How to Overcome Impostor Syndrome and Insecurities In Your Online Business

hey guys Rachel Eisley here and in this
video I am going to talk about overcoming impostor syndrome and growing
your confidence so you don’t feel like a fraud or feel like a scam or feel like a
fake or feel like a liar because I’ve been having a lot of people mentioned to
me lately Rachel who can I was integrity promotes this like affiliate marketing
software offer or software or info product or course that says it makes
4000 you can make $4,000 a month if I’m not yet making that money or that says
you can make $100 a day if I’m not yet making that and I’m going to go over
that in this video and just so you know I feel impostor syndrome all the time so
what I share in this video is like tips to myself also and first I want to do
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so I just want you to think about these things these are just my musings my
opinions I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below and then
you can maybe win the light corn subscribe to my channel so what I was
thinking is can we really even overcome impostor syndrome or do we just have to
kind of deal with it as it comes because in in my years that I’ve been alive I
feel it all the time but then I offer a comment for the moment but then it
sometimes comes back and I think it’s good to have some tools and mindset
shifts in awareness and understanding so we can deal with these things because
really no one should have to feel imposter syndrome or like they’re a
fraud or like they’re like they’re a scam or a liar so what helps us to
identify why are we feeling like this because I feel it too and until I asked
myself okay why am I feeling this is it because I have lack of results like if
if I let’s say let’s say you’re I’m promoting a system that teaches someone
how to make four thousand dollars per month and then you want to promote that
but you’re not making four thousand dollars per month yeah I can see why you
would be like oh well is that is that right or if I’m promoting a software or
an online course or a system that helps people make a hundred dollars a day from
it but I’m not actually using it does that make me a fraud or skin and it
would be bad to say like I oh I to lie and say I make this much
from this system or this program but you don’t have to do that most affiliate
marketing and online marketing make money online professional sales pages
and emails and the proper way to do it wouldn’t be to say I’m making that you
say you have the potential to make it or others are making it my friends have
accomplished these results um these case studies have accomplished these results
that’s the game of affiliate marketing besides I don’t even want to be like oh
look how much I made look how much I made like how much I made it’s even
better it’s like look how much they made look how much my people made look how
much my students made and then you help people see the potential of what they
can do so another reason we might feel impostor syndrome is like comparing
yourself to someone else’s level so like let’s say you’re making $1,000 a month
and you just feel like it’s not good enough because someone else is making
$10,000 a month but you want to remember there’s people that are making just $100
a month with affiliate marketing or online marketing some that are making
$10 a month some that are making none some that are losing money because
they’re just starting and they’re not past the break-even point yet into the
profit zone so it’s better to just stay in your own lane we when you’re not
present in the moment the best way and you’re like oh I’m not at the right
level and it is important to like always want to get to that next level
without feeling bad about yourself so right now this let’s let’s say I’m
averaging three hundred dollars a day in affiliate marketing and I’m like that’s
I need to be making thousand dollars a day it’s great motivation and I wanted
to get there and but I can’t feel bad about yourself from what not being there
doesn’t mean that your fraud ah another reason we could feel impostor syndrome
is not even believing that you actually did it like when you start making money
with affiliate marketing you’re you’re gonna wake up one day and be like whoa
I actually am every single day consistently making commissions it’s not
just once a month or once a week or like you can move up the accomplishment
ladder quickly beyond your first Commission and like yeah Wow your first
up under dollar commission and Wow like it first every single week you’re
getting a commission and then every single day getting a commission so you
have to also like look back and see what Wow look at all this I actually did
already accomplished to have like look how many people are actually already on
my email list so instead of the thinking it’s not good enough
another reason we conceal imposter syndrome is if we think we don’t deserve
it or that it actually wasn’t that big of a deal so like even me for my two
comma Club trophy often times I’m like well was it really that like great that
I was a part of a project and we did like almost two million in the funnel
like no this isn’t really my trophy because I didn’t do it alone because I
had partners but does anyone make a million dollars like on their own
there’s anyone doing this all on their own
no like as you grow your business you’ll be working with people in hiring people
hiring virtual assistants and contractors and people that help you
maybe like a copywriter or Facebook ad person like you know not everything has
done alone so it’s important to remember that and when you think something wasn’t
that great just that’s sometimes you just in your ego another thing with
I’m marketing it you don’t know how to show your bank account you don’t want to
be like everyone look at my baby cow look how much money I made like I know
that is really big in the make money online niche or industry in affiliate
marketing industry online marketing industry do you know how easy it is
freaking Photoshop numbers anyway screenshots I don’t really impress me
like yes screenshots are there good for some things like I’m not saying I don’t
