How To Sell Anything To Anyone Anytime – SELL ME THIS PEN

– Go ahead, sell me this pen. Today I’m gonna teach you, how to sell anything to anyone, anytime. Now, when it comes to selling,
when it comes to closing, there are so many
techniques and so many ways. Today I’m gonna share with
you three powerful secrets, that you can use to
sell anything to anyone. The very first secret is this; How do you turn something
that’s a commodity, how do you sell a product,
how do you sell a service, in such a noisy market place? Number one understand this, people don’t buy because of logic. People buy because of emotion, and they justify it with logic. People buy based on emotions,
and they justify with logic. I want you to think of something that you want to buy in your life. It could be a car, it could be a house, it could be anything, I just
want you to picture that. Once you have that in your mind, I want you to ask yourself this question, why do you want to buy it? Why do you want to buy
that particular item? Why do you want to own
that item, why is that? Maybe it’s a new suit,
it looks good on you. Maybe it’s a new dress,
maybe it’s a new car, maybe it’s a new house,
maybe it’s that vacation, but why do you buy it? I want to dig a little bit deeper. If you peer through the layers, I think you’ll realize
you are buying emotions. Maybe you buy the item because of greed, You wanna make money or
you wanna save money, or maybe it’s because of generosity, that by buying this item
it’s gonna help other people. Have you noticed sometimes
there are companies out there, if you buy this particular product, they’re gonna donate a
certain amount to charities? Maybe you buy because of generosity. Maybe because of shame, that if I don’t buy
this I’ll look foolish. That if I don’t own
this, I’ll look foolish. Or maybe it’s fear, that
if I don’t buy this, I’m gonna be missing out,
I don’t wanna miss out. Maybe it’s an escape, that
you go on the vacation, your nine to five job is
driving you fucking crazy, and you say, “Oh man
I need some time off.” Maybe you’re doing it,
buying it because of escape. Whatever those reasons are, those are very often emotional reasons. So you buy because of emotion, and you justify it with logic. So think about when you’re
selling something to somebody. Are you just talking about
features and benefits, what his thing would do for you? Or, are you pushing those
emotional heart buttons? I remember one time I was
in Harry Rosen, which is a very well known menswear
store, high end, in Vancouver. I walk into the store, and I was walking by the Tom Ford section, and the salesman approached me and say, “Sir, is there anything
I can help you with?” I said, “No, I’m just browsing around.” And he said, “Do me a
favor, put this suit on.” Now, at the time, I never
owned a Tom Ford suit before. I have a lot of suits, but I
don’t have a Tom Ford suit. He said, “Do me a favor, put this on.” I said “All right,” I put it on. He said, “How do you feel?” “Well, it feels pretty good.” “Okay, also try this
on, put on this tuxedo.” I said, “Okay, that’s pretty cool.” He said, “Oh, it looks great.” He said, “Sir, are you
a fan of James Bond?” I said, “Who isn’t a fan
of James Bond, like duh.” He said, “This suit
right here, this tuxedo, “is the exact suit, the exact same design, “that James Bond wears in Casino Royale.” You know that scene when he was gambling? Fuck, it looks good, right? And before you know it, I
bought the damn fucking tuxedo, and it’s a lot of money,
costs a lot of money. If you think about that, what am I buying? I’m buying emotions. What I’m buying is this, I’m buying, when I wear this tuxedo I feel good. As a James Bond fan, I
feel like James Bond. Even logically I know of
course, it’s not James Bond, I’m not James Bond, but
emotionally it takes me there. This is cool that I wear the same tuxedo, the same fit, the same everything. Then he up-sold me on the damn shirt, and the cuff links, the whole nine yards. That’s what I’m talking about. People buy because of emotions, and they justify it with logic,
you have to understand that. Don’t just push your product,
don’t just push your services, don’t push the features and benefits. Think about what are those emotional heart buttons that you’re pushing. Number two, people don’t buy
there way into something, they buy there way out of something. It means people very often,
they’re buying something because they’ve a
problem they want solved. They want to buy there
way out of that problem. People don’t buy the drill,
they want a hole on the wall. SO what is it that you’re
helping them solve, what problem, what is that
thing you have to understand? I always say, the amount
of money that you make, is in direct proportion,
to how deep you understand your market place’s pain. The amount of money that you
make, is in direct proportion, is in how well, how deep you go, how much you understand
your market place’s pain. So you have to understand, what are the pains that people have, and how can you help them
relieve some of that pain? So think about that. Number three, People don’t
buy products and services, they buy stories. Because, when there are so many choices out there in the market
place, on the internet, any product that you
want, there are hundreds, and hundreds of choices,
how do you stand out? How do you add emotions
to a commodity, a pen? What’s the difference
between a $2 pen like this, or a $800 Mon Blanc, John F Kennedy, limited edition, exclusive pen, a $800 pen? It’s the same pen, it
has the same functions. Story, when you add story to an item, suddenly, when you add the John F Kennedy, the President’s story,
attached to a brand, to a logo, it is 10 times more valuable, it is a hundred times more valuable. It is 300 times more valuable, that particular pen, all because of story. It writes the same, a $2
pen you can write too, but that’s the difference. So think about, what’s the story? How can you inject stories
into everything that you do? Maybe it’s your origin story,
how did you get started? Why do you do what you do? What about also stories of your customers? I’ve just launched a new YouTube channel, you can click on the link below, I put a new link in the
description, you can check it out. It’s the Dan Lok Global
Community on YouTube. It has nothing to do with
the program that I teach, it has everything to do with stories. With stories from my students,
what they have learned. Their background, their stories. It has nothing to do with me,
with the program that I run, it has nothing to do
with that, but stories. It’s other people’s stories,
other people’s success stories. So where are you using
stories in you marketing, in your business, how
else can you use stories? Remember, facts tell, stories sell. Facts tell, stories sell. So comment below, tell me
based on these three secrets, how will you sell me this pen? Go ahead, comment below
and sell me this pen.

