How To Start A Clothing Line With $0 Dollars | Legit Step by Step Tutorial

what’s going on guys John Santos and
today we made it into downtown LA and we’re gonna show you guys how to start a
clothing line with no money that’s right haters will say it can’t be done but in
this video I’m gonna show you the exact steps resources and information that you
need to launch and build a brand and business from the comfort of your home
alright so let’s jump into this video but before we do that make sure you hit
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this video to jump-start your clothing line well they said it couldn’t be done
in this video we literally just took our art files for the collection that we’re
designing and we’re gonna make it in real time to show you guys how
made-to-order works and how you can leverage this technology in this new way
to actually build and launch a clothing line with no money down the legit way
all right so let’s head on over here to get started on that process and what’s
important to note is that during this process you need to find the right
partners and the right people in order to help you fulfill that all right so
today we’re here Oh likewise thanks for having us here and I was speaking with
everybody about the importance of made-to-order but what better way to get
it than from the man himself Thanks so if you’re looking to start a clothing
line and want to keep things legit I would definitely consider doing a
made-to-order type of process it’s essentially where you’re getting orders
on your website and in the back end you’re working with a partner that’s
fulfilling those orders as you’re getting them the benefits to
made-to-order is that it reduces your upfront capital risk you’re not shelling
out a ton of cash upfront to go and get product made and said you’re just
keeping even right so as cash is coming in you’re spending cash to make products
the second thing is major orders like a really fast process so it lets you
rapidly prototype designs test out things
find out what’s gonna work for you for your brand for the niche market you’re
going after and then as soon as you find something that works scale it up really
seamlessly and then the third thing is focus focus focus so by working with a
partner to get your products created you don’t get sucked into all the
manufacturing and stocking things in your closet and every day you’re opening
up your laptop and shipping orders those are all the things that you absolutely
need to do to have a clothing line but if you’re doing those things you’re not
focused on marketing sales and really growing the clothing line so it’s it’s a
really good way to get started it starts with the DTG guys
so the DTG is essentially direct-to-garment printing and we
literally created these orders earlier this morning in order for them to get
fulfilled right here as we’re making this video so throughout this video you
guys will see that let’s jump in to check it out so as you can see this is
artwork that we submitted it’s getting into the system here and this DTG
printer is actually reading those files and it’s gonna print full-color quality
photo onto a t-shirt that we provided and that they actually are able to
source and you could choose from online what’s going on right now literally we
sent our design over this guy just laid the t-shirt down and it’s getting
printed right now as we’re speaking okay so this is all being done in real time
and DTG allows you to essentially print full color on any garment whether it’s
cotton polyester or any blends and it’s key as you guys are building a
made-to-order brand and an e-commerce brand there it
is guys it’s one part of many that come in to actually creating your own
collection using made to order now it’s important to note that this video is
also a part of a full course that we have available which is also going to be
linked down below so if you guys are really interested in building out your
brand and you need the resources additional suppliers or perhaps a little
bit more help definitely make sure that you consider checking that out but
before we get to all of that I want to show you guys this entire process to
really help you see how you could build your brand with no money
alright so let’s head on over to the other side of this I
guys so what you’re seeing right here is the actual dryer now the during the
drying process the artwork that was applied with the DTG is actually cured
into the shirt allowing the shirt design to last all right so I’m actually like
getting ahead of myself but I really want to grab it right now there it is
check it out this is one of the designs that we submitted and as you could see
this is obviously just a black on white design comes out super clean and you
wouldn’t be able to really tell the difference if this was screen printed or
direct-to-garment printed which is the beauty of using a direct to garment
printer to make the designs you’re not limited by the colorways obviously this
was just a simple black and white one but we have a full-color one coming out
right now what’s important to note is that you want to make sure that you
create a collection that’s cohesive and later on in this video we’re gonna jump
into those details as well as to what you really need to consider to
design the collection that’s gonna sell online now if you were to do this design
on a screen print you now have two different colors which they would charge
you a screen charge alright so just out of the gate being realistic you guys
would have to pay $50 just to create one sample all right by using Apliiq or a
made-to-order system you are able to design all of these different apparel
designs and literally you don’t have to make them until they’re sold that’s the
