How To Speed Up Your WordPress Website With A CDN Content Delivery Network (2018)

In this video I’m to show you how to speed
up your WordPress-based website using a CDN which stands for content delivery network
you can learn about what a content delivery network is in this video and how to add it
to your WordPress website hi my name is Adam from where I make these WordPress
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okay everybody wants a fast WordPress based website it’s like the holy Grail of having
a website load time the speed of your website is very important is mostly important for
the user experience the people that come to your website you want to make that as pleasant
as possible so a content delivery network is one thing that you can add to your website
to make it a faster or snappier experience in the best news is there are free options
and the paid options which a ministry how to add to your website in this video really
only cost pennies and they only add pennies to the cost of having your website each month
so just explain quickly what a content delivery network is when someone visits your website
it sends it from your Web server to their web browser various things the largest things
that it sends our images and videos if you have them embedded in but is typically images
and various style files and various other files that get sent but the big thing is really
those images and if so what content delivery network is instead of your Web server delivering
those images to your website visitors instead it’s going to be delivered through this content
delivery network that will have a copy of these assets that content on your website
it will have a copy of these in his servers around the world so not only is it going to
reduce the load on your actual web hosting accounts it has the potential of delivering
those assets faster because it’s also geographically closer to where your website visitor is I’m
trying my best to explain it in the most simplest manner possible now here’s a couple ways of
adding a content delivery network to your WordPress based website know the first one
which is also free is Cloudflare I love Cloudflare now I’m not sure how to set up Cloudflare
in this video that would require its own full tutorial now cloud flare is free they have
a free plan and they have some paid plans but the reason I’m not going to go through
Cloudflare too much in this video is because it’s a much bigger tool than just a content
delivery network and has security features it adds it has all kinds of code modifying
optimizations that it adds and so there’s one particular setting in it that has been
known to cause some problems with the various page builders it’s their rocket loader so
it’s probably not the best in this video on content delivery networks to go through Cloudflare
however I should make a full tutorial video on Cloudflare it is free in its a pretty good
product instead working to go over some of these specific content delivery network services
and when you see the cost of these are going almost have to do a double take because her
very inexpensive so one of the content delivery networks that I’ve heard a lot about it’s
not the one organ to go over in this video is called KeyCDN and this is one of the more
popular ones right here and see I wanted to go to the pricing page here so you can get
an idea of the cost how inexpensive these are so the way it works is they charge you
per gigabyte in the various geographical locations so if it’s going up if the visitor is in Europe
or North America it’s going to be four cents per gigabyte of content that is delivered
through their network if it’s Asia $0.12 and Oceana and South America $0.16 okay and then
the more bandwidth that you use that cost starts to scale down a little bit not a huge
amount but a little bit now the one that were going to talk about in this video is called
BunnyCDN their website is also try to put some links in the video description
box it’s but is just and then see they have a nice comparison down here
actually I think it is right here okay now let’s take a look at their pricing one sentence
one cent per gigabyte in Europe and North America and it doesn’t scale it’s always this
lower this much lower price Asia and Oceana’s three cents per gigabyte and Southard so you’d
you get the idea of these this different print prices here and there’s even this estimator
right here where you can put in what you think you’re going to use to estimate the cost is
based upon your traffic nine over my website most of the traffic is in North America and
then India and then Europe so those are the three main traffic sources or geographical
areas where people are coming to my website but there was this what I wanted to show you
the price performance comparison that this website has so the first column is listing
the price per terabyte and you can see BunnyCDN has a lower price per terabyte than KeyCDN
which is I just showed you and all of these various other CDN’s listed here now then the
next column is the performance of all of these and you could see what just you know performance
the lower means of faster Mitch means better okay so you can see how BunnyCDN compares
so now you can get an idea of okay this is the cost but how well does it perform Atlas
it all right here and this is why chose BunnyCDN and I’ve actually been testing it on my website
your to see the amount of data that’s been actually used on the service in the last I
think 10 days or so now they have a 14 day free trial I am actually on the like the 10
or nine of this free trial Penelope should be back end of BunnyCDN you’re gonna see what
I use or what’s been used on my website through implementing it and there were in a go and
implement this on a fresh WordPress based website so here you go this is the account
overview for me I am still in the trial you can see right there and so you can see so
if it’s day five left of the trial I’ve had this on my website for nine days roughly okay
