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26 thoughts on “How To Start A Small Business That Makes Money

  1. I totally did this. It's a good idea. AND after that, be consistent people! Stick around because sometimes it's a marketing knowledge gap.

  2. My problem is phase 2. Your right about make money first. So many ppl just blow money and get no customers. My problem is I'm in the service industry so it's me doing every job. Maybe with 1 or 2 other ppl but I'm going to every job. Been at it 6 years and can't seem to grow it past just owning a job.

  3. Kris, I'm about to get my RE license and my goal is to become an investor. When do I create the investment business to buy houses? I plan on using the equity out of the first house I buy to buy the house.

  4. you really simplify the process and make the maddness of business make sense.!! thankyou
    how do i create a testing system for a business idea??

  5. Hi sir I have a question not related to video but pls answer what if the tenant leave the house then we have to pay the mortgage from our pocket so isn't that bad ? Also should the mortgages be very long for 30 years or short like 15 years for rental properties…..I'm 20 years old will contact u soon when I'm ready thx for help

  6. hi Kris what would you say to someone (that someone is me) who is afraid to take the next step. lets say i did the 30 day test and i can clone myself. then i say to myself "oh SH*T this can actually work. but now i'm afraid to take on that responsibility and move forward so you shut down and do nothing instead. what would you say to a person like me.

  7. if starting and ground work business from home is it better to do a survey with pictures of your project before going any further?

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