How to Make Your Own Wix Website | Easy & Simple for Beginners

♪ ♪ What’s up, beautiful people? It’s your
homegirl, Ms. Shameless, all up in your building
with another Tech Talk. And in this video,
I’m going to show you how to design your own website dedicated to all you
beginners out there. This video is a paid
collaboration with Wix. I designed my production
company website previously that you can watch over here, and now I’m going to
update my personal website, The backstory — I did this
site years ago with my brother, who is a graphic designer
and a creative director. Gorgeous. Stunning. I
gag. Thank you, brother. The problem is, I
haven’t updated my site since, and that’s when working
with template sites like Wix are awesome. They not only have beautiful
designs to choose from, but you can do it yourself. So I’m going to update my site. And I’m going to do it with you. So let’s just head over
to their website,, and start creating. You can start for free, FYI. For your chance to win
a free VIP site from Wix, make sure you read
the info box below. Okay, welcome to the
back end of my computer. Going to open up Wix. And here we are. I already have a
couple sites going on. This is my
production company site. This is it. All the templates. There’s so many options. I do recommend
choosing something that’s close to what you want. Of course the
beauty with template sites is you can customize
it to suit your needs. Now the trick with
me — I did a few. I did one, two, three. I did three sites
just to get an idea of what I’d like. So there was this option. I really like this one. This was a close call. That’s a really
beautiful template. Totally my color scheme. Then there was — I
think it was Vlogger. I really like this one. Cute, cute, cute,
ya know? Cute, cute. I also enjoyed this
one. I think it was 3D. Random, I know. Obviously I don’t
have any 3D projects. [laughing] And it’s going to
look completely different once I’m done with it. But what I do like is
this video player right here. And I like that it’s parallax, meaning it scrolls up. This here is static. And kinda swooshes on top. It’s just really
gorgeous and beautiful. So this is very visual. And this is the one I
believe I’m going to work with. So I’m going to go
ahead and edit this site. This site is free,
this template, rather. And before getting into
the nitty gritty of the site, I do recommend having
a document of the copy that you’re going
to use on your site. So I have this bit typed out. I also recommend having a drive that has all the images
that you’re going to use and videos so you
can replace this. Also recommend Pinterest. Get you a Pinterest, okay girl? I have tons of inspo,
all of this, design inspo. Colors, eighties, all of it. So what I like to do is
put together a pin of colors, and then also
reference websites. A really great graphic
designer, talented, talented, is Kriss Did It. She uses a different platform, but again, layout is gorgeous, and she did some
familiar faces — Franchesca
Ramsey, Hey Fran Hey — a lot of beautiful work. So it’s always good
to have inspiration. And I mean inspiration,
not straight-up copying, okay? Inspo. So this is mine.
This is my template. I’m going to go ahead
and change background strip with a video. So I have this, and that’s
kind of like a highlight, and to get a gist of it,
I’ll go ahead and play it. So I am toying with the idea of having this video
play on the top of my site just to give
viewers a quick snap of what it is that I do. So it’s like, okay, fierce,
glitter, plays with paint, is in a class full of people,
has money falling on her. Great, Maya.
[laughs] And then we can go
ahead and change this. I don’t even know
if you can see that. I’m actually going to
delete that. I don’t need that. What I would like is
to add some branding. So here I have my logo. I saved it as a PNG so the
background is transparent. And I’m going to put
that on top of my video. New project? You know
what, I could get rid of that. Here — new project — I’m going
to get rid of this button too — I really don’t want
to have multiple pages. For me, I’m kind of
very matter-of-fact. So just give me the
information I need. So I can change the image. Right now they have
this really awesome 3D art. I’m going to go
ahead and change it with this background that I have. And then I will
save this as — oop. Hmm. Let’s do
Shameless Maya 2018. Done. And let’s just preview. See, I like how it scrolls. It scrolls like such. And then I can
have information here. So I’m going to go
back to my editor. And add some images. And you can have —
you have options here. You can add a gallery. Let’s see what this
gallery looks like. I mean, that’s cute. But I would probably
change the background if that’s the case. What other options do they have? What I love about Wix is how much you
can customize it. It’s almost too much,
if there is such a thing, but for those of you that really
want to get nitty-gritty, really make it customizable, this is the beauty of it. And it can also
just be really simple. They also have additional apps. Say you sell merch. You can include that. They have a bunch of business
tools, marketing tools, events, none of which I
need, but it’s there, for those of you
that might need it. So I’m literally just
going with images or video. So I wanted to include a photo, a static photo of myself. Me, myself and I,
all I got [inaudible]. Boom. Then I can go
ahead and add some text. Have a header. And we can call this About. And I have this copy that I’m going to go
ahead and copy and paste. There we go. We can go ahead
and change colors. We could turn our black white. Let’s go black. And you can also
change the font, you know? It really is so simple. Yes. Give me full. Now, say it was
kind of hard to see. You can always add
things like a box. Container box. Theme box? What the difference is
— what’s the — hold on. “Use container boxes
to structure your site. You can attach any
element to a container box and move the box around.” Oh, you know what,
let’s go with that. We playing games,
girl. My goodness. Okay. So let’s do that. We’re going to change
the color of this box to white. And then now let’s go
ahead and add some — “Attach to box.” Got it. Okay. Wow. And the box
already resized for me. That is genius. Maybe let’s do 14. And let’s make that black. I am so happy. Preview that. I mean, she still
needs some work, but let’s get her done. So. We can make that smaller. We can bring this up here. And you do want to be
mindful of these anchors, especially if you’re
going to use a menu. This anchor is a
reference to that menu. So right now it’s like
page two, three, four. Wow. Okay.
