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– With all the potential
mess-ups and mistakes that you can make, what
is the actual right way to start an online business? Hey this is LeahRae
from and in this video I’m
gonna give you seven, seven different key, critical steps, things that you need to do to create a very successful online business. So get your pen and paper handy because this is going to help
put you on the right path to create the business and
the life of your dreams. Now this actually part
of a series of videos all about starting online business. So if you are first trying to figure out exactly the niche or the industry that you wanna work within, I’ll have an info card in
the upper right corner, watch that one first. It’s gonna help you ask yourself
some important questions on the type of people you wanna work with, the type of industry you wanna work in, and then you can get into the details here and then this video will
be more important to you. Number one, is to start
with something basic. Start with something really simple that you could sell tomorrow. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve run into people that have this idea, this thing that they wanna sell, this offer they wanna
create an offer online which is fabulous,
however, they spend months or even possibly years in set-up, in the getting ready to get ready, putting the offer together,
having a beautiful website fully in place and working. Having, maybe they think
they need an office space, so they need to get staff on board or whatever the case may be. But there’s all these like things that they think they need
to line up ahead of time. No, don’t do that. Number one, it’s gonna delay having any sort of income
coming into your business but number two, you need
to really, really learn from your audience, from your
customers, what they want. And while you have in your idea, you’ve got something in your head, what you think they want and what you think you wanna offer people, you wanna get them something right away. Something like a phone consultation. It’s super simple, yes you
need to be able to send them a PayPal invoice or something like that, but you’re just picking up the
phone and talking to people. There’s no setup really needed. Having something simple like that is gonna give you what you need to create an amazing offer
that converts really well. Because if you don’t
have that in place first, and you do all of this work, well maybe your offer isn’t quite what people want. Maybe it’s just shifted a little
bit in the wrong direction and it’s not gonna convert. People don’t really see it as the solution to a problem that they are facing. And if that’s the case,
think about all of the time and all of the money
that you put in up front before you learn that. So instead, start with something easy, start with something small,
and you can grow from there. Then you can add layers, you can add your online digital courses, you can add all of these things, whatever
your offer’s gonna be on top of that, but you’re
gonna know your audience, you’re gonna know your customer, and you’re gonna know what’s gonna sell. Because it doesn’t matter
how great your idea is, how great your offer is, if
it doesn’t sell, it’s useless, it’s not gonna be a business. So start with something small, something you can offer people tomorrow. What could you offer at a cost? Phone consultation, maybe an
individualized workout plan, or maybe live video conference
workout that you do together. Something that you can sell tomorrow. Doesn’t take a lot of setup ahead of time. Number two, very related, is don’t spend a whole bunch of time up front having to have your website
in place ahead of time. Like don’t go hire a big developer to create this fabulous website because again, you’re
going to need to learn and adjust to the market
as you’re building, as you’re growing, and you’re
selling and making money. All you need, like the
first thing you should do is just have a basic landing page where you’re starting to collect
people’s email addresses. And what’s cool is that
there’s very simple, like drag and drop type stuff you could do with things like Click
Funnels or My Lead System Pro that allow you to set this up very quickly and, just you know, in an hour or less instead of having to do these big websites that everything has to be perfect and you’re hiring people to
do different things for you. Simplify, when you’re
starting out, keep it simple. Number three, start
building your audience. Getting people to subscribe
to your email list and to follow you on social media. So whether that’s building
subscribers on YouTube, followers on Instagram or you’re building your actual email list,
which you should be. Building that audience is critical to the long-term success of your business. Because social media comes and goes, different things happen but
if you have an email list, you can get an offer in front of people and you can build up return customers. People who’ve already
purchased something from you, they were happy with it, they’re likely to purchase more from you. So that’s how you great return customers, you create raving fans, and
you create a solid business. That you wanna make some money? Wake up one Monday morning, you wanna make a little extra cash? Great, throw in an affiliate offer or something to your list,
and make some extra money. It really is that simple if you set your business up the right way. The same concept happens
with social media. So a YouTube video. Wanna make a little extra money? Well if you’ve built up
an audience on YouTube you’ve got a lot of subscribers, do a video that has an
affiliate link in it or is promoting something. Publish that video and
poof, you’re making money. Instagram, stories, whatever, same idea. So build up your audience,
