How to Start & Automate a Dropshipping Store with No Money [Using Amazon & Poshmark]

what’s going on guys welcome to the
video so today I’m gonna give you a business model that you can start
without any money or really anything down you can literally just use your
computer use two websites that we’re gonna run through here in a second start
the business model today and start making money now how do you get started
we’re gonna get into all of that here for you in a second and I’m gonna give
you the entire business model overview I’m gonna give you the step-by-step this
is exactly the two websites that you use this is exactly what you look for when
you’re you know you’re trying to start a business model like this and this is how
you implement it too often I feel like me and other you know content creators
out there as well just kind of keep it broad and it’s like
okay this is what you want to do and this is how you generally perform it now
good luck you know send you on your way I want to actually give you the
step-by-step process give you the nitty gritty give you literally everything
like the prescription here’s how you set up the business model here’s how you
implement it and this is how you make it easy and automate it for yourself right
we get into all that in a second but before we actually do I want to give
away the Instagram winner so last post that I created I actually talked about
and if you didn’t see it basically what I did is I talked about how I tried to
create a YouTube video that was what happens when you buy 50,000 Instagram
followers right I recorded about 95% of the video or recorded the intro I
recorded you know the buying process of me actually purchasing it the how long
it actually took for the 50,000 to show up because they promised it in like a
day or two and it actually took like a week week and a half for all of them
actually start showing up I talked about the engagement rates and all sorts of
stuff if there were real followers if they were not long story short they were
not necessarily all real followers they all seemed to stay there so I did get up
50,000 Instagram followers roughly speaking
but that said my engagement didn’t go up you know none of the other stuff all
that other stuff that I broke down none of that actually was helped in the
process it literally just increased the number so obviously I broke that down in
like a long 20 minute video I’m not gonna you know bore you with the details
right now but the reason I’m telling you this is because I was giving away the
account I actually recorded about 95 percent in the video then went on
vacation for about two months and and not obviously not two months but like
here and there throughout the two month period I lost the video couldn’t find it
still don’t know what I did with it so I decided to give the account away
now the winner of that account I asked for the best why what you would do with
it I really really liked a lot of answers there was a lot of really good
answers on that but I’ve decided to give it away to fringe philosophies so I
actually shot you an email if your your I think you responded to I pretty sure I
just saw that go through as I was setting this video up or come in so I’m
pretty sure you responded back so I’ll make sure to get that account to you but
fringe philosophies if you’re watching this you are the winner I really really
liked your answer and guys thank you all for answering you all had really really
great you know basically you know business models and what your why would
be for it so thank you for your responses um just because you don’t win
the account doesn’t mean you can’t implement that though build your own
account use it for all those things Instagram is a great source of
consistent online traffic for you know your e-commerce store whatever it is
that you have a plan for so French philosophies you’re the winner now
moving on what’s this business model that you can start how are you gonna use
it your what are the two websites that you’re gonna use and how you’re gonna
automate it right so basically speaking this is something I’ve been doing a lot
recently okay and the benefit of this is you don’t necessarily need any startup
money I’m gonna teach you how to automate it and you can basically start
listing stuff without any inventory so it’s a form of dropship arbitrage we’re
gonna be using Amazon and Poshmark now you can use any e-commerce website for
this you have to be careful with it on eBay Sophie if you are on eBay you got
to be a little bit careful with it if you’re on Amazon you got to be a little
bit careful with it I would steer you away from doing that that said you can
still do it on my car you can still do on Poshmark I recommend Poshmark and I’m
gonna show you the Poshmark side of it today because you can automate the
entire thing with a Chrome extension that’s $9.99 and you can also get a free
7-day trial for it and if you don’t want to keep paying the $9.99 a month you can
literally keep cycling through the free trial with new emails and it’s very very
easy to do so what’s the form of it first put simply you want to drops it
ship stuff or list dropship items from Amazon so what you’re basically gonna do
is you’re gonna use Amazon Prime for the people that have Amazon Prime and you’re
gonna drop ship things off Amazon now there’s a number of ways to do this but
I’m just gonna give you one example of this so I’m gonna look for products that
I basically you know know are gonna sell well on the Poshmark marketplace so
there’s a number of ways I can go about doing that but I’m gonna go for a
trending items so what I’m gonna go for is
it’s obviously summer where I’m at right it’s probably summer where the majority
of you guys are at so what’s in right now are like clutches you know because
people don’t want to carry big bags around I hate that I know that but I do
because they sell out on Poshmark also like sunglasses and bathing suits so
let’s look for bathing suits right we’ll go like women’s bathing suits women’s
bathing suit and I can’t type but we’ll just hope that it knows what I mean
women’s bathing suit and let’s see what pops up and what I’m gonna do is I’m
gonna list one of these and drop ship it on Poshmark and then when I get an order
I’m simply going to order it on Amazon wait for it to come to my house package
it up ship it out to the customer within three days on Poshmark
right so the read the reason that that’s beneficial is I don’t have to actually
purchase any of these products ahead of time I can mark them up list them on
Poshmark sell them first make the profit and then
order the product and then ship it out to the customer right so there’s
literally no risk involved at all now you might be saying okay well Poshmark
isn’t that big of a market place necessarily how are you gonna buy
traffic and how you gonna get traffic to your listings so that you can sell a
majority of these well the great thing is you don’t have to pay any money to
list anything on Poshmark so you can list a number of items we’re talking
like hundreds maybe even thousands if you want to scale it up that high and
you can automate with a Google Chrome app and I’m gonna show you how to get
traffic to your closet and to your listings here in a second all right so I
just went through and I didn’t want to waste your time so I went through when I
found two examples of good bathing suits that we could list on past remark to
dropship right now obviously there’s a couple of things you need to keep in
mind when you’re actually doing this and you need to make sure that it’s got good
pictures so that you can fill it out with good pictures in your Poshmark
listing right you need to make sure that it’s Amazon Prime so you can obviously
get it to your house quickly so you can repackage it up and ship it out and then
you also need to make sure that the margin is there because you’re gonna get
fees on Poshmark so you need to be able to mark it up to a certain price that’s
still reasonable so you can profit from it so we found this one right here this
bathing suit right here and this basic bathing suit right here so what I would
