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100 thoughts on “How to Setup Google Analytics & Install on Website (2017-2018)

  1. The video was good until the 12:23 mark, at that point you lost me because I don't know how to get to that page you're posting the code into.

  2. How do I get the website files on WordPress?  I'm on a MacBook, using OceanWP theme, using hostgator… I've clicked on every link on my dashboard and nothing comes up to same view as minute 12:20 on this video… Also I will add the monsterinsight plug in for Google Analytics looks updated from when this video was made, maybe its already implemented into my site and don't need to do this step? Any help will be greatly appreciated!

  3. Horrible video. No one asked you to show us plugins, just the basic GA installation. Now i need to find another video.

  4. what is difference if we add google analytics code manually to our website or using monster insight plugin tool and is there anything like we need to add google analytics code to all pages of website?

  5. So lets assume you actually do not use any CMS? pffft… amatures.. atleast tell us in the description, no wonder you have turned off likes/dislikes, heading on your other videos to dislike then.

  6. Hi there, I've had nightmare with this as I had the GADWP plugin installed but discovered I may have been collecting data from another domain (I then clicked "locked down all data" on another domain I used to have and ruined it) so I deleted and set up the monster insights plugin (here) only to find out you recommended the GADWP one after all. Anyway, I have definitely now created an account for my domain I am using (thought I had done this ages ago) but with regards to the tracking code being put into the head php file, will that enable you to have more detailed data from the google analytics account than the dashboard of GADWP? I get that the plugin takes the hassle out of inserting the tracking code manually but is it still essential so you can get more detailed data? Apologise for the long comment. Thanks for the great video and taking the time to respond to newbies – thats great!

  7. Hello how do i use the information that I get form the analytics to benefit the website please ?

  8. Hey, really interesting video! 🙂
    We have covered a similar topic and have included a few of the same but some totally different tips.
    Let me know what you think.

  9. Hi thanks for the tutorial. But I got confused at the end. It might be because of the change of the interface. This was the message for me after I confirmed the update.
    -> Unable to communicate back with site to check for fatal errors, so the PHP change was reverted. You will need to upload your PHP file change by some other means, such as by using SFTP.
    I need help

  10. The most interesting thing about your presentations is your pronunciation of the English. I'm Brazilian, therefore not a native English speaker, and I can understand you clearly. Thanks for this polished way of speaking, it helps the world.

  11. Great tutorial, unfortunately… When you go to, there is no option to "sign in" on the top right corner. If you scroll down to the analytics section, it takes you to then you can sign in to Google Marketing Platform, but that takes you to a page that says, "Coming Soon: Google Marketing Platform". There is however, an Analytics section, which you can attempt to gain access to by clicking on "Set Up", (which takes you back to the sign up page), or you can click on "Learn More", which takes you to a page that says, "Get to know your customers.", which you can TRY to signing into that, where it says, "Sign in to Analytics", but that yet again takes you back to the sign up page.

    All I'm looking to do is simply sign in to my account (which I should already be) and then get my Google Analytics Tracking ID, but there is no way to do this. I already have Analytics set up from last year, yet there is no way to actually sign in to your account to gain access to this. HELP!

  12. Is there any way I could paste on that theme editor page of wordpress? I don't want to use plugin.

  13. Hi, I'm working on building my website and I'm wondering if I should use my personal email, the one I use for WordPress to be the one I use for google analytics. Wil that mess things up? or should I just make another "business" email?

  14. This plugin you're referring to today 09th August it's still saying YOAST SEO and not Google Analytics by Monster Insights

  15. Hey nice video. Question : if i add a new goal with a destination url, would analytics be able to track it without me installing the tracking code?

  16. My question:
    I have 5 subdomains for my website and one master website.
    1. Do you have any step by step for the subdomains?
    2. Do we need to enter tracking codes in the subdomains for GA to work?
    Thanks for the support in advance.