key with building your brand with zero dollars is in using the funds in the
right way all right so instead of spending a
thousand dollars on a hundred screen printed shirts you can use those
thousand dollars to actually go market your brand and start making the sales
and then the shirts are being made at the same time
isn’t that genius so that’s the beauty of working with a supplier like Apliiq
and utilizing a platform such as Shopify and we’re literally going to show how
that is all made in a few minutes right upstairs right now what we want to show
you guys is how the labeling and how the affixing of those labels helps create
your brand cool guys so now that we had the DTG completed the next step that I
feel is very it’s very original – what Apliiq does is the labeling of your
garments so I constantly get questions like “John how do I apply my own labels
to the garments how do I you know like I’m using blank t-shirts how do I
actually put my own brand in them so people don’t know that I’m using blank
t-shirts? ” well what Apliiq does here is they
actually relabel your apparel which is which is genius because it allows you to
use blank apparel to actually build your brand and what I want to show you guys
right now is that process so as you guys can see right here they’re taking the
design that we just quickly mocked up in order to apply it and show you guys this
example and this label machine makes it right on the spot when she has this
label she’s able to take the shirt order that you put in and easily affixes it to
it so it keeps a clean look and your customers will never know that you’re
just using a different brand so this is one key selling point when it comes to
applique and over other drop shipping and fulfillment companies is that they
do offer this service to fully private label your own brand and as you guys can
see I created the mock-ups and we sent these mock-ups over last minute so let’s
see how it comes out there it is guys check it out just came out really clean
the team actually made this here for us this morning because I didn’t have a
chance to order the woven labels but as you guys could see comes out super fresh
and this is your own branded t-shirt alright you guys so now that you guys
see how the DTG process and the labeling process for your apparel line works the
next thing that you need to consider in order to build out your brand’s products
is embroidery now the embroidery process is one that allows you to really get
creative with how your embroider but there are some limitations right yeah
definitely embroidery is great for any fleece
products so that would be a crewneck sweatshirt and hoodies and joggers and
that type this up as well as head wear so it’s definitely the go-to
embellishment way or way to get your artwork on hats caps all that type of
stuff in general there are some restrictions with embroidery so you’ll
just want to manage colors overall meaning we want to have a limited set of
colors obviously embroider is created by stitching your designs into things and
you don’t have an unlimited palette to work from and then just overall design
complexity you can’t embroider something like a
photograph it just needs to have like illuminate amount of like fine third
nice illustration or graphic artwork text all those types of things are a
great example you now have your design so with these designs in hand we’re
gonna run a couple of other designs on different hats with that in hand you are
now closer to fulfilling the order so the orders that we submitted here today
are gonna get fulfilled and that’s the next process that we’re getting to is in
seeing how the whole entire collection and the line that you created gets
fulfilled and shipped to your customers without you having to be here and
without you having to put out all this money to create everything because the
key strategy here is create designs sell them and then make them and ship them to
collect on your profits alright it’s that simple
let’s head on over to look at the film it now so now that you guys have your
apparel printed labeled and you have your head wear embroidered the next step
in actually fulfilling these orders is fulfillment alright and I want to say
that the important thing about fulfillment and about this process in
the made-to-order process as you guys are building and developing your brand
is in finding a supplier that can do this off for you
alright so typically you had to kind of piece all of these projects out yourself
so if you wanted to create your own brand you needed to find a blank that
you could use you needed to either screen print your design which required
you to actually set up a couple hundred units for production and then you
actually need it to find the sower that could sew on your labels well all of
this is done in-house and as you guys can see there’s ways to also add custom
woven labels to the t-shirts which fully brand your brand guys so you now no
longer have to take everything on yourself or
even have to put any capital out in order for this to happen all right
that’s key and starting a clothing line with no money legitimately all right and
we’re going to show you guys this and much more through the Academy and the in
the products that we have available for you guys to purchase as well as the
system that you guys can access from applique all right this makes it
possible to do all this on your own with littles knowledge and technology as long
as you have an idea and you have a vision for your brand so let’s go check
out how the fulfillment process works so you guys can see that you no longer have
to stack inventory in your mama’s garage or in your apartment and get kicked out
by your landlord you can literally do this on the go from anywhere that you go
from your laptop from your cell phone you manage your customers you do the
