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Are you an entrepreneur who plans on scaling
his or her business or an employee who plans on starting a brand new one? Anyone, from a newbie to an advanced marketer,
can benefit from this training. With the help of the Internet, anyone can
start a money-making online business without technical knowledge and experience. Hi everyone, I’m Peter Keszegh and today ​I
want to show you how by introducing you to my proven strategies
that will allow you to live your dream life, be able to travel around the world while your business is working for you, providing you with a passive income that allows you to just enjoy your life. If you’re willing to put the hard work in,
I can guarantee you that it’s possible to earn a full-time income. Of course, it won’t be easy. This guide will walk you through everything
you need to know to start an online business affordably and safely, even if you’re a
complete newbie. For more information and in-depth guides,
make sure to study my other lectures, too. Additionally, you’ll have the chance to join
our community for free and get much more including support, tools, and exclusive stuff. Are you ready to take it to the next level? Let’s get started with the benefits. Internet marketing is a wonderful business because you have unlimited income potential. Tons of people make six figures on the internet
by simply focusing their online activities. What’s more it can also be a residual, passive
form of income. This means that you can be doing whatever
you like and still be making money with your internet marketing efforts. By reaching a much broader audience there
is virtually no limit to how much you can earn and how to maximize your profits. Furthermore, you become your own boss which
means you decide when and how much to work. Creating an online business is not entirely
free -therefore be prepared to spend some money on it -but it’s generally far cheaper than creating an offline business and there are some really inexpensive ways to build
it up efficiently. Having a job while working on your business
is beneficial, as you can invest some money to get things started. Many people say they can’t start a business
because they have no experience and knowledge to do it properly or they don’t have the right
connections with the right people. These are just excuses. Having the right mindset is the most important
thing no matter what we do. You can still build a brand or a business
without experience. You can find all the information you need
on the internet and by doing targeted research. If you want to succeed in internet marketing,
you need to learn the appropriate skills, invest time and some money. Without the skills, you might get frustrated
which might cause failure. Thinking outside the box might sound like
a cliche but it’s important. Just like any other field, if you don’t
have the skills, then you can learn them. You can attend seminars, summits and study
online marketing courses. That’s why I created this whole course You must be willing to learn, even if it means
going out of your comfort zone. First, we’re going to cover the most common
online business models. A business model is simply a method of making
money on the internet. First of all, you want to know what business
models are out there and how to choose the best one for you. There are three basic business models I want
to mention now: selling physical products
selling digital products selling services To be able to sell physical products online,
you usually need to have an e-commerce website. An e-commerce website is a site that sells
physical products you have created or purchased yourself. ​There are plenty of online software packages
like Shopify, Squarespace or WordPress where you can quickly create an e-commerce website. ​Of course, it does take much work as you
need to update your site continuously, market it and fulfill orders, on the other hand,
it can also be very lucrative. When it comes to digital products, you may
want to create your own. There are many different kinds of digital
products that you can create and sell in order to make money. Selling your own products has lots of advantages
because it allows you to charge whatever you want, and you are in total control of the
content. For example, you write an ebook, you promote
it to your target audience, or even sell it on Amazon. Say you build a video course on the topic
you choose then you can start selling it to people. A lot of people sell an entirely different
kind of training, like dating advice, fitness consultation and so on. Creating audio products is also a good choice
that people can download and listen to in their car or anywhere they choose. Online courses are low-risk, high-reward,
and scale very well. It costs nothing extra to sell 10000 pieces
or 10 pieces, apart from the obvious marketing costs. One of the best examples of selling services
is the software-as-a-service (SaaS) method. ​It means charging someone a monthly fee
for using your software. Of course, it’s a no-brainer that you first
have to have some useful software to sell. If you are able to create something useful
that people will pay for, you will be ableto make money each month
from all of your customers. One of the best ways to use this business
model is to provide someone something that they can use to make money online. Combining the different models is also possible. You might take two or more one-time fee products
and turn them into a monthly service. For instance:
