How To Recruit Others Into Your Online Business/ Online Recruiter Jobs

how to recruit others into your online business what a good day laundry is done my house
is clean time for a break let’s see if I have any
Instagram messages hey youtube jessalyn here welcome back
to my channel hope you guys are having an amazing day in today’s video we’re
going to talk about how to effectively recruit others into your online business
let me just say before we get started that this isn’t a knock on anybody or a
judgment on anybody that may be marketing in these particular ways let
me tell ya I have done a lot of things in a way that I wish that I hadn’t done
them looking back had I known what I know now I don’t want to call them
mistakes because I think that they are all valuable learning lessons of what to
do and what not to do and what works and gets your results and what doesn’t and
that’s what this video is for is just to help you based upon my own experience to
avoid the headaches and the hurdles of having to try so hard to recruit others
into your online business obviously if I haven’t even done these things and I
wouldn’t have learned these lessons they’re all valuable lessons to learn as
you’re growing and as you’re developing in your online journey and I’m happy to
be able to share them with others so hopefully they can avoid maybe doing the
same things that I’ve done and maybe it’ll help them get a little bit farther
in their online business a little bit quicker than what I did you have no idea
who I am my name is Jocelyn I am an online marketer and I get paid to just
post ads online that’s really what I do it’s very simple and if you want more
information about what I do and how I can mentor you to do the same then all
you have to do is go to Fillion marketing company or an
what I do is actually something that you can incorporate into your online
business as well and what that’s going to do is allow you to create multiple
congruent strings of income which is only gonna help you to be more
financially stable the secrets and most successful and long-standing
entrepreneurs is that they don’t put all their eggs into one basket they have
multiple streams of income Island being able to show others how to set
themselves up for that long term success as well so let’s get to the point of
this whole video and talk about how to effectively recruit others into your
online business I personally recruited 91 people into my
business in just the last 30 days here are the top three things that I would
recommend that you do or not do in order to help you to recruit others as well number one like you saw in the intro of
this video is stop the cold messaging is an old-school way of marketing and
because a hundred thousand people join a direct selling company every single week
the last thing that you want to do is be another annoying person on your friends
list as hitting up everybody trying to get them to buy into your product or
join your company believe me I’m saying this from experience you don’t want to
be that person you’re gonna get ignored you’re gonna get pulled off you’re gonna
get blocked I know that in certain fields there is a lot of competition and
so sometimes you do feel like you need to reach out to people in order to get
them interested to pique their interest but if you’re gonna message and only if
you’re gonna message then what I recommend is that your first message to
them is not especially to a new friend is not hey girl are you interested in
joining my team or buying my products her first message to them should simply
just be hey thanks so much for accepting my request looking forward to connecting
with you maybe even share a little bit about yourself full messaging rarely
works when it does work you’re normally recruiting people who weren’t really
interested in the first place it’s super uncomfortable for both parties involved
and really it doesn’t have to be that painful so again my recommendation is to
build relationships with people allowing them to get to know you and getting to
know them as well I would make it a point to like comment and even send
front friendly messages out to a certain number of people on our list every
single day that way they can see you popping up on their timelines that
you’re interested in what they’re posting about and then they’re more
likely to be interested in what you’re posting about that’s ultimately going to
help you to find out if you have things in common and if you would be good in
business together or if they are interested in what your marketing know
please just make it about getting to know
people about caring about other people investing into other people’s lives make
it less about trying to make a dollar off of number two would to be stopped posting
generic pictures these pictures that you see here don’t work they’re not
captivating they don’t slow the scroll they’re not original and sometimes you
can’t even read what they say I recommend that you make your own
promotions that you make your own images and that you make sure that they really
stand out and have clear text on that but I would avoid words like join my
team or it’s only $99 to get started and you get X Y & Z through this company
brand yourself get people interested in you first not what you do in my training
I actually show people how to be more focused on sharing their lifestyle and
sharing their interests and then incorporating their business into that
the point is that you want to create quality content and you want to create
content that’s going to set you apart from what everybody else is doing
ultimately that’s going to make more people come to you and the third tip that I would give
would be and I’ve said this before but expand expand expand if you are an
online marketer anything you need to be networking and promoting on several
different platforms and not just one there are so many free traffic sources
out there that you can be marketing on who want to use Facebook Instagram
YouTube Pinterest Craigslist LinkedIn you can run what’s called solo ad
Twitter press releases goes on and on and on a lot of different ways that you
can be marketing online and the more places that you’re marketing the more
people you’re going to connect with and the more interest you’re going to get
which is why you’re going to be able to recruit more people actually show you a
my training how you can easily grow a following on a lot of these platforms so
that when you’re marketing you’re naturally getting into contact with
people who are already interested in what you have to offer that’s all for
today’s video I really hope that it gave you some value please give it a thumbs
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also let me know in the comments if you’re already in an online business now
if you’re watching this video and you already had an online business drop me a
comment let me know which field of marketing you are in I really enjoy
connecting with new business minded individuals like-minded individuals and
I would love to hear from you thanks so much again for watching I love you all
god bless you all and I’ll see you next time

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