as you can see that the bandwidth use is about 25 GB now I was using a different CDN prior
to using this one and I use may be 100 GB per month but my website has a lot of images
and all that most websites and and my website does a lot of traffic so I don’t know what
the average would be for a less trafficked website but my guess is pennies per month
okay so here’s the bandwidth uses only about 25 GB request serve so this is the individual
assets that were served from the CDN it to people visiting my websites and you can see
some of the various information here and so this would be requests and bandwidth that
would’ve come straight off of my Web server but this kind of reduces the load on my Web
server and instead delivers those assets that the reason that something like this is important
for me as I do have traffic from all around the world the server for my website is in
the United States but I want the fastest website experience for anyone that visits my website
if there’s anything that I could do about it but the crazy thing is is when you look
at this about 100 GB per month if we went back to the calculator right here and let’s
just put it in right here let’s put in 100 so 100 GB per month and then let’s clear that
out you can see with that I would only be paying an extra one dollar per month for 100
GB out of North America and the EE you that’s not a lot of money to spend and when he figure
you get a 14 day free trial you might as well try it okay so let me show you how to implement
this on your website now there’s two ways to do this and depending on what you have
have already on your website you can use one of the two ways now BunnyCDN and also KeyCDN
and I’m assuming most of the other ones they do have a simple WordPress plug-in that you
can add to your websites link it up to your account and it will do everything that it
needs to do for you and now those assets will start being served up from the content delivery
network that is the first way of doing it the second ways if you’re using a caching
plug-in or a performance plug-in on your website is a whole bunch of them if you’re using one
of those many times they will support CDNs like this so what’s going to happen is working
to add a website to the interface and it’s going to give us a URL we would take this
URL and we would put that into a caching plug-in if the caching plug-in they had that as a
feature I show you what I’m talking about maybe we can add a caching plug-in at the
end of this video just to show you what that looks like okay so let’s go ahead and do that
right now so the first thing with BunnyCDN is we need to add what’s called a pull zone
I don’t like the terminology but that’s okay pull zone let’s click on that right here in
the number click right here add pull zone and you can see right here we already have
the pole zone created for WP summit click on add a pull zone and then right here we
just need to put in the first part of your website under name and then under origin URL
we need to put in the URL to your websites so many go ahead and do that now okay so I
added it showed the demo for the name and for the origin URL I put my URL right there
and then right here you don’t need to touch anything were to leave the tier type II premium
and then right here we need to choose the various pricing zones so right here for me
I just wanted to add all of them I don’t care if I pay a little bit more for this traffic
in South Africa because I know I don’t have a tonnage of South African traffic so it’s
going to add very little cost because you could see the cost for North America traffic
is six times less than South African traffic that’s okay for me I want all of these actually
looks like they’re all preselected for me but if you wanted to turn one off you could
just click on it like that and it won’t use that zone alright so then I want to click
on add poll zone will just wait a moment here and now it’s giving you the instructions to
add this to your platform of courses is just not just a WordPress thing you can do this
for WordPress Joomla! Drupal Drupal or just your basic website and
they have the information so what can end up happening once this is working working
to see that instead of say a logo being using this for the address to the logo which is
your domain name images logo whatever it’s going instead servant up from the Bunny content
delivery network like that so the URL just changes in working it were to go through that
okay so when I click on WordPress it tells us we can just click on here and install the
plug-in and then we need to add for the poll’s own name that name we chose which in this
case we show the demo we could do it like Dennis might like him to do that in this video
now for caching plug-ins you do something different first you find out if your caching
plug-in supports adding a different URL for a content delivery network and then if it
does this is that content delivery network domain that was automatically generated in
this tool and it’s right here show the you would take that and you would paste that
into that performance plug-in I’ll see if I can do that in this video so okay so I have
this on a copy into my clipboard I want to go into the back end of WordPress on the go
to plug-ins add new and then I’ll just do a quick search for BunnyCDN some enter it
right here there it is BunnyCDN some click on install now and these installation and
setup instructions are probably going to be pretty similar to every content delivery network
provider so I go ahead and click on activates now I’ll tell you on my website to be the
crafter I am not using the plug-in because I do have a performance plug-in on my website
where I use that URL okay so you can see it added it right there BunnyCDN and since I
haven’t done it this way up there it is BunnyCDN I wish they would put that underneath settings
instead of having it there maybe they’ll be an option right so right here it says enable
BunnyCDN just put people’s own name right there and click on enable bunny CDN just like