web design, hosting,
maintenance, SEO,
membership services, marketing services First, you need to choose the right product. It does not mean you have to own that particular
product. You could also be an affiliate. If you want to get an in-depth guide about
affiliate marketing, make sure to watch that lecture, too. So, how do you choose the right one? You have to decide which ones appeal to you
the most. First, find several things that you are passionate
about or things you would like to do one day, then find products or services accordingly. If you find the right one, then creating content
around it and marketing it online will be much easier. Brainstorming is a good idea, but you should
also research and analyze your thoughts
to make sure they are viable. Get started now because none of them are going
to happen overnight and make money for you without putting in the hard work that’s required. The truth is, passion isn’t enough. Your passion should match what people are
actually looking for online, and it needs to be a popular topic. If you are planning on releasing a new product,
the first question you have to be able to answer is whether there is a need for it or
not. Try to look at things from the customer’s
point of view. What are the burning issues people are trying
to solve? These are the things they will be searching
online to resolve. ​When people are faced with a question,
they will actually search for the solution and often they do this online. If people need more money, you show them how
to get it. If people want to lose weight, you teach them
how to be thinner. If people have back pain, you show them how
to get rid of it and so on. A similar idea is to improve something, or
a make a process easier. For example, a lot of online business owners
are struggling with their businesses. If you can create a course, or offer a service
that helps them get more sales, you might have a product winner. Besides, as an Internet marketer, you want
to pick a topic that is profitable, has a high market value, and it’s also important
to determine how competitive that niche is. Some online tools can help you greatly when
deciding what people might like, for example, the Google Keyword Tool. Just go to the tool, insert your keywords
and it will generate a list of phrases for you along with the average monthly searches
and the advertising competition. You will also be able to see the estimated
click per cost (CPC) of each phrase. This will give you an idea of how profitable
and competitive the keywords you have brainstormed might be. Keep doing this for all the keywords and try
to find some that aren’t as competitive, have a high CPC and high search volume. The tool will also generate additional keywords
and phrases for you that you can search again to see if they come up with different keyword
phrases that would better fit what you are looking for. Once you have some good ideas, you will have
an extensive list to investigate further. You want to see what else you can find out
about this topic to determine if it’s really a good choice. Please note, Google keyword planner doesn’t
always give you accurate information and thus you shouldn’t rely on only this. On the other hand, it’s great for ideas so
it’s a good start. Another way to do this to to type the keyword
phrase into Google and see how many search results come up. You will get lots of results if it is highly
competitive. If you find very few, then there is little
demand for it. Answer the following question:
Is someone already making money doing this? It’s unlikely that you’ve discovered a fantastic
thing no one else is selling. Check and see if others are making money doing
or teaching something similar. If they are, you’re likely to have found a
great idea. Having competitors is a good thing. It helps confirming that your niche is viable. You also want to check out the trends and
get some additional information on your topic. To do that, Google Trends is an excellent
place to go. It’s a tool, set up by Google to focus on
the trends happening in a particular segment. It allows you to see how the search volume
is trending over the years. The best part is, you can add more topics
and compare them with each other. This way, you can determine which one is the
most suitable hot topic to pursue. Instead of providing your long-tail keyword,
you might need to type in a generic search term to get enough data. Searching for your products on Amazon and
eBay is also a useful strategy to see how they’re selling. There are all kinds of products on these big
marketplaces including physical products, info products, books, etc. You can also check affiliate marketplaces
like JVZoo or Clickbank to see if you can find similar products. Now it’s time to research your target market and think about what problems your products
can solve. Your target market is the group of people
who are most likely to buy what you want to sell. Market research is the only way to find out
what your customers want and what you can do better
to make sure that they get it. Customers don’t want products. They want the benefits the products can solve
for them. Think about benefits, not features. Benefits explain how a product or service
improves the customer’s situation. What benefits are they going to get by buying
your product? When I say product, it can be both a physical
or a digital product. Once you figured out how this works, you made
a good progress in your sales and marketing. It’s essential to define who your target audience
