How to Start a Credit Repair Business

Hello everyone and welcome to today show on how to start a credit repair business, I’m really excited that everybody could make it today. I am going to go through whether pretty fast pace today because I’ve a tremendous amount of information to go and I have to go through and I have a webinar another webinar in about an hour so I only have an hour to go through all this, so if you do have any questions to the event here is our actual contact information (877) 600-2487 is our phone number and our email address [email protected] before we jump in let me take a little bit about myself. My name is Ty Crandall I’m actually the CEO of credit suite we help companies get business credit financing, and we also help companies offer business credit and financing as a service, so I am not in the credit repair industry which might make you say why are you doing this kinda webinar, well I actually my last life um I built and sold a credit repair companies, so I’m probably one of the only people you actually hear from, who’s actually been through this process of starting from scratch building a very successful credit repair company selling it for a lot of money and them I’ve been very active in the business credit space ever since, you’re not going to be sold anything today you’re not going to pitched anything, I have no interest in what I’m telling you I’m not trying to get you to buy anything sometimes it’s nice hearing from a neutral party is not trying to pitch you on something to get great content that’s exactly what we’re going to be diving in to today, I also put together a link for you here at the bottom of the page that I strongly recommend that you check out I’ve been mentioning it throughout the event, it’s is our website its S-U-I-T-E on that page you’re going to have access to a ton of free resources that put together especially for this event I put together about 7 training videos teach you how to get advertising um you know how to get customers how to do just about every part of the credit repair process and there’s also a lot of other free stuff that you able to download in one package from marketing content for credit repair um including emails, social media, post and free reports and e-books and power point presentations even a tool that I used a lot when I under credit repair business which is called a credit repair kit that we use to give away ah to get new customers and it has a 101 letter dispute letter ah library on top of like 130 page book that walks through exactly how to fix credit, all kinds of really cool free resources that I got back in the day, that I’ve had make customizable so that you could put your name in all those type of thing on it, so it’s all available in that one link all you have to do if opt in and get it, and if you do opt in I’ll send you emails on business credit financing all you have somebody contact you about credit repair outsourcing software in case you have an interest there, if you don’t you don’t but always it’ll give you recommendations at somebody reputable in that space, so let’s go and jump in and again that website you’ll see several times throughout the event, so if you no time to write it down no big deal it is so first I want to jump in to talk a little bit about what is credit repair. Now on my YouTube channel if you searched Ty Crandall or business credit you find my YouTube channel um, I have a whole video that we just went to an hour of how credit repair actually works in. I got a handful of slides here from that, because it pretty much gives you a good idea but we don’t have time to spend whole hour here just on how credit repair works, so we’re going to go through this if you want more info check out that video, um and again I want at least give you kind of overview here of exactly how this process. Okay so let’s check us those some real results sorry about that I’m actually works at the home office today someone in my protective German Shepherds is seen somebody at my door, alright here we go first of all let’s talk a little about credit repair actual results, actually we start at the beginning, so what is credit repair, what’s really the process of removing inaccurate unverifiable and untimely accounts from your personal credit report, and will dive in and dissect that here in a minute we’ll show you what those 3 actually means. So first I want to show you some actual results from back in my credit repair days, just so you could see kinda the effectiveness of credit repair now I didn’t a hand pick this, the truth is you know when I under credit repair business lot of people didn’t think their credit repair worked. So as a result I kept thousands and thousands of results on our website just like these so people can actually see exactly the credit repair didn’t work, so these the kind results that we produce in our credit repair business these are all tax liens that were deleted, um this is pretty common what we would see in the normal round of disputes a lot of deletions, new information below are verified no change means they didn’t really delete the account so you come to see usually a combination of deleted items some accounts that were deleted, and then you see some that just have a lot more accounts are deleted on this when you could probably see to from the others 15, 20 accounts deleted in one round to disputes, um here’s another one were actually this is the first page of the report, um this person actually had 35 negative items deleted, this was the first page of the results, the second page had the rest, and as you can see here there’s everything from discovered to collection accounts to Barclays Bank to Aurora Bank was actual foreclosure the tax liens removed, we basically got everything off the TransUnion deleted in just one round the disputes. Here’s another one with a bunch of deletions, again pretty commons lot of deletion some are that deleted, um and then another and again I can go on and on for hours with these kinds of results except thousand show but I just want to show you the effectiveness of credit repair, this is what results really look like once you nail down what I’m about to teach you over the next hour, so how does this work I mean how do you get these kind of results, well first of all there’s a lot a consumer laws that govern what the creditors and the bureaus can actually do what they can’t do, and the main law that regulates credit bureaus is the Fair Credit reporting Act word also known as the FCRA. Now the FCRA is US Law that regulates the collection, dissemination, and use of consumer information including consumer credit information, and this was created back in the 70s, credit bureaus were dual kind of crazy thing back there, they were collected all types of info and they really had no regard of whether the info is accurate or not, they were just collecting data however they could get it they were selling it to anybody that could buy it or would buy it, um because there was no regulation restricting what they could couldn’t do, so to give you an idea how bad this was, Equifax for example call neighbors claiming to be a relative um of the consumer and get gossip get news. And then they would collect data regarding sex life, divorce I mean it was pretty bad the kind of data they were collecting, and they would even incentivize their people that works for them, like whoever got the most dirt would actually get incentive, so this is what the 70s credit collection and you know the selling of data was actually like there were no restrictions on what data they can actually collect. Okay there were no concern from the CRAs the Credit Reporting Agencies said the data was accurate they didn’t care was wild, wild west of data collection selling there also no restriction of who they were selling the data too, so they could call your neighbor get dirt about you call your other neighbors and sell them that dirt on you, and that