How To Start An Online Business While Working Full Time Job

Hello James Greaney here from and in today’s video I’m going to be explaining to you exactly
how you can go about creating your own successful online business while working
a full time job to do that I’m gonna take you back to the beginning back to
when I first started and that was back in 2013 when I first started creating my
own serious private label brand you know I had done a lot of things before that
but I’d never been serious about creating my own successful business
online until then so I’m gonna take you back to that and what I was like and how
I managed to break through and create my own successful online business while
working a full-time job so back in 2013 things were a lot different than what
they are for me now now I can travel around now I can spend as much time in
any place around the world that I want to spend time and that is because I have
my own business up and running and generating profit all of the time no
matter what time I’m spending on my business or off my business but that
wasn’t the case back in 2013 back in 2013 I was working full time as a
construction worker in London I used to work seven days a week just to pay the
bills and live the life that I wanted to live it was not an extraordinary it was
simply just getting by but I was working seven days a week just to maintain this
lifestyle and this left me with very little time to even debate what type of
business I wanted to build I knew that I just had to start making money on the
side so that this will give me the freedom to you know take some time away
from work and actually think about what I wanted to spend the rest of my life
doing so I was doing a small bit off retail and online arbitrage at the time
which is simply just purchasing products from different websites and flipping
them onto Amazon and selling them for a profit but again there was loads of
different websites that you could purchase off and you could sell them on
different websites so I will purchase on gumtree
flip them on to ebay countries simply like Craigslist in the US if you’re from
the US and I would also just purchase from random other websites as well as
retail stores and just these products for a lower price
than what I would flip them for on Amazon and use Amazon FBA to fulfill the
items when they would sell but this took a lot of my time and as I have just
explained I didn’t have a lot of time I was working seven days a week at
construction and simply just doing this to make a side income so I started to
notice that it was simple products that I was selling these were other people’s
brands of products and these were selling two and three units you know on
some days so I was thinking what could I do
could I get my own ones of these products manufactured the first product
that a gun manufactured was a simple bath caddy it’s a simple piece of timber
that goes across your bath and you can leave stuff up on it’s just like a table
that you’d use while in the bath so I started searching around and I found on
Alibaba that I could get these made for a significantly lower price than what I
was selling them for on Amazon so I decided to go out and purchase these
products and started selling them under my own brand under my own label on
Amazon and this is when things started to change for me because I no longer had
to go out a source every product that I would send to Amazon and start selling
from there I didn’t have to purchase these products from the store anymore I
could simply purchase them in bulk from China using Alibaba to meet the
manufacturers and get these products sent to write to Amazon FBA warehouse
and from there they would send them out to the customers when the customers will
purchase them from Amazon so this was a big relief that I didn’t have to
continuously go out or find new products to sell on Amazon to make site income
this way so it took some time to get all of this different strategy worked out
and to just simply start making a profit with this business model but once I
actually started doing it then I knew that it would be easy to scale because
it was simply about finding other products that will be good selling
products and that warrant you know heavily around a brand a big successful
brand already like what’s a nikkor Apple you don’t want to compete with these
brands so I knew that I could find lots of these products and do that and create
my own versions of these products and sell them on Amazon so that’s what I
don’t I simply went out and just found more
suitable products lighter products products that would sell even faster
products that had a higher profit margin I will create my own unique versions of
products that were selling well depending on the feedback that I got
from customers always improving the products that I was selling and this
allowed me to create a full-time business that now allows me to live
anywhere and live the life that I want to live but I know that it’s great
telling you all this in a story but you’re sitting there wondering how can I
leave my job how can I you know create my own successful business well that’s
what I’m going to share with you today I’m gonna share with you tips that I use
which allow me to create my own successful business little things that
are done while I was working which allowed me to create the business that
now allows me to live anywhere and live the life that I want to live tip number
one is you have to be strategic with how you spend your time time is your most
limited asset while you’re building a business and working a full-time job you
know you’re working ten twelve hours a day every day at your full time job the
remaining hours that you have the remaining twelve hours that you have in
your day has to be spent exactly on the activities that is going to allow you to
create a business which is gonna allow you to leave your job and you have to
make sure that you’re spending your time in the right way and not wasting any
hours that you’re not working because these are the hours that you have to
spend working on your business yes you have to sleep yes you have to eat yes
you have to do other activities but you still will have at least two or three or
four hours free every day and you have to plan out these hours so that you’re
spending them on the activities that matter the most at that time you’re
gonna have to make sacrifices in order to get your business up to the level
that will allow you to leave your job and that is sacrifices on luxuries that
you simply cannot afford to do due to the limited time that you have available
so maybe you spend two or three hours a day sitting down watching TV you can’t
do that you have to reduce the amount of time that you’re spending on activities
like this because that time has to be growing your business you know maybe you
don’t work of the weekend but maybe you go out