is. What are their interests? Do some research and see if there are any
general interests the target audience has. You can also do it on social media platforms
like Facebook or Twitter to get some additional information. Find a group related to your business and
check to see what people are talking about. What problems does your target audience have? Once you can identify the problem, you can
look for solutions. There are plenty of problems that need to
be resolved. Even the competition can’t address every
issue out there. Besides, you need to define the following
about your audience: age,
gender, interests,
education, income,
location, hobbies,
lifestyle, and so on. Once you’ve learned a lot about your target
market, you can create your style and
branding accordingly. Before creating any website or marketing strategy,
conducting a competitive analysis is highly recommended. First, you need to identify who your competitors
are. Gather a list of companies that sell the same
products or ones that are very similar. The primary purpose of this part is to pinpoint
the strengths and weaknesses of your competition. Check their website, blog, social media pages,
subscribe to their email list. Look for answers to the following questions:
What kind of marketing, graphic design or prices should you maintain so that you could
compete with them? ​What is their branding style? ​What free services do they offer? ​What are their products? How would you be able to do things better
and differently? Think about what makes them successful. It is extremely important to research what
your competitors are doing regularly. By simply typing your products and services
into Google, your top competitors will show up
on the first pages. Besides, by using different online analysis
tools like SimilarWeb, you will know exactly where their traffic is coming from, what keywords
they’re ranking for, their social activity and much more. Just go to their website and put your competitor’s
URL into the search box to gather all the information. Check to see where your competitor’s traffic
is coming from, what are the referral sites and what social platforms they’re using Now, I’ll show you some additional tools that
tell you about the technologies your competitor’s business was built on. BuiltWith ​is an online software that describes
all themes, plugins, content delivery networks, data and usage analytics, frameworks, different
marketing tools and so on, in great detail. WpThemeDetector is a similar tool but it’s
limited to WordPress themes and plugins. Visit these websites and just type an URL
you want. Next step is to build your brand and website. Creating a brand around your business is extremely
important. What you have to understand is that people
don’t buy from companies, they buy from brands. A company is a faceless entity without a brand. As a brand, you can be a familiar presence
and a trusted source. Your brand includes everything that you are
online: logo,
slogan, reputation,
style, tone, and much more… Even if you are a small business owner, you
can build a brand online that is going to give you the relationship that you need with
the public to turn a visitor into a buyer and then into a loyal customer. ​If you do it the right way, people will
recognize and trust your brand and they will come back to you again and again. Now it’s time to choose a decent brand name
for your business. I know, name selection is often an overwhelming
and exhausting experience. That’s why I give you some excellent methods
to find one. ​Think about your mission and about what
your business does and then choose some positive and powerful words
associated with your business. You can even check the brand names of your
successful competitors. Now find all the synonyms for the previous
keywords and put them together. Fortunately, you don’t have to do this manually
because there are some online tools out there to help you do all that​. One of the best is Bustaname. Go there and enter your keyword ideas. Once you have some initial keywords, you will
then be able to see and add their synonyms. Bustaname will give you all possible combinations
of the keywords and even the available domains. Additionally, you could also try out these
other tools and combine the words if they make sense: Businessnamegenerator,
Panabee, Dotomator Pick the words and phrases you like and save
them, then narrow them down. Asking the opinion of your friends or audience
might also be a good idea. Do some tests and see how they react to it. At this point, you need to create a well-designed
website and a logo. If you are on a tight budget, you might develop
a website and logo yourself. Another option is to find cheap graphic designers
and website developers. The truth is, building a professional site
with a drag and drop page builder is not so complicated these days, and they allow you
to create one without any technical knowledge. In addition, there are tons of logo design
software solutions out there to create your logo. The logo is an essential part of your online
presence and it must be instantly recognizable and easily remembered by anyone who has ever
seen it. Apart from this, you shouldn’t worry about
the logo too much because it’s not what makes you successful. Surprisingly, if you check the most successful
personal brands, you notice they have a very simple logo. Let’s see some: Consequently, I suggest you keep your logo
simple and don’t overcomplicate things. When it comes to building an online business,
