How To Start A Successful Online Business As A Coach

– (speaking foreign
language) This is Max Berger, and in this video, we’ll be talking about how to start an online business. More specifically, how to
start an online business as a coach, consultant,
or service provider. And as you can see, this
is a very casual video. This is not some,
highly-polished, lambo-driving, cool, fancy, quick-cut,
epic music, kind of stuff that you might see on the internet. No, we’re actually
literally just chilling here having some time off,
and I wanted to give you a step-by-step guide that is real, that is honest and that is transparent on how to make money online,
and how to start everything. So you can be very excited about that. Over the last couple years, I myself have been working as a coach. First in the dating advice branch, later on in the business advice branch, made several million dollars as a coach, and I’ve also taught my clients how to go for four to
five figures a month. Some of those clients are now
happily being their own boss. They enjoy their own freedom business being coaches, consultants,
or service providers. So this is very, very important for you. Now, this is gonna be a
little bit of a longer video, because I want to go into detail here, and really teach you
the steps to get there. So, lets get started. Have you ever wondered whether there is more to life than a
boring, dead-end, 9 to 5 job? Have you ever dreamed about breaking free, you know, traveling the
world, making good money, and just enjoying life? My name is Max Berger, and I have attained that freedom. No more office dress code. No morning commute. No boss. This channel is for you. Now, first and foremost, you
might be asking yourself, well, why did you mention coaching, consulting, service providing? What if I want to sell a product? Absolutely nothing wrong with that, but I know out of my own experience, starting a business by selling a product, a physical product,
but also info products, is very, very difficult because usually you have to create the product first, it takes you a lot of
time, you have to put in a lotta effort, you can’t
validate the product until you sell it. You don’t know if people are end up, end up buying it and most of the time, it also costs you a lot
especially for physical products. You’re sitting on a lot of costs before you even make your first buck. So there’s a lotta risk
involved and you have to, again, invest a lot of money beforehand. With coaching, consulting,
service providing, all you do is you’re
selling your own expertise. So you’re not sitting on any costs, it’s very, very low risk, and
even later on when you scale, you don’t have a lot of costs. And, by the way, I’ll talk
about this in a second, what if I don’t have an expertise? We’ll talk about this in a second. But again, remember so far that product is not a good
way to start a business, especially if you’re not
fully experienced at it yet. Way easier is going for coaching, consulting, or service providing. Now also, next misconception here is you need to have a big brand. Now, I know you might
watch this channel here. We might have what? 15, 16 thousand subscribers now? You might know me from Instagram where we have several
thousand followers, et cetera. You don’t need a big brand
at all. In fact, again, most of my clients are completely unknown. Nobody knows them, yet they make four to five figures a month. They can do that, because they
know a couple things well. Those things that I’m telling you here. So, don’t worry if you
don’t have a big brand. You don’t need a big brand at all. Later on, you can always
start building a brand once you’re ready, starting to make money, once you’re ready serving your clients, once you’re ready scaling. But for starting, you do
not need a big brand at all. So, in order to start a business, you first have to understand
the language of money. And, you know, no you don’t
have to learn finance. You don’t have to be this absolute pro and understanding business
models whatsoever. Let’s keep it simple
here, all you have to know is the following. Write that down: Money follows value, okay,
this is another misconception. Many people think, oh, but
if I do an online business, it’s all a scam, and it’s
all weird, and la-dee-da. No, no, no, very, very simple. Money follows value. If you’re able to give
value to certain people, in your target audience,
with your expertise, they will happily give
you value, all right? It is impossible to build a
long-living sustainable business on the basis of scamming
people and tricking them. It’s not possible, you
may make a quick buck every now and then, but
at the end of the day, you can’t build a scalable business, okay? Yeah, there has been
things like Bitconnect. Those guys made a couple
million but at the same time, what is a couple million over a lifetime? Over thirty, forty, fifty years, when you want to support a family, you want to support a
certain lifestyle, right? You have to understand
that money follows value. You have to sell something of
value in order to get money. Understand that, right? So how easy it really to start making money as a coach,
consultant, or service provider? Well, first and foremost, you
don’t need a degree, okay. This is something that
many central Europeans talk a lot about, you know, Germans, Austrians, Swiss people there. Oh, but I need a degree, I need a degree. I need a black and white degree that says that I went to a college, and that I sat in a classroom
for a couple of years in order to have this degree now. At the end of the day,
again most of my clients don’t have a degree at all. There’s some clients that have a degree, and obviously they learned