work and promoting it and putting it out to the world which we’re going to share
and then we’re also going to show you guys how this is all done on the back
end all right it may seem like a lot but
let’s go check out the fulfillment process so we got some orders here for
you yeah you know sell your order coming through all right so when we’re doing
fulfillment but it’s really a two-part process the first part is just always a
quality check make sure that the product that we’re shipping out is the right
product so we’ve got our tag set up here and that’ll pull our order up and this
food we have a ton of software automation to help us make sure
everything’s getting shipped out correctly so for this particular product
we can get it pulled up here you see that we have our digital print our
labeling everything’s good and it’s set in the product so it’s fresh you will
take this tag off and then a big part of the shipping process is just making
everything look clean and nice so when the customer gets it it’s proper so we
will quickly fold it every individual piece will get polybag so and like a
clear plastic mailer like this just to keep the shipment safe when it’s in the
mail in case it’s raining or snowing somewhere in the
country you don’t want to you know you don’t want to show up with a wet t-shirt
and then we’ll go and and do this for everyone another big part of that
procurement processes we will package orders in a gray hall email or you’ll
see there’s no branding on it it doesn’t say applique anywhere and you will be
able to go here and of course your shipping label has your own branding on
it so you see your shipping information can have all of your own company name
company info same with your packing slip the package zip will always go inside
the package see your customer knows that you know the pieces there is the
incentive them and it’s ready to be fulfilled guys that is the fulfillment
in the creation process that happens right here in app leaks workshop and
it’s something that you guys can easily do as you guys are starting your brand
with no money all right so let’s head on upstairs and we’re gonna talk about how
you can actually make this thing happen from the comfort of your home we’re
gonna share the tools that you need as well as the system and how it operates
all right guys now that we’ve seen how product gets made it’s time to plan out
your collection there’s a lot that goes into collection planning and we’re gonna
boil down the most important details for you remember if you’re just starting
your clothing line and you’re going for the lean route we have to adapt a pretty
traditional retail strategy to make it work for e-commerce the number one
mistake that people make when they’re planning their collections is they try
to go too large and they they’re thinking 20 or 30 pieces that need to go
into this collection it really comes from traditional fashion and for
seasonal collections and creating line sheets and selling through retail and
boutique channels but since you are going to be selling direct to your
customers through your own online webstore you want to keep your
collection small you should really be thinking about three to five pieces and
releasing those collections far more rapidly so think about a single
collection of three to five pieces per month
you get a lot of benefits out of that the first benefit is that as you go to
market your collections customers are not going to be overwhelmed by too much
choice so instead of having to try to make a decision of one of 15 products
they’ll quickly be able to see your entire collection be able to understand
it of course you’ve done really good job of building outline cohesion using
labeling and really making a strong brand impact all of your art work needs
to be coordinated so it feels like a cohesive collection as well but you’ll
get a lot of e-commerce conversion rate benefit over reducing that overall
amount of choice that your customers have to experience as they want to
support your wine in your collection the second benefit that you’re going to get
is you can do things much more quickly instead of coordinating artwork files
for 20 or 30 different pieces you’re only working with a handful of pieces
it’s super manageable if you want to do sampling for your own photography needs
it’s really cheap and cost-effective to get samples produced for you so that’s
the second benefit that you’re gonna get out of it and third and most importantly
having a small collection helps you line up all your marketing efforts that go
into it because as soon as you have your collection finalized and you have your
samples and your store set up you’re going to want to take that out to social
media and start crushing it and by having these smaller collections it
allows you to constantly be releasing new product and that allows you to go
back to the same people and let them know that something new has happened you
have a new collection and it’s a reason to consistently bring perspective and
existing customers back to your webstore and get them to keep purchasing and
building that like higher lifetime value that you want to get out of your
customers so that’s all about how to create and plan collections for doing
dropship ecommerce clothing line a common question you may be asking
yourself is what design programs can I use in order to actually design my line
if you’re a creative designer and if you know how to navigate things Photoshop
and illustrator as are going to be the tools that you guys should consider
looking into as you’re developing your clothing line they allow you to quickly
mock-up illustrations as well as create the vector files that you need whether
it be for embroidery or whether it be for t-shirt designs
