How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

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100 thoughts on “How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

  1. QOTD ⚡Have you started affiliate marketing yet? What are you biggest questions? Let me know!👇🏼Want to know more about Affiliate Marketing right now? Learn how to make money and master affiliate marketing in this free YouTube series here ➡️

  2. So I started the process of becoming an affiliate with some sites… however… I have no clue what they are talking about when it comes to the tax questions they have. I felt so stupid and I just closed out of it.

  3. Hey Sean… I have an Instagram Growth Tool I just launched called Any ideas how I can go after an audience for that? Or how I can create affiliates for that product? It's hosted on Kajabi BTW which I know you are a fan of. Thanks!

  4. How many subscribers do I need to have to be able to apply to affiliate programs? Love you channel very informativo and positive.

  5. Only problem with is I already tried it out and failed no?one bought anything during time frame.. Can I sign up again to give it another shot?? Anyone know?

  6. He is amazing. Not only did he motivated me to start my own channel, but he also gave me essential tips for future growth.

  7. Hi Sean . I was a susseccsful affiliate marketer for online gambling sites upto 2012. One of the main criteria I chose for an affiliate program was cookie length. So if your cookie was 10 days, you still made commission if the purchaser clicked on link . Day 1, but came back a few days later and purchased. 90 day cookie were best. Any thoughts on this nugget?

  8. I started Amazon Affiliate Marketing. The minimum payout was £25 and I made £20 from a camera sale and they kept that as it wasn’t £25. Recently they’ve close my affiliate marketing account through lack of activity! So I ended up with NOTHING!

  9. I have been doing affiliate marketing for years but still haven’t felt I’ve had that breakthrough moment. This video was so helpful!

  10. Hey Sean,
    Clarification please…

    For example. … if I click your affiliate link for a tripod on amazon, AND while on Amazon (Because of Your link), I also buy a lens and a light, DO YOU ALSO get paid a percentage of those additional items, since It was your link that landed me on Amazon?

    Thank you… Huge fan in INDY.

  11. Hi Sean, obviously I’ve started affiliate marketing but only seeing a few $’s here and there even after the past few years! How can I improve this?

  12. Hey Sean thanks for the vid! My question would be how to get a company with no affiliate program yet interested in starting one? Thanks Man! Peace

  13. I have already began affiliate marketing even though my channel is just beginning. Though nothing has been purchased yet I was shocked by the number clicks the links received already. That alone creates excitement to continue making more and hopefully much improved content.
    Great channel. I've learned a lot from you already.

  14. I love these videos! Are you able to give your opinion of the minimum of followers required before implementing affiliate marketing? Many thanks!

  15. Hello I have signed up but don't know how to create the links I have a nail art channel and I am trying to get like a group of nail art products but I am doing something

  16. Great video! For anyone thinking affiliate marketing is a scam, joke, or BS, I can tell you that it's not. I'm just like everyone else and have been able to make commissions myself! Tons of great info that I also preach about on my channel! Keep it up guys!

  17. 4 channels under my thumb and have been working on starting my affiliate marketing adventure. Thanks for all the tips and tricks!

  18. hii sir i need some help .. my channel monetization is disabled .. can you tell me why and how i can enable it or i cant do ??

  19. My challenge is how to do affiliate marketing with lego as niche can you help me and yes I have started affiliate marketiing

  20. What makes a persons account “approved “ by the amazon affiliate program? Still been trying to figure this out. 🤔

  21. Sean thanks for your vids and stragity suggestions I will put them into play and grow my channel, as soon as i can stop being so critical and self conscious when filming me, I need my wife to kick me in the butt, lol. I've had my channel a while but did nothing on it. Started posting some dash cam vids from my truck windows, but decided to take it into another level, anyway my question for you is; do I really need to make my YouTube channel a branded channel? I watched some vids, and it didnt sound like something nessissary if only my wife, and I will be working behind the scenes. Sounded like something you need when you want a third party working on your stuff, so they don't have access to all of your google. Sorry so long, but I don't want to start wrong Thank you again.