to monetize that, but a way, way better than they would’ve ever made in the traditional sense. But most of my clients
don’t have a degree at all. I, myself, don’t have a business degree, yet I made a couple million. I, myself, never had a degree
in psychology whatsoever, but that didn’t keep me
from teaching dating advice and giving real value to my clients. Here’s the thing, the average client doesn’t give a about your degree. The average client wants
to see what’s in it for me. Okay, when somebody comes to you with a certain problem, they
want that problem fixed. All they want to know is, can
you fix my problem, yes or no? A degree is something
that we falsely assume is necessary so people
believe that we can help them. Not at all. If you’re able to give expertise and really help somebody, give
real value, you’ll get money. With or without a degree, doesn’t matter. And again, you don’t need
to go to business school to understand business, you
don’t need to study finance to understand the language of money. All you have to do, pay
attention to the next sentence that I’m about to tell you. All you have to do is
being one to two steps ahead of the average person. Be one to two steps ahead
of your target audience. Ideally three steps, four
steps, five steps, right? But you get it. All you have to do is be a little better than the average person
that you could teach. You don’t need to be a
five-times gold medal winner in Olympic weightlifting
in order to teach someone proper technique on lifting and becoming more healthy
with their nutrition, right? You don’t have to be a
certified nutritionist in order to help people
how to eat healthier. If you have your own expertise about that, and your own experience,
you’re good to go. So, what is the first step then to start building your own business? The first step is now
that you know the basics is the following, number one. Find your strengths. And this is crazy, because again, we always come into this idea
about building a business with the notion of, oh but
I have to be a pro at that. I have to be a professional,
I have to have years and years of experience with that. That’s not true. Again, one to two steps
ahead of the average person. Many times, all of us, everybody, you watching this video right now, we’ve been through
challenges in our lives. You know, maybe you’ve
overcome a difficult divorce. Maybe, your parents have gotten divorced, and you’ve coped with that. Maybe you’ve overcame a disease. Maybe you’ve dealed with trauma. Maybe you’ve learned how
to find your dream partner. Maybe you’ve lost weight. Maybe you’ve built great muscle. Maybe you’ve built a funnel. Maybe you’ve learned
how to do photography. Maybe you’ve learned
how to build websites. There’s so many smaller skills that we pick up throughout our lives. So many challenges that we’re
literally forced to go through throughout our lives that
there’s so much money in that. Because if you’ve gone
through a difficult divorce, if you’ve lost weight even though you were very, very unhealthy, then there’s always someone else who’s going through
that struggle right now who would be dying to get your help, who would be more than
happy to give you money to be helped by you. So you have to understand it, you don’t need to be certified whatsoever. All you have to do is understand it. What are some challenges that
I’ve overcome in my own life? And is there someone who might be facing that exact challenge right
now that I could help with? Right, it really is that simple. Now, again, you can do that
in a professional way too. You can have someone
assess your strengths. This is something that we do
in free consultation calls. We literally have clients
who didn’t even know what they wanted to do before, but we assessed their strengths, and now they’re coaching,
giving real value to their clients, making good money. It’s very, very interesting. Again, all you have to understand is, what are the challenges
that you’ve overcome, what are your personal strengths? And then from there
you take the next step. You switch your attention
from you to other people. So, finding your strengths leads to finding your target audience. So now that you kind
of know what challenges you’ve overcome, what
are you pretty good at, where can you give some value, understand this, who can
I give that value to? What is my target audience? Let’s say for example, over the last couple of years
you’ve learned how to overcome your own video game addiction. You know, you’ve been playing
a lot of World of Warcraft and then you’ve overcome that, and maybe you’ve helped a
friend get out of that, as well. Now you can say, okay,
well what kind of people can I help do exactly the same? And then you kind of dig a little deeper, you do some research on Facebook groups, on forums, et cetera, and you can see, okay there’s a pattern. Usually it’s, you know,
young man in their twenties, in their mid-twenties who are struggling with video game addiction. I can definitely help them. So now you can kind of pinpoint down, what is the person that needs
my help usually, on average? From there, you can create something that we call a client avatar. Client avatar is basically the average person that you can help. The average person that is
dealing with that problem that you can help them fix. And then what you do then, is you get to know your target audience. You get to know how they speak,
what kind of exact struggles they’re facing on a daily basis, what keeps them up at night, right? How will they try to deal with that, and what are the challenges
that they’re facing when trying to deal with that problem? So you get to know your target audience. Then the next step from
there is fix their problem. That’s another big misconception.