even if you get into some of the cut and sew aspects of it as you’re growing your
brand Photoshop and illustrator are great tools to have and they’re gonna be
linked in the show notes down below as well as some other free resources that I
include as a part of this video all right and then the next thing if you’re
not so tech savvy or perhaps you don’t have the time to learn a new design
program another thing I highly consider and encourage that you guys consider
isn’t to hire in this out to graphic designers who are skilled in the trade
all right there’s platforms such as design crowd and many others which I’ll
leave in the notes down below that you guys can access and actually start
working with designers in order to create that the ideas that you have
whether you have them in a sketch or whether you have a an inspiration board
of where your line is going these graphic designers will be able to help
so once you guys actually have those design files the next step is into
actually bringing them to life alright and this is where applique and other
fulfillment services are allowing you to essentially create new products without
having to manufacture them and not know if they’re gonna sell or not so
essentially applique has a new Shopify app that’s available through Shopify so
what I’m going to show you guys right now is how that app integrates and
allows you to design your collections which are made in this Factory and
shipped directly to your customer without them knowing that it’s going
from here to there alright so come on over and I’ll show you guys how that’s
done aren’t you guys in order to get started I highly encourage that you
check out the show notes down below to follow along as well as get your 14-day
free trial from Shopify which will allow you to sell online alright and once you
create that account you’ll have a dashboard that looks something like this
alright this is a test account that we created where we’re gonna be showing you
guys how easy it is to actually integrate applique to your Shopify store
and then launch your online site now that in this video it’s gonna be more of
a condensed version so definitely be on the lookout for the upcoming video where
we walk you step-by-step through actually creating this online site and
then going to market with your brand all right so what you’ll do is you’ll go to
the App Store and on the App Store you could plug in a bunch of different apps
where applique is one of them so we have already installed it onto our Shopify
account but if you’re new you’ll simply search for a
right here and it’ll come up right here ready for you to install once you
install it it’ll ask you to create an account and that’s free so you don’t
have to pay anything and once you create that account you’ll essentially have
access to appliqué full back-end dashboard what’s important here is this
launch checklist so before you get any order started make sure that you add a
payment method consider setting up a woven label option which will allow you
to brand every single product that goes out of their door as your own branded
product the third step isn’t adding a shipping label so essentially you want
to put your brand’s information and your brand’s address versus it’s showing up
leaks information so you’ll simply do that right here and these are
essentially your three steps in order to launch and let’s jump into how you can
actually customize some products so applique has a variety of products that
you guys can customize so you guys know what you’re looking for and what you’re
looking at in terms of product pricing and what you can expect so essentially
they have a bunch of different options hoodies from joggers to jackets to even
denim jackets that you customize so for this example we’re just gonna go with
the classic Bella canvas 3001 t-shirt once you click on it you’ll find a bunch
of information right here related to both quantity orders so applique does do
mask quantity ordering if you guys need it but if you’re doing a printer order
model then you won’t necessarily to look at that right now
they do have an option right under the gate to customize a pocket tee so if
that’s for your brand I courage you that you encourage that you try this out
customize some pocket tees for this example we’re just gonna go as a classic
logo tee and we’ll show the different options that you have to customize it on
the backend all right so we’ll get started with uploading a logo and
essentially this is our brand’s logo here which you’ll see that it’s a
transparent background with a yellow and black you have different options to
customize this digital print is essentially direct-to-garment which is
what we showed you guys earlier in this video which allows you to print
full-color without having all the different screen setups screen printing
does require quantities of and you artwork is limited to colors so
this is where you could choose the different colors that you’d want for
your screen print a cut and sew option is more of an option where you could
kind of applique your brand use different fabrics to actually create the
design that you’re envisioning so you haven’t done a couple different options
to choose for your fabrics so if you want to use like a camo setup you could
see how they can integrate some of the camo fabrics a bunch of different
options to use real fabric on the design and then you also have the embroidery
option which is limited to colors as well and it’s also limited to size
dimension so just keep that in mind but for this example we’ll go with a digital
print and you can actually see how that’s going to look on your garment now
it’s important that you guys note here that this is essentially just for
reference so this is going to be for you guys to just kind of mock it up and see
it on a t-shirt alright so you can mock it up on the back you can mock it up on
