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boom What is happening my friend it’s
Cameron Malcolmson here and in this video I’m just gonna show you how much it cost
to start Affiliate Marketing and I want to do this as fast as possible to keep
you and I respect your time and really because you’d be watching this video I
know that one of your questions that you’re gonna have is Cameron how
much does this all cost to run and to set up so this is what I’m gonna show you my friend I hope you enjoy it because it took me time to really learn this
for myself and really you can start for zero investment but it’s not
really the best way if you want to build a business something that’s going to be
there long term it’s gonna be a your stake in the ground and we’re like boom
this is what I do that’s what stands for I’m open up for shop and all that’s here
stuff you know so the first way is the freeway and it’s not really the best way
that I really want to teach you and it’s really it’s just it’s just so simple and
the fact that you can go to a company like Bluehost now if you don’t know what
Bluehost is say it’s a hosting company it hosts websites so you can go there
and become an affiliate zero-cost you can get that affiliate link and you can
find someone who needs a website and you can ask them oh do you need a website
and they say yes I need a website and then you can say okay I’ll get you a
website you don’t even need to be able to build the website and you can go to this company you’d say this guy needs a website his business is a
restaurant and they’re like okay we can build a restaurant website and they
build the restaurant website and they build the code and then you can go and
get the code to this guy and then you can use your affiliate link and you can
use the affiliate link for them to host the website now when he uses your
affiliate link boom you can make a commission and that’s that’s it in it’s
simplest form on how you can do it for free
zero investment you can literally do that there and make money and that’s
that’s the easy way I would say it’s not really lasing you know you
want something that’s going to be for the long-term something that’s
sustainable something that you don’t always have to go out there and work and
grind all the time and this is what I want to show you right now because affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to get into building an internet business
and simply for the fact that it has so little overhead costs and this is
exactly what I’m going to show you here my friend so if you just watch the
screen alright my friend so that says the affiliate secrets blueprints and
you’re gonna see me harping on about these here because this is what it’s all
is based around and if you need to follow along for these blueprints you
can go and pick them up at Cameron limitless comm forward slash ultimate
secrets book and you’ll get the most up-to-date relevant blueprints for
Building an affiliate marketing business and what all starts with is this here
so you’ve probably already seen these before in another video
now this is the big question and it’s how much does all cost to build this
thing and I’m gonna walk you through that’s right now so you can see here
where it says fine training and tools here so I’m gonna open this link up here and I’m gonna show you exactly you know how you could get started for I wouldn’t
say the least cost because it’s not really what I want teach you here but
I’m gonna show you how low a cost this is really start and if you go to you can see hand selected resources that
I highly recommend and the very first thing up there is an email marketing
software and this is gonna be your autoresponder and there’s three
different ones here now I’m not saying go and get all three because you don’t
need all three you only need one so the first one I’ve ever started with was
get response and get response is actually only about 12 pound per month
and this is where you’re gonna build your email list and my friend you can
actually build yourself a landing page to collect people’s emails from in that
software so there you go what have you here from that one software alone
you’ve got all this here and you’ve got this here these first two pages and
maybe you could build one of these but they wouldn’t be the very best I
wouldn’t I say that they’re like the best of the best to
be building landing pages on but yes they’re very very good at what they do
and what they do is collect emails and send out emails for you on automation
now that’s that’s the first tool that you can see here on the resources the
tool that I highly recommend at the minute because I’m a little bit more
advanced now is convertkit and convertkit has worked really really
well for me because of the deliverability and the emails they just
look really really good and then there’s aweber and aweber I haven’t used but I
know a lot of people do like that there and I think that the automation in
Aweber I don’t think there’s any automation and things like there but it’s
there as well if you want to have look at it but you only need one of these softwares
and then there’s software you can actually do this first two steps which
is build your opt-in page and then collect the emails and send them emails
and that there alone is only twelve pound a month and that
can get you started now this here one it’s a little bit
more expensive but it is a lot better it’s got better deliver ability and the
emails look really nice as well now the second part is really when it comes