  17. Since first posted Monster has made the install that much easier. Yet this video confirmed proper steps where taken and install made flawlessly. Great post

  18. Thank you so much for this video tutorial. Your presentation was succinct and your calming tone was helpful to me, a new blogger, who is just learning the tricks of the trade. Thanks!

  19. Hey Sir. Just want to ask. I delete in my google analytics one of our website. As I deleted and return after the data in the previous day/months cannot retrieve?

  20. This is aawesome until i reached the tracking code. I dont know any of the terms or how to get to that page to add the code. i dont know what a php header is ?? I use wordpress on windows 7. and im using chrome.. PLEASE HELP!

  21. This is aawesome until i reached the tracking code. I dont know any of the terms or how to get to that page to add the code. i dont know what a php header is ?? I use wordpress on windows 7. and im using chrome.. PLEASE HELP!

  22. When we have GA installed on our website, should we then create a new property for the associated Youtube Channel as well? So, we would end up having two separate UA numbers or Tracking ID's? Is that the proper way to do it? Thanks in advance!

  23. I am a newby to the web. Can Google Analytics work on this account It is a free Google business account

  24. Setting up google analytics used to really give me lots of problems in the past. I used to  spend like the whole day on my laptop trying to figure out what is happening in my analytics account.But not anymore.

    Thanks to this channel for making everything clear as possible.I can now do it myself and even do it for others in less than five minutes.It as easy as ABC.

    I am  currently helping  many set up their analytics account.Check out here if you may here if you may need my help.

    Thanks once more.

  25. Thanks for the video! I was wondering if google analytics can be integrated with facebook fanpage? Thank you. Really appteciate your help

  26. I tried to do this, although when I search for google analytics it brings me to google “marketing platform”, and the entire page looks different. I’m able to navigate to analytics and click the “sign in to analytics” and the “start for free” buttons”, but they direct me to a window asking me to log in to my google account. When I try this, it tells me “ is for G suite accounts only. Regular Gmail accounts cannot be used to sign in to”

  27. So can you still track analytics without downloading that plugin? Can you track traffic using only the end part of the video?

  28. How do I copy the tracking code into my wordpress site? The config-line I have now copied….but in wordpress – I dont know where to insert it? I see you do it in the header – but my wordpress looks different today…..can you help?

  29. First off great video! A bit confused, I'm a noob. I installed MonsterInsights and followed your video all the way up to 11:04. At 11:04 you say you recommend 2 different ways to add google analytics to a WordPress website. But then at 12:22 you don't use either of those 2 methods. The method you use, at this point, is the absolute last resort adding the tracking code directly to the website files, correct? Is there any way you can go over how to use the 2 different ways you recommended before or direct us to a video that shows us how to do that with the 2 different ways you recommended?

    Or is MonsterInsights a google analytics plugin 1 of the two ways you recommended and we just add the tracking script to MonsterInsights? We don't see a place in MonsterInsights to add that tracking script.

    Sorry for the long comment. Any help would be much appreciated!

  30. can i use google analytics in local host? i am trying to do it but the autheification of google account and wordpress is not working and i get this error "Google Analyticator was unable to authenticate you with Google using the Auth Token you pasted into the input box on the previous step.

    This could mean either you pasted the token wrong, or the time/date on your server is wrong, or an SSL issue preventing Google from Authenticating. is there a solution for that ??

  31. @WP Smackdown
    : I am sure lot of people might have struck with a demo website… Could you please create one demo website as I do not have basic idea of how to create

  32. This video helped me a lot for configure my server that i rented from

    Please upload more videos.

  33. Hi! I followed your steps but when I press the uodate button it says:

    It has not been possible to contact the site to check for fatal errors, so the PHP change has been reversed. You will have to upload the change to your PHP file by other means, such as using SFTP. "
    I don´t know what to do. Thank you for your help

  34. Hello! I have a company website with .org extension, when I tried creating an account and added URL 'Default URL is Invalid' error popped up. Can I know if I could use .org or .ca as extension and create an account with Google Analytics or is it impossible? If so, can anyone suggest me any SEO tools for the same?

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