the front and then what you can do here is that this does limit you to five
megabyte artwork limit so what you could do here is actually upload up to 20
megabyte file by clicking here alright this will allow you to upload your ai
PDF EPS PNG and all those high quality artwork setups that you created with
Adobe Photoshop or illustrator right onto here once you upload that you can
leave any notes here so for instance if you wanted this to be six inches from
the collar because you know that that’s where you want the placement you could
put you know six inches or what standard is more of like maybe three inches three
inches from collar centered or if it’s a logo that goes on on the patent I could
either on the left or the right you could say you know two inches from the
seam or whatever it may be you can note down those notes right here
and that way when they’re going to print it they can actually see your notes
right in here and you know exactly where to place it
where they’re not just like trying to do it however they feel may be right which
may not be sitting right with you alright so once you do that you can just
simply save it and once you do that you have the option to buy in bulk buy a
sample which is something that’s shipped to you so you can see the quality of it
before you start selling it or even you can start marketing it with your sample
and once you do that you can drop ship this product
once you drop ship this product you’re adding it to your store and you could
set a price right here which will which will set it up on your store
all right so if this cost you $10 to produce the profit margins or a 58% and
we’ll do wake up yellow just for the sake of this example from here you can
go directly back to Shopify which will allow you to edit this product on the
Shopify back-end and this is where you can add your
description of your product and this is where you can make it available onto
different product channels whether it be Facebook or Pinterest once you integrate
with those once you complete that product you can go back to applique
selection and start customizing other items that you may see it works well
with your line once you add all the products that you’re envisioning and
that you’d like to create you essentially can go back to your Shopify
store and see everything that you have all right so these are some of the
products that we’ve been creating over the last few hours we designed a couple
things to add it to the store what you’re going to do here is you’re going
to click on the products that you want to add once you have that you could go
ahead and add to a collection the collection is going to be the home page
collection and it is now available on your site so what you can do is you
click on the online store and you can actually see it and customize it to your
liking as you guys can see applique offers a way to preview those imagery so
if a customer comes in they could see some of the apparel that you have but I
do recommend that you guys take photos of your own product or use a better
generator in order to create or more importantly get some lifestyle imagery
in here in order to create your guys its brand alright so if a customer order
sign in that literally click that they’d add it to their cart they check out an
applique with fulfill the orders that are coming in from your store what’s
important to note about Shopify is that you are able to quickly customize your
design so let’s select on that image you can customize what it says here so let’s
just say ground up Academy store and it is now ready to be featured
if you guys want to check out the completed store this is obviously a mock
and a test run we’re gonna actually add all the different products that we’ve
been printing with applique onto the official revive site which you guys will
be linked in the description down below if you guys want to check that out if
you guys want to show your support or purchase a product to see the quality of
it that way you know exactly what you’re getting from applique before you connect
your brand to it or perhaps before you spend time designing some products once
you guys have your pages set up and you know that your products are gonna be
ready to be fulfilled the next step that you should really be considering is in
already launching your social media pages all right you don’t want to wait
until the products are actually available or ready to sell until you
launch your Instagram or your Facebook or your Twitter or your YouTube or your
MySpace page you want to be able to have every one of those already reserved as
you’re building the collection and as you’re building your line it’s gonna be
important for you guys to do that as you need to start sharing the development of
this line you need to tell all your friends and family that you’re working
on this and what better way to start corralling people than to creating the
pages of where they’re hanging out and more importantly make sure that you link
to a website or a landing page that allows you to collect emails all right
and you may be watching and saying emails so old-school it’s really not
guys email is not dead people are still opening their email INBOX chances are
you watch this video by an email or through an email that somebody sent over
to you so you need to consider that for your brand as well in order to launch a
landing page it’s as simple as creating a site on Shopify with like a simple
landing page or if you’re not using Shopify
you can create a Google Docs form a great way to start collecting leads is
to offer something so whether you guys want to give away a free sticker or a
wristband or maybe even enter in for a giveaway for a free product these are
all great ways that you can start building out your email list and start