ever use screenshots but think about it like screenshots weren’t even the best
type of proof getting like a video testimonial from someone that you helped
that’s amazing and even if you didn’t help that person make money yet you
could still start helping them with their online business just getting set
up and they can make you a video testimonial about that so that really
hopes just with your confidence also as you start helping more people you’ll
start getting more it’s like fan mail or like love notes you know people just
saying thanks so much for helping me or you’re doing great
you can save those in an email folder and you can screenshot them so when
you’re not feeling very good about yourself you can take a look at that and
see all the people that you’re helping it’s really important to learn do and
teach so here’s another thing to think about so many people don’t know what you
know so like yeah you don’t know everything I don’t know everything but
there’s people that don’t know the things that I know yes I’m going to pass
on that information there’s a lot of people that don’t know what you know yet
so you can pass on that information to learn to teach to share what you do know
and be honest though about what you don’t know don’t highlight it too often
like little notice not on that but like like so good to be honest or say I’m
gonna figure that out I’m gonna find out and I’ll get back to you guys another
thing you can do is study leadership skills like read books about leadership
and watch like YouTube videos read about influence read about learn about
persuasion and authority and like alpha traits that
would be something you might want to do like in your spare time or go spend 30
minutes watching some cool videos on that and learning those types of skills
leadership influence persuasion as an authority another thing is just fake it
the the confidence don’t fake your result saying I did this I did that but
fake your confidence even when you’re not feeling confident on the internet or
on the phone or on the video just be confident
I did a Facebook post yesterday and I was like so nervous to post it I undo
all new people who are watching this video will know that I was nervous to
post it but the post looks freaking confident nice photo I wrote out this
heartfelt message and I get special motivational message and I’m like oh my
gosh like I’m scared and I just did it anyway so in getting results from that
and leads from that and sales from that and helping more people because of
putting because I put myself out there okay I think about this too what if your
imposter syndrome it is just a story it’s just a lie you told yourself you
convinced yourself you tricked yourself into thinking you’re not a good marketer
you’re not a good online marketer you are not meant to be an affiliate
marketer you are not meant to make $100 a day a thousand dollars a day ten
thousand dollars a day I’m not gonna say hundred thousand dollars days by like
it’s really important to work on some mindset set shifts like every day I’ve
been telling myself and other people I’m gonna get to 10,000 dollar days you guys
like and I feel kind of weird telling my friends because you can’t really like
relate so they don’t support me but maybe they’re like what the hell are you
talking about if they have nothing even know about like online marketing or
affiliate marketing but then I’ll talk to like my peeps here and my friends and
say like why it’s like really I’m gonna get to $10,000 days it’s going to be
crazy $300,000 a month and they can see how maybe they’re not
like on that exact same path as you but if you can build some systems and
recognize duplicatable steps and processes but you can scale to that
level and I see it and I see how I can scale to that level another thing is
just keep producing content so you can if you’re like I don’t know what to do
just keep producing continent like make a YouTube video and then put it on
YouTube and if you don’t know the perfect video to make just keep making
more room or just keep giving keep giving keep giving and keep helping and
helping and helping you keep learning and doing and teaching you keep
sharpening the saw keep learning and then I just want to leave you with this
even the millionaire’s can be broke so even millionaires I know millionaires
and they got more money maybe cash or whatever in their wallet or in the under
their under their bed but the all arrows are shed so if all
their other stuff is so effed up and they can’t even have a real bank account
or or like you know just other issues maybe another business is about to go
bankrupt and they don’t personally want to be bankrupt so they’re figuring that
out or maybe you know issues with the taxes or credit cards anything maybe
debts you don’t know so even millionaires and billionaires
can have big money issues but they’re still like in their mind they start like
I’m still I’m a millionaire I still am a wealthy abundant rich person and I’m
just gonna make the money back and that’s the mind shift that isn’t really
important to make is even if you’re not rich right now just be a rich person to
be a rich helpful giving person and that is going to attract so much abundance
into your life okay so I would love to hear what you guys think in the comments

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10 thoughts on “How to Overcome Impostor Syndrome and Insecurities In Your Online Business

  1. Great and helpful tips. I think a lot of people are missing out because of this syndrome and to be honest is just something that is created without any real reason.

  2. Great info here! It feels great to promote products that you really love to use or see the true value in. If you see potential then it's legit.

  3. Great video….I had it running in the background and it felt like a little therapy session :), thanks Liam

  4. Hi Rachel, I was introduced to your Affiliate Business in a Box by my mentor and coach. I find your instruction straightforward and your story inspiring. Looking forward to learning all I can so that I may be of value in teaching others. I look forward to following your journey.

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