How to Optimize Your Instagram Business Profile

Although it’s possible to use a personal
Instagram account for your business, business accounts offer unique benefits
that allow you to engage with your audience more effectively. Business
accounts allow you to add contact and industry details to your profile, making
it easy for viewers to get in touch with you directly through the app. You must
include at least one contact option in the form of an email, phone number, or
street address. These details are used to create the call to action on your
profile. On Instagram you have just one hundred and fifty characters to create a
memorable and informative bio. Take advantage of emojis to help you get to
the point quickly, using symbols to represent important facets of your
organization. This is also a great spot to highlight a branded hashtag for your
fans to use when sharing images. Instagram doesn’t offer many options for
formatting your bio within the app, so to work around this, draft your bio using
the Notes app on your device, then paste your formatted copy into the bio field.
This will allow you to add line breaks keeping your bio easy to read. The
website field is the only spot on Instagram where you can include a
clickable link. Use the best page for potential visitors to land on like your
blog or online shop or create a custom landing page meant just for Instagram
users. If you’re running a campaign, consider temporarily changing the link
to a campaign specific page to support it. Remember, most people use Instagram on a mobile device so any destination you choose should be completely optimized
for the mobile experience. In your account settings, be sure to connect
accounts such as your business’s Facebook or Twitter page, so that photos
you share can be easily cross posted to your other profiles. You should also keep
an eye on how others are interacting with your profile and content. Instagram
allows users to tag others in their photos. Photos in which you’re tagged are
accessible to the public from your profile. Reviewing these pictures is a
great way to discover content from your customers and ensures the photos you’re
tagged in are appropriate for your brand. You can choose to manually approve
tagged photos, hide them from your profile, or remove
individual tags entirely. Users can also comment on your photos. While the
majority of comments received are positive, you can take steps to hide
inappropriate comments using a preset list supplied by Instagram or based on
custom keywords you select. If you’re planning to take advantage of Instagram’s
story feature, you can opt to configure which followers see your stories, who you
will accept replies from, and if you wish to save the photos you share to your
device’s camera roll. Instagram Insights and Analytics feature available only to
business accounts, provides actionable metrics about what content resonates
best with your audience based on your content’s reach, impressions, and profile
views. Insights also gives you additional details about your followers such as the
times of day when their most active, their age range, gender, and location, all
of which you can use to tailor your profile and activity for optimum

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  1. This gives us plenty of good reasons to change our Instagram accounts to business accounts. Thanks 🌹

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