that which is also a place to hire Ron you
know it hi there and get hired US up to those
are the 319 sites there good any in you though
if you’re a small business owner who trying to make money you can also use
them help you make money or you can actually money on them and of
people were on their that both the because this is a minute
iron from them as well as getting you know the rest in car loans a lot of
history law annually with my nose for example on
Fiverr where you can make money fast I sell a lot of things on fiverr some of the examples of how I make money on fiverr fast are selling digital products like books or online courses or coaching. All of it can make money on fiverr through this we plan something similar
certainly things you can do it with me already you can during two lucrative things a on that something
that you know then so that you’ll answer any summit suggest
we saw which is you know always when a not
what’s really cool about the web in general is that you can sell physical products
and you might tell me AHL al-haq physical products will just
let him know the uprights you that but that should not stop because you can how physical I was created
online and less effort that is cut they Press with it who is and another one set for
this is that I’ll there and look at the same thing where
they have a budget price or email your lose ritual you know that you know you than your
design you know that and the with a low around the pot health and happiness %uh then the hope is about going up to you
to decide on the freemen property muddy t-shirt
and anything right shower curtain anything and you
can start cell where you start selling writer so that
product production is not a problem are ready to solve that not yet visible with and if you don’t
have a design guess what you goto freelancer site and
you say a designer Anne dying right designing as you get a design and get
the product made from home you have to have no skills whose house was both and they reasonably
priced so you article design the product creation
right and leadership for you as well so it’s like no other anything on Yahoo is actually you just have to get people
to buy your products now I’m hit by a truck
to get so I was the your cell I was on a car
the just english-speaking e-commerce website in
the world shopping that car also very being you can sell directly
from of a press that conquers all directions ask you can also do itself from SE because
you know it’s you made it you mean sprite so it but only if I in
the late Rep to sell from SE I’ll I have a small with
your son is gonna really I you can also believe it or not deals
on Craigslist and by the way you can celebrate a not
just I’ll your products but you can also sell your
you feel it and services races as well way analyst services like moving on with
our you can tell by the things a crisis or in this much as people think it’s going
away this is not about his motherland alone will still use crisis I’ll a so that I’ll certainly can up sell things up UK right course I’ll so there’s a lot I’ll and by the way if you wanna up increase your sales again there’s a
ton a this Outlet Online anything yet you can sell your prize for the skull
and then all those other discounts and become available to you as long as you
have enough margin you with skull his car and little profit but certainly discount site one searches
people use is to making their products like this
that is that you know that the so the price for nine dollars little the
new list them as nineteen dollars and your this come into
play is the percent right to pretty much you still charging your nine dollars you
call them that he percent discount the Sun that will up and so if you wanna sell on discount
site that’s kinda the Senate sometimes up
okay that’s but creating is the products and
selling them online basically the you know the world is your
oyster two of two your creativity and in really
if you actually want to do this going concern this cell but always in on
it was over the place but competitor the cell product so it’s a
matter of finding niche is a meadow could be able to
create kool designed for people who want to buy and sell and when the time to the researcher you know
game designed getting the sale on things like that so if you wanna spend a few days in this
year it out you can actually created United business for sale because once you settle a lawsuit you
got your design themselves price for you and the shit
it’s like on it up right on you know the you know the work now he won his the profession
in a little but not the least you don’t wanna really have any skills are life skills
the last year that mike d program there’s really like really
probably the simplest way to make money online is taking polls in Surrey’s and yes you can list on so you have a website is one is a I poll I PO lol one is my survey that I’ll one is
castrate are up and guess what all you do is they searched requires a knowledge
and things using the Nikon just the service me and get a not gonna get paid a lot
for surveyed but certainly US the girl right and you can’t answer is on a goal
from your prolonging when you’re in line at the store with her I’ll certainly King acer is probably the
simplest way to make money online probably the simplest it doesn’t get any
simpler right now on one thing I want to mention is that
whatever you are selling whatever’s on you’re all products
whether other products %uh one really great
strategy to amplify sales is to create a podcast because not only can you sell products from your
podcast other way to make money for a podcast is by getting a sponsor or sponsors I’ll once you pop this is
drawn up and Deanna right so sponsors they’re
great up now okay so that I can it might %uh sprite
selling their products from there were advertising sponsors so even
something about that making money another interesting way to
make money online is if you want to get into the world work Press not roadwork a world work Press which is miles or I’ll what you can do
is you start a business meeting where