is exactly how things used to be in the credit reporting industry, so what happens is in the 70s they started get computerized and as the Bureau started to go to computers, then our government stepped in they realize there was an obvious need for regulations of the credit reporting agencies, and they created this credit reporting act um to make sure that the data that was collected and that was actually put out there was actually accurate, so the FCRA this Fair Credit Reporting Act include many provisions governing what agencies including creditors CRAs can and can’t do, are you one over that, the FCRA also requires all data reported on a consumer meet 3 very specific criteria, this is what you really care about because this is the heart this is the backbone of credit repair. The data on the report must be a 100% accurate, it has to be a 100% verifiable, it has to be a 100% timely which means it is being reported within the statue of limitations were its allow to actually report, so let’s talk a little bit more about it being a 100% accurate all information has to be 100% accurate this means all aspects of the data reported be a 100% accurate, let me show you what I mean. This is the contents of the line item on your credit report a trade account you have the account name, account number the credit limit, the highest amount borrowed, balance the account status, the open date, date last active um which doesn’t actually show on a report but it’s a date that you track, date of last payment, date of last payment, status code comments and more, so this is the details of what you see on a trade line on a credit report and account that reported, well according to the FCRA every single point of data here that I’m listing has to be a 100% accurate, so all of these are reasons to actually dispute the item, you can dispute it because the account name is incorrect if they verified that it is you can come back and disputed the account number is incorrect, you can dispute and so on and so on, and so on, so this is really the heart of credit repair because all of this data has to be a 100% accurate, so a large part of credit repair is making sure that the reported items meet the actual legal aspects of this FCRA that they are a 100% accurate to all aspects of that reported account are 100% accurate, so again all of these aspects have to be 100% accurate, but in most cases the data is not accurate, almost any credit report will show you that the data being reported doesn’t even match what other reporting agencies are reporting. And this is one of the easiest ways we ever used to show customers that their credit reports were wrong, we would have them enroll for credit monitoring they would pull a report and we will just go through the report with them, and if you ever look to your credit report of course I’m sure that you have if you see negative information look and see what each Bureau is reporting you commonly see that they are not the same each bureau is almost a 100% the time reporting different data from each other, the limits different amount owed is different the status of it’s different, so obviously the data cannot be a 100% accurate if you have one or two or three of the bureau’s all reporting different information it becomes pretty obvious that’s somebody wrong in that case so most of these derogatory accounts do have some type of accuracies. Okay in look this is it accidental but here’s what happens the credit bureaus I won’t go in to some big long meal, I could just tell you that that the credit bureaus make money when your data is inaccurate and wrong, sounds weird but let me explain it’s you, If I’m buying a leads from the credit bureaus, subprime data is more valuable than prime. Subprime data is where the credit card companies make all their money were all the car loan people they charge you 20% make their money, so that data they charge more for, so you have bad stuff on your report it actually helps bureau’s they sell the data for more money, not to mention that they have a system where would you dispute when they have the process of dispute to the creditor, they get paid so they actually profit whenever you dispute, so again they have no benefit of the information being accurate on a report the more negative it is, and the more inaccurate new dispute actually the more money they end up making, so the data also has to be 100% verifiable, so the FCRA also requires that all data um is being reported from CRAs and hopefully somebody just said my voice keeps going, also hopefully everybody’s not having that problem but I only have one person tried in so hopefully that’s it, so the FCRA also requires all data is 100% verifiable, okay so no data can be reported that can’t be verifiably proven to be accurate, even if the data is accurate it can’t be on the consumer credit reports unless it can be proven to be a 100% accurate, this is the FCRA requirement so you know, I used to run into customers say look you know I had this account, this account was mine well that doesn’t mean it’s 100% accurate nor does it mean at the creditor can actually prove that the account is accurate and should be there, and it’s their responsibility to do so if they can that has to be removed, again if the data can be proven to be 100% accurate and verifiable it has to be removed that’s the law, it also has to be 100% timely, so the FCRA has time frames of how long negative items to stay on your credit report, you’ve probably heard this before right. Negative items can scan your credit report for 7 years in most cases past the date of last activity the last time you made a payment on the account right here is why FICO the brand new FICO that just rolled out, um actually adjusts for this now all older FICO versions use to hurt you scores if you paid off the collection because you updated the date of the last activity, and you prolong how long it would stay on the report see have to be careful even recommending people pay off collections, because an account stays on the report 7 years past the date of last activity, and were some public records actually with most public records they could stay on there for 10 years, and then people like judgement can even renew, they can keep them on there for another 10 years also, so again the data has to be a 100% timely, the day last activity is the last day you made a payment on the account. So if your last payment on account which January 1, 2010 the account what have to be removed on or before January 1, 2017 7 years but you see you can see how, if they manipulate this day it doesn’t even report on your credit report by the way, um unless sometimes you get a report from the bureaus itself and it does, then if they manipulated this one date they could prolong how long they stay on your report. This is why the FCRA exist because if they change this day as often happens and some things on your account credit longer than it’s supposed to be then again the FCRA that you have the right to dispute it, if they can’t verify that it actually was the data last activity what the report they have to remove which in this example they can’t, because it’s obviously wrong, so if you do dispute the CRAs most of them now list the date on the report they send you, but again it isn’t often available to credit monitoring, so this is exactly why collection companies will let you make near any payment to them. Okay this is always been a tactic, that what you pay 10 bucks because if you do you reset the date of the last activity, I know people that somehow escaped foreclosure, okay they got they didn’t pay the bank the bank had problems paperwork could not come after them in the proper amount of time and they don’t own the house they the company cannot actually sue him because they pass the statue of limitations in the state, and they can even report the mortgages because they’ve been on there for last 7 years past the last date last activity if somebody was