How to Run Split Tests and Optimize Your Website for Conversions

– You got a website, you wanna run tests, how do you know what things you should be changing
on your own website? Hi everyone, I’m Neil Patel and today I’m gonna share with you how to know which elements
on your web page or website to change and test. (lively music) The first step is add
Crazy Egg to your website. Crazy Egg is a visual analytics tool. It’ll show you what people are doing and what they’re not doing. Based on that you can
figure out what to test, so once you install Crazy Egg, you’ll notice that you’ll have reports. These reports will be scroll maps, it shows you how far along down the page people are scrolling, heat maps, which will show you
where people are clicking and where they’re not, you’ll even see video recordings. These video recordings
show the mouse movement and how people are navigating through your website,
what they’re clicking on and what they’re not clicking on. These reports will show you the issues people are
having on your website. Now that you’ve figured out what issues or what bottlenecks people
are having on your website, the second step is using
Crazy Egg’s Wizzy Wig editor. Through the Wizzy Wig Editor, you can then go and make changes that you feel will help
solve these problems. Then when you make the changes, the third step is to run a AB test. Through Crazy Egg you could
even run your own AB test. Once you run them, Crazy Egg will show you which variant’s performing
well and which ones not. Once you combine all of that, not only will you be able
to make the right changes so you can boost your
conversions and sales but you’ll also see those lifts. If you don’t test, you won’t know if the
changes you’re making are helping you and hurting you. I don’t care how good you are at marketing or how smart you are, we all make mistakes, even I do, so some of the changes I
make sometimes hurt me. That’s why I test everything out and Crazy Egg is an amazing tool that you can use to do this. (lively music)

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7 thoughts on “How to Run Split Tests and Optimize Your Website for Conversions

  1. Can CrazyEgg work with Magento1.9.x … In other word : Is it possible to change in the web page inside a magento store using CrazyEgg ?

  2. Hello Neil,
    How are you? I am going start using Crazy Egg in next few days. But I want to know one more thing. I get near about 50,000 organic visitors per month on my website. And I want to increase the RPM, CTR and CPC of Google Adsense on my website. Can you please provide any reliable article (preferred) or even premium cource (not much expensive) which teaches that how can I increase the RPM, CTR and CPC of Google Adsense on Entertainment News Website.

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