How to Start Affiliate Marketing in India – A Beginner’s Guide

Have you ever thought you could make money by referring people to Flipkart or Amazon? I’m Shyam from and in this video I’m going to show you How you can make money using Affiliate Marketing I don’t know if you have noticed this But if you take a look at all the E-commerce sites in India like Flipkart, Amazon or Snapdeal You’ll find a link called “Become an affiliate” or “Make Money with Us” at the end of the page For example Let’s say: You become an Affiliate for Amazon And you bring a person to their site Now if that person makes a purchase You will get a Commission When you signup as an Affiliate for Amazon You willl get an Affiliate link You need to promote this link So that you get paid when people buy from it This is How it Works A person visits your site and clicks on your Affiliate link This will take him to Amazon Once he buys the product you will get the commission The best part about this is even if that person buys some other product you will still get the commission He or she just has to make a purchase within 24 hours To do that First go to and click ‘Shop by Category’ Now, select a category which you’re most interested in This is very important because what you choose here Is going to be the topic of your website in the next step You can also take a look at the commission rates of all products by going to this link Once you’ve created your site You can go to the next step which is to To do that Go to Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Become an Affiliate” Click this button & complete the Signup process Once you’re done, you will see this page Your Amazon associate account is now ready To do that First go to Google and search for Amazon India Bestsellers Now, click the first link And select your category from the left side This will show you the top selling products in that category Now choose a product which has at least 4 star rating or higher Take a look at the features and read the user reviews to get an idea about the product If you like it! Go to the next step First, go to the wordpress site you have created Click new & post Now, start writing an article about the product you’ve chosen I’m going to write about the Best Running Shoe Make sure you’ve read all the user reviews & the product features So that you can list down its pros & cons. Next, add an image of the product Now comes the important part adding your Affiliate link To add your affiliate link First find a “Buy” button from Google images Then add it to your article Now, go to the product page on Amazon And Click “Link to this page” Right click here and copy the link address Then go to the article Click the buy button and click edit Select link to Custom URL and paste your affiliate link Also check “Open link in a new tab” Click update and click publish to post the article Now you can see that, clicking this button, allows the user to buy the product using your affiliate link So, once you’re logged in You’ll see the total earnings for the month here To see the items you’ve sold, click this link These are the products people have bought using your Affiliate link For example, here someone has purchased a Dell laptop for 17,000 rupees and Amazon has paid a commission of 5% which is Rs.894 So, this is how you make money using Affiliate Marketing Also the steps I’ve showed you now can be used on any E-commerce site you want Now to see How to Create a Website, click this box and If you want to learn How to bring traffic to your site, click here So, that’s it guys! I hope you enjoyed this video Make sure you hit the ‘like’ button & share this video with your friends Also, if you want to watch more Quick Tutorials like this one Subscribe to FastRupee

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100 thoughts on “How to Start Affiliate Marketing in India – A Beginner’s Guide

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  4. Really awesome video… I was sold out one product just now…. Please show me how to promote these links in FB and Instagram.

  5. Well done, it is easy to learn and clear explanation. Thanks brother, make more videos like this, so that we can better understand,

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  7. Hi I registered for Amazon affiliate program and through my link my relative had ordered one product on same day within 24 hrs but it was not reflecting in my reports I sent mail to Amazon but they are saying there so many reasons for this could you please guide me

  8. Hello FastRupee, thankyou for the info. But do we need to get a GST registration for Affiliate Marketing?

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