to pay a payment on that mortgage then all the sudden the account would get free reported and again could be sued, so this is big deal statue of limitations how long something can be legally collected on, data last activity how long something can be reported for base the date that you made the last payment is very important, so this state is different to one I describe the statue of limitations, such a limitations is how long they can collect on the debt for legally in the court, in Florida for most contract that it’s 5 years so for example if I default on a credit card they could sue me for 5 years, they can keep it on my credit report for 7 from the last time at 7 years in the last day I made a payment, so again there’s a difference between statue of limitations when they could legally collect and the data last activity from when they actually can keep the account reported on your credit report from, so now that you know how credit repair works. Let’s dive in to start talking about how you can actually start a credit repair business, well let’s start right from the beginning now some of you might already have a business started, don’t worry tons of benefits still to common what we’re going to talk about but I want to take all of you that are even maybe just interested starting your credit repair business, I don’t want to teach you exactly what to do from inceptions, so you know the exact steps, so first thing is of course thinking of a name for your company try to stay away from names, with credit or credit repair in them because some banks merchant account providers and other type of institutions were instantly label you as high risk. I had this happen I had an account with Wachovia at the time which were they became Wells Fargo and I had a bank account there, they shut down my bank account just because our name was elite credit, they saw the name then they saw credit in the name they sue me credit repair this if we don’t deal a credit repair companies and which they shot down our account, so the name itself he got to be careful of you don’t want to try to put credit repair the name because in some cases you will have problems immediately be putting into a high risk segment just because you do that’s just my personal advice from experience, so now you thought of the day check with your secretary of state to see if that name is available, if it is, file for a corporation or LLC in your state with your secretary of state, so let me take a step back, so this is exactly the process for setting up a business, you think of a name you go to your secretary of state to see if anybody else has that name, now you don’t know what that is and just into Google you know secretary of state Florida, and now pull it up our website down here called I go there all the time, so I go to our secretary of state website or you could even type into Google set-up a new corporation Florida whatever state you in, and in Florida cost me $60 to set-up a corporation some of you from Texas and California on this call laughing hysterically, because I know it cost you like $600 to set-up the corporation, actually set-up a corporation in Texas I’m very well aware that, so some states are cheaper than others, but the bottom line is you have to have an entity to be a real business, so once you think of the name you simply go to the website in your state repeat corporations are filled you search for that business name and if no records pop up, then you know the names available, if a company record pop ups then you know somebody else taking the name, so find the name that isn’t available nobody else in your state has, and then you can set it up you can go right to that same website the secretary of state website and set-up your corporation only takes a matter of minutes. Now you want to set yourself up is a corporation or LLC don’t do a sole proprietorship, don’t do partnership that’s has to do with liability. Okay I’m in the business credit world, so I know all about liability and I can tell you that if you do a partnership, if you do a sole proprietorship, you’re going to be liable personally for everything happens in your business, if your business get sued they could sue personally you don’t want that, you need to separate your liability from yourself and your business, so the best way to do this is you have to set-up an entity that eliminates your liability that is a corporation, that is an LLC choose one doesn’t matter which one, but make sure you choose one of those to eliminate your actual liability. Okay so after your entity is setup then insure the next step you setup, is to setup your EIN number, now you want to do this the website do not pay for your EIN number don’t do it, it’s free and they’ll be plenty of websites out there that try to make it look like an official government website when it’s not, and they try to charge you money, don’t fall for the trap EIN numbers are free if you go to a domain to get your EIN if you even search how to setup EIN find the domain go there get is setup for free once you have your actual entity setup, okay then again don’t do this because it’s free, once you have your entity in EIN the next you going to have actually setup your bank account, those are the three steps to setup any business and one day I just needed to setup a company and I did this just as a test and it took me 43 minutes to do all three. I set up my entity online I go my EIN I went down to my bank and setup my bank account and I was out time did like my 43 minutes, um I was done, so it doesn’t take a lot of time to do this three things but this three things are what gives you a legitimate business, now again I’m going to give you warning, when you setup you bank account they’re going to try to charge you like, when you tell them you need checks they’re going to tell you it’s a 150 to 200 bucks, because they’re giving you a binder and they’re giving you stamps, and they’re giving you 10,000 checks, don’t fall for that get at least amount of check you can get to star don’t get the binder in the business start-up package it will save you like a 100 bucks, just again a little bit insider advice, so you also want to get set-up to collect payments, so this for this you’re going to need a merchant account. A merchant accounts are what give you the ability to accept credit cards from customers, and this is essentials when you own a credit repair business, because a lot of people are going to pay you monthly, so there’s no way you could manually control thousands and thousands of payments it would be a nightmare, but if you have a merchant account they’ll give you a gateway, you can set-up a lot of things to happen automatically, I can find you customer my payments due on the 1st of July then you can process my payment automatically 1st of July and every month on the first without manually doing anything it’s essential, because credit repair success is about handling of volume of customers high-volume of customers, so that means you need to automated as much this process you can, you going to have a merchant account, if you rely on people to pay you cash and checks you going to lose 70% of the potential business that you could have, keep in mind credit repair is a high risk industry, in the merchant processing space, so you need to find the merchant account that can help you on high risk accounts now we have one that we use here um look you can use whoever you want to use again we’ve been through this before a lot of our clients are credit repair companies, a credit repair companies have a natural tendency to also want to offer business credit, because their customers need it, so a lot of our customers a credit repair companies that struggle to get merchant accounts, so we set-up some unique relationships with providers that openly except the credit repair industry, and will not give you issues, and also deal with high risk accounts if you have credit problems, and also gives