building out your followers on social media okay and some great posting tips
and advice that you guys should definitely consider to do also is in
sharing the imagery or perhaps the products the samples that you order from
applique or whoever’s printing your products you want to start sharing those
on the behind-the-scenes basis to let people know that the drop is about to
come alright so you want to have a good social media strategy
that’s gonna be an important tip in order for you guys to continue growing
your social media following but more importantly start making sales which
leads us into the process of actually collecting sales all right so some of
you guys may be wondering how do I actually collect payment for the
products that I make well if you signed up for a Shopify site you’re able to
automatically start collecting sales as you’re building out that website if
you’re using a different platform or perhaps you’re gonna do more of a
direct-to-consumer approach like selling it at your schools or out of a trunk of
a car you’re going to want to consider using a mobile payment provider whether
it be PayPal Square up or any of those types of services especially if you’re
gonna be hitting a lot of events with the products that you make Shopify has a
great tool that allows you to easily sell from your phone and integrate to
the to the actual cloud so if you’re selling online and you’re selling in
person and the product is sold they allow you to track your inventory which
is a great way for you guys to stay on point and on track and of course if
you’re using a fulfillment company then you’re also gonna need to make sure that
you communicate with them so I’m not trying to say that you need to use
Shopify but I am trying to say that you should definitely use Shopify and
there’s gonna be a link noted right down below to get started with a free 14-day
trial all right guys so you guys can literally start for free so this no
money out of pocket we’re keeping this thing legit on how to start our clothing
line with no money down a legit way 14-day free trial link down below as
well as additional resources that you guys can use to actually make your
brands launch and additional tools that you can use to start selling on there
now a question I frequently get is when should you legitimate your business
meaning when should you get your business license when should you spoil
your sales tax and use license and I would highly recommend that you do that
once you prove that your business is something that’s going to be sustainable
alright so the approach that we just shared with you guys throughout this
video allows you to see if it’s gonna be a business that’s worth pursuing in the
direction and in the way that you originally planned okay so by doing this
approach you don’t have to legitimize your business just yet but I highly
consider that you put that on your radar and start thinking about that as you’re
creating and generating those sales if you’re somebody that has a lot of assets
perhaps you have a lot of cars houses homes then you should consider doing an
LLC or a corporation as soon as you get this business up and running to reduce
those liabilities but just keep in mind guys you’re selling t-shirts you’re not
selling baby products or something that may strangle somebody don’t try to think
too far into it but definitely have it in your radar just don’t put too much
emphasis on it until you know that this is a business that’s gonna be creating
sales because you need to make sales in order to invest into your business and
this is a great way to do that is by doing a drop shipping and fulfillment
model and fulfilling those orders through an online site and then being
able to say hey this is something that my customers want so now you’ll be able
to invest into that company and legitimize it knowing that you’ve got a
pretty good investment and at the same time it’s saving you money because
you’re no longer putting the couple hundred two thousand dollars in
structuring a business that’s making no dollars okay so kind of consider that as
you guys are thinking about legitimizing it because I get that question a lot
when should I do it that’s when I think you should do it when you know that it’s
gonna be a product that’s gonna be selling okay so you guys have a lot of
liabilities or potential liabilities and definitely talk to your accountant and
figure out the right financial strategy in order for you guys to set that thing
up so there you have it guys I hope you enjoyed this video as you guys are
building and developing your brand don’t forget to plan and set a strategy in
order for you guys to grow now look this was only a portion of what’s included in
the entire ground-up community starting a clothing line master course well we
have over 35 videos and 15 hours of content to help you build your brand in
business on a step-by-step basis we include worksheets in there as well as a
private group community page but we can continue building and communicating on a
daily basis and more importantly we have a monthly training call every single
month which ties into multiple topics and we answer the personal questions
that you may have about your specific brand in business alright and if you’re
not ready for that process or if you’re not ready to commit to something like
that just hit that subscribe button down below and check out the resources in the
notes that I mentioned down below where you guys can continue building your
brands and businesses and more importantly leave a comment with the
question that you may have that we can answer in a future video and I’m just
pumped to see what you guys create and what you guys build
keep me updated with everything that you do and I’ll see you guys on the next
video bye

