How to Optimize Your Google My Business Listing Today: 3 Easy Steps

So by now you’ve probably heard me say that
it’s not enough to just set up a Google My Business profile page for your company but
that you also need to optimize it. But there’s been a lot of confusion I think
on what that means. What does it mean to optimize your page? And often times people think its super complicated
or complex and I’m here today to bust that myth and give you three easy things that you
can do to optimize your Google My Business listing and if you do these three things you’re
going to be well ahead of many other financial advisors in the local search rankings who
are not doing these things already. So the first one seems kind of intuitive but
it’s to add a business description in the Google My Business profile page. So you have up to 750 characters that you
can use to describe your business. It should be in line with your website, your
social profiles, anywhere else that you’re describing your business but you also can
use this opportunity to show a little bit of creativity and be a little bit more original
and not so formal when describing who you are, what you do and who you do it for. So that’s number one make sure you utilize
that business description area. The second tip to optimize your Google My
Business listing is to add photos and not just one or two photos but six photos at least. Six or more photos are going to have a huge
impact because many people are not adding photos and Google is prioritizing those listings
that have them. So if you have six or more photos you’re going
to see 35% or more clicks than the businesses that do not have them. So what kinds of photos can you add, right? You can add your logo, maybe a picture of
the outside of your office building, which would be helpful for people with directions. Maybe a picture of the inside of the space,
just to give a sense of what it’s like to come in and have a meeting with you. You could have a picture of your team, maybe
participating in an activity or going to a holiday party or some sort of volunteering. The sky is really the limit but six photos
is what you should do if you want to be ahead of the competition. The third tip is something that has actually
been more recent to the Google My Business platform so Google made it just in the last
year that you can now add a video as well. So it’s a 30-second very short video that
when someone clicks on your Google My Business listing the video is there and available for
them to watch. So many people are not using this. Again, a very new feature that if you take
the initiative and get one made, something quick talking about your company. Again, who you are, who you serve, and why
you’re passionate about it. Just a quick 30-second intro to introduce
your company to any prospects that might be looking you up. You’re going to capture so much more interest
than those that don’t have that video. So there it is – three things that you can
do to optimize your Google My Business listing that will definitely get you ahead of the
competition because so many people are not doing these things. I hope these tips will help you and have a
great day!

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