in your email list, and on your social media. Now number four might not be something that you’ve thought about yet. But you do need a way to process payments. If you’ve got an online business, how are you gonna actually get the money. Now don’t overthink this. It doesn’t have to be complicated. You can really just sign up
for something like PayPal and just send people invoices and kinda do it manually
when you first begin. Before you have all of this
systematic stuff in place. So you can start really simple
with something like PayPal. Another system that you may wanna look at is something like Stripe,
a solid-payment processor and that will integrate with Click Funnels or My Leads System Pro, where you can have the order page all set up and it processes the payment for you. So it’ll take the money
from their credit card and give it to you, minus a
transaction fee of course. So figure out how you’re
going to receive the money. Again, PayPal, super
simple way to get started, has a I believe, slightly higher fees than Stripe if you wanna
move to that eventually. And of course there’s a
lot of different options that are out there as well. Number five is to start with something at a lower-end lost. Don’t get started and
try to sell something right out of the gate
that’s $1000 or more. That’s a mistake, it’s
gonna take a lot of time before you ever see any sales come in if that’s what you’re starting with. Instead, start with something
maybe under $50, $7, $20, $30, $50, somewhere in that price range, that’s appropriate for
what you’re offering but you don’t wanna
offer the whole complete package course right out
of the gate that’s $1000. Instead have just a couple module thing or quick-start guide or something that you can sell that’s
cheap, that’s inexpensive so that you’re building
up a base of customers. Who guess what, a lot of those people, if you gave them something,
you sold them something for 20 bucks and they
thought it was fabulous, well they may actually be interested in looking at something
that’s several hundred dollars or $1000 or more from
you, maybe not right now, but possibly later on. By starting with something
simple, under $50, you’re going to number
one, make more sales. Number two, build up loyal customers, and number three, you’re going to learn from those customers, learn
what people actually want and are willing to pay
for so you can create an amazing offer at a higher price point. Then number six, is to actually get people in front of that offer. Whatever that low-ticket thing
you’re starting out with, drive some traffic to it. If you’ve already built
up your social media, if you’ve already built
up your email list, definitely start there. Then you can layer on actual campaigns. You can use Facebook ads,
Instagram ads, YouTube ads, you can put a little money
behind what you’re doing to drive very targeted
traffic to your offer. On top of that you can
find micro influencers. People who have followers on
Instagram, YouTube, wherever, they have a specific
audience that is likely to be interested in your offer. Same target audience, find those people, reach out to them,
message them on Instagram, send them an email, whatever, and see if they’re interested
in doing a collaboration. That’s how Instagramers
often are making money, is just doing these collaborations. So it’s not gonna surprise them, they’re not gonna be shocked
that you brought this up. This is how they’re making money. So talk to them, see if this
price point makes sense, but you should make sure that number one, their target audience
is your target audience. That your potential customers are people who’d be watching their stuff, following their stuff. And number two, don’t overprice yourself. Instead of spending a ton of money with one big influencer, maybe instead, spend just a little bit
on many micro influencers. People with smaller followings but maybe they’re very, very targeted to people who are likely
to purchase your offer. And finally, number seven, is even if you don’t yet understand
what your offer is, you still need to start
building a community. You don’t wanna build a community though you should know the
industry, or the niche, the target audience that
you’re working with. So that you can attract those people in particular to you and
build up that community. So again, that was that info card that I pointed out at the
beginning of this video, that’s gonna help you
determine what that is. Whether it’s people who are interested in homeschooling their kids or
need help being a good parent or need to learn how to market online. Want to learn how to be
an affiliate marketer. Want to learn how to drain their dog. Whatever that target audience is, you do have to know that beforehand so that you’re building up
that audience of people. You don’t have to have
the offer in place first, but you just kinda need
to know the general idea of what you’re doing
and the type of people you’re gonna be serving. Then you attract them to you, through your social media accounts, maybe doing a Facebook community, building up your email list. But build up an audience, build up a community
as quickly as you can, right from the get-go, even before you have your offer in place because then guess what,
if you already have that community in place, well fabulous, ’cause when you finally
get that offer ready, boom, you’ve got people lined
up, ready to purchase, and that’s how you make a bunch
of sales right off the bat. Now please know, that
we are rooting for you, we’re here, here on this
channel, to help you specially create time freedom. The time freedom that you
and your family deserve. So if you’re looking for time freedom, time freedom, financial freedom
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video to watch that next. I’ll see you soon.

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