on the weekend go out drinking with your friends well this again is a loads rate
that you cannot simply afford to do every weekend while you’re building your
business because maybe you’re not just spending the hours that you’re out with
your friends maybe you’re sick of bed the rest of the time over the weekend
and you can’t afford to be doing that while you’re building your own online
business you have to make sacrifices because this is the time that you have
to spend building your business while you’re not working or doing activities
that simply has to be done because we all have activities that we have to do
outside of work and again you will have to do these but you have to make the
sacrifices on the luxuries that you’re doing the things that you’re doing that
doesn’t really matter that aren’t impacting your life in the way that you
want them to impact your life if you really want to build a business then you
have to make these sacrifices and cut out the things that aren’t having an
impact in the way that you want them to have an impact on your life tip number
two is you have to get organized so if you’re working a job you probably have a
boss or a manager or someone who tells you exactly how you should spend your
time how you should spend each hour of the day but that’s alright when you’re
at your job who’s gonna tell you how to spend each hour of your day while you’re
working on your business that’s up to you you have to decide what you spend
your time on and how much time you spend on each task and it’s extremely
important to do this when I was working my full-time job and building my
business on the side at the start of the week
I used to write down what I wanted to get done that week and then allocate a
time to do it so I don’t know that I have two hours free this evening or I
five hours free on the weekend I’m gonna sit down and do that one weekend that is
extremely important to do when you’re building your own business on the side
while working a full-time job tip number three is allocate work that can be done
on your mobile so there’s so much work that can be done on your mobile phone
you can do this while traveling if you travel to work you can do this work on
your lunch breaks again take notes of what activities you can do on your
mobile phone while you have some downtime because taking note of this
will allow you to leave activity and work on another activity
when you’re sitting down in the evening or on the weekend and you can simply do
these activities while you’re out and about or while you’re doing something
else if it doesn’t need you know your whole focus and if you can do it from
your mobile phone tip number four is to find the time that you’re most creative
again when I was working my full-time job I used to try early mornings I used
to get up before work and try and put in two hours but I simply had no creativity
during this time I couldn’t think off you know a lot of the important things
that I needed to think off at that time and it took me a long time to realize
this that early mornings wasn’t my most creative time late in the evening was my
most creative time and taking note of this and being able you know to spend
the time before going to work simply sleeping so that I would have more
energy later in the day to spend the time you know on the tasks that I needed
creativity for this was important because simply sitting there in front of
the computer just not getting the work done is no good it’s not beneficial to
anyone you’re better off sleeping and having
more energy when you’re actually creative when you’re able to do work
when you really feel like doing work so spending your time adequately like that
and using your time wisely so you’re not spending time trying to be creative when
you’re simply not at your most creative stage so finding that out for yourself
finding out when your ideas are flowing when you’re able to write a lot if you
need to write or simply when you just need to strategize because there’s no
point doing it at a time where it’s not coming easy to you because you were
better off doing another activity at that time and sometimes that activity is
simply just sleeping and resting for the time that you are most creative so I
hope that you have enjoyed these four tips that I’ve gave you that I have
learned from building my own business on the side while working a full time job
this is a business that has allowed me to go full time and I know it will allow
you to do the same thing if you put in the work and implement the strategies
and the tips that I’ve given you in this video everything that you need to build
a successful online business while working a full time job is out there you
just have to find it you have to spend the time
doing the research to find the things that are going to make it possible for
you to build your own successful online business while working a full time job
there are so many different tools out there that can help you to do this so
just spend the time doing the research of being around people who have done the
same who have quit their job who are working at their full-time business now
because this is where you want to be spend time around them get tips off them
this will really help you to shorten the curve and allow you to create the life
that you want to create for yourself in a shorter period of time and if you are
interested in creating your own brand of private label products and using Amazon
FBA as the main driver of sales for your brand then either course that shows you
exactly how to do that in the course it shows you how to find products that will
make successful products to start your brand with and everything else that you
need to know between getting your products from China to Amazon FBA
they’re talking with your manufacturers getting your listing or selling and
launched on Amazon I put it all inside the unique private label course so you
can check that out of a little bit links down below in the description so you can
check out that course if you’re interested in that business or if you
already have your own branded products that you sell on Amazon but you were
looking for a way to increase your sales and increase your profits on those sales
then you can check out the advanced private label course this course is
currently closed but I will be updating it and I will be releasing it for sale
again soon so you can enter your name again this will be down in the
description I will put a link down below you can enter your name and email
address there and I will notify you as soon as the door is open to this course
again I hope that you have enjoyed this video and I look forward to speaking to
you again soon bye

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  2. Finding that creative time i soooo important! Mine is in the morning! Which is harder to work around when you have a 9 to but i wake up super early now.

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