How to split the company data year wise in tally

Go to tally Select the period from starting to till date Go to Company Info Select Split Company data and press Enter key Split from is 1st April and the year Wait for till processing the data split Now to to select company and verify the your data Here you can check the opening balance are carried out or not Check year by year data with original data

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10 thoughts on “How to split the company data year wise in tally

  1. First select the period from from the beginning to till date in gateway of tally . After that follow this video 

  2. You need to split the company data in order to bifurcate the company data year wise. Once you do this successfully your account names and closing balance will carry forward automatically for the next financial year

  3. I want to compare one ledger with another ledger of same company but different years ..
    When im selecting previous year's data that company is not visible and is shown as not applicable.
    Can you tell me how to do Analytical procedures in tally??

  4. hi sir,
    Actully dear sir i want to know how to split data from telly erp9.
    As i am watching your uploded video its good but we have not any option to do split data after enter in the company info. so dear sir kindly told to us how to find the split option from tally epr9, when we have not found any option of data spliting in company info.([email protected]) Kindly provide any link or video.

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