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100 thoughts on “How To Sell Anything To Anyone Anytime – SELL ME THIS PEN

  1. I have a friend on facebook who once told me, the secret to selling anything to anyone, is to give them your why. Tell them the reason you bought it, what problem did it solve for you or what changes did it bring to your life. Once they see how happy it made you, it will trigger a similar response in them.

  2. Facts sell…stories tell. Great new take on the old "sell me this pen" routine. Really enjoyed this video.

  3. Sir if sign your first deal or any it may be your high amount check or any thing you don't use normal , cheap ball pen . if you use this pen you get amazing feeling it like that you have some class because normal people don't use this because they know or they believe they don't have any class , so sir what do you think ?

  4. Thanks Dan ! So professional , i sold last year an Astronaut pens ; in the beginning no one was interested it is a like the other pen ! but when i start telling the stories how the Astronaut was faced a problem during there trip in order to write something and why US NASA create this kind of pen ; it can write under water, oily thing sheet and in gravity-less room etc….. here my sell wheel start running 🙂

  5. suddenly remembered that weird apple a chinese man sells in harvest moon at summer time… it was $500 for an ordinary apple, with story of his poverty –_

  6. Take the pen away. Tell them to write their name. Now they have to buy the pen. That’s supply and demand boi

  7. In order to be successfull you need to apply tre steps:
    1. Understand what you want your DREAM life to be.
    2.Then you need an IDEA of how are you going to achieve it and gues what my friend "Every IDEA is just an IDEA until you WRITE IT DOWN".
    3.Don't hesitate on your dreams, OWN this pen for the symbolic price of 6,99$ . Atend my exclusive webinar by usin the unique code you will recieve on the pen. At the FREE seminar i will teach you how to make your ideas in to a STRATEGIC plan suited for your bussines and life with the PEN you just both.

  8. I’m sorry this pen is it for you ! This pen is for those yuppies people …. you know the reach business man that you can recognize already when they pimp with the cap of the pen just poppin up from the jacket ……

  9. Hey Dan I have something for you ahhh no it's not just a pen as a reputed person you should have something better than your competitors they don't have access to this pen bcs it's limited and always and only for the "ONE" I think u won't let this to slip off…

  10. the diffence of the John F. Kennedy pen and a normal pen is the history and the quality. why do people buy a nice car instead of an old rusty car, its the looks and the brand of the pen it show you have succes in life. its the luxury and the looks the John F. Kennedy pen is the rigth pen for you who love the quality in life. and i know your the rightfull owner for this pen dont you think the same way?

  11. Very nice, please can you make a video putting these things to practice using the most common product ? It would really help. Please reply thank you

  12. Dan Lok: sell me this pen
    Me: write your name
    Dan Lok: i have no pen
    Me: you can buy this pen for 10 dollar
    Dan Lok: Cash or Card?