that and this is all that needs to happen now I want to let you know that when you are
adding a CDN these assets that are on your website are now part of this content the liquor
delivery network so it’s sort of like a cached version of your website I know that’s not
the right terminology so when you update something there may be instances where you need to go
in and purge the cash that is on BunnyCDN I’ll go back into the BunnyCDN website to
show you how to do that but what can happen now is all of those images and of various
assets on your website if we look at the source code of your website you’re gonna see that
there now being delivered through this content delivery network so let me go to view site
and this is a old demo site I’ve done lots of things on and there should be a immediate
speed improvement summoner right click on this and then I’m in a choose view page source
just like that and then this is what this does is it shows you the source of your source
code that is used to generate the page and we can immediately see when I scroll down
here some of these links these are the various assets that get delivered when someone visit
your website and we can see already the URL has changed so you see right here for these
CSS stylesheets you could see show the that means this is now being loaded via the
content delivery network and it’s not all on my Web server and you can see that all
throughout here you can see all of these links that are serving up stylesheets as we scroll
down you’re going to see other things like images being served up here’s an image that’s
being served up it’s now coming from this content delivery network and based upon where
the visitors going to be in the world it’s probably gonna hit them quicker than it would
because it’s it’s more geographically close to them so I’m do my best to explain this
as good as possible alright so let me go ahead and close that out now let me show you the
very important thing wishes clearing or purging the assets from BunnyCDN to get them to be
regenerated so if I go back to that spot there in the admin area of BunnyCDN I can click
right here were it says purge so when I go there it’s going to allow you to purge individual
files and this is nice it’s in the ME night I personally don’t purge an individual file
I just purge the whole thing out let’s go ahead and see how to do that I actually haven’t
needed to do that so I’m in a go and so pull zones and I think there is an option if I
go into the pull zone there should be an option here there it is okay so it has this kind
of cycle icon right there when you click on that it’s going to purge out the entire cash
and that’s pretty much all there is so you can run this for 14 days and see how it works
on your website if you wanted to now lastly let me show you how to add this to a caching
plug-in so I’m in a go to plug-ins I’ll go to add new this time and I’m going to install
a performance plug-in and this time I’m going to prove I’m going to install breeze which
is a performance plug in a caching plug-in made by Cloudways which is a kind of a cloud
server hosting provider that I have a tutorial coming out soon on some is going to do a search
for breeze and then here it is some to go ahead and install this now this plug and I
know for sure has an area to put your own CDN link in and I know swift performance does
I know that rocket WP does and there’s a whole bunch that do okay so breeze adds settings
underneath the settings panel I’ll click on breeze right here now you wouldn’t want the
plug-in and to do this in the performance plug-in you would only want to do one or the
other so here’s a tag error tab as should I say that says CDN so what you would do is
in this case you would click on the check mark and you would paste the CDN link right
there so where we had got that was right here actually the hostname so we could just take
the hostname and then go right here and paste our hostname in and according to this and
wants us to do a double/in the front which is fine we can do double/and that’s all there
is to adding your CBN through a performance plug and that you may already have installed
on your website so this is it for adding an’s really simple adding a content delivery network
to your website to increase its speed and performance it’s something that I have been
using for quite a while we talked about Cloudflare which is a free option and some of these more
premium options and the cost is literally pennies this is fantastic if you are managing
and hosting websites for clients it’s a fantastic option to have as a value-added to whatever
care package that you may be providing for people and also something I forgot to mention
in the very beginning of the video I am sorry is that some of the premium hosting providers
were talking some of the premium it managed WordPress hosting provider some of them may
already offer a CDN with the hosting package server using a higher end or higher priced
hosting companies like WP engine or page Lee which is on the super high-end or fly will
very probably are already providing included with your plan a content delivery network
service but this is I guess just for the rest of us hey if you enjoyed this video found
any value in it I want to ask you to give it a thumbs up consider clicking on the subscribe
button if you want more videos like this and if you want to be notified click on the Bell
YouTube let you know I have a new video and I want to ask you if you’ve used in have any
recommendations on other content delivery networks I know I used BunnyCDN that doesn’t
mean that I’m saying this is the best and only one out there it’s just the most reasonable
price when I believe in the one that I chose to use and I’m testing out right now I think
most people will really find benefit in it but if you use a different content delivery
network you want to share about that let me know in the comments section down below hey
thanks for watching this video and I’ll see you in the next one

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