People always think about, oh, I have to fix all
kinds of problems for them. I have to fix so many problems. I have to be an absolute
expert in all these things, because then I can help more people. But here’s the truth. If you can help many, you
usually can’t help anyone really. So really focus on one big problem in your target audience that
you can then help fix, okay? So again, their problem is
they want to play all the time, and they can’t get away from it. Again, to stay with that example of the target audience being
addicted to video games, right? They can’t stop playing video games, because they’re too addicted to it, right? You fix that one problem,
you’re not gonna help them fix their video game addiction, and build a great social life,
and find their dream partner, and then also stay healthy, no, no, no. You’re gonna fix that one problem, how to get away from video
games and get a real life. Simple, done, okay? And then ask yourself, how can you fix that problem? What are the steps that I could
help that person go through? What would be the first step? What would be the second step? What would the third step? And so on, and so forth. And then the next step
is very very simple. That is to reach out,
give value, and sell. And the crazy thing is it can
all be done online nowadays. You can literally sit at a
café like we’re doing now. You need your smartphone,
maybe your computer. It kind of makes things easier, and you reach out to these people. You reach out to your target audience. You give them some value. You can give them some value via the DMs, by posting in the group. You can give them some
value by literally jumping on a Skype call with them. Give them some value, and
tell them what you offer them. You tell them how to
bring them from point A, where they are right now,
experiencing their problem, to point B, their ideal target situation where their problem is fixed. Okay, so again, you bring them
from where they are right now having the problem, dealing
with it, trying to deal with it, to no more problem, you’re now happy. You can literally tell them, okay, this is what we’re gonna work, and I’m going to bring
you from here to here. This is what it’s gonna cost. This is what you’ll get,
(hands clapping) let’s do this. Okay, now, obviously, there’s
a little more depth to that. We don’t have time to go
through all that in detail now. But what you gotta understand is that this whole idea of selling
is not at all a big deal. Okay, people always
think, I’m not a salesman. I haven’t gone to the sales academy. Really, with sales it’s very 80:20. You need 20% of knowledge, in order to get 80% of the results. And selling is again, very, very simple. And if you are ready,
give them some value, you can already show that
you have expertise, okay. You don’t need to have a big brand. You don’t need to be
this well-known expert. All you do is you give them value so the potential client sees, hey, this person has some expertise. They can really help me. You can even give them some value first, have them implement it,
then they see this works, and then you can reach out to them again. You can follow up and say,
okay, now let’s do this. Let’s work together
over a long-term basis. These are my rates, let’s go. And it’s very, very simple. Again, you don’t need to
be a master salesperson. You will very easily
get your first, second, and third client, and by
the way, on a side note, imagine you get your
first client like that. You give that client
some really good value. What is that client gonna do? Gonna leave you a testimonial. You know, maybe they leave
you a twenty second video. After they’re done, after
you’ve fixed their problem, you say, hey, can you shoot a quick video just for my other clients telling them if you liked it or not? And then they give you a
testimonial, a written testimonial. You can screenshot that, you know, again, with their permission, right? Now, how easy is it gonna be
to get that second client? Once you already have proof that you’ve helped one person, right? Now how easy is it gonna
be to get the third client if you have two great testimonials? And so on, and so forth, and
literally by the word of mouth, you can make your first couple clients. Isn’t that great? And then later you can still think about building a brand around
that, posting free content, you know, on social media,
YouTube, Instagram, et cetera, and off you go to scaling. It really is that simple. There’s one more step that
I want to tell you here when it comes to the actual coaching, and that is a really wonderful
step so pay attention. It’s almost like a circle. Learn, coach, adjust, profit. We can literally paint
a circle here, okay? It’s very cool because again, even if you don’t have much experience or any experience at all
as a coach consultant, get your first client, get
your first test client. Charge less if you really want to. Charge less for that first client, and as you coach, you’re
