How to Rebuild Your Audience When You Start Over

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15 thoughts on “How to Rebuild Your Audience When You Start Over

  1. I don’t know if I like more about Gary that he is so direct,

    Or just do not care what people think about him!

  2. Big audience takes a while to build !! Gary has helped my business and my YouTube channel !! 👍💪👦🏻🙏💯✅✅😃

  3. Yeah. I had a successful carpentry business before I started investing in Real estate and now I started my YouTube channel. It’s still not easy to start over, but you have a lot more knowledge now and can move faster

  4. At the end of the day, they don’t know you and can’t tell you what to focus on. Make your own decisions based off self awareness. Circulate the content that comes from reactions to your decision that will bring positive ROE.

  5. The internet has so much available opportunity where people are able to earn extra revenue by simply providing valuable content, services and/or products. This incredible practice helped me gain over 10k YouTube subscribers, became a local celebrity in my town here in south Florida, monthly brand deals and signed with a PR marketing firm. This is truly the best time to become an entrepreneur. Good luck on your journey. Happy Holidays😊🙌🏾

  6. Thank you for sharing this for free. I am sure you are helping a lot of people out. I began making videos about habits because of your inspiration and advice.

  7. Gary, I absolutely love your content and tell everyone about it but can you please put captions on your videos. In my breaks going from client to client, it's usually hours away and I'm in the car with someone else so I can have no audio. I usually watch the majority of your videos without audio and I just read the captions in the car.

  8. Solid GOLD. This is exactly what I did too — did the work for free for people to show I knew what I was talking about. (I call those the Days of Ramen.)

    Jumping on Twitter now to strike up a Q&A session to answer what my audience is directly asking rather than address comments on other people's platforms.

    Execute, execute, execute.

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