How to Start a Nutrition Business Part II (My Top 5 Tips of Advice)

I also wanted to give you guys advice. When
i’m getting all these emails it’s usually like I want to hear about your journey and
how you got to where you are and what tips and advice do you have for me as i want to
start my own nutrition business or as i want to explore non-traditional dietitian careers.
So i came up of a list of five tips for starting your nutrition business. The first tip is
to network. I know we dietitians throw out the word network every two seconds but it
really is effective. I promise you it is. One of the greatest benefits of working at
Chobani is that I met so many people and made so many connections and built really strong
relationships with colleagues so when the time came to look for other opportunities
i had a lot of other people in my corner and a lot of people I could reach out to. Networking
is also a great way to get clients. I have a number of clients who i had networked with
first and then built relationships with and going up to and introducing myself at conferences
like FNCE. Another one of my clients I met at a food festival in Boston and went up and
introduced myself and told them what I did. Networking is so invaluable put yourself out
there, be authentic, be who you are, and you never know where that will take you. My second
tip, speaking of getting your name out there, is to actually get your name out there! There
are so many different ways to get your name out there. We are so lucky to have all of
these social media platforms at our fingertips. So make sure you’re on them. Make sure that
you have a website. Make sure you’re marketing yourself and your brand. That you are on twitter,
Facebook, pinterest, and instagram and that other platforms that make sense for you and
your audience. Just get your name out there. I will say that it took a long time for me.
A relatively long time in my eyes to get my name out there as The Foodie Dietitian. And
let people realize i’m no longer the Chobani girl, i’m my own brand. So make sure you dedicate
time to getting your name out there on several different online platforms. Before you worry
about getting your name out there, my third tip is to spend time developing your brand
and finding your niche. This is really really important. We’ve all heard the saying if you’re
talking to everyone, you’re talking to no one. Really take the time to figure out what
your passions are. What it is you want to do. What does your target audience look like.
Take time to really get to know your target audience. What makes them tick, what are the
demographics, so that you can really focus in on your branding and appeal to your target
audience. If you’re like I don’t even know where to start. I don’t really know what i’m
interested in. I dont know what my brand should be. I have a couple suggestions of some resources
for you that I found really helpful when I was first starting out. The first is the book
by called Body of Work finding the thread that ties your story together by Pamela Slim.
Slim is a world renowned career coach. This is more or less a work book for you to figure
out what it is you want to do and how to build your brand and build your business. Extremely
helpful if you’re first starting out and really not sure where to start. Second book that
I love is The Desire Map by Danielle O’port it’s a little more fluffy then Body of Work
but really impactful. So This is a great book again if you’re trying to figure out what
are your goals of your business. The premise of this book is that typically when we set
goals we set goals and then expect to feel a certain way after we achieve them but we’ve
kind of got it backwards. In this book Danielle encourages you to first figure out how you
want to feel in your life and identify what she calls are your core desired feelings.
So how you want to feel in your life and once you define your core desired feelings then
you go on to create goals based on how you want to feel. It’s a great read. Last by not
least this is a book by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics written by two dietitians it’s
called Making Nutrition your Business Private Practice and Beyond. This is great for when
you’ve gotten to the point where you’ve figured it out, you definitely want to start your
business all the nitty gritty, how to market, how to define your brand, what kind of business
structure you should set up, do you need an LLC. or escorp make more sense for you. It
will help you answer those types of questions. It will help you answer how much to charge
clients, what your hourly rate should be, how to calculate that. So definitely some
valuable information in here. My next type is to invest in a strong web presence. Websites
today are so important. I don’t think anyone signs up for services before first looking
at their websites and vet people. It’s just how we vet people today and if you yourself
were looking for a restaurant to eat out at or a massage therapist to see and you googled
them and they didn’t have a website you’d like are these people legit? That’s what they’re
going to say about you too! If you’re trying to get private practice clients or corporate
clients and you don’t have a website people aren’t going to think you’re legit. So first
and foremost when you are starting your business I think you should get that website up. Now
if you’re working on a budget and you can’t invest in a lot of dollars in a website you
don’t have to worry, they’re are tons of great platforms out there that are really easy that
have ready to go templates you can use on your own website and blog. When i first started
my blog I just used a wordpress template and did it all by myself and didn’t have any help.
This past time around when I redesigned I did elicit the help of a friend who helped
me to design the website. Again, it’s do able either way. Just make sure you invest the
time in creating that and designing that web presence for yourself that aligns with your
brand and what your goals are. My next tip is an important one and it is to form a support
group and join a master mind group. Becoming an entrepreneur can get pretty lonely. I’m
not gonna lie i’m just going to put it out there. When I first started my business I
didn’t have a support group in place. I didn’t have a master mind group in place and I was
miserable. I’m not kidding, i was starting out I wanted to throw in the towel every day,
I wasn’t getting clients. Ihad no one to talk to, no one who was in my shoes to get feedback
from and normalize that how I was feeling was how we all feel at one point or another.
It was really tough. It wasn’t until I started forming these support groups with like minded
enterpreneaurers that my business took off. That is when my business took off. When i
started having these support networks in place. So my advice to you is don’t wait as long
as I did to get into a support network and a mastermind group. Have that set up right
from the beginning when you start your business and you’ll be so glad you did. If you are
a dietitian and member of the academy of nutrition and dietetics i’m on the nutrition entrepreneaurs
dietetic practice group executive committee and NEis a great tool and resources for dietitians
who are just starting out with this. The list serve are really active when Iwas first starting
my business I would go on and ask questions to the members all the time. They also have
a mentor service that helps you to actually form master mind groups that kind of takes
some of the work out for you and helps pair you up with other dietitians who are looking
to join master mind groups as well. And I lied Ihave one more bonus tips for you. Tip
number six is don’t give up! I realize i sound kind of preachy and sort of like your mom
right now but like I said there were so many times where I almost threw in the towel and
give up and i’m so glad i didn’t. IT does pay off. All of that hard work will pay off
but it usually does take time and if you’re like me you’re probably not a patient person.
You want things to be done like tomorrow or yesterday. That’s hard when you’re starting
a business to cultivate that patience and be mindful and know that good things will
come if you put in the hard work. Make sure to set intentions, put out what you want from
your business to the universe and eventually it will all start to come around and come
full circle and you’ll be more busy then you ever thought you could be which is where I’m
at right now. So you will get to that place if you want to get to that place and you are
determined and you’re hardworking, you will get there. Just keep up that persistence and
keep up that passion and reach out for support to find your niche to find your brand to build
your website and you’ll go far and be amazing. I am totally here for you on the way so if
you have any other specific questions that i might not have answered in this video please
don’t hesitate to email me or leave a comment in the comment section below or head on over
to my blog and leave a comment. Ill be more than happy to give you further advice in any
way that I can. Thank you for tuning in and listening. I wish you all so much success
on your journey to start your own nutrition business. Sending big hugs and positive vibes
your way. Go get em!