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100 thoughts on “How To Start A Clothing Line With $0 Dollars | Legit Step by Step Tutorial

  1. I am currently working on my clothing line. But I'm looking for a good partner that can help me produce my clothes I don't mind you getting back to me about this guys.

  2. Great video and resource however, be honest in the headlines @johnsantos. You do need money and the site ask for $100 for the year to produce the neck tags. Great content, helpful videos so no need to add $0 in the video. You’ll still get the clicks

  3. John Santos ? In edition to this Clothing business. What do we do if we get into a car accident and in the hospital for a month or so while orders are still coming in ? How do we deal with situations like that ?

  4. Hey John, that is really cool. Do you feel that it differs tremendously from this ( )? The reason I ask is because I set up with these folks quite sometime back and all I had to then was provide the artwork. I set the percentage I wanted to make per item and they marked it accordingly on-site.

  5. Whats the service fee for all this service
    Cuz sounds to me its gping to cost a lot. Which means we have to sell a plain cotton shirt for loke 50 or 60 bucks? Really. Thats a lot for ig brand t shirts

  6. I could do this myself but you guys already have a setup going so I have a trucking company and I'm willing to work with you are you willing to work with me let's make things happen

  7. You and I need to talk about carrier shipper rates that's fair for both of us and printing rates for you and I need to talk about carrier shipper rates that fair for both of us and I am willing to negotiate a fair price for your shipping needs

  8. Ok, bro….low watching your video I had in awakening something that I've been thinking about for a long time so I want to create many shirts and many other products that get information out to people and I can sell those products before you make them but I need images to do that,. I have to say that I am really keen on embroidery and that is one of the major selling points the key thing is quality I want to use quality along with Awakening the minds of billions of people this is the 9/11 truth movement alive and I am the number one leader in that industry are you ready for this revolution this will put a lot of money in your pocket because this is going to change everything and I have never talked to any manufacturing company about this whatsoever you are the first.

  9. If you know God blessed you with a good heart.. Pls take a second and subscribe to my channel … I know it would cost you time .. But prove to me ad yourself that you really have a kind heart… Love you.. ❤?

  10. Hi Dear Sir thank you for your big and important lesson. Wanna know if this works with WooCommerce dropshipping if yes can I get your mail address please

  11. I read in the comments below that the going price for a printed t-shirt and labeling its around $14, does that include shipping?

  12. Print on demand is taxed asf. I spend $15 including shipping. I pay $8 for a blank that's $1.68 whole sale. Then get charged $4 for a print thats $1.78 in ink. I get raped on my margins especially including marketing. My site made 2k last month with no profit took a loss. I get killing profit for growth but at this rate I just dont have the funds.

  13. Before watching any video i first see the comments section so that i can judge whether i gonna see it or leave.
    I think this video has worth it.
    I am comeback when i will watch it whether i am thinking right or not

  14. Your video on how to start your clothing line with no money was indeed very educational.
    Looking at the videos, I believe it's mostly for people that reside in the USA ??.
    I'm in the UK, do you have any fulfilment company that I can work with over here.

  15. I hope this video helps make your business into a reality ??. If you’re reading this, make sure you checkout the video description as it contains additional notes and resources we discussed throughout the video. If you're watching from a cell phone, the description expands by clicking on the arrow right next to the title ??. If you need additional resources and training, checkout the FREE online course I created which dives into greater detail. I also included the Clothing Line Blueprint and Apparel Resource Guide which you can immediately download:

    If you still have questions, or video ideas leave them down below and we will answer them ASAP! Be on the lookout for additional videos hitting the channel where we continue to dive into the apparel business, as well as some very unique entrepreneurship topics.

  16. Dude I haven’t tried this out yet. In the process but I want to let you know your such and amazing person for trying to help people come out of the 9-5 work and become their own boss and help people who don’t earn much to be able to be given this opportunity. Thank you.

  17. Thanks for share with us. As I can see, a lot of comments like “ohh you’ll spend $100 to start”, bla bla bla!
    Dude I just need to say: Dream Big and Do Bigger! So if you can see problems to each thing. You are at the wrong place!
    As a big brand say on the box: JUST DO IT!
    Kick your ass and start move forward!
    Big Up!

  18. Awesome video bro and i am new to all of this so dont mind me asking a noob question?! Wouldn't it be cheaper and easier to print or stamp the clothing tag on the inside of the shirt? its 2019 and everyone HATES tags so i was wonder why you would still use this unless its so much cheaper to have a label instead of a stamp.

  19. I guess you can raise money this way to actually create a clothing line. This is a t-shirt line big difference but respect for getting folks involved in the business.

  20. I just use the elderly to make my clothing line. It's free except for the food. They are always complaining about the food.

  21. Starting a lifestyle brand soon called “Severe Supply Co”. A brand for those who are serious about their accomplishments and work hard enough to get noticed for the things they achieve. I’m starting off with higher quality, comfortable fabric. I have a lot of great knowledge in marketing and building a clothing line. I have a lot of ideas and the first drop is going to be super dope! Staying different from the competition to set my brand apart. If you’re interested in following my brand you can follow me on instagram @severesupplyco

  22. I have a question. Can you just use the fonts from f.e. Photoshop and use it for your clothing without getting any problems? If not did you create your own fonts or something like that?

