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hi guys welcome back to another Money Monday video
we talk all about things money on Monday and today I have a special video for you
guys me around here hello my name is Kat Theo and today I had a little bit
too much sugar and I’m a little you need to get some energy out so please bear
with me hopefully I’m not really obnoxious but
it might be a little hard okay so I have a friend makes a really good part-time
income by selling her photos online she it’s a professional photographer so she
doesn’t do this as her career but if you’re interested in getting into this
I’m gonna list ten of the highest paying websites that she uses to make more than
a thousand dollars a month on these online platform if you’re already a
photographer then I think this video is right up your alley okay let’s go before we get into the ten website let’s
just go over to some basic tips and tricks in general to make the most
amount of money that you can selling you your photography on stock photography websites so
just before we start I do not want to over hype any of this most people are
not going to make a full-time income like she does what it’s pretty part-time
income because $1000 is pretty part time but she doesn’t make it passively but I
don’t want to overhype any of this because she took years and years to get
to where she is and she has over 20,000 photos online also if you’re already a
professional photographer you can just skip this part because this is gonna be
for the noobs in the house like myself my first tip is not only high quality
photos are going to be accepted any low resolution photos that are blurry are
not going to be accepted and don’t even waste your time my second tip is
obviously if you’re gonna have high quality photos you need high quality
gear so a professional camera sometimes you can get away with an iPhone X
because they have a really good camera on it but most cameras on your phone aren’t going to be high quality enough but however I don’t recommend just buy the camera to
sell your photos online but if you already have a camera lying around and
you kind of want to play around with it and learn some things and make money maybe on the way then this could be a good option my third tip is you might
need release forms if you’re gonna photograph models and buildings you need to
have their permission obviously if you’re gonna put their face online and
make money off photos also are not going to get
accepted if they have brands in the background names or license plates for
example if you’re taking a picture of a city background which is so it’s pretty
well but there’s an Nike sign in the background or an apple sign they are
not going to accept it my fourth tip is honestly if you don’t I’m posting
thousands of pictures don’t expect to make that much money because there are
millions of photos that are uploaded every single day and my fifth tip and
last one is before you spend your money that just made on your photographs make
sure you take out a little bit for tax because these is a form of income
you will have to think about taxes so if you’re interested in learning more about
how to be successful selling them photographs online let me know in the
comments below and we can make a part 2 but this video is just gonna be into
the highest main website okay let’s get started okay one more thing sorry what a
very important tip my photographer told me is that if you want to make a lot of
money you have to capture with intention for example photographs that sell really
well including food health beauty fitness money business etc I could go on
these photos sell really really well so you should stick into these
categories if you want to sell a lot of photos so the first website is pond5
pond5 is reported to have the world’s largest collection of stock footage
hosting more than a ten point five million clips as early as 2018 they give
you 50% of this sale which is actually quite high compared to a lot of the
other websites we’re going to talk about and they focus on professional
royalty-free photographs pictures and sounds what I kind of seen on pond5 is
that a lot of people are very happy with them and they have thousands of
five-star reviews on you go on their website and play around with
the photographs that are doing quite well and kind of what their standard
okay my second website is called Alamy Alamy has over 155 million stock images
the vectors videos and 360-degree panoramic images you can be along one of
the next photographs on Alamy so what I read on many many many
stock photography forums is that Alamy used to be a little bit better than it
isn’t now but it really just depends on your
photos there are some photographers like Ryan Harris that makes over $100,000 a
year just on this one website and Jim West who have made over seven hundred
thousand dollars on Alarmy so it is possible but there also are many many
people that were with me $25 a month but on their website they usually they pay a
40 percent royalty per photo which will be effective starting February 2019
right now it’s 50 percent but they are going to lower to 40 percent in February
2019 my third website is EyeEm EyeEm
seems to be huge among the photographer
community if you just scroll on Google you can see I am is a site photographers
are having a lot of real success with you will always receive 50% of the
revenue of your photo the amount of the photo sales depends on the license
purchase social license so for $20 per photo and web licenses so from $50
not too shabby okay my next website is Getty
I’m sure you’ve heard of Getty it’s really really popular on average if
Getty approves your submission your content will be worth anywhere between
$300 and $500 Getty will pay you 20 to 30% of royalty perfect photo sold so if
your photo sells for $300 times 20% that would be $60 about right $60 get a $60
yep $60 so if you sell three photos a month times 60 of the twenty percent
royalty on the photo you will be getting one hundred and eighty dollars a month
if you were to sell three so those are goals I think our lot manageable okay my
next website is one two three RF one two three RF has millions of stock photos
vectors video clips and music files at some price low prices this website
pays you upon the more photos you can upload the more money you’re gonna make
so if you only have 250 photos and less you’re only gonna make about 30% per
sale which is a little bit on the low end but if you have a million photos or
lots not a lot the photos for example you can make up to 60% of royalty per
photo which is actually quite a bit my next website is I stock Istock Istock pays
you fifteen to forty five percent depending on the photo but they do offer
up to 22 percent to 45 percent for exclusivity so if you only want to work
on this website you can have a little bit of a higher rate for royalties my
next website is the shutterstock probably one of the ugly or platforms
but Shuttertock is definitely if not the most popular and well known
site for royalty-free photos so definitely have the traffic to their
website you can earn up to $120 or image download but on our website it does say
that Shutterstock will initially pay you twenty five cents every time your image
is downloaded and then it raises to thirty three cents then 36 then and then
thirty eight cents per download but my last website is dreamstime
to guarantee the quality of the photos on dreamstime they have a pretty
thorough approval process but if you do get approved you can earn twenty five to
fifty percent of royalty and you can earn up to sixty percent for exclusivity with
their website if you choose to go exclusive with a dreamstime they’ll
also pay you an extra twenty cents per photo on top of the sixty percent
royalty I think that’s two thousand dollars just for twenty cents of ten
thousand it’s outright $10,000 20 cents each
that’s like $2,000 YUM I’ll check my bath later and that’s not even including
the 60% that they still it for so that could be like really good if you have
that many photos so that’s all I have for you guys today if you like this
video let me borrow your thumb for minutes and just click that like button
and if you know any other websites that pay a pretty good way to for our royalty
free stock footage please let us know in the comment box so we can share all this
information and I will see you next week bye well you whispered something happened
in my ear just a sedative
to make me disappear

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15 thoughts on “How to Sell Photos Online | Highest Paying Websites

  1. hey i have one important question. Can I upload the same photos on different sites that you mentioned? Let's say it was a model photo and i got paid on EYEEM. Can i upload the same on getty and vice versa?

    2) How can i get a model release on baby photos? For sites like EYEEM, the model release form is online and requires the email address and information of the model. So how does it go with baby photos?

    3) if i already uploaded the photos on instagram or facebook. Can I still upload to those sites that you mentioned? Or i have to remove those on instagram and facebook in order to get approved on the sites that you mentioned?

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