How to sale your website affiliate marketing product on facebook 2018

How to sale your website affiliate marketing product on facebook 2018 So yeah, this is my a flight marketing product This product I can sail using my Facebook page That is called I can purchase our offer So you are inserting for? Where option college your Facebook page in this option call is offer In this call is alpha Inning any offer first of all looking for which one you are photographs select your photograph Now select it I can go with the direct image you Discount present a third option discount amount We mentioned for the amount. Also I can mention further This thousand cash back Because a cash back now your discount items and our service Nothing. This will be your is here expand on this ad Half I will expire when the dimension one particular time 31st They somewhat discuss must the offer will be named for this weekend this earlier in so yeah In store is only wise’ Amazon automatic from my website. I can sail through my Facebook page. So this is my product Select is a title You You So you’re admiring for description is not accepted so we can correlate this I Mean here, what about in college? Sharp note so we can shop in our theme but you can promote the product. We think option valleys sharp know yet Sorry in this You Sharp now our description Item generation TMC no function emissions in store Click for publish In a publish we have the two option for Pisa scheduled push. This bullshit will be up to one month in commonly Facebook gospel we should do up to six months group will be Two months, but alpha will be preceded by only for one month Look for published So this is car promote any kind of sales on you are using Facebook page? Also, this will be promote using fur. So shall be a market Also we can do for a – also this call shark now get call and promote your business for business Lysander sales is puzzled by your Facebook page I can see here a click for shark. No option They going to where you are website URL they come into your website here Let’s click on your this product. They go do it Finally they going to do Amazon So this is car sale on your Affleck marketing product on your website to? Facebook page to feed it to the website So you’re mentioning always remember your discount cash backs under? Promotion force is very important from your sales on your product please on your Facebook page You

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