you really good rates and if you want, you can access a source right there http://businessfinance m-e-r-c-h-a-n-t and that really good source, so again you have to use sources, doesn’t matter to me who you use, but if you use someone other than this make sure you ask them and tell them straight forward, that you’re in credit repair and make sure they’ll help your industry, because I’ve been on the other side had gotten with companies that didn’t know I was in credit repair the minute they knew, they shut us down, you don’t want that to happen, you want to tell them of front and work with the company that will openly help you knowing that you’re in the credit repair industry, so let’s talk a little bit about how to get a new customers, now you’re kinda set-up right you know how credit repair works, you got your entity, you got your company set-up, you got your bank account, you can accept payments, you got a merchant account set-up you’re good to go, now it’s time to start talking about how to get customers, well there’s a lot ways to advertise repair, again here’s that link I gave you in the beginning of this actual show if you go there you’ll be able to find I got a few videos on how to get customers, ones like how to get a 100 customers a month, once like 20 ways to advertise credit repair, another one 6 main ways to advertise credit repair. I don’t have time to pour into all this today, because I’m trying to cover so much such little time, but I will tell you is that if you go to there’s at least 3 or 4 videos resources that will teach you tons of stuff, um really good stuff, tricks and tactics and it works very well for us to get customers, and that’s important because in credit repair you’re making a lot of money initially from each customers, you got to be able to advertise on a shoestring budget, so you got to find a lot of advice there on exactly how to do that. Okay in my experience were advertising should reference what they want versus the repair itself, so let me tell you exactly what I mean. We use to advertise a lot, we used to do Craigslist for example, every city in the United States we did about 60 credit repair clients a month just from Craigslist, um and in that if we advertise people to come in for credit repair nobody would call, but if we advertised hey you know let us help you fix your credits so you can get into mortgage or call us today to talk about getting car loan with bad credit, well then our phone would ring off the hook, so when you advertise and promote your business, try to promote the end results that they’re going to get, most people had their credit fix cause they want to buy something, like a car or mortgage, so promote hey let us help you get a home loan even if you have bad credit, that’ll get your phone ringing off the hook, what if you say hey call me today to fix your credit, not as many people were going to call so always focus on that end result a good again a piece of advice from experienced. So for example you’ll get leads easier if you talk about helping customers to get a car or home loan than you will about fixing their credit, customers want the end goal, a home, a car, not the process, not the actual repair, so by advertising you can help them get their credit to where they can get a home or car, you get the best results. One of the best Craigslist campaigns leads hey get a mortgage bad credit, people would call in, they go into call center we ask them questions if their credit was already average or better, we would put him right to a mortgage broker to get a home loan they didn’t need credit repair, but if credit was bad then we would immediately up seldom on credit repair, and again that’s how we we’re doing 60 something deals a month, we were not advertising credit repair were advertising home loans with bad credit, and people will come to us we get the good people qualified to brokers and the people that didn’t we would upsell on credit repair, so it’s essential that you build a sales funnel or an email auto-responder also, and again I cannot tell you how valuable the central is, I’m going a little fast um don’t worry if you attend this actual show all the way through you’re going to get a playback at the city ways, and you’ll be able to stop or rewind go back and right anything down you may need to right down. So this is essential probably no scratch it, this is the most important thing I can teach you, that took me years to learn and help me make a lot of money once I figured it out, you have to build a sales funnel, or an email auto-responder for customers, it’s essential when you’re doing credit repair, and here’s why, there’s a lot of consumers that don’t think credit repair is legal and they don’t think their credit can be fixed, and it’s because the credit bureaus of front this monumental smear campaigns against credit repair to convince people the hey don’t even bother disputing your negative items they just let your credit stay bad, you know that our data is the data is more valuable to us if you do, so there’s a lot of people that just don’t believe that credit repair works, this was surprising to me when I into the industry. For this reason you might need to educate them, before they’ll buy, okay a good email drip campaign can do this for you making the sale a lot easier to do, and again I put together on that resource there’s 3months of actual email content auto-responder contents, you could see what I’m talking about, so let me explain to you how this works. People come to us and they wouldn’t believe credit repair work and it was frustrating, cause they all not only do we need to sell the customer on our services, we need to sell the customer on the concept of credit repair itself, so it became a very difficult sale on a phone call, so what we realized was this, when we took the same people when they didn’t sign up and we put him into email sequence, that educated them about credit repair that told them what I’m teaching you right, told them what the fair credit reporting act was, how it worked, how the fair credit reporting act required items to be 100% accurate, verifiable and timely, how the FICO score worked how their credit score was calculated, what percentage the credit score account for payment history in this type of things, um other consumer laws and how they regulated credit. When we started educating few email drip and an email drip means I send you an email today and in 5 days you get another email for me, when we educated people this way then a few months down the road they call back and just be ready to sign up, there was no sale to be made the call would go something like this, hey Ty I’ve been getting your emails and I got couple of questions, question A, question B, okay I’m ready to sign up, honestly it freaked us out we went from this uphill battle to educate them on the phone to now let our email campaign educate them, and now they came into us automatically ready to buy, because we already taught about the Fair Credit Reporting act, were already taught them that items had to be 100% accurate, verifiable and timely, we actually showed them real results we were getting showed them inaccurate accounts, um we introduced them into all the stuff that they obviously they didn’t knew, the credit repair work once we showed it to them, okay so your email auto responder can be set-up cheap with a company like icontact or Aweber these are really cheap, I’ve one of my buddies I had lunch with last weekend we spend like 30, 30 bucks I think for his entire campaign um even less. Your campaign should educate, not sell, teach them how credit repair works don’t try to sell the stuff okay don’t put them into an email auto-responder buy for me today, and fix your credit for me today, they don’t want that excuse my language but crap they are interested in credit repair, so give them what they want, teach them, educate them on credit repair and the results is that most of