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What is going on guys my name is Anthony
Villa welcoming you back to yet another video here on the channel where today
guys I’m gonna be talking about how you can get started in affiliate marketing
with just $100 guys I’ve been getting this question a lot more specifically
how much do I really needs to get started you guys a hundred dollars is
more more than an off day started in your affiliate marketing career I’m
gonna tell you exactly how in just a minute guys we’re gonna dive into my
computer I’m gonna break down all the numbers you guys tell you exactly where
to put that hundred dollars I don’t invest it into a full your marketing but
before we do that you know guys if you’re brand new to the channel and this
is the first time you’re watching one of my videos I encourage you right now to
please subscribe for brand new videos every single day and with all that stuff
being said guys we’re gonna dive into my computer right now so I can show guys
exactly what to do with that hundred dollars all right guys we’re now on my
computer as you can see on my whiteboard start affiliate marketing with a hundred
dollars of course guys you see on the Left I have a bunch of prices and on the
right I have a big black box covering exactly what’s there and I’m just a
minute guys I’m gonna slowly pull the boxes and reveal each individual thing
explain why you need it how it’ll help you in your flight marketing business
and why I think you should get it with that being so the guys I’m not gonna
waste any more your time you pull the first thing down pull the box away
that’s the first thing you’re gonna need for just $15 is gonna be an email
autoresponder you guys again some of these prices will be like a monthly
recurring price I’ll mention it if they are monthly or if they’re sounding like
a flat rate or depending on you know some of these things are also like
yearly recurring as well I’ll explain everything but guys with an email
autoresponder but guys with an email autoresponder
it’s any month after month but the reason I put it at the top spot in tiers
guys this is probably the number one tool they’re gonna need in affiliate
marketing guys an email autoresponder is huge being able to actually build up a
big list of email addresses and potential leads and customers is
absolutely huge for any related marketing business because just think of
it this way guys think about where you are right now but then think about if
you also had a 5,000 person email list right now you had a 5,000 person email
list you either set as much email as you wanted to you can from affiliate
programs different products offers whatever you wanted to think about how
much money you’d be able to make with that 5,000 person email list guys an
email autoresponder allows you to do that a lot
to build it and then it pretty much slaughtered you to send out as much
email as you want to your list that’s where guys a ton of money is made
so many people said the money is in the list and that’s very true in pretty much
all cases guys if you’re a big email list you can market to you’re gonna be
able to make money you’re gonna be able to make sales people say all the time
like the actual ratio or a conversion ratio is usually for everyone one
customer you have on your email list that will convert to about a $1 in
monthly income yes of course it’s a rough number I’m talking to be exact for
everybody some people’s numbers will be higher some will be lower but for on
average the guys if you have a 5,000 person email list with that that ratio
structure there’s pretty much saying you should have $5,000 in monthly income
every single month just do your list with that being said the guys that’s
pretty much why it’s so important and now guys the reason I put it as
specifically 15 dollars is because that’s how much my email autoresponder
cost of a sickle I pay a little bit more than that but just because I have a
little bit of a bigger email list if you’re coming into affiliate marketing
as a complete beginner with zero people on your list
you know only 15 dollars a month for get response which is the actual email when
I always ponder I use because I personally use get respond so I have
bookmarked up there the response is pretty much the best email autoresponder
in my opinion mostly because they have an email autoresponder service and also
a landing page creator or software like that that way you can actually set up
your landing pages and your emails all in one software in one service for the
same flat price at $15 a month whereas other email autoresponder services like
Aweber and MailChimp actually cost more and give you less in
my opinion get respond just get definitely give you the most bang for
your buck that’s why I use it and if you guys actually want to sign up we get
response as well there will be a link in the description you can sign up and get
a 30 day free trial oh you have so you guys go ahead and sign up it’s like I
said it’s completely free for 30 days no credit card required on nothing all you
have to do is sign up but ever recommend you guys to go ahead and do that nobody
else can actually get started for the first month complete for free save a
little bit of money and say $15 for the first month can never hurt anybody I
have to have the guys I’m gonna move on to the next thing I want to pull the
boxes out a little bit more you guys to 13 dollars you’re gonna need a website
domain of course you guys having a custom domain and having a branded
domain having something having a website pretty much completely dedicated to you
or your brand or whatever it is that you’re doing is absolutely huge guys
it’s a place for people to connect with you
people to read your articles and does you can definitely make money from just
having to upset itself guys of course you need to fill the content please have
a few articles on there a few things about yourself maybe get a few offers
maybe on them say you have a few affiliate links some ways to make money
on the website itself I definitely commend you guys get your
own domain name in the only question about 13 dollars depending on who you go
with I usually register my domain names with
GoDaddy or Hostgator those are the two I personally use us canoes whichever one
you want it’ll be around $13 again guys none of these are gonna be exact to the
cent prices but these are on average kind of approximate prices or what you
should expect to pay when you’re looking to get these things
it’ll be about $13 for a website domain name and that should be good for the
year you’re gonna have to renew it until the next year usually okay that’s also
just for the domain I want to pull the Box down more because the next thing you