resplendent the create your programmer you’re not
remember the cheap to hire programmers to create
my own it was happening yep and then great WordPress plugin that
you can you do with your free or and then tell a premium version of it
we’re just hoping one or you know get donations from I’ll it’s
not about business no I don’t need an interest but he is
not a business to recreate worthwhile only a few very popular WordPress
plugins the the have made your congress but it
generally you know smaller scale serving but on one sir let me in defeated
because popular guess what WordPress is behind the scenes about 20
percent all website online so you have a
tremendous target might right especially right on
this really necessary beginning with mine rates were present
something to look into because that work best but in business
the business and also theme/design is a good business a whole your
freelancer it’s really good if you were a few who
went with WordPress programming or unit setting up were present another
angle sort of way people I this as a lesser because people don’t the around inside were pressed and if
you don’t mind the unions and workers and learning about it you can get it
reasonably well get classes will be easily because is a
huge demand for I’ll workers work out there and up that’s something you can do now on I
mention a relenting before and admission to the
way for you way through I thinking it might but if
you find the other way to look at it if I and the let with real answer that right not you
but somebody else let a design something cool for let five dollars in five or and up up buddy with you can tell the service
provided us or two hundred dollars somewhere else on
the web right it’s easy to be different your baby’s
freelancer whatever buy it then twenty dollars the
venue we hired him or how will you cut what if any with
your contact with the was another happens is you saw that interest
for last last week amid is cool our trust and you can set that up you can’t do
that sells Highland in finance real answer for this you will wreck because let loose cell
that service so that’s our job one of the ways I
personally make money online is mobile us yeah the budget mobile app
that can live the popular or USA la Butler other things get worse 2000 dollars over over that number not
sure I think Justin injury and leisure but
but but own so in you know it’s not easy business goes a
late work rest on he’s not listening ass did it’s not easy is not you that you hire
developer for this is it but certainly if you do embark on that
road up with unique idea that it’s not easy but you can certainly make money without
people is hot every lap in the in the mic preamps but placing ads are up to the products were
in Disney beat us %uh and there’s the matter %uh use you
provide them enough to sell so after the way I’m getting little bit
tired because about 30 these into the light this but like 50 items I’ll how to make money
online but I’m getting tired of it was actually you just don’t know way longer than I
thought with no I’m gentle path through that up it going out like you think it’s
going slowly so it 31 got there rather they’re gonna
get that here K the day up unless I how you do it okay I leave a comment by
the way if you other watches video and you like you
don’t like using its deserve better good yes questions the
neck on in the YouTube video comments or me and give me a thumbs up few shit
effort tonight getting night talking about another pup up a certainly only in your comment %uh argument comes
up was no let me know how you’re doing other
you is your questions I i love u people and so anyway stupid
little bit to up to mention that let’s get that to
the strategies for making my at okay now so recovered something important which is
relenting red and year ago events on the %uh support thats
reading a book or writing a blog post or great educational
videos saw you how some theme that you are an
expert in and educate people about this you can
promote your on you can create webinars or even
offline s and promote them unit you can create like hobby groups %uh you can create
workshop duty steel something in the 800 and on
you in you can create exercise group that the
charge people right and this is a is the offline by her mother
Pauline way I’ll and you know let me know or
something right started up when you start your website and promote your
group and the group you can make money from
the group in a number of ways to make money but chai tea and its you can make money by you know me sign
ups on something to the people who were and %uh new game a any Chinese port and is probably the
simplest Street Wall Street lower but we got to
get the nation’s it people show up that is in love with you
in my eyes events and workshops on suggest me think about how so you know your
energy something or helpful someone or write about something
see you can have it then serious built around that same time it matter and then it might be that way
of course once you’re gonna rose being up you can even get money
from sponsors alright you love animals and pets
there’s actually a website for making money online buddy dosing and pet sitting %uh or house eating whatever is rover up and basically to set up when you say
okay I want to that’s it though at or so many well and
people actually hiring in your area now I i says relatively is not small but
its not JK so I don’t know how much I’m inclined to
get from it you couldn’t even then the Italian client especially you with in or you’re
a the FCT up but not something that I
don’t know too much about this site I just know it exists and that you can
make money that seeing at walking things like that and that’s a
good website for that the track over the now if you want to
spend and animals and get the heart okay again the house unskilled teacher
some the to show or anything you can count on
all into her now crawl into the ring %uh simple
there’s a man there’s no need to resize for example to
do that comp to service the comp %uh there’s also he wanted if you he speak