  22. Love this.
    I'm just about to get started with affiliate marketing. I'm finishing off a project today and getting right into that next. Can't wait, and I'm looking forward to your other videos. 🙂

  23. Thank you for the knowledge! Recently just started on Youtube but I have been watching ALOT of your videos and they have helped. I appreciate all you do sir, thank you!

  24. Can you talk more about the amazon affiliate link to multiple counties? I live in Canada and signed up for both Canada and US Amazon affiliate program but it became too much to link to both and explain them in the description. Most of my views come from the US so should I sign up with the US one only? How does all that work? I made no sales in the time frame they set out so I got booted and have to reapply but not sure when to reapply or to which one.

  25. Hey Sean, i make videos about Disneyland Paris, do you know what the Best way would be to in a program with them

    With regards,
    Usman, all the way from Copenhagen 😊

  26. How can you do affiliate marketing if you are trying to create content that isn't how to but things like documentrary work or actual story telling?

  27. Great Video as always! Think media is one of the big reasons i started my YouTube channel and affiliate marketing! (im only 16) I make videos around this topic daily so if you guys are interested in affiliate marketing im your guy!!

  28. Great Video as always! Think media is one of the big reasons i started my YouTube channel and affiliate marketing! (im only 16)

  29. Awesome info as usual. I just signing up for Amazon now 👍 The only question I have concerns smaller companies or locations. If they do not have an affiliate program, is there a program or group that can help them set it up? Wherever I go for first time experiences I’d love to recommend through an affiliate program. Bit of a win win 👌

  30. I m new on YouTube
    I have only 152 subscriber can I still sign for affiliate program? . What is the minimum criteria same as YouTube channel .

  31. I really like your content.I really want to start a life online I love being on the net, and want to really make a life doing something online to be with my family. I had a job that paid well but I left it few months ago because it made me so unhappy and depressed. I was away from my family a lot and miss out a lot. I will keep look for something that I can make an income online.Thank you for your great content.

  32. I already purchased one-year word press website, and already in the process of writing five articles about health. However, what is stopping me fully is the GDPR policy, which I don't know about. So now, I am stuck trying to get disclosure, private, cookie, gdpr policy. On one hand, most of the gures talk about it I need to get it, however, on the other hand, other gures say that I don't need to worry since I am doing Affiliate marketing. My question is this when it comes to polices, do I really need GDPR policy for affiliate website? As of right now, I don't even have marketing e-mail for this website yet.

  33. I've been trying on my own hopefully this helps me <3 I try really hard in making great tech videos. I did the amazon one last january but i think it had a time limit & how much you had to make ..not sure if it's different now.

  34. My biggest fear with starting is ALL THE RULES that Amazon has. Where am I allowed and more importantly NOT allowed to post. What can I include or say without getting booted from the program, etc….

  35. Yes! I think I’ve made £2 something so far. As you say, that’s not insignificant as it proves it works. Thanks for the video. X

  36. Once I enough money saved up, I'm taking your class. I like how smooth your transitions are. No stuttering over words. You are the man.

  37. I am starting with Amazon and the first and only products I have now is your YouTube Secret books which I read from cover to cover.

    I am in Mortgage Loan niche and there isn’t much “products” that I can affiliated to. Can you give me some ideas?

  38. 22 subscribers here.. at what point should I join affiliate marketing? I got rejected by a brand due to “inconsistent branding”?

  39. But i see that affiliate marketing can be done without even making videos on youtube and it's by creating a website and running ads and stuff… The thing is… when it comes to doing affialiate marketing on youtube idk it just feels like you're limited… Let's just say you're doing car related videos, how are you supposed to do affialiate marketing with that?! So you are very limited with a certain type of videos! Hope you can undertand 😉

