How To Start an Online Business – Must Do #5 of How To Start an Online Business

Hi! In this video, I’m gonna share with
you the 5th Must Do of your Online Business. Ok. So, we’ve gone from Getting Goals, Getting
Clear On The Reasons Why to finally got Who The Ideal Client is? Where they’re hanging
out. The 5th thing that we’re gonna need and
to get absolute clarity on, is not just where the person is at but what is the result or
the benefit that they are looking for from me? What is the solution I am providing? This
is absolutely critical. I have seen companies, many many companies and individuals fall down
in this particular area. In there marketing messages and in there sales
messages, many times they focus on the detail, on the how to to get to the result, rather
than focusing on the Outcome, the Benefit. Customers buy results. They know there’s
gonna be stuff they’ve gotta do along the way, but at the end of the day, it’s the
benefits that they’re buying. Let me give you an example. Let’s say, like
Thomas Cook, where they advertise fancy holidays, fancy holidays around the world. What do they
use in their marketing material? They use specifically the pictures of the outcome;
the turquoise water, the white beaches, the children miles away in the background that
nobody sees. What they don’t use in the marketing is the reality of going on Holidays
with children. Ok. The misery of packing three weeks in advance, the difficulties in finding
everybody’s passport, getting everybody on time to the airport hoping you remember
your boarding passes and you’re exhausted when you get there and you say, “never again!” So, that’s exactly what I want you to think
about. What is your turquoise water? What is your white sandy beach look like? And focus
your marketing on the Result, the Outcome that you’re gonna get for your ideal client.

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