them come to you to have it done, include emails on credit scoring, the Fair Credit Report and other laws and that they know, they should know and more. Teach them through emails how repair works making them more comfortable and building report, and that’s what ultimately happens here, so now you go from a customer not knowing about credit repair not understanding how it works, to now they understand how it works now you educated them and in doing so you’ve the common absolute authority, okay so know what happens is you become an absolute authority on credit repair, because you educated them, they came in to you not even knowing what it was, now you told him the FCRA and the federal the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act and all these other things that they didn’t know, so now they trust you reporters bill and now again they’re in situation where they actually want to jump in and get going, so keep in mind only about 30% of looking for repair are ready to buy. Okay so a funnel is essential to put those who are interested but not yet ready, and once they are ready you’ll be the first one they call. This is beautiful thing I’m teaching you something else I cannot tell you the value it, see most people try to get a customer on the phone and make a sale, and then if they don’t make the sale then they may never talk to that prospect again, here’s the problem with that strategy, this what image did you see is called a buying cycle, most people go through these 3 stages their interested they start researching they buy, so think about this if you’re buying a car right you’re interested in getting a car, you know the time is coming to buy a car, see just start looking at cars on the road see which look like your head starts turning a little bit more often a car dealership you pass if you’re looking for models that you might interested in, then you move on to the space were you almost ready to buy, now you researching, now you’re coming in and you’re looking at car models, and safety, and fuel economy etc. then you go into dealership armed with your data ready to buy, okay tries my wife crazy, because I will not go to a dealership until I’m in that 3rd purchase stage cause I don’t want to waste the salesman’s time, all the other research and work we can get done before we ever show up there, here’s the problem if you’re trying to close the guy on the phone that’s ready to close you only focusing on 1/3 of the buying cycle, you’ve, neglected the people researching and interested but if you get the people that are interested in researching into your sales funnel then all the sudden they’re getting emails about credit repair is they’re getting warmed up ready to go, and then when they’re ready to take action they going to call the guy they see on the park bench, they’re going to call you because you’re the one that’s been sending them all the content, and again is not much of the sale reporters build they know what you do, they know how you do it so they’re pretty much ready to go, now you can close the people you’re always focusing on closing not the exact same time, you can also focus on people that are just in these other 2 stages the buying cycle but aren’t yet ready to buy, so once you have your funnel build it also makes sense to set-up a landing page to drive them to, you can do this using a company called Lead pages for less than 40 bucks a month, okay and in landing page in place, and a funnel send emails once they opt in on your page, you have an automated way to generate leads and convert them into sales, now this is exactly how any funnel works, so if you go to you that’s a lead pages landing page, so you complete the information you’ll get emails from me automatically that’s exactly how this works and what’s beautiful about this is just like I’m doing this webinar, okay all I have to do is tell you about a web page and you go there, and then instantly you’re getting information from me, so your whole job becomes just to get people to go to your landing page to get good quality info, okay and then they get into your sales funnel, then your sales funnel basically converts hem into buyers, because it gives them all the information on the topic they’re looking for which is credit repair, sow all you have to do is push customers to that landing page to start the sales process it makes your job a lot easier, because it set-up to try to figure all these creative ways to get people all you have to focus is getting people to go to one website, whether it be your advertising on Facebook or your advertising on Craigslist whatever it may be, and then when they go in there, boom they entered the info they’re getting info from you and a lot of those people automatically they convert to sales, so one great way to advertise is to give away free stuff such as e-books and guides, okay the best we ever had was a credit repair kit that we made up making into a 30 day course, so this is what we found, people are obviously willing to opt in more, okay if um they’re actually getting something of real value the more value you give them for free the more inclined they are to actually opt in that’s the way it is, so what we had was credit repair kit it was I mean amazing, the thing had a tracking excel long were you could track your results it had a 101 dispute letter library 101 dispute letters, advanced dispute letters, basic dispute letters that could be used. Okay on top of that I had a 120, 130 page guide that explained how he ask her e-OSCAR and OCR the credit bureaus computers work um how the FCRA work, explained everything some would need to know to fix their credit it was a complete kit to fix your credit, well this was so successful that we ended up turning into a 30 day email course, and then through the course we upsold them on our credit repair services gave them discounts those type of things it was the best way we ever got people into our funnel, now some of you’re going with that makes no sense, that’s absolutely crazy. I’m trying to fix our credit you’re talking about teaching them how to fix a credit for free, oh yes I am, because credit repair isn’t it easy thing as a lot of people think it may be, you have to know the credit bureaus computers, you have to know all of this information, so the purpose of our credit repair kit, was to give them so much information that they would be so overwhelmed and confused, that they instantly go do, you guys just do this like this is crazy, like I’ll just pay you 100 bucks a month that you do it, because there’s no freaking way I could know all these laws and all the stuff there is to know that you guys obviously do, that was the whole point of it we gave them away stuff of really high value, but it was so overwhelming and confusing that their natural instinct was okay, this is obviously reject credit repair, obviously there’s a lot involved and I obviously don’t want to deal with it, and don’t get me wrong some people would actually go through do the steps in selves get great results, and gives this great testimonials that we use, okay but the majority of people within that coming into our funnel and converting and becoming credit repair customer for us, um because they saw how overwhelming confusing it wasn’t provided a lot of solidity to the service we offer, so the better you’ll lead Moncton the more prospect you’ll get by the way that credit repair kit is available on that same page I put on all these resources for the purpose of this webinar, the so insure you have solid social media pages also you going to have a Facebook business page you need to have a Facebook professional page what is that mean, it means my company credit suite has a Facebook page, myself professionally Ty Crandall has a Facebook Page, so should you people are looking for you, they’re looking at your nowadays, this is how I judge credibility I’ll tell you right now what I do, when I go to somebody’s website I come website