How to Monitor Changes to IIS Server and Application Configurations

One of the most commonly installed
features on Microsoft servers happens to be IIS, and because IIS is controlled by
configuration files at the server level, at the site level, and at the application level, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all those changes. Using SolarWinds Server Configuration Monitor, I’ll show you how to do that. So starting from the Orion summary homepage we’ll go to my dashboards, server configuration, and server configuration summary. Then we’ll go to server configuration monitor settings, then we can select the IIS profile, and assign it to nodes. Select one or many nodes and confirm. And that’s a quick and easy way to gain insight on how IIS is configured on your nodes. So after you assign the profile, we’ll
actually look at many files and folders within your IIS infrastructure and
monitor all of them for changes. Once the IIS profile has been assigned to your nodes, we’ll actually pull all of this information from the server level, the
site level, and the application pool level. Once the policy has been assigned, you can actually look at it with other nodes, and there’s the IIS configuration. These are all the files we will be monitoring for changes. So with a couple of easy clicks, we have allowed you to monitor for changes at the server level,
the site level, and the application pool level. For more information, visit

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