How to Start an Online Personal Trainer Business – 3 EASY Steps in 2019

– What’s up everybody? Today we’re gonna learn three easy steps to start your online
fitness business in 2019. (upbeat hip-hop music) – So we’re gonna teach
you three easy steps to start your online
fitness business in 2019 and I was thinking about this
because a few years back, we started with a personal trainer, a crazy personal trainer, that had a lot of accolades
and different things like that, and we kind of took that
business from doing nothing, to eight figures in about two years. Full disclosure, I don’t know if you’re gonna do eight
figures in two years, but we’ve been able to
do this multiple times, multiple seven figures, multiple
pieces of growth, right. And it’s all based off three simple steps. Subscribe and make sure you
hit the notification bell so you can be updated
to all the new videos that we post every single week. Now, step number one, you’ve
gotta find your niche. So, with this particular example, our niche, the niche that we decided we were gonna help this
person with was Keto. This is a few year’s back, before the Keto diet kinda took the trend, the trending level that it’s at now, we kinda decided, hey this
is a really good hook, this is what you’re doing, and
he had kind of a methodology on doing Keto and how to
do that with your workouts, and stuff like that, so
we kind of positioned that and packaged that, and
started to sell that. Number two, I kinda just said
it at number one as well, but number two would be
positioning you product and building out a product. Now I don’t mean, necessarily,
that you have to go out and build a digital product,
that could be step two, but if you have fans,
followers on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, locally, whatever, the gym that you’re working
out at, it doesn’t matter. You have a particular process you tend to take people through
so you can get them results. So that’s your process. So the first step is the
niche, in this one it’s Keto, you can be working with moms to help them loose that baby weight, you can be working with dads
to help them become successful, not only as entrepreneurs, but
also in health and wellness. It doesn’t matter what you
do, you just gotta pick it so you can be specific about the message. Now the message then matches the method, and then after that, you
can start with step three, and that’s amplification. I need to let you know, you don’t have to do step number three until you have step number
one and two dialed in. You can go out and create revenue, start your online success
with step one and two, locally, Facebook,
Instagram, it doesn’t matter, in your network, but you
have to have the niche, and you have to have
the process and method. Once you have something down, you can kinda call the whole system MMA. Okay, you got your message,
you got your method, and then you got your amplification. It’s very simple. The way that you amplify things
is once you have everything, you have testimonials,
you have success stories, you have your method,
and you know your market, your mission, your message. You can build a sales page,
you can build something to attract that particular avatar with that particular method, and then going into scaling
that with an ad campaign. And to get something started
it would be very simple to just do some Facebook ads. You can even target people locally. I can get into that on some other videos, I’ll even bring some
special guests for that. That’s basically what you need to do. These are the easiest, simplest steps for you to start your online
fitness business in 2019. So let me know some of the things that are resonating with you right now. This is my system, this is my method, or hey, this is my niche,
does this niche make sense. I’ll reply below, just let
me know in the comments. And if you want to learn more,
if you wanna talk with us, have conversations,
different things like that, we have a Facebook group. The link for that is in the description, where we’re answering
questions on anything business related, ads
related, scaling related, hiring, products, courses,
whatever it is that you need, that Facebook group answers
all of those question. It’s super engaging, and
it’s a really good time. We got a lot of really
good people in there. Let me know if this video was helpful. Don’t forget to subscribe and
join the notifications squad, and we will see you
guys on the next video. (upbeat hip-hop music)

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