looks pretty professional they look legit, then I go find their Facebook icon and I click on the Facebook icon and I see how many fans they have. I tell you I’m not the only person that does this, a lot of people nowadays use social media to validate the credibility of the source, okay this is why social media so important, I don’t care if you’re in Facebook all the time or twitter any of those things, you still need to have professional Facebook page is set-up, now as I talk to you 15% of our business comes from Facebook, and it’s free doesn’t even costs anything to advertise, it’s another reason you should set the stuff up, because look credit repair you’re not going to make a ton of money from each customer that you’re selling so you need the best easiest cheapest ways to advertise, and Facebook is a great way to do that, for example here’s our Facebook business page 6,000 likes, so people coming instantly shows credibility, we have tons and tons and tons of post on our page we post about 5 to 10 times a day on our social media there’s just absolutely no question that people um respond to our social media, okay and again you might be like I don’t have time to post 5 times a day, don’t worry about it hire a virtual assistant from a place called, you can get virtual assistant for 2 to 3 dollars an hour, and that’s exactly what we have, we have somebody 3 bucks an hour that handles all over social media posting, we give them instructions on what to do, so for example on that website I talk you about earlier you have 3 months a social media post you just give her the social media post, tell her also get interesting faxing call, motivational quotations that are like image quotes, and they just post back on the stuff on their regularly and that alone will net you a lot of business, here’s my professional page you don’t need some goofy picture of yourself holding your hand out there, I have no idea what’s that even about but you still should have a professional page with your picture, why because people are going to Google you, and if they Google you, Facebook has so much precedent in Google, that Google is shows Facebook pages just nearly first, so you need to have a professional page because if they go looking for you or your company, then they see what you want them to see which is a professional Facebook page your company professional Facebook page for yourself, and again it gives you just a ton of credibility okay. I got 19,000 likes on my page so obviously I’m instantly credible, when people see this I’m instantly an expert in business credit, I have a book up there you see me in a fancy suit, you see a ton of people like the page, it gives you instant credibility and credibility is essential when it actually comes to repair. So use to set-up your pages, if you don’t know how to set-up a Facebook page if you need a cool background graphic go to this website you could easily set-up your Facebook page you don’t really need it, super simple to do, and you can also use fiverr to get initial likes to your page, you can actually buy likes, so for example, whenever I start a company I always buy likes initially because I know people look at the likes on a page, so I want them to see that I have a 100 or 200 or a 1,000 or 2,000 right away, again it gives me credibility then more people like the page in it builds organically from there, now this could be super cheap, super expensive depends on what Facebook is got going on, last month I buy 2,000 likes for 5 dollars, okay then 2 weeks later I went to buy more Facebook did funky stuff and all the people that sold likes, were selling a hundred likes for $20 so supply and demand maybe depends on you know what’s going on with Facebook at the time, but if it’s or really expensive for 100 likes are so just hanging, keep checking back and you’ll see they get to where you get a point a 1,000 3,000 likes for 5 bucks it’s well worth it to start your page initially, also put images up, develop a system to post on your page regularly as we talk about as many times as 5 or 10 times a day, so use short long posts about credit repair and credit scoring for example, so a short post to be hey Facebook fans do you know what the biggest percentage of your credit score is, a long post could be 35% of your credit scores due to payment history blah, blah, blah, blah, and explains it in depth, that’s those are good things to put on their interesting facts, quotations, other things are inspiring are also good, and also make sure you set-up twitter and insure your LinkedIn profile is very solid, again these things take precedent in searches, so whenever you’re actually setting yourself up, you need to make sure that you look credible and these are the pages that people are going to see, so you should have a Twitter account that linked to the cap, look I can tell you if you go to my personal twitter account, if you go to my company Twitter account, I’ve sent I don’t know 5-10,000 tweets, I’ve never seen a tweet, I don’t even know how to tweet, I’ve a social media manager that does it, but I still have a massive following on social media twitter, because it’s gets so much valuable content for me on there, on LinkedIn you also find you can include videos, power points and other things to help you stand out most people don’t know you could do that, you can searched Ty Crandall find my LinkedIn page, hey connect with me while you’re there but you also see that I have videos and a very deep ah LinkedIn page and that’s a good thing to have, and I have videos and cool things on there that I want people to see and my profile stands out because most people don’t know you could put that kinda stuff on a page, so another thing when I teach you about LinkedIn, here’s my LinkedIn Profile is type in this is so cool, you see how I have Ty Crandall business credit expert for my name, you can change that and that’s the key word, so if you could LinkedIn right now and search business credit guess who’s the one first people, I think the first person to pops up, me because I’m the only guy out there that’s got business credit in his name, so you could do the exact same thing with credit repair, you know Ty Crandall credit repair expert, now when someone goes to LinkedIn and searches credit repair then LinkedIn picks up this keyword in your title and you get pushed really high um up in the actual searching in, okay this is exactly why I have award winning Author of business credit decoded. I’m not doing this to like pat myself on the back this is all keyword rich stuff, so here I am in my name, and in my description my title, I have business credit, business credit, okay so this is exactly why I do that, and link to this keyword rich the actual um the hobbies part of it, they kid the other just you want to riddle your whole profile with credit repair key, credit repair because those keywords will then get picked up which will go a long way for you. YouTube can also be huge, the keys to focus on the keywords you want and insure your video titles description and tags are all keyword rich, what YouTube cc to conquer, we just created a YouTube channel three weeks ago we now have 2,100 likes on it, and now if you search business credit I am 20% of the first page in YouTube after three weeks you can do the same thing to, it’s like Google but nobody’s competing on it, it’s crazy, so it’s wide open to start advertising credit repair on YouTube putting up consistent videos making sure that your videos say credit repair go into YouTube and typing credit repair, in the search box it pulls up a whole list of suggested searches, put in videos within a month, every one of those suggested searches make the videos a few minutes long teach something valuable put those keywords in the title, in the description, and in the keyword section of video, and if you’re doing this I’m putting up consistent content then you’re going to start to get a following pretty