  23. 1) can we get printed branding?

    2) how much time do they need from receipt of design and specs to finished shirt

    3) how do they stack up vs other companies(local brick and mortar and major online sites) as far as price, I cant market a shirt with an undefined price.

  24. The REAL truth of how to start a clothing line and be SUCCESSFUL:
    1. Come up with a trademarkable name that is so good it sells itself. (Incredibly difficult at this point)
    2. Be Rich
    3. Be a designer with a groundbreaking unique design style that is difficult to duplicate. (Like winning the lottery)
    4. Have a huge social media following.
    By successful I mean being able to earn a survivable income from the clothing line alone. Success might have a different meaning for you.

  25. Yo! Your the real deal man;Thank you for the help. Lord willing I will return the favor on the come up!!
    Legion Clothing

  26. $0? Nah, man. Been there, done that, still doing it. Your other advice might be alright but with $0 it’s impossible. You’re probably trying to sell some course or something. No hate.

  27. Can some give me some tips of names and stuff so I can make better clothes please I will really appreciate it

  28. I have 3 brands coming to apliiq very soon. I see the value. Love what you do. Big Wes (BattleRap Gear, Africa All Day, Got Fufu?)

  29. @johnsantos what do you think are the chances Oplique would speak with me or a day in the future let me go see their operation so I can learn from them for my business?

  30. Thank you John! I have been searching & searching for the right option and you answered all my questions. Looking forward to working with Apliiq!

  31. John, how is apliiq different from Printful? Am sure there's pros and cons. Can you please lay it out for us? Thanks!

  32. I love this video! One thing that confused me though – Can you explain why this company would charge $10 for a drop-shipped printed shirt, but that same shirt as a sample is $30? I don’t understand why that would be the case…

  33. Damn I'm trying to think of something people would wear, I may not be creative enough right now, but I'll figure something out

  34. Y’all fools are dumb… of course your not going to build a brand with $0. He is stating how you can “START” with $0 and build from there.

  35. I worked for soccer com (also owns lacrosse com, rugby…) and they do in house embroidery, screen printing, DTG etc. The warehouse with all the gear that wasn't dropshipped was huge. Anyways,
    they bought a huge DTG printer and cranked out designs all day. They have templates for all the teams, local teams, countries, college styles, badge styles, you name it. The organization of everything they did was really good. 3 photographers shooting equipment all day or doing photoshoots. One guy did shoes literally all day long without stopping. I did much of the post photo work. We outsourced the simple shots for clipping paths. Hundreds per day. They have a team sales dept for team orders across the country.

    The profit margin on DTG shirts is much better than Nike and cheaper for the customer. None stop printing all day long. Then off to their in house shipping department. The whole operation was mostly all in house – team sales, social media, web designers, catalog designers, social media designers, photographers. I'd still be there if the pay was better and i had room for promotion. Also, you can't choose who you work with and not a huge fan of soccer.

    Since i first started there they reduced the size of the catalogs and focused more on social media. They hired consultants to come in and see what could be improved. It was like the movie The Office. They slyly got rid of the creative director, marketing director, 2 art directors and hired more copywriters. So basically they figured the expensive managers were not worth the cost, designers can mostly manage themselves and they wanted the department to be younger. They went all-in on social media. Instead of trying to compete head on with Dick's or other stores, they wanted Soccer com to be more of a premier brand and make the customer experience more personal. Online shopping guide, blog, instagram, email blasts, etc. Great place to get the resume going!

  36. How to know when you’re actually serious about pursuing a goal:
    1) Log down your goals
    2) Give your goals a timeline
    3) How much action are you putting towards your goals daily, weekly, monthly

  37. John, please, is this basically about designing your own t-shirt or classic clothes similar to name brands? I am more interested in the name brands high class clothing. Any idea on how to get that started?

  38. Hey, any help would be appreciated. How do I actually start making clothes? Where do I get material and how do I get designs I want on them??

  39. Wow! this is so cool! We also do Print on Demand here in the Philippines! We also have a small Youtube channel for Filipinos to know more about Print on Demand. Please check us out!

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