How To Start A Small Online Business (MAKE MONEY FAST)

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In today’s video, I’m going to be sharing with you the things you need to know in order
for you to build a successful online business. So if you’re thinking about starting a consulting
business, coaching, freelancing, this applies to you. And this is exactly how I started. Angie:
So if you stick to the end, you will know exactly what you need to do to stand out from
the competition and just get started regardless if you have zero followers, or even 500 followers. These are things that you can easily take
action on right away. Angie:
So the first thing you need to consider is the skills that you can bring to the table
in order to help solve a problem for someone else. Now, sometimes we can be our worst enemies,
and feel like we really have no skills, no talents at all. I was actually one of those people. When I took the time to make a list of the
things that I’ve mastered, and the things that I’ve accomplished, I have a double bachelors
in marketing and finance, I’ve made thousands with affiliate marketing. I’ve successfully built a private labeling
business on Amazon, which sold out within the first two months of me launching it. I’ve managed to move all the way across the
country from Miami to LA to pursue my dreams of entrepreneurship and acting. I’ve learned how to budget and the list goes
on. The reality is that there’s something that
you’ve already experienced in your life that maybe you can help others. Angie:
Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a degree, or you need to go to school
for something. So I would say, get a paper and pencil, and
write down everything that you’ve struggled with in your life, and that you feel like
you’ve overcome. So if you mastered how to write a novel, cook,
I mean, anything that you can think of, write that down. I would also tell you that, maybe you should
also ask family and friends to see what they think that you’ve mastered, because it’s going
to give you way more options. Maybe do a little Q&A session with them, and
ask them very specific questions. Angie:
Lucky for you, I created a freebie so that way you can get a headstart on your research,
and things that you can ask your family and friends. The link is in the description below. I also created a video on how to become an
expert in your niche. You can watch that after this video. Angie:
Now, I don’t know if you know this, but the knowledge business is a 129 billion dollar
business, which means that people are literally cashing in teaching people a certain skill,
or overcoming a certain problem. So that’s why I’m telling you, really take
your time with this because you can seriously make a lot of money already using the tools
and the things that you already know. Angie:
So the next thing you have to do is market research. Now, what I mean by that is, really thinking
about who it is that you want to target? Where do they hang out online? What problems do they have? How can you help solve that problem? How old are they? What do they like to do? These are things that are going to help you
really build a good structure for your business. Angie:
Now, one of the main reasons why people fail is because they fail to do this part, and
this is the most crucial part. They just assume that there’s something on
demand, they don’t do any research, launch this product that maybe no one really needs
or is interested in, unfortunately, at that very time, and then they get no traction. Angie:
Now, one of the things that you can do in order to start your market research, is to
survey the audience you already have. This includes, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter,
etcetera. You can create your survey on Survey Monkey,
or on Google Forms. These are the two ways that I tell my clients
to do it. Now, your survey should contain at least 10
open ended questions. The last thing you want is for someone to
reply with just a yes or no. Angie:
The whole reason for the survey is for you to really get to know your audience. See what kind of language they use. What exactly are they struggling with? How do they feel today? Why do they feel like this particular problem
is stopping them from moving forward or accomplishing something? As you create your survey, really think about
the skills and the expertise that you already have, and also try and implement that in there. Angie:
So for example, if you’ve successfully lost weight, you can literally ask them, “Hey,
would you be interested in hiring a coach to help you lose weight?” And see what they say. Something else that you can do for your market
research is start following people within the niche that you’re interested in building
a business around. See what kind of videos they create on YouTube
for example. You can follow them on Instagram, Twitter,
and really see what kind of content they create, what people are saying. Is there a common problem that you see someone
repeatedly asking about that maybe you have the solution for? Angie:
So one thing that I did in particular was go to, and joined local groups
around my area that pertained to the niche that I wanted to build a business around. So not only am I networking with them, but
I’m also building relationships, and really getting to have deeper conversations about
the issues that they’re having. And it gives me a better idea on how I can
help serve them. Now, there’s so many other ways that you can
do this, but the whole point is to really be creative and think outside the box. It’s never been easier to build a business
and connect with people from all over the world. Angie:
Now, I also made a video specifically about your niche and your target audience. I’ll add that link here and in the description
below as well. So that is another resource that you can use
to get your stuff done. Angie:
So now that you’ve made a list of the skills that you’ve already mastered, you’ve done
your market research, the next thing that you have to do is think about how you’re going
to stand out from the competition, AKA personal branding. As a personal branding and business coach,
it is my duty to tell you that in order to stand out from the competition, you have to
be yourself. Now, I know that it’s easier said than done. Now, in order for you to do this, you have
to overcome the fear of being judged and what other people think. Angie:
Let me just make it a little bit easier for you. I figure if I make a fool out of myself, it’ll
make you feel better about yourself. Cue the music. Angie:
Now, who am I for example? I love to dance, I love to act, I love to
entertain, but I also love to serve and help others. The reason why I did it is because I want
you to feel more comfortable in your own skin, putting yourself out there, you being yourself,
you being authentic. At the end of the day, what makes you unique
is the way that you are, your personality, personal brand. You get what I’m saying? Angie:
Now, personal branding is also about what you value, what your beliefs are, your experiences. It’ll be easier for you to attract the ideal
customer, or the ideal client that’s going to love you for you. What people really buy into is who you are
as a person, and your lie. So really think about the elements that make
you unique, and put that out there for everyone else to see. That is the secret sauce to success. Angie:
Now, if you want to know more about personal branding, I did a video specifically about
that. I will add that link also in the description
below for you. Angie:
So now that you have all these other elements that I’ve spoken about packed down, now you
have to consider creating content so that way you can build authority within your niche. What I mean is that you have to walk the walk
and talk the talk. You have to show people that you know what
you’re talking about by giving them tips and tricks. So if you’re all about help, provide people
with valuable information regarding that topic. Angie:
Nowadays, we live in a world where skepticism exists. A lot of people are getting scammed, and quite
honestly, people just want to feel comfortable, and trust that the purchase that they did
was the right one. Now, in order for you to put them at ease
is by showing them that you know what you’re talking about, and that you’re not just putting
health coach on your Instagram bio, but not backing up that title. Angie:
Now, if you’re having trouble coming up with what tips or tricks to put out there, just
go back to your survey. Go back to all the market research that you
did, extract what you see that people are struggling with, and create content around
that. At the end of the day, you are the expert
within that niche, right. So this is how you can present and show people
your super power or talents. Just really focus on nurturing them and giving
them exactly what they need Angie:
So if you want to know more about building a show stopping personal brand you love, then
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