to this direct response marketing and this is what it all starts with
especially for a small business and you need to really work most efficiently and
this is when you can start and build this here really really well these
opt-in pages and these other pages and then these other more advanced pages
that you’re on probably right now watching this video so this is the next
highly recommended resource and this here it’s a little but more expensive but it’s
not that expensive my friend it works out about $97 per month
what’s that on top of the 12 we’re still way under £100 a month now the third
tool that you’ll need is your click tracking software and really you maybe
did not notice that from the blueprints but how we’re autchally going to improve this thing to the absolute moon is by using this click tracking
software and if you haven’t seen that before I would highly suggest going to
the tracking software link you don’t have to get the free trial but go
there and watch the video and it will explain a lot better than me what that
software does and it’s really so that you can really see what people are doing
where people are clicking what’s working better what’s not working so well so you
can’t they don’t do any more what’s not working you do more of what’s working
and then you’ll just keep getting better and better at what you’re doing and then
your results will get better and you’ll be able to see right because I done that this
happened so I’m gonna do more of that so this is why it’s so important to have
your ROI tracker which is return on investment and tracker especially if
you’re gonna go out there and start doing any paid advertising and pretty
much I’m going to show you in a slide here in a second a breakdown of each of
the individual tools and how much they cost and a total cost of on it per month
but then like I said before you want to have this is your internet business now
here’s the Bluehost which is the hosting and this is like a parking spot on the
internet and to host your website witch you can see here we’re on and what it cost me to have this website up and running
for the whole year is literally like £100 for the year now that works out at
like £8 – £7 pound a month which is really inexpensive and then the last and
final thing that you’re gonna want my friends is the custom code that’s the theme
for your website now you can go here and the custom theme for a website you can
actually do get a theme for 3 for free if you go to Bluehost you’ll be able to
go through Bluehost and then you’ll be able to make a WordPress website now
it’s a little bit more technical and harder you probably have to get someone pay them to build your website but here is actual custom code which is kind of like
plug and play and you just add in your words this is exactly what I use here
this is an e stage theme and it’s just custom code that you just copy and paste
in to your WordPress site and this here right now it’s really really
inexpensive as well and I’m gonna show you here in this slide on the next page
how much at all cost broken down alright my friends so that’s everything that
you’ll have to pay for to really run an affiliate entrepreneur business or even
any internet business no matter what the product is you’re selling if it’s your
own or if it’s someone else’s now the first thing like I said before this is
in pounds but else I’ll tell you how much it is in dollars as well if your America
but yeah you can see here it says website funnels works out about £75.29 per month and then we’ve got the email autoresponder which works out about £22 the one I use which is convertkit works out at £22.50 then you’ve got the link tracker which works at about £20.97 per month and then the
website hosting after you get the custom code worked out at £6.44 which is a
total monthly cost for your overheads for an affiliate business £125.21 Now this is how much I pay every single month just to cover the
cost of running my internet business and on the next page this is the second
investment that you’re gonna have to make then which is either free methods
to bring visitors to your website or you can do paid advertisements now there’s
pros and cons to each and we’ll talk about that a little bit later because
think is still too early to be really talking about how we gonna bring
visitors to our business how are you going to bring visitors to your business
and really this was the cost for the successful campaign lunch tools which
his website funnels email auto-responder custom tracking and traffic and
conversion blueprints if you’re following the blueprints my friend it’s
it’s a proven path to follow and you can see here that your total overhead cost
compared to say a service based business where you’ve got a whole bunch of
employees you’ve got pay massive overheads for your office things like this
here this is pretty much how much it costs to run an internet business per
month 125 quid that’s how much it’s costing me to run everything that you
can see and that there my friend hope you enjoyed this one and if you want to
find out more as well I left a little link to the training as well the
button should say something like change your life night and this is gonna show
you exactly and the real deep deep strategies on really how do you make
this whole thing work now I hope you enjoyed this one I’ll catch you in the
next one make sure and keep an eye for your next email the next email that
you’ll be receiving it’s going to have a little surprise in there for you and
have a great one take care my friend peace

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