guys are gonna need of course you have your own website domain you’re gonna
need some way to host it and hosting is gonna be about ten dollars a month you
guys can definitely find it for cheaper with lower quality hosting services but
ten dollars it’s like I usually usually what you’re gonna pay for website I was
saying month-to-month again guys depending on a few factors and who you
go with of course each service is gonna be different than it cost more or cost
less one’s gonna be better than the other but it’ll be on average about ten
dollars actually host your website because of course guys you don’t want to
just have your domain name and nothing on it no website on the actual domain we
defeat the purpose to getting the domain to begin with honestly one thing though
that you guys can do if you don’t want roll on website you don’t want your own
domain you want anything that what you guys can actually do is I recommend just
starting a free website whether it’s like a Wix website maybe it’s a tumblr
maybe guys maybe even it’s just a youtube channel guys running a YouTube
channel is definitely a great way to actually get started in a flate
marketing and start generating some leads that’s something where you guys
can go if you want but without out of the way guys the next thing you guys are
gonna want is a custom email address guys this would be about five dollars a
month and the one I personally recommend using is G sweet for my custom email
addresses and stuff that’s how our personal choice but I think you guys
would like it as well that’s pretty much because if you guys use Gmail like a ton
of other people do then you really know how to use the Gmail service you know
how it works you know what the inbox looks like you know that’s that messages
you pretty much understand the entire platform when you actually get your
custom email address roogey sweet it pretty much sets you up in the in the
Gmail platform so everything looks really clean everything looks very
smooth and it just cost five dollars have your own custom email address and
also custom email inbox and be able to send messages from it and all that good
stuff as well I’d always wanted realizing that bad for something like
that especially when you look at other ones of course guys G suite is probably
gonna be the best one I don’t know if anybody can really compete with Google
on any level in pretty much anything of course that’s up for debate about
that serious but when it comes to having a custom email address and custom email
inbox I definitely menu go with them before
him with wrong guys with the custom email address it’s kind of a necessity
because when you actually have your own email autoresponder and you want to be
sending out email and mass so like tens hundreds if not thousands of people at a
time if you actually want your messages to get delivered to their inbox you’re
gonna need a your own custom email because when you just use like a normal
Gmail or normal Yahoo or like an Outlook or a hotmail email or someone like that
a lot of times they won’t even go through it’ll Shh like junk or spam or
ever but the person will actually get the email so it defeats the purpose
again you’ll be wasting your time and money at that point so you guys are
definitely gonna need a custom email address moving on the guys the next
thing number twenty dollars is gonna be a cheap beginner course another reason I
recommend get you guys get a cheap beginner course again us can like
neglect any of this information you don’t have to do this a hundred percent
but I recommend it and the reason I do is because of course guys like cheaper
intercourse isn’t gonna have like a bunch of advanced techniques but it will
give you a very solid foundation when it comes to apply your marketing and what’s
great about courses guys is because of course you guys can find all of us at
most as information on YouTube you guys can of course find a ton of stuff and
information on YouTube about our marketing well I have a ton of videos
about a flight marketing on my channel and because again I’m gonna clay marker
that makes sense but the reason I like course is because on YouTube when you’re
just kind of looking to random videos you’re gonna different channels going
different people say nobody has to say you’re kind of getting here with
information overload and you normally know who to listen to who’s right who’s
wrong and guys not to say like one person is right a lot of people can be
right would you keep those things like 780 people and the honest truth is they
could all be right what they’re saying and doing could work for them but it
might not work for you and it can be very confusing when you’re trying to do
like five or six things at once well when it comes to actually getting a
cheap beginner course it becomes it give you like a very structured layout I’m
like introduction to the end of it that by the time you actually finish the
course you went through an entire an entire structure layout and format
I went from like a to Z you need to skip around from like a – D – G – whatever
and it’s go back and forth you actually got though instead an
actual foundation a good structured layout and you actually learned a lot
through that that’s why I recommended at least at least if you are beginner guys
they read a little bit intermediate or advanced maybe you guys can do a little
something different well that’s my personal recommendation after chapter
guys the lowest the money at $37 is this aiming left over for add other tools
other services or products you actually want to invest in but guys of course I’m
just having a little bit of money for ads just to test a few things maybe just
to get the ball rolling a little bit never hurts
and you guys might also want like another tool service or maybe just a
physical product you guys want to have when you actually want to start your
flow your marketing business it’s always nice to keep a little bit of money for
those things as well and you guys don’t even have to spend an extra I’m not
saying you should spend it you guys came and save it that way when the next month
comes and want to comes in your fund marketing career you’re ready to pay for
your email autoresponder you’re representing in your email add your
custom email address you know have to worry about it
with all that being said other guys there pretty much wraps up this video if
you enjoyed it guys definitely drop a like and guys if you really enjoyed it
then definitely subscribe for brand new videos every single day and with all
that stuff being said guys my name is Anthony Villa I will see you in the next
one I am out yes you

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