How To Start an Online Business – Top Must Do’s of an Online Business #3

Hi! In this video I’m gonna speak about
the 3rd Absolute Must Do when it comes to your Online Business. The 3rd Must Do that I want you to focus on
now that you’ve got clear on your Goals and your Reasons Why, is Who Am I Going To
Serve? Who is the person that I’m going to solve
the problem for? I want you to even think about the Avatar of this person. What is your
Perfect Client Like? What do they look like? What age are they? Are they male are they
female? Are they both? Where did they live? What are their pains? If you get absolute
clarity on who the person is, it will allow you to start to think like them. And if you
think like them, then you know the pains that they have, which means you can understand
what’s going to drive them in terms of pain points? What their buying decisions are going
to be. So, when you get absolute clarity on who that
is, it’s gonna make your business so much more successful because now you know who you
aim your marketing at? Who are you targeting in terms of sales? If you just tell me “Well,
it’s everybody!”. Well then it’s very very difficult. Even if it is a solution for
everybody, make it more specific. Get into the mindset of the ideal person for your business.
The ideal clients that you want for a lifetime of business. In the next video, I’m gonna talk about
Must Do #4.

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