learning together, okay. So you’re learning how that client responds to certain things, how that client can
execute certain things, maybe where does he need
a little bit more time? Where did he need a little less time? And so on, and so forth, and as you’re learning,
you’re already coaching. And as you’re coaching, you’re gonna adjust a couple things. You’re gonna tweak a couple things, and the great thing is,
as you’re doing that, you’re already profiting, right? To get back to the earlier example, where we talked about
building a product beforehand. Well when you build a product beforehand, you have to build everything
hoping to God that it works, hoping to God that people will
be able to execute, right? But with this module, you’re
learning, you’re coaching, you’re adjusting as you go,
you’re already making money. You’re literally getting
paid for becoming better. You’re literally getting paid
for creating testimonials that then help you to get another client. And so on, and so forth, so now
you’re already making money, how psyched are you about that? How easy is it for you
to get up in the morning, and give your first test client
or test clients some value ’cause you’re already getting paid? How easy is it for you
to be really motivated about getting better because
you’re already getting paid? You have responsibility. How amazing is that? So instead of sitting there
creating product after product, figuring things out, not getting
paid, not having clients, not getting any feedback,
you’re literally making money, giving value to people,
you see their happy faces, you see how grateful they are, because you’re fixing their problem. And all that because you
followed these simple steps on how to start a business
as a coach, consultant, and service provider,
anybody could do that. And I really hope I kinda opened your eyes now a little bit, that
you don’t need to have this fancy degree, you don’t
have to be a business expert. All you have to do is
understand what type of value you can give to whom,
and how you can do that. It’s really that simple, okay? So again, we’ve chosen this
video to be rather real, than fake cool because I just
want it to be transparent, and share you the truth on
how simple it can actually be. And, the other thing
is the following, look. You might think that you’re not ready. You might think that it’s risky. You might think that you
might not be good enough. All these things, all
these things hold you back, and I know that because
they’ve held me back for the longest time, and I
was studying at university. I was about to become a high
school professor for children in high school teaching
them Latin and English. That’s what I studied, and God beware. God knows where I would
be if I had finished that. I would probably be miserable. I’d probably not have a lot of spare time. I would not be able to travel the world as I’m doing right now. I would not be able to do
the things that I want to do. And I’m so grateful to be in this position that I can give others that value, and I’m so grateful to see my clients being able to give value to their clients, helping them fix their problem. It’s really this amazing
cycle of positivity and value, and it’s just such a
great thing, so imagine where you could be if you
had started two years ago, building your own business. Imagine where you could be
tomorrow if you start today. Imagine where you could
be a month from now, a year from now, if you started today. There’s never gonna be a
perfect time for you, okay. Things are never gonna be perfectly aligned for you to start. Things are never gonna be
quiet like it is right now. It’s always messy, it’s always weird. But that’s fine, because
fortune always favors the bold. Because only people who
really do things, who decide, I’m not gonna do things
perfectly, I’m gonna start, learn as I go, and grow through that. It’s always those people who eventually get results, all right? That is rant end. (laughing) Now if you want to get started, and you want to say hey, I
don’t want to do it alone. I want a little bit of help,
then you can actually jump on a free consultation call
with either me personally, or with an expert from my team. All you have to do is click that link down in the description below. That link brings you
to an application form, and on that application form you can book the exact date and time where
you want us to call you. That call’s entirely for free
even if it’s international. We can even analyze your
strengths, so if you don’t know yet what exactly you want to do,
we’ll analyze your strengths. We’ll help you out. If you already have a skill, where you say, I have the
skill, I can help people, but you don’t know quite
yet how to monetize it, give us a call as well, we’ll
help you out, all right. So maybe talk to you very, very soon. Thank you so much for listening. Sorry for the noise. Gee, gee, talk to you soon, bye bye. (upbeat music)

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