quick, YouTube now accounts for 20% of our total business, so if you’re doing the math, I’m telling you 35% of our total business credit suite now comes from Facebook and YouTube which are both 3 advertising sources, so make sure you do a lot to own this, and keep putting up the content regularly, Okay this was our page I don’t know, a few day ago, 1700 hour up to 2100 so a lot of things that you can do here, and again we had another problem with the last page they got taken down or brought the, we had videos that had 30,000 views on them, so this is tens of thousands of people looking at our content, and then deciding to become clients because they do, and again I had a graphics person on Fiverr do this title this heading appear, super cheap, super easy to get done, and I cannot tell you the value of YouTube, because if you really get to know it and there’s something else called get more views, that’s a service that I follow the sky and I just learned a bunch of stuff from in, today that I’m going to start applying, so you really put some due diligence and owning YouTube you could do it pretty quick, and that could net you a lot of business, so there are also lot of ways to get customers, but talk with your inner circle of friends first. You know your past clients, your family, your friends, local newspaper and community papers, community papers like you know the little paper you get just in your neighbourhood, that stuff is invaluable, Craigslist, Facebook ads, Pay-per click all of the stuff are ways you can advertise credit repair fairly cheap, pay-per click and Facebook are very controllable budgets, um I’m not sure if Facebook permits credit repair not, look at their advertising guidelines they use to, I used to advertise our free credit repair kit on Facebook and get it a ton of opt in, and affiliates is the number one source of getting customers for the credit repair industries, so make sure you target people that are, you know car dealerships in mortgage brokers and people that need their customers credit fix to offer them what they offer those are huge, networking events seminars, hosting your own radio shows, speaking at churches all of these are ways to get customers, I’m not going to in depth into this because again, I already gave you the page where you can get several training videos just on the marketing, so let’s talk about CROA the Credit Repair Organizations Act, you have to know the small named CROA you’ll need to have a contract signed certain disclosures. CROA is the Credit Repair Organizations Act it regulates credit repair companies, it says what you can and cannot do, see you have to know these because if you don’t know it, you could have some major problems the Federal Trade Commission what you don’t want, so for example one of those requirements that you act a certain contract signed with disclosures, you going to have 3 cancellations notices sign, you can’t charge upfront per CROA, you can’t advertise across state lines unless your license to do so, Okay and more you got to know CROA there some core restrictions in CROA that you need to know about, just so you know I’m not trying to sell you on business credit, but this is why so many of our clients are credit repair companies, they come into us to sell business credit, because business credit you can charge upfront you can market across state lines so what they’ll do is they’ll advertise business credit, okay and then they can advertise in every state and then when the customers calls in, they sell in business credit financing, they also ask if they need credit repair, it’s a good way to be able to combine cross sell an offer multiple services, okay not to mention that a lot of our customers well basically raised the price and charged to them to the business credit even give them the credit repair for free, they don’t have to actually be charging upfront, so there’s a lot of ways to incorporate business credit, credit repair together where you can get pass some of these hurdles, then you need to know CROA, because there’s restrictions, there are at least absolutely have to abide by, setting your price, okay according to CROA you can’t charge upfront, you can charge an initial consult fee, okay many people in the credit repair dispute charges a $100 to $199 a month they’ll charges $99 to $500 consult fee, then I charge $100 to $199 a month, um again, you know they charge initially for the consult which was done, and then they charge, you know in arrears for the monthly, so they’re not charging upfront, and paper deletion is also become super popular, with paper deletion you’re basically charging in 10 to 50 bucks per item you get deleted from the actual credit report, so how to dispute when, well the backbone of credit repair is the dispute process, in the beginning to save some money you might try to dispute yourself, using no software, okay but going to be very time consuming, really consider using a good software company, and there’s a lot of them out there so if you go to that, you know creditrepair I’ll get you to one that I, you know somebody that’s helped thousands of people it’s really reputable been around a long time, but they all charge somewhere between 150 300 bucks a month um, it’ll save you time to time in the beginning I started our credit repair business with those software I never forget going to my processors home because that time it was a home based business and seeing her on her floor with papers thrown out everywhere and she told me she was in the middle of the dispute, it was crazy it took a minute to dispute, once we started using software then we cut that down to 5 minutes to disputes so save you a ton of time, and when you get the doors cheap as a 150 bucks is definitely worth trying, um you must be able to handle large volumes of customers to find success of credit repair large bold red that means highly important, credit repair all by handling the volume of customers you need system, you need automation, you need software, because you have to handle hundreds and hundreds of files at any given time, to really make good money with credit repairs such as important to know, remember all the disputes come down is to, is the account accurate remember we talked about that, 80 to 90% of the accounts that you disputes, don’t meet this criteria, they’re not accurate, that’s how you get them deleted, so get a good grasp on the Fair Credit Repair reporting Act, before you start disputing, the more you understand other consumers laws the better success you have, we’ve been used to charge more money, for people where we went direct to the creditors, so we used to charge $99 a month if you dispute to the credit bureaus, if you want to go to the creditors, and the credit bureaus and we were charge $199 a months, so you need all these other consumer laws I’m going to teach you, because these are important for advanced disputing, okay one is called FACTA, FACTA is another government regulation that helps improves and protect consumer credit report data um it helps you fix and prevent identity theft, it gives you the ability to have fraud alert put on the actual customers credit report on end FACTA is what gives you the legal guideline to actually dispute direct the creditor, okay so that’s very important law the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, another very important law you should know, hours for phone contact it regulates, failure to cease communication upon request, these are all restrictions per the FDCPA, causing the telephone to ring or engaging any person repetitively, auto diallers per say, communications with consumers at their place of employment, contact by embarrassing media, reporting false information on the consumers credit report, all the stuff is illegal per Fair Debt Collection Practices Acts so there’s a lot you can get out of this law. Communicating with the customer after request for validation has been made, misrepresentation