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8 thoughts on “How to Start a Nutrition Business Part II (My Top 5 Tips of Advice)

  1. Hi Kara,
    I wonder if the support group you are talking about is still accepting members? I live in the Boston area and would love to learn more about joining a group like it. Thanks!

  2. I've been scouring YouTube for a video like this. I'm elbow-deep in my masters program for Nutrition & Integrative Health, set to sit for my exam at the end of 2017 to be a Certified Nutrition Specialist.

    I'm definitely having a hard time conceptualizing my target audience. I'm part of the nutrition blogging community (long-time reader, new blogger), and love the inspired & strong women I encounter. I'd love to appeal to this community, but I am also drawn to those who may have never had access to any nutrition education. Can I have more than one target?

    Some peers in my program have already started their entrepreneurship by working as health coaches while biding their time until they become licensed. Did you lay any groundwork for your private practice before getting your RD?

    Thanks so much for the advice! I can't wait to find a support group 🙂


  3. Hi Kara, thank you so much for posting your videos. I watched both parts, and the information you provided are awesome. I'm currently thinking very strongly about leaving my current job to pursue a holistic nutrition career. I am a food service manager pursing my master's in holistic nutrition. The thing is, I am in the process of buying my first home and leaving a secured job, that I am grateful for but don't love, scares me. I do find that people usually come up to me and ask for nutrition advice based on how I live my life. Do you think it's a great starting point to help people for free to help get my name out there are just start charging fees from the very beginning? Thank you for your book suggestions. I am definitely going to purchase Making Nutrition your Business.

  4. Thank you so much for your videos Kara. They are very informative. I'm registering for my MS in Nutrition next year and I want to be a food blogger as I am a huge lover of food and always speak to my friends and family about balance. I have a BS in Business Administration and I've always wanted to start my own business, but could never figure out my passion until now. That is why I'm going back to get my MS in Nutrition and want to start my own Nutrition business. What advice can you give me regarding starting my own blog?

  5. Just watched this Kara and thank you so much! This was so inspiring and you are such a fantastic role model for us aspiring RDs : ) Still struggling to find my niche, so will def be checking out those books you recommended.

  6. Thank you so much for this video! I’m currently a member of NEDPG but have yet to start my private practice. I’m definitely keeping my membership and hopefully be more active within the group while starting to develop my business. Again, thank you. This video is just what I needed!

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