do is I’d literally copy all of these pictures this entire listing practically
and I’d put this into Poshmark and as well as this one right and then I
would mark so let’s just give you an example let’s
say we put all the listing of this bathing suit into Poshmark right so what
is it retail for on on Amazon right now Amazon Prime $15.99 to my door right so
then I’d have to mark this up to maybe like 23 bucks and see what I’d make and
see what the what the earnings are right so I’d make 18 40 if I listen to that 23
dollars which means that I’d only really be making like 240 or 241 so we need to
mark it up a little bit more exciting but that’s necessarily worth it so maybe
I’d go like 27 and 27 then I’m making twenty 160 if I sell this at 27 and
obviously that’s like a profit margin of what like 660 or whatever it is so
that’s the whole business model there now I’m not gonna waste your time and
list everything I’ve done countless videos on this before and I actually
drop one in the description below I’ll actually drop a car do it as well up in
the right-hand corner if you want to check out the listing process and how I
actually go through and dropship all these like I said I’ve done this but in
the past and did an entire video breaking down you know how to save the
pictures as as certain keywords to get higher you know listing visibility on
Poshmark how to basically make sure that you’re profitable all sorts of things
another little caveat is you want to make sure that you save this you don’t
have to go back and find it so I’ll literally save the URL save it in a
folder on my desktop and then obviously I’ll literally just if somebody comes
through and buys the women’s striped printing padded push-up bathing suit on
Poshmark then I literally just find that URL on my computer buy it and I know
that that’s the product so it’s really really easy but like I said check that
video out if you want the nuts and bolts of how to actually do that and how to
actually create the listing and merge it over same thing with this one let’s say
we took this one right here it retails on Amazon at eighteen ninety nine so
let’s see if we list it at like $29.99 on Poshmark what would we make or $29 so
we’d make 23 20 if we did that and obviously it sells for 19 bucks which
means that we’d make a profit margin of roughly $4 every single time that
somebody bought this so that’s not a great profit margin but remember you’re
not taking any risk so if if somebody even buys like 10 of these a month right
which is like one every three days on Poshmark
then you’re getting four times ten that’s 40 bucks a month from one listing
right but you can have multiple listings because it doesn’t charge
just doesn’t cost you anything to list on Poshmark you’re making the money
ahead of time so let’s say if you did that I don’t know ten times even that’s
400 bucks you do that a hundred times that’s four grand a month now obviously
you’re gonna have to manage a bunch of listing so it is hard to kind of scale
up to that number necessarily but that said it is possible and you can do it
there’s no reason you can’t make an extra $1000 easily drop shipping items
like this on Poshmark so that’s the overall business model of how you drop
shipping list stuff on from from Amazon onto Poshmark now how do you get traffic
here right so what I use is I use simple posture it’s a Google Chrome app that
you can buy for $9.99 a month straight from the Google Chrome store but it
comes with a free 7-day trial and if you don’t want to actually purchase it then
you can keep cycling through the seven-day trial and just keep getting
free trials right so that’s it all you need is a different Google account so
you can just keep making Google accounts it’s super easy to do and then what you
do is you’re gonna come to parties because that’s the best way to get
traffic to your listings so if I were listing a bunch of bathing suits and
let’s pretend that everything all my Poshmark closet was bathing suits what
would I do well I would come to a posh mark party
and I’d find like a bathing suit party or something relevant to that maybe like
outdoor adventure party or there’s probably a bathing suit party right here
best in swim party now clearly everybody listing here in the best and swim party
where everybody that’s been to the best and swim party you’re gonna check it out
are people that are more inclined to want to buy swimwear or interested in
swimwear or if they have bathing suits then obviously they’re more inclined to
purchase that type of bathing suit in the future right so what we’re gonna do
then is we’re gonna literally just have the simple posture app go and I’ve done
an entire video on this before in the past as well teaches you to automate
your closet and automate your Poshmark listings so you’re bringing more traffic
into your Poshmark listings more eyes on your listings and obviously more shares
more likes and then inevitably more sales so ever since I’ve been starting
to use this I’ve been seeing probably one or two more sales on average than
just doing it manually which if you extrapolate that over a month if you
extrapolate that over a year is a lot more and I don’t do anything literally
then start this up so this is literally what I do right I put it on share
indefinitely and I say I hit share to party so the items share and I’ll show
you how I do it so what I’ll do is I’ll scroll
so that there’s a bunch of items on the page and I’ll just do this for like 30
seconds so that all these items are on the page because it’s gonna share
indefinitely all the items that are listed on the Poshmark page in random
order when you set it up that way and we’ll just end it there cuz I’m gonna
waste your time but then all I do is I literally pop the app up I’ll hit start
wait for the item share to load and start sharing it’s gonna share every 5
to 21 seconds roughly random order indefinitely and then I’ll just go on
about my life right and I’ll come back an hour or two later and it shared like
600 items and obviously that 600 potential people that are getting an
read notification up in the right-hand corner right here and that says someone
so shared your listing and what they’re gonna do because it’s kind of like on
Poshmark it’s kind of like share for share kind of like it’s like like for
like on Instagram a little bit and so what that’s gonna do is it’s gonna bring
more people to your closet who are then I’m gonna share it your items with their
followers giving you more visibility on the platform it’s also gonna bring more
people to your closet to potentially like an item if they realize it and
ultimately it’s just gonna put more eyes on your listings to potentially sell
them so the great part about this is you’re getting more traffic to your
closet you don’t need to spend any initial money to start you can do
literally just list items download the pot the simple posture and start
bringing traffic to your Poshmark closet and making money so I’ve got like I said
I’ve done two videos on this in the past I’ve done a video of it me actually
listing this stuff and I’ve done a video of the of the simple posture breakdown
but putting those two together and listing dropship arbitrage products and
then automating it with sample posture is a great business to start that
anybody can do right here today with no money down so I really hope that you
like this business model I want to kind of create a new playlist where I give
you you know kind of spoon-fed business models that you can start today I got a
lot of good ones that you can do on Fiverr list Fiverr gigs that you can
automate and just kind of make like an extra 500 to a grand a month same thing
with this dropship arbitrage I will start to add to that playlist going
forward but this is the first video on the playlist and I really really really
think that if you guys take the action on this it can add another 500 it can
add another thousand dollars to your bottom line
every single month so if you appreciate the breakdown here hit that like button
and with that being said I’ll see you in the next one