  13. Dan your special because you very talented
    You have the talent to take attention and making peoples interest watching
    Point number 3 you have great speech

  14. Hey Dan!
    How are you man. You are lookimg so good. I know beauty attracts beauty. Oh hoo i think this is lame one but actually it defines you.
    These types of old jokes were cracked by my grandpaa. He was soo nice with me. One day he told me a story that Mr. Jinaah came to your area,at that time Pakistan & India didn't separate. At that time Mr. Jinnah was in argency to sign a document but He was lost his own pen. My grandpaa gave him this pen. Problem was sort out but after that so many people came to me (grandpaa) and willing to buy that pen. But grandpaa refused to sell it. Now i have this pen and actually i have a pair of that. Whenever i see this pen, my grandpaa and that story come into my mind.
    I think your personality suits it, i am willing if you buy one of them and of course one is for me. This is actually strong our bond same as my grandpaa and i had. Of course this pen is above price but infront of me is my dream man so i am willing to sell it to you 10 dollars.
    Actually i took care of it and it works same that it work when i was too young. Oh i remember that pinch "old is gold"
    @Dan lok

  15. Me : see this pen? It's the same pen bill gates uses.
    Elon musk : sounds good, and ?
    Me : you can design new spaceX logo with it, it's 999 £
    Musk : ok I'll take it.

  16. This pen has a story behind it, this pen was made for a president, president JFK a pen that he uses to write..hold the pen in your hand feel the weight of it..its not just a pen it has a history and it's not cheap

  17. Hey dan, tell u something very unusual but extraordinary. My grandfather was an editor in daily mail. He once meet an hungerian newspaper editor who was riting a story on economic affair and it came across with my Grad father. The riting was superb on tht article. When he appreciate the editor , he said its a magic of this pen which i created with my brother. There is a tiny ball which moves in all direction make riting very elegant and simple. So mr Kuraishi do ya want to give a shot. My grandfather hold it and love the feel. NOW we all called it ballpen.
    So dan do ya wanna try the feel of it as well?

  18. You all selling it wrong guys.. He said facts sells stories sell.. The fact that pen is similar to JKF.. so tell him what he told us.. But how can you sell the pen.. If he owns it.. Hahah.. I sell you my pen it you want to.. If you buy my pen here in the Philippines ill show you around and maybe you will enjoy our country..

  19. (Example) The pen is blue and it has a nice silver design from Top , Middle & Bottom, when holding the pen , the pen is very easy to handle and it looks premium and professional an it is very easy to put the pen in the front of the business suit and also it is very easy to use, when writing it performs well and it does not smudge at all on paper and it comes with a very unique box that is very well presentable.

  20. Dan you are awesome, I am working in sales for 4 years, I learnt from you and applied it in my new Interview and I cracked it. Thank you Dan.

  21. The dude who sells him a James Bond Tuxedo is a legend! He knows how to use the number 1 secret 🙂 Sell/ Buy with emotions hahaha

  22. -sell me this pen
    -what you don t have this pen ? e everybody has this pen, it s not normal, you must have one !
    And I have a special offert for you during 5min ! If you buy 10 pen, you have one free ! hurry up! just for 5 minutes !
    You will be so happy with it and sign very important deals, a real businness man !
    how man pens you want ?

  23. This pen has a metal that if you keep it in front of your heart in your suit upper pocket it allows the blood flow at optimum level!

  24. You:Sell me this pen
    Me:Buy this pen its has unlimited ink and made nice silver & black design,lastly it's use by most rich people as lucky charm😆

  25. Bay is pen,, because of Jemsbond have it, and it makes you feel James bond 007 black hot pen in your hand whit hot number 37 heating, Your hand is a bond hand,

  26. I think he just wanted to show us him standing in a nice house, on a jet & getting fitted for a suit… he be tryna use this video to get him a little pussy 😂… I get it 😉

  27. Martin Luther's Famous "I have a dream…. " speech was originally written with this pen, don't buy this pen and miss out on how it feels like to be a Luther.. Get this pen now and be the next Leader in your lane just like Martin Luther King Jr.

  28. I'm trying to sell it :
    Sir, this is the one of the best and most recognised pen in the world, its Mont Blanc. Let me show you a business tycoon and also a YouTuber who has millions of followers, Mr DAN LOK, even this guy uses this pen in his video and many other business people and professionals uses it too, they says it gives them a proud feeling & confidence when they hold it. It's a best selling pen right now.

  29. One thing you have to remember Dan, and you will remember me forever… selling is 99% preparation and 1% effort.

  30. This is how you sell a pen "So how long have you been interested in this pen? Is it for business or personal? You can have this pen for $9.99 or by a box of 4 pens for $25, which one do you want? (Shut Up, he who speaks first loses) Will that be Cash or Credit?
    Do you want each pen engraved with your name and phone number for $4.99 each?
    They would make great gifts for your customers, here's my name and number, I know I can get you a great price on a case! Done!

  31. You are unique person to this earth, ur character, ur name more precious so write it with precious limited edition, made for for you….dont just write it, feel it.

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