  40. $2.12 as your first affiliate payment.. love it. I have a photocopy of one of my first Google Adsense cheques stuck to the wall behind my computer – a whopping $158.70! I remember being so stoked after checking my Adsense account (every day – hoping to see my first earnings) and seeing that I had made my first 32 cents. I got the same feeling from selling my first eBook… and seeing my first affiliate earnings online. I think the reason that the first affiliate earnings are so exciting and memorable is because it gives you the concrete evidence you need in those early days – that boosts your confidence and belief – because you now know that this whole affiliate 'thing' ACTUALLY WORKS. My advice for anyone starting out, or who has been trying to make affiliate sales without much success yet.. is to keep learning and growing and evolving within your niche AND affiliate marketing, and keep persisting UNTIL you start making sales. Sometimes you're doing the right things, but not necessarily making sales because you're in the process of building momentum in the early days, in which case keep doing what you're doing and fine-tuning. But other times.. be careful you aren't repeating mistakes and bad processes because if you don't correct those, you'll keep going round and round in circles until you give the whole thing up because 'it doesn't work'.

  41. Great Channel!! When starting a YouTube channel, how soon should you start affiliate marketing? Example Amazon… 😊

  42. Thanks for sharing these amazing tips. I think Affiliate Marketing is learning the new way to make money every day and when you are up with the best tactics, it helps to generate the multiple incomes.

  43. I have tried for 18 months to do Amazon Affiliate marketing. DO NOT sign up for an Amazon Affiliate Account until you are over 500 Subs.
    I watched and subscribed and paid for lessons from Think Media when I first started. I did all the setup but the first 180 days I didn't get any sales so Amazon cancelled my affiliate account. I setup a new account and had to go change all my links to the new account. Got some sales which got my channel reviewed but they rejected me again because I put my website down in addition to my YouTube channel and they rejected my website. So I created a third Amazon Affiliate account and changed all my links, again, and this time I only put my YouTube Channel. Got sales within a month or 2 that got me another review. Rejected a third time because I don't have 500+ subscribers. I only have about 190+ subs right now. I may try Home Depot or Lowes and forget Amazon for a long time.

  44. I've heard this is a good way to make money on YouTube. Potentially better than Ads once I become monetized. Question: How many followers should I have before I start affiliate marketing? Currently a little over 400 subs atm.

  45. Hi, I didn't start making money online with affiliate marketing until I read this amazing book on how to earn big profits online, even if you have no products, no website, and no experience. if you want the FREE E-book, email me friends at [email protected] saying, please send me the free E-book and I will send it over to you. It worked for me!

  46. Interesting.How do I start an affiliate marketing in PNG? I am just an ordinary Papua New Guinea person who is interested in doing affiliate marketing by selling in my service to existing FMCG companies in my country? Would appreciate your kind response on my query

  47. Many thanks, been searching for "earn money by affiliate programs" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Neyameron Xiydeline Method – (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my cousin got cool success with it.

  48. Winner of a video, I've been looking for "shopping cart become an affiliate" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Neyameron Xiydeline Method – (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my partner got excellent success with it.

  49. Amazon says my influence is too low for an account. Any idea how many subs, videos they require to sign up?

  50. I have any ideas… you could make me a case study hhaha maybe your views would love to see me go from zero to hero well I would love to see it..

  51. affiliate program YouTube description renewing or recommending a product online

    linked to YouTube for visitors to buy a cool ways to share what you love to work with

    I think the third task is to get paid

    thanks again for the valuable information I really appreciate

  52. I have been in affiliate for more than 2 years and I am making real income with it. I think it you watch this video or join this will also help you alot as it has already help many people

  53. Hi,

    So my website is going to be called x-itude180.. A little about my background.. I am ex military and i have been the queen partier for more than 10 years. In 2017 i went to prison, not jail but prison for dui's (which is driving under the influence) of alcohol and it changed me.. My whole life and attitude, thus the name x-itude180.. Which means what is the x-factor in your life than can change your attitude 180 from where it was…

    My question actually is how can i do affiliate marketing with that premise!!!  HELP

  54. Sean, Love your content man!
    You might remember doing a video for Sukent a while back on starting and growing a YouTube channel… a series like this on affiliate marketing for college students would be GOLD!! We should chat!

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