or deceit, publishing the consumers name or address, seeking unjustified amount, threatening arrest for legal action, when they don’t plan on backing it up it’s illegal you know how many collection companies do that they call you and tell you they’re going to sue, okay that’s laughable because unless they have a history of doing so they can even make that threat according to FDCPA, abusive or profane language communication on third party, all of this stuff is restricted it’s prevented with the FDCPA, so knowing this things will help you actually when disputes because if the creditors violates those things you can easily go to the creditor and go look, you’re breaking this parts of the FDCPA were about to file a Federal Trade Commission complaint, before we do just delete the item of the credit report and we won’t move forward, so you can use us stuff as leverage to help you get these items deleted. The Fair Credit Billing Act, allows the consumer to dispute billing errors by sending a written notice of the dispute to the creditor, to trigger dispute under the Act, a person has the sender in writing a basically request for a billing inquiries. Now what this does is this, basically assess this, if I go to a credit card company, and I say hey man, you’ve say I owe you 10 grand, I don’t think I owe you 10 grand why don’t you, I don’t know go ahead and give me every single statement throughout the lifetime on my account, they have to do that, the law says they have to give you every single statement to the life of the account, so when you use the slow what happens is, you overwhelm them with the request that will take them resources and money to comply with, and if you give the option of look if you don’t want to do this just delete the item of my credit report, you’ll see a lot of creditors will just delete the item from their report versus sending you something I could cost them with hours and postage 10-20 bucks to be able to do. In a lot of cases it’s not worth it they’ll just delete the item versus doing this, this fair billing act as one you should really know well, because again getting them to comply and a member the Fair Credit Reporting Act everything asked must be a 100% verifiable, so if you ask him to verify your entire billing history they have to do so, by law, so now they have to do it or the item has to be deleted for the credit report, so you going to send me 4 years of monthly statement so I can look at them, or you going to delete item, I don’t care which, when you start doing these kind of advanced dispute, you start getting serious, serious results. The truth in Lending Act, Credit Repair Organization Act, the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act RESPA, and many more, these are all consumer laws that require creditors to do certain things, and if the creditor doesn’t do those things, then again you could file a lawsuit or you could use that as leverage to have the item deleted, so for example with RESPA don’t ask me with this letter except no idea where it is, I’ve mentioned this on webinar I still years later and get request for it, we had a 16 pages dispute letter, for a mortgage they required here’s RESPA says we can get all of this documentation, send it all, a basically request that they send every bit of original loan paperwork, to the actual consumer, and they have to do it, RESPA says its law you have to this upon request, so the problem is again if you go to them with the 16 pages dispute letters they delete the item, or give me all this documentation as you required to buy the real estate settlement procedure act, in a lot of cases they’re more inclined to just delete the item and go through, the cost of big bring somebody on their team to get all that data, plus they might not even have that data and if they don’t have that data then all the sudden a potential lawsuit is at stake, so in a lot of cases they’ve so much more to lose by not giving it to you, then giving it to you, so they’ll usually um just delete the item. The e-OSCAR and OCR never dispute anything online, okay because e-OSCAR and OCR are the credit bureaus computers and if you dispute online, your dispute such as go right into their computers, and you really at in disadvantages. The others in dispute tactics to get around these computers to trick the bureaus up with a items have to be manually looked at which will get you the best deletion instead of the computer doing it different colored fonts, handwritten letters, switching languages in the middle of letters, writing letters with crayon, yeah I’m serious we used to do that, okay thicker stock paper, these type of things trip up this computers then will get you better results. Okay if your dispute do go through those computers the entire letters just basically broken down into a reason code, no matter what you put in the letter, then the reason is sent to the creditor automatically through e-OSCAR, and in one click the creditor could verify accuracy on every account they got that day, you want to try to avoid these computers, because a mail dispute will get you better results. So The Dispute Process Outlined want to choose a reason for your dispute, write a letter to credit reporting agencies, you can easily write one from scratch or search online for letters, or there’s one in that kit that I told you about, get back your results, dispute again for another reason really that is the process as simple as possible, on top of using the other consumer law to go directly to the creditor at the same time, and continue this process and definitely till they verified the all those points of information or accurate use the other consumer laws to insure creditors verified the data they have to, use their violations as leverage to get these items deleted or removed, remember nobody is required to report anything on a credit report. Sometime collection commerce will say so I can’t delete something from a credit report, yes you can, the law doesn’t say it has to be on there, you have every right to take it off, you’re the one who chose to put it on, so keep that in mind. Okay and also don’t forget about business credit in a business credit can be built independent of personal credit, so I don’t care if you have a 350 credit score, we can still get people $10,000 Dell accounts in 90 days using business credit so this could be really valuable as a secondary service that you sell, okay so you can actually help customers with both you can help them fix their negative credit, while building a whole business credit profile for the EIN, okay and this is really nice secondary service money I mean our clients average about 2 grant, per business credit sales, so you add that on top what you make it on the credit repair side, there’s a lot you can get out of it, so I hope you enjoyed this, my whole goals that you got at least a lot of good valuable content out of this today, again don’t forget your free resources all you have to do is just go through their that’ll take you to a landing page with all the resources I mention and you get an email of them also, and if you have any question [email protected] 877-600-2487, I know how valuable your time is, hopefully we made the most of it, I got you a lot of good content today, I hate to run I wish I could answer questions, if you have questions give us a call send us an email and literally have a minute another show starting, so I got to move. So again you know check out our YouTube channel also there’s a lot of free information on there about credit repair starting credit repair business marketing advertising business credit, and um if there’s anything we can ever do for you on business credit side let us know, okay you got a lot of good value out of this webinar, and again I want to thank you very, very much for taking the time to attend. Thanks everybody good luck in your credit repair businesses.

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