How to: Prepare for a Google Business Interview

[MUSIC PLAYING] RACHEL BANDS: Hey, everyone. Welcome to Life
at Google’s video on how to prepare for
a business interview. I’m Rachel. I’m one of our
business recruiters. SHADAN DELEVEAUX: I’m Shadan. I’m also a business recruiter. MAITREYI MADABHUSHI:
And I’m Maitreyi. I’m one of the HR recruiters
that support the business. RACHEL BANDS: And we are here
to provide some tips and tricks on how to best prepare for your
on-site interviews with us. First, a few pieces
of context that may help in terms
of what to expect. The first big
question we always get is what to wear
for your interview. So you’ll notice
we’re sort of dressed how we are at work every day. Your interviewers may
be dressed similarly. Our best piece of advice is
to check with your recruiter and he or she can
provide the best advice as to how you should
dress for your interview. The other thing
that you can expect is that your
interviewer is going to be taking lots of notes. So if they’re looking
at their laptop, if they’re writing lots of
notes on a piece of paper, don’t let that stress you out. We really just want to
make sure that we’re capturing as much as we can from
the conversations that you’re having throughout the day. [MUSIC PLAYING] SHADAN DELEVEAUX: As soon as
you get the call to interview, start preparing. The key is really preparation,
so think about what questions you’re likely to
be asked, questions like, why do you want
to work for Google? Why are you a good
fit for this role? If you can’t think of
any good questions, Google most commonly
asked interview questions. Take a look at that
list and write down 20 of those questions, literally. Don’t just choose one or two. After you choose
those questions, write down answers
to those questions and practice those
answers out loud. You really want to make
sure that the answers to those questions are
stuck in your brain. MAITREYI MADABHUSHI: So if
you thought that was a lot, here’s some more. For every question that you
have, write down three answers. From our How We Hire video,
you learned that you’ll have multiple interviews. You’ll need to have a
different equally good answer for each question, because the
first interviewer might not like your answer or your story. You want the next interviewer
to hear a different story and become your advocate. It’s also important that
every question that you have should be answered
with a story that demonstrates you can do what
you’re being interviewed for. Use data, use real examples
that have concrete outcomes. For example, a question
of how do you lead should be answered with I am
a decisive, collaborative, whatever leader,
and let me tell you about a time of when I did this. [MUSIC PLAYING] SHADAN DELEVEAUX: Everyone can
become great at interviewing. The key is, really, just
preparation and practice. The more you practice,
the better you’ll be. It’s also important to
remember that we care about you as a person, entirely. So for us, Googliness
is super important. We really want you to bring
your whole self to the interview process and to work. As cliche as it sounds,
just be yourself. RACHEL BANDS: And
to add to that, remember that if you’re being
asked to interview with Google, it’s because we believe
you’re qualified for the job. So don’t underestimate the
power of being confident. We know that so
much of interviewing is just being confident
and being yourself, like Shadan said so you
have earned this opportunity and we’re really excited
to meet you on-site. Thanks again for watching
our video and good luck. MAITREYI MADABHUSHI: Good luck. SHADAN DELEVEAUX: Bye. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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