another language you can up usually you can become a language tutor at I lol iight okie I though I that up so that simple is you know you don’t think about
anything or do last just come through going which is sure you know that simple
on another way to make money online they
create something call in each site and decided is just that society which
is then going to the Olympics that well sometimes but let me but other so what happens is you me site let and
they decided well shoelaces some and us your topic that you know it’s there but people needed
but like people don’t really him wasn’t a whole lot right no it isn’t
all those those out there like to chew it we might because light that you make that number
one most or did it say it about shoelaces
online which is not only that I because nobody
else is treason do it it’s going to be %um yes you all that is
guess what when somebody issue in this group when
they need it they wanna buy a colorful hooligans who
this is the search for shoe laces and because you with Lori sign on you’ll
be right up there with him was on all the other sites and you’ll be you
have a very good chance at getting into the will that ended with you precisely that we decide on this
topic and i also in the them below through is it’s
actually an e-commerce website is an ecommerce issue yet business
because you’re going to sell in this release let intangible mindless with that
ultimately develop and so early in the money that right way
can sell you would have to have your own you can
just going through the alarms on and sell I was sure this is from Amazon
just collect Commission and not except with the other site in the
injured people up right to death the benefit of having
this site that we thought was a decree on some new ish and get floridian will oh and then ones who
will that an assorted sign in with its niche
you will see will me that’s a great well and will and
therefore drive traffic to it and there for that child will be highlighted in
green because they were looking for that and it right and in the
might that you are on the site and by the way he cites the you know
something racing will this continue to make money and you can one thing I’ll I’ll that we thought was not a whole lot
but you will continue his roomie you the money were a lot of money
building which is on them or arranging over that his book The one for many years now you make any kind
of music or is things like that so items solid on some legal CEEB com up these like that right now regain love with it and this
is the gave up to the last through some you got sent you dash in so that everyone who is up one suggest that some ways for how to
increase the sales whatever doesn’t write so not I don’t suggest the network Chinese
think that went over like this will be I’ll bet but when I wanna show
is countries the sales what you can assign today and
tomorrow and is very important thing you gotta do
you’ve got a deal email list because why is once you have
an email is and they’re engaged mean you regularly
communicate with them restaurant once you’re the illest you can reach out to them until the
anything and unit Prada your next blue units left
side and show them rate the your next you selling musee
your that surprised any any on so that’s something you always wanted
the wanted to the audience and email is it really good audience because email typically never changes you know
the manual is then another social networking sites
like Butler so you don’t love able to get out along
but certainly since the weather started email has held
up but one thing that comp so you no likey any indispensable tool
because there’s no restrictions his Google is true I’m promote your
beings it was your products to customers is its
Facebook they won’t be book you know early on you know you can you can email to
everyone there are no rules for you so anyway other people let that
especially you know the number one elite people and
course though one with its energy that you seen
11 venture is to get people into you mean mailing
list is to give them away something for free late a get my ebook for free want to
join my mailing list do this for free you know get this for
free months ago my me a list so that actually a good way to
increase your mailing list right so that’s all you see a lot and
you might wonder why I believe these waivers that leave us the widget went to be on the mailing
list and they want you to that be able to reach you and very with anything to happen in the
future no this is it getting dirty the way to make money that you can make
money today %uh within me to the next two three four
five minutes depending on who you are um and that is simply with the a bell donate button on whatever you how website YouTube channel any get and guess what will they came
here good I’m gonna put I’m I have a PL on my you tell and if you like this
video you can Creek show more on the video and the very first link will be the link to page where a happy girl and if you like this video was any kind
worth it and you know or you been able to make any
kind of money from this video or have anyway years welcome any money from
this then this video pay for itself and just
let you need me considered a leading to me from India
and they remain on the studios ain’t never asked for donations that in
the nation’s guy actually but this vote in the senate here because
is making money online and Divis who’d a donate button on your
site and let’s just see how well it works
with mile but on mice on my YouTube channel so with a strong
warning that a No the description in the video and we’ll
pick you up where he’s going to myself about pages
think something like that there will be a people donate button its
think that and see if you wanna die any money to do
that here II was this helpful up you not like that but unions up on youtube is like the
video up comment you know tell me what if I love
you I love I love you the law and of course back so that we
can you know in you local years like this
there right

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