How to Market a Small Business With A Limited Budget – Small Business Marketing 101

What’s up guys Jason Wardrop here in this video I’m gonna show you how to market your small business with little to no budget now if you’re a small business A lot of times you don’t really have a big marketing budget to go through and spend on advertising with Facebook on Instagram on Google advertising and You want to go through and focus your advertising budget and your marketing efforts on? Things that are gonna give you the biggest return on your investment, right? so I just want to go through break this down really quick and show you guys the things that I would do the things that I’ve already experienced work amazingly well and how you can go through and implement them into your business, right? so First foremost what you want to do is go through and get a customer file of any past customers that you have in your business or Just a network of people that could be potential clients So this could be some LinkedIn this could be from you know, your phone book This could be from an existing database at work. It could be from a number of different things now This is just an example, but you can see right here There’s actually a few email columns, but this is just demo a demo file that I downloaded from Facebook You can see we’ve got their emails. We’ve got a few different emails. We’ve got their phone numbers We’ve got I don’t know what that is. So there I some user ID for facebook. Looks like first name last name zip code The the city it looks like state country so you can see we’ve got all of this information right date of birth date of birth year gender all that stuff so what we want to do here now is we want to take Initially the emails and like guys you don’t need all of this information the key things that I would say are One the email address. Honestly, that’s probably all you really need to know it would like right now is just having someone’s email address Right. The phone number is great. First name is great, but they’re not Necessities k. So what we’re gonna do first is we would take these emails And then the first thing that we would do is go through and upload them into your CRM So you can go through and communicate them through email marketing. All right So what we’re gonna do I use the our Salon kg CRM So all I would do is come over here to this lead section. I would go and import my leads or you can easily sync with all your gmail contacts that makes it super nice and easy or import the leads and You can see them all flowing in right here now The reason why we want to do this is because then once we go through and we blast out an email select, for example Let’s say like Dwayne right here. Okay, we blast out an email. We can see the history of that email with with Dwayne Okay, so you can see like okay the email was delivered He opened up the email he’s showing what email was open if he cliff there’s a link in the email They will show if it’ll click on the leak down the link or all that stuff So that’s some valuable information that you want to know So now what I like to do typically with sending out my first email is I send out a very simple basic email Which it just says in the subject line says quick question. So I’ll just show you guys I’ll just type this out really quick We’ll come over here to emails and we’ll hit crazy mail and we’re just gonna say quick question, right so very simple but it gets a very high like open rate of people actually clicking and opening these emails and Then all I’m gonna say is are you still interested in? Blank, okay. So are you still interested in for like my business? Are you still interested in generating leads for your business or if you’re a realtor? are you still interested in buying a home in 2018 or are you still just in selling your home in 2018 or Like whatever business you might be in and then that go through and you get an amazing Response rate like with this like we did this last week or two weeks ago I can’t remember exactly when but we saw about 10 to 15% other people that we sent the emails to actually respond So if you put that in perspective if we were to send it to a thousand email addresses We would have 100 to 150 responses from what we did. That’s pretty amazing. Right like and that’s all 100% free That’s just going through taking your existing database Uploading that into a CRM just like our solemnity right here Blasting out. The email is very quick very easy to do and so that is the first thing I would do now the second thing I would do when you’re marketing your small business is Go through take that same exact database the exact list because these people are more likely people that know like and trust you So this is your warm market, right? And I would upload that into Facebook as a custom audience inside your ads manager So let’s just jump over here. I’m going to show you guys exactly how to do this What we’re going to do is come to the ads manager up in the search bar We’re going to click on audiences that’s recently used or you can just type in audiences right there So we click on that it pops us up and we will say create an audience Okay, so we want to create a custom audience and then from here we have that customer file remember
We’ve got this right here of all the email addresses and you can’t upload phone numbers and all that stuff into Facebook as well But we’re just gonna say customer file. We’ll say add customers from your own file or copy and paste data Okay, so you can upload a file. This is actually I download the file template That’s what this is right here, or you could just copy and paste all of the email addresses So that that’s usually what I do just cuz it’s nice and easy. So I’ll just select all these email addresses Come back over here and I will paste it right in there You can see there’s not like obviously Ideally you want to have maybe a few hundred which if you’ve been in business for some time I’m sure you’ve got a lot of different email addresses. You can go through and throw in there Or on any existing contact database or there’s a way on LinkedIn. You can export all of your contacts you can export their names their phone numbers their email address and This is a great place to go through and upload that okay, so in here we’ll just say audience name We’ll just say demo Audience right there. We’ll hit next And then we’ll say upload and great. Okay, so this might give us an air Oh, it actually worked because those are I guess those are Facebook emails But they’re I don’t think they’re actually real So anyway from here we can go through and create an ad and with just a dollar a day Okay, spending one dollar a day. So that’s 30 dollars for the month 365 dollars for the year, we can go through and get our ads in front of these people Okay, and we can get in front of them on Facebook and on Instagram okay, which is super powerful because those are two of the biggest social networks right now and so for just a dollar a day be Able to get your message out in front of these people That’s absolutely huge. Right so we can go through we can generate leads from that. We can send it to our blog or website whatever business you might be in you can send to a video to watch and Educate nurture then build more relationship more value and all that stuff. Ask for referrals There’s a number of things that we can do here Okay