lots of people get stuck at the logo design part. You could simply create a basic logo by just
writing down your brand name, make it a transparent PNG and that’s pretty much it. Later you might improve it further. Don’t waste your time on the things that don’t
really matter. The most important part is your mission and
what value you offer. Now, let’s discuss some other basic ideas
about how to get started and setting up your website. First, choose a domain name that is going
to be relevant to your brand. It also has to be short enough
and memorable enough so that people will be able to remember the address and type it into their browser or a search engine. The second thing that you need to do after
you choose the perfect domain name is to get website hosting. You should select a plan that allows you unlimited
domains and subdomains. The most popular CMS out there is WordPress and it comes with every web hosting cPanel out there. When people want to find out more about your
brand, as well as when they want to buy your products, they will visit your website. Of course, your online presence also includes other places like social media profiles, guest
blogs, advertisements, etc. According to your brand, you may also want
to claim matching social media profile names. You want to position yourself as an expert
in the field. That means you’ll have to spend time online
actually promoting that image. Some of the best ways to do this are by actively
engaging on social media sites, visiting relevant groups, and forums. When people come across your expert advice,
you want them to associate it with your brand and remember you in the future. Finally, there are some useful methods to test your product idea before investing a
huge amount of time into it. One way to test if your product will sell is first to sell it and then create or buy
it. I know it sounds crazy but seriously, you
can sell your product before creating any of it. Just build up your sales page, add your sales
video, do some marketing and start taking orders. When you get orders, send people an email
like this: Unfortunately, the item(s) that you ordered
is/are now out-of-stock. An example of digital products:
​Sorry, this product is currently not available. Only instead of taking your customers’ money
the “buy now” button will take them to a “coming soon” page,
where you’ll tell them that your product isn’t quite ready yet. This method may make some customers upset
but you’re merely saving yourself lots of time and money so you’ll know for sure that
what you offer is something your audience wants. Add a little script to count how many visitors
make it this far and in doing so you’ll be able to get a picture of how many people
would have made a purchase if you really had something for sale there. It is a perfect strategy because it lets you
see how many products you can potentially sell before
having created anything. If 2% of your visitors make it to the “coming
soon” page, then you know it’s worth going ahead with the product. Once you’ve validated your product by getting
a few orders, you can start buying it or creating it. ​Another way to test your product is to create a rough version of it. ​It’s a rough product that you can put together
as fast as possible before you’ve polished everything. Complete the sketch, do some quick marketing
and test to see if it sells. These techniques can be applied to both physical
and digital products. If you’re offering a coaching service, start
with a beta group to test your teaching method. You might offer them some discount to be your
“guinea pigs,” and you can see what methods of coaching work the best before rolling out
to a broader audience at a more expensive price point. Make sure to get lots of feedback from your
beta group. As a result, it will allow you to create a
highly valuable program with outstanding testimonials. Let’s say you’ve already created your product
and sales page, done some marketing, and launched your product. But it doesn’t perform the way you expected,
and you don’t get the sales you anticipated. Don’t worry. You can still use it for multiple purposes. You can repackage your product with a new
cover and a sales page and see if it sells better that way. Or you might use the product as a giveaway
to build a list or drive traffic back to your website. Using it as a bonus when you sell other products
is also a good idea. Furthermore, there is a high chance that the
reason behind it is not your product itself but your marketing efforts. Investigate and analyze it closely to see
how to improve it. Lastly, check the following illustration about
how to start a new business in different steps. This is rather for an offline business but
the action steps are similar. ​
Can you see now how much time and effort you need to invest in starting a business? And we haven’t even covered all the topics
yet that you need to master. I sincerely hope that you have learned a lot
about the foundations. Employ these techniques and dive into the
next lectures! Would you like to join a community where you get additional exclusive content for free? If the answer is yes, visit my website and follow the steps. Do you have questions or anything to add? What kind of business model would you like to adapt the most? Let me guide you further. Drop a message in the comments below! Like, share and subscribe for more actionable
guides. Thanks for watching, I’ll see you next time.

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