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15 thoughts on “How to Start & Automate a Dropshipping Store with No Money [Using Amazon & Poshmark]

  1. Hey, I’ve been doing ok on eBay and Mercari dropshipping, but for poshmark it’s like I be getting no traffic for the items. What are some items that are good to list and will sell besides the ones that you mentioned in the video? Thanks

  2. Damn using Amazon and Poshmark 😳goes to show you there’s always some way to make money online no matter what 🧐

  3. Would you recommend a business like this to me if I live in Puerto Rico? Cause I think I’m not gonna have any profit cause my shipment will probably always be over seas. What do you think?

  4. Some things to know and consider before starting this:
    1. Poshmark is primarily for people to sell gently used, not new, items that they own, so if you are selling new items you purchased from Amazon, your prices will seem unreasonably high to most Poshmark shoppers.

    2. Poshmark takes a 20% cut off the top of your selling price, not bad if you are selling an item you own but no longer use, but terrible if you are buying from Amazon and marking up sufficiently to be profitable.
    3. To get paid, you MUST use Poshmark's shipping label, which means that every item you sell, you must unbox from Amazon, and then repackage and drop off at USPS within two days of the order being placed if you want a 5-star rating.
    4. USPS flat rate boxes start at $7.50, which means you must add a minimum of $9 per item (remember Poshmark's 20% cut) just to stay even.
    5. Witha $2/item profit, in order to make $1000 per month, you will need to handle and individually ship 21 items per day for 6 days each week.

    If you choose to pursue this business model, I wish you luck! You will need it.

    If you do manage to be successful, share your success stories here. I'd love to see how you did it.

  5. But what if something happens and they run out of the swimsuit on Amazon or shipping is delayed and then you cant ship it to your customer?….It seems like it would be hard to make anything worthwhile unless you are selling a lot of them…

  6. It seems as if Amazon has just made a major move in reducing Prime shipping to one-day shipping. Should make a lot of Poshmarkers very happy.

  7. Whats your opinion on shipping it directly to customer? Why to order at your place? If someone is not in US then Shipping time will increase

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