[laughs] We got a ways to go. I low-key want to
have a video player, because I have multiple videos that I want to play. Let’s try this. “Manage videos.” And I already uploaded videos, so let’s just make sure
that it plays the correct ones. There we go. And what if I
want to change this? Oh, and you can also pick whether you want
that in the strip, a small slider — cute. It’s kind of off to the side
though. Big slider. Compact. A lot of this is fiddling. A.k.a., having
some fun and exploring. Let’s go ahead and save so we don’t lose
out on our mistakes. And that purple line just
tells us it’s in the middle. And you can
actually — I — we — us — can actually
change the thumbnails. So I can edit the video here, and I can change
the cover image. So let’s just see if I
have anything that’s — “Set as cover.” There we go. Now if I get out of here, it should update. Perfect. And there are a ton
of different players. I would probably
change the background and just make sure to
bring that anchor up with you. Anchors are a great way to lead people to
important information. Link to anchors
from buttons, et cetera. You know what, I’m
going to change this image. Hoo. That’s bright, girl. And I’m going to add some text. In here, I’m going to
type in my mission statement. Fiddling, picking colors — let’s make that center. Okay. Now we got
this bad boy over here. Oh. What is this? I mean, that’s cute. Whatever she is. [Inaudible]. Oh, that’s really cute. If you put the bounding
box, that would be really cute. Wonder if it’s just a
little strip of something. Oh my God, that’s kind of cute. Oh, and it’s
transparent. Even cuter. What else do we have going on? What else could
we potentially add? What else would you
need for your site? I think a gallery. Preview. We can add social. You know? Bam. And I love that it
has a little message. It tells you, “Be careful.” And then you can
change the link over here. And I can go ahead and delete
the ones that I don’t use. I use Pinterest more for myself. But you can also add
— let’s actually see — layouts. You can make
it vertical or horizontal. Let’s try that. Let’s just see. And you can animate it in. You can kind of float
in. Did you see that? Oooh. Glide in. Fade in. You know what, I
like the float in. Now this — I’m not really
a fan. I’m going to delete. But here, under Strip, they have “Get in
touch,” “Contact me.” They also have an
actual contact form where you could pick a bunch. I’m going to go with Strip and I’m going to get this one. Shablam. And for consistency’s sake, let’s just Ludo, 20. That’s not my info. Set your email. [email protected] Now let’s just see what
this looks like in mobile. So you can edit in mobile view. Now I can also hide
sections on mobile. So say I didn’t
want to play the video on a phone for whatever reason. I can hide it. I can also change the
size of my font here. I can delete these spaces here. “Get to know me,” that works. And delete that. This must be larger. This can sit right on top. So can this. Shablam. Delete that. Mission, gallery, contact form. Oh, and there’s
social down here. So yep. And to get rid of this Wix site, all you got to do is upgrade. So I can go back to my desktop, and the great
thing about this — the way you edit on
your mobile versus desktop, it doesn’t affect
one or the other. Now let’s go to upgrade. “Compare plans.” So basically $29 a month, one terabyte of
storage, 10 video hours, rent and sell
your videos — wow. Rent and sell your videos. So if you have some
sort of video workshop, you could do that. Zero commission,
connect your domain — oh. We need to connect your domain. So instead of “Manage and
edit,” we can connect domain. And you can either buy
your domain through Wix or you can connect a
domain you already have. So I would go ahead and do this, since — I would have
to select a plan first. So I would
probably go with this one. Definitely this
one. What is this one? [Inaudible] of storage — you know what, maybe I
could go with this one. But what you need to
do is remove that Wix ad, and then SEO. This is search
engine optimization, where you got to optimize. You have to optimize. So for example, “Use Wix SEO Wiz
to get your site automatically
verified with Google. Plus get your sitemap submitted and your site listed
on Google on the spot.” Google. This is
what I’m talking about. Wix has the best
SEO for your site. So search engine optimization. Pick your keywords,
follow your personalized plan, get your website ranked. So say you type in
“nature photography.” If you have nature photography as a keyword
linked on your site, you have a chance of being found if someone’s
trying to look for you. So that’s kind of
what I like to do. I like to think in terms of how can I get people to find me. Go ahead and fill in
your own brand’s name so it’s easier for
people to find you on Google. So I’ll say “Shameless Maya.” Do you have a business location? Uh, just say I did. They don’t need
to know all that. “How will people
search for you on Google? Add up to five keywords to
describe what you’re offering.” So whatever it is that
you’re offering, go ahead. I’m not ready for that yet. And that’s pretty much it. Now for the sake of this video, I’m going to
continue to work on this. If you want to
see the final result, make sure you head
over to and get inspired. I hope you found
the video helpful. If you did, make
sure you thumbs up, and to enter the giveaway, make sure you read
the info box below for all the details. Until next time, remember to do
you, be you and stay true, boo. Be shameless. ♪ ♪

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