so we’re gonna hit done and if you guys want the Got a free Facebook ads in mini-course if you guys want to know how to go through and build the ads and You know set up the Facebook pixels the tracking all that good stuff Just comment down below and I will hook you guys up with that free Facebook Ads mini course And I’ll also try to add it in the description as well for you guys because that walks you through step by step I’m not gonna cover this in this video because I have so many other videos on that So I want to focus more on what I would do on how to market my small business part starting completely from scratch Okay, so now we’ve gone through we’ve imported that existing list into our CRM, okay? So we’ve gone through and started the conversations with email marketing We’ve import into Facebook ad that Facebook Ads manager And so now we can go through and send out our ads to these people with just one dollar a day Okay, targeting that that custom specific group. That’s our warm market Okay, and that’s on Facebook and Instagram now, we also want to do it potentially on YouTube and potentially on Google, okay So all we got to do is come over here to AdWords then right here I don’t you can see I don’t do a ton of advertisement right now on AdWords But we just come up here to this this toolbar and we’ll say shared library audience manager. Okay, so we click on that And we come over here. This is all of our audiences that we’ve got in place We just click on this plus button right here You can see we want to click on customer list because that is what we have So we click on that and then we could give it a name we say demo list, whatever it might be It says okay some select the types of customer data. You’re gonna be adding And you could go through and choose what you want to add So I’m gonna say I’m gonna upload the emails phones or mailing address. So we just leave it there as is Okay, and then what we’ll do is say hey, we’re gonna upload a plain text file of unhatched data Okay So we’ll say choose file and we would choose this file right here this example file right there and just hit open and then you just need click this just to say like you’re good sharing the data with Google and You can go and say hey you want to want this data to expire after so many days But I just dunno expiration then we just hit upload and create the list. Okay, so now Do we’ve got our custom audience on Facebook which we also use on Instagram as well We’ve got this on Google which we can use on the Google search engine and also on YouTube Ok, and same thing guys, we can spend like a dollar or two dollars per day. So depending on your budget Obviously the more you spend the more you’re gonna be out in front of these people But if you have a pretty small audience, like let’s say you have less than 5,000 people You probably don’t need Aziz spending more than a dollar a day on your advertising Okay and it’s just going to go through and connect with this warm market of people you want to be connecting with and Is super valuable, right? So just really quick guys is a recap To today’s training of what you want to do on the marketing your small business is Go through get that existing database of past clients potential clients your linkedin network or whatever it is Upload it to your crm. Okay, like we did send out that reactivation email of quick question Are you still interested in blank? Okay that gets a huge high response rate super it works amazingly Well, okay then take that same customer list upload it into Facebook into your ads manager and you can set up your Instagram ads you can set up your Facebook ads for just a dollar a day. Then we’re gonna go through Upload it into Google and we can set up at YouTube ads we can sort of Google ads Once again, just a dollar just a couple dollars a day. We can go through and set this up as well So let’s say you’re spending a dollar a day on Facebook a dollar a day on Instagram dollar day on YouTube And or Google let’s say even it’s four dollars. That’s a hundred and twenty dollars for the month. Okay? Now if you don’t have the budget right now of $120 for the month for advertising You’re not really in business Like I hate to break it to you But you really are not in Business and this is the best way to spend those 120 dollars for your business is by going through in marketing To this warm market to this existing database. They already know like and trust you you’re gonna see your lowest cost per lead your guess your highest engagement and it’s just gonna help you grow your business the best of your ability, so Anyway guys, once again if you guys want that Facebook guys mini-course go ahead and comment down below if you found this video helpful Give it a thumbs up And also if you guys are branding here Make sure you guys subscribe Because we launch new videos every single week helping you Generate more leads make more money and Grove is so thanks so much guys for watching And with that said I will see you all later

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  2. Hey Jason, thanks for the tips. I have a question regarding the 1 dollar strategy.

    Is the only way to target those people through email address or does it work with something else?

    thanks a lot

  3. Awesome video… I learned great stuff today. I will take advantage of the free FB ads course and I will continue to finish watching your playlists of videos. Thank you so much. You know, compared to many of the other instructional videos I